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  • June1st2011


    Hey all! The interview on The Sheila Show last night went well and was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the link they provided didn’t work so I’m hoping they provide an archived form.

    Again, I also want to remind everyone that I will be in Los Angeles June 27th through July 3rd, and I’d like to arrange a meet-up with anyone living in the area!

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Erik, do you have a “soul name”?

    Jamie listens, then giggles.

    Me: Probably “Rascal.”

    Erik (laughing): That was much nicer than what I thought you were gonna say!

    We all laugh.

    Erik: Yeah, I do have a name. I definitely go by “Erik” because of the work I’m doing now. Think about it, you have, um, everyone has that one soul name that’s kinda like a family name here, but as you reincarnate, as you go to different places, you get different names.

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: But since I’m doing the work I am now, I’m maintaining my name, Erik.

    Me: Okay. What was your “main name” before you were Erik?

    Erik (laughing):I think it was asshole!

    Me (laughing): Oh how rude!

    Jamie: Hmm Starts with an S. It’s not a common name. Not a girl’s name, like Cecelia, but it sounds like that. It’s a gender bender name.

    Me: Spell it for us, Erik, even if you weren’t the best speller in the past. (to Jamie) Erik and I weren’t noted for our spelling prowess.

    Erik: Sinelio

    Jamie (teasing Erik): Well, it’s appropriate that it has “sin” in the name!

    Me (laughing): I know! That’s the first thing I thought of too!

    Erik (chuckling): Hey!

    Me: Okay, do I have a soul name? What’s mine?

    Jamie belly laughs!

    Jamie (still catching her breath): He holds up a mug, like a coffee mug, and it says, “Best Mom in the World”!

    Me: Oh my gosh!

    Jamie: It has a heart on it.

    Me: Awwww!

    Jamie: Big candy apple red heart on it.

    Me: So cute!

    Jamie: He’s laughing!

    (Long pause)

    Jamie: It sounds like he’s saying Anise. Yeah, Anise.

    (Long pause as she listens to Erik)

    Jamie (to Erik): But isn’t that a spice?

    Me: I’m a spicy Mama!

    We all laugh.

    (Long pause)

    Erik: Mom, kind of remind everybody, all the readers and the family to keep asking themselves how self-sustainable can they be.

    Me: Wow, talk about changing the subject on a dime!

    Erik: Well, cuz there’s gonna be, um, I know we talked about it last time, you know, how well can you camp indoors.

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: I kinda mean it, you know? People need to learn how to select their food, you know, those options aren’t gonna be out there anymore. They need to look into their community for options, not transported, mass media products.

    Me: Exactly. Exactly. Frankly, I’d be totally fine living in a little shack in the mountains, growing my own food and stuff. That’s something I always used to talk about with my husband, how I’d be totally at peace living off the grid. Of course he’d just roll his eyes, but—

    Erik: It’s true! I mean, go ahead and hunker down now so when the rough parts start to happen, it’s not gonna be affecting your daily life. Even though we have it good in our roughest parts, people are going to die because of this. They’re so handicapped the way that they’ve chosen to live.

    Me: Oh yeah. Yeah, it’s true. But well, in a way, it’s a source of connection, you know. We’re connected to each other by our needing one person’s skills or products and them needing ours just to get through this. Maybe that’s part of the grand scheme. Technology has made us so dependent on everything EXCEPT for each other that it’s like we’re all living in little cocoons. But I guess this will also encourage us to become more connected to the earth? Is that what you’re saying, Erik?

    Erik: Completely.

    How synchronous that Amy N. posted the following video yesterday in her comment! Thanks, Amy!:


  • May24th2011


    Hey all. We’d like to start looking into lodging for the Atlanta trip so could everyone who is going send me an email to let me know? That way, I can get a head count.

    Also, we have a lot of new members. I’d like to welcome you all to the CE family. I encourage you strongly to start at the beginning of the blog and work your way through at a comfortable pace. There’s just too much information you don’t want to miss. Try to read the comments too, because our CE siblings have a great deal of wisdom to share.

    Robert is getting out of the hospital in a day or two. He’s doing so well, thanks to your healing thoughts!

    Oh, and last night around 12:34, I was awakened by a smell. I didn’t wake up, then smell. The smell was so strong it woke me up! It was a mix of fresh baked brownies (Andy) and iron scorch (Erik). It lasted so long that I sniffed myself into a glorious dizziness. I hadn’t had any visitations for a while since Erik has been so very busy, but he must have heard my quiet pleas! Thanks Erik and Andy for those delicious but low calorie brownies!

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Is the soul quantum information embedded in the substance of the universe?

    Erik (chuckling): Yes and no.

    Me (giggling): Um, okay. Can you give me the long answer?

    (Long pause)

    (Sound of Arley outside my office door, knocking, saying “Can I come in?”)

    Me (to Arley): You can come in, Sweetie!

    Arley climbs into my lap to snuggle.

    Erik: Isn’t she cute?! I like the way she talks. I think it’s funny how she picks up everything and takes it with her.

    Me: She definitely does that! She’s dragging around her Mickey Mouse drum set and maracas and castanets, so you can expect a serenade any minute now. She’s been our little marching band.

    Jamie: She hauls it around everywhere.

    Me: She does. She hauls it around everywhere. All of it.

    Jamie belly laughs.

    Jamie: That is pretty funny!

    Me: So basically, uh, you know, we are part of an electromagnetic spectrum of some sort. We’re some form of Light, outside of the visible part of the spectrum or whatever, and I guess Light can be encoded information, right?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Right. So, well anyway, I’m getting a little bored with the physics stuff, so let’s go on. These questions make me feel too stupid. Okay, so you say that Michelle is from Lemuria and she read up on it and it totally fits. In fact, when she read about its destruction, it affected her so much that it brought tears to her eyes. Now, I KNOW I’m not from here. Where am I from?

    Jamie laughs.

    Me: Even when I was little my parents called me “Space Cadet” so…


    Jamie (to Erik): Really Erik?

    Me: Oh god, just hit me with it. Rip the bandaid off fast.

    Jamie: It just sounds so science fiction.

    Erik: You gotta know that there are several civilizations that came from the starts and settled on earth.

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: So, not everything is how the Bible says. But as life has been on earth, it HAS evolved. Both answers are right, but anyway, they have come down and, spirits like you—

    Jamie (to Erik): You know, I’ve heard of that. Playdeens, Pleediens?

    Me: Oh, yeah, I’ve heard of that. I think it’s Pleiadians, but thank got for Goggle that will correct us and say, “Do you mean blah, blah, blah?” What about you, Erik? Where are you from?

    Erik (in mock self-importance): I’m from ALL OVER!

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Erik: No, I’m just kidding. I’m from where Michelle is from, Lemuria.

    Me: No wonder you two are so alike and get along so well!

    Erik: IS more like, “If you jump, I’ll jump too.”

    Me: Exactly! Wow. So the Pleiadians, did they become Lemurians or is that a completely separate race of beings?

    Erik: A different race of beings.

    Me: Okay. What about Rune, Pappa?

    Jamie giggles at Erik’s answer.

    Erik: God knows where he’s from!

    Me: Ha!

    Erik: Um, he’s Terran, from earth.

    Me: That makes so much sense, because he’s so grounded to his body, and I think that’s pretty typical. He just excels in so many sports and other things that require operating the physical body. What about your sister, Kristina?


    Erik: Orion.

    Me: Oh, really? What about Lukas?

    Erik: Earth.

    Me: And Annika?

    Erik: Orion again.

    Jamie: It sounds like he’s saying another syllable in there somewhere when he says Orion.

    Me: What about Arleen, the baby?

    Erik: Call it pure energy.

    Me: Oh, well I know she’s special because she’s very psychic, she astral travels, but what do you mean, exactly?

    Erik: Well, it’s energy that’s been —she’s energy that’s been in the “beyond” for so long and now she’s come to earth. It’s not her first trip, but then again, it’s not her hundredth.

    Me: Oh!

    Erik: So, she’s going to maintain a lot of spiritual knowing and grounding and helping people really change there daily life to gain a higher perspective of being. Don’t worry; it really gonna get on your nerves!

    Me: Oh, wonderful! What about Jamie, Erik? Where is she from?

    Jamie (chuckling): Moi?


    Jamie (laughing): Mars is his first response!

    Me (laughing): Erik! How rude!

    Jamie and I both chuckle.

    Me: She one of those little green people then?

    Erik laughs.

    Erik: She’s from Atlantis.

    Jamie: Really? I’ve never researched Atlantis. Maybe that’s why I live in Atlanta!

    Me: Oh my god, yeah!

    Jamie: I like the name, but…

    Me: Okay. Anything else you want to say about that before we go to the next subject?

    Erik: No, but this is fun!

    Me: Okay, what about, you know, how there are some people who are just so unlucky. Everything bad seems to come there way. They get flat tires on the way to work; they get laid off; their house gets termites; their spouse cheats on them. What the heck is that all about?

    Erik: What so many people don’t realize is that they create everything in their lives and their Higher Self designs it that way for the best possible string of lessons. So their illnesses, their “bad luck,” their “good luck,” their successes, their failures, they create these all for themselves. But if they just think, “Fuck I’m down on my luck” and they roll over and whine and feel sorry for themselves, all they do with that negative emotion is attract more shit into their lives. The people who understand that the lessons in their life are supposed to be there and that they’re gonna grow from them focus on happiness. That positive emotion attracts more happiness.

    Me: So it’s all about shifting our perspective on our trials and tribulations? We should see them as good things, positive tools for growth?

    Erik: Yeah, exactly.

    (Easier said than done. Or is it?)


    Mark your calendars for my upcoming interview on The Sheila Show Tuesday May 31st at 7:35 P.M. CST. Here is the link for the interview:

    Please join us! I’ll remind you again the day before and the day of the interview.



  • May19th2011


    Lot’s of things to discuss before we delve into the next channeling transcript. First, I’d like to say just how proud I am of all of you. Your outpouring of love and offers to help may well be lifesaving for this wonderful, giving, and gentle soul. Sure, Stanley engages in a practice known as infantilism, but that does not surprise me given what Erik said in a post over a year ago: Ask Erik: Stanley’s Questions. In that session, Erik said Stanley is a walk-in, courageously taking over for a young soul in a grade school boy’s body just as he was about to plunge a pencil into his heart in a classroom. Because he skipped the first several years of life, including babyhood and toddlerhood, he has no memories of such things as maternal attachment and nurturing, all important to our psychological, emotional and spiritual development.

    This is our chance to show that we unconditionally embrace and love and accept all souls regardless of our differences. This is our chance to walk the walk instead of talk to talk like so many others do in regards to being nonjudgmental. You’ve all done this freely and with grace. I couldn’t be more proud and honored to call you my friends and family.

    One more announcement, this time about Robert. Yesterday afternoon, his hemoglobin dropped precipitously from 13 to 8, and then to 6. A CT Scan showed a hematoma, a collection of clotted blood, in the abdomen. He has been transferred to the intensive care unit and needs our prayers. I’m about to go there now.

    All I can say is, what next? Locusts? The Plague? Sigh.

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Oh, and guess what! Kristina met Joan Rivers in New York! You know, Joan’s husband, Edgar Rosenberg, committed suicide in 1987, and so Kristina talked about the blog with her. Apparently she’s a big advocate for suicide survivors. What about Edgar? Any channeled messages from him?


    Me: Is he there, uh, or not?

    Erik: You want me to go get him?

    Me: Well, would it be of help to anyone, including Edgar? If not, it’s okay. I hate to disturb him.

    (Long pause)

    Jamie (to Erik): Okay. (pause) Okay.

    Jamie (to me): He says he’s going to try to get him. Until then, he wants to move on to other topics.

    Me: Okay. Then here’s one from my husband, Rune. “Where in the body does the soul reside, and what shape is it? Is it in the head, the heart or where?” I’m thinking it’s probably much bigger than the physical body.

    Erik: You’re right. It pretty much is bigger, because the energy extends beyond the body.

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: You can kind of think about it like an ice cube in water. Same content, right? But the ice is solidified, and then it goes to water, and then, um, it goes to vapor. So the ice would be the body, so the bulk of the soul is in there and it creeps into every vein, every cell, every fingertip. It’s not all bundled up in a head; it’s not tucked away behind the heart. It encompasses the whole thing, because then it bleeds out of the skin, changes its share just a little bit and creates that energetic field, and then it bleeds out again to, like, vapor and has a different energetic field there.

    Me: Very cool. Rune also wanted me to ask this one, and I think it’s just so cute “When you chop off a hand without warning, what happens to that part of the soul that occupied the hand?”

    Erik (chuckling): It still exists in the shape of the hand. It still moves like the hand would, and it’s still wired to the brain and will receive those signals and behave in that manner.

    Me: Oh, that’s why you can have phantom limb pain, I guess!

    Erik: Absolutely! You got it!

    Me: Yay! Wonders never cease! So is the “consciousness” the same thing as the “soul”?

    (Long pause as Jamie listens to Erik)

    Jamie (giggling): Erik’s kind of mumbling. He’s like, “That’s a good one.” He’s got his elbows on his knees; he’s sitting on the back of my couch.

    Me: Uh huh.

    Jamie: Um, when he thinks, he messes up his hair.

    Me (giggling): Oh yeah, as if it’s not messy enough! He used to do that all the time. I think I even have a picture of him doing it.

    Jamie: It never really lies down flat!

    Me: I know! He’s got a couple of cowlicks!

    Jamie: Is that why?

    Me: Yeah, that and he wasn’t big on running a comb through it!

    Jamie: I thought it was just wavy!

    Me: Oh, well, it’s wavy too; it’s wavy too.

    Jamie laughs hard.

    Me: He’s got the best of both worlds. Cowlicks and curls.

    Jamie (still laughing): So funny!

    Erik: Ahem. (pause) The consciousness is sorta like a branch of the soul, but in itself, defined by itself.


    Erik: Let’s say if you have a store, and the store is the soul.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: And the front doors are consciousness. They open and close. Now, the doors are PART of the store, but they have their own specific function. That’s kinda the idea I wanna convey.

    Me (sounding more than a little confused): Oh! You’re not talking about, uh—

    Erik: Consciousness can open (poof!)  or close, and when it’s closed off, then you have the subconscious lying behind it inside the store.

    (Pause as I wait for more, thinking about how many cobwebs and dust bunnies I probably have in my own store.)

    Me: Okay. What about general anesthesia? Why don’t we get out of our body and have an awareness on a soul level of our whereabouts?

    Erik: Well, some people do!

    Me: Oh, okay!

    Erik: Some people do, but not everybody, and that’s gonna be based on beliefs. People have structures. Beliefs exist—

    I cough hard.

    Erik: You alright, Mom?

    Me: Oh, yeah. Just a little bug. It’s cool.

    Erik: You poor thing!

    Me: Oh no, it’s okay. No big deal. Believe me, I’ve been through worse.

    Erik (Probably guessing correctly what that “worse” is): Awwww.


    Me: Okay, so you’re saying it’s basically about belief. Some people don’t believe they can maintain an awareness during general anesthesia, because they don’t think of their soul as a separate aware entity—

    Erik: Right.

    Me: Okay, so they just hang onto their body wired to their shut down brain?

    Erik: Yep.


  • May1st2011


    Consciousness Drives the Universe

  • April21st2011


    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Are angels different from the spirits of the deceased? Are there special “celestial beings” that never live on the earthly plane and don’t reincarnate?

    Erik: Yes! Oh, hell yes!

    Me: Oh, okay. Are there different orders and types of angels? Can you give me a short run down on all this?

    Erik: Types or orders? There are just beautiful spirits and energies of people who have decided that they’re not gonna incarnate on a trapped body on earth.

    Me: Hm, sounds like a bunch of chicken to me. I wanna sign up for that cushy little job.)

    Jamie laughs.

    Erik (chuckling): Really!

    Me: So are these different energies, or are they special based on their decision to remain discarnate?

    Erik (laughing): Different energies like—

    (Long pause as Jamie listens and giggles at the same time)

    Jamie (laughing): No, Erik!

    Erik: Like these are all red-headed people over here and these are teeny weenie little angels that beelive in saving animals, and these are—no, it doesn’t all revolve around logging information, sorting, labeling.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: They can be entities from a higher plane who associate with other spiritual beings, or it can just be a soul that’s born that doesn’t want to be a part of earth. Maybe they counsel spirits who come back, or help in other ways. They do contribute, you know.

    Me: So, they’re mostly different from the spirits of deceased, because of their decision of what role to take and whether to reincarnate or not?

    Erik: Right.

    Me: So, there aren’t any specific types or orders? They just distinguish themselves by the roles they play?

    Erik: They’re distinguished by their roles, yes.

    Me: Okay, here’s another one. When we dream, do we travel to alternate probable realities, past and future lives, and can we meet our other selves?

    Erik: Yeah.

    (Pause as I wait, in vain, for Erik to expound)

    Me: Cool! So can one of our selves meet another self in the same life?


    Jamie: Oh, that was really cool! He says, yes.

    Me: Oh, wow! Well, we can look different, I suppose. It’s like “Back to the Future.”

    Erik: It is like that, isn’t it, but it’s in a way so that you won’t interfere with anything.

    Me: Oh, yeah.

    Erik: Cuz often, you’re not going to recognize yourself.

    Me: Can you give me more, Erik? I feel like I’m milking a cow again.

    Erik: Shit, you haven’t milked any cows!

    Jamie and I laugh. Little smartass.

    Erik: Coming across yourself in another dimension or another timeframe—usually you’re living a different life; you have a totally different name, totally different awareness, and this happens more than you can imagine, in the wake state and the dream state.

    Me: But usually while you’re in the dream state, right?

    Erik: Correct.

    Me: Okay, now one person wants to know, “Can we start a chat room, Erik, and you can type on a keyboard and talk to blog members?” After all, you CAN push over a cat!

    Jamie (laughing): Yes!

    Erik: I’ve been doing really well, getting into blog members’ meditations, thoughts, dreams. I’ve been doing my due diligent work; you’d be so proud me!

    Me: Oh, I AM very proud of you, and I see that. Oh my gosh, you’re going all over the place, visiting so many people. Everybody always loves to share their Erik Visits! They call you, “Our Boy.”

    Jamie: Awww, that’s so sweet!

    Me: Yeah. Such a loving community.



  • April6th2011


    Hope you all are having a beautiful day today! I do have some news on the meeting in Atlanta. Jamie and Weedie would like some feedback on the following activities/classes:

    Friday night 6-9: Seeing auras and energy

    Saturday 10-12:30: Dowsing/pendulums; ways to communicate to guides

    Saturday 2:30-5:30: Group channeling with Erik

    Saturday evening: Off to socialize and party.

    Sunday:  we can teach how to clean your house and set up your energy in your house to better

    your communication, or how to set up an alter/focus to talk to your guides.

    or we can group channel Erik again.  Suggestions?

    Still not firm on dates, but Jamie will let us know that and prices as soon as she’s finished with Spring Break. This next channeling session is through angelic channeler, Jeannie Barnes. She had to cancel an earlier session to care for her elderly parents, so the first part comprises a chat about that. I’m sure Erik sat nearby, twiddling his thumbs patiently. Please enjoy.

    Channeling Transcript

    Jeannie: How are you?

    Me: Well the real question is how are you, Jeannie? Is everything okay?

    Jeannie: Yes, everything is good, and thank you for your concern. It’s just that there’s a lot to do with Power of Attorney and all that.

    Me: Ah, yes, I know how tough and stressful that sort of thing is. I’m going through a lot of legal stuff as executrix of a friend’s estate. It’s quite a lot to handle.

    Jeannie: Yes, and having to ask my dad things like if he’s contacted the cremation services. It’s very difficult. He’s afraid. He’s afraid to go, and that’s really sad.

    Me: Yep, well, your dad will find out soon enough that his fears were unfounded.

    Jeannie: Exactly.

    Me: Is Erik there with you?

    Jeannie: Okay, let me get into that space.


    Jeannie (softly): And he’s here now.

    (Jeannie says a little prayer to be a clear channel and to invite the assistance of any guides, angels, and of course, Erik.)

    Erik (to Jeannie, laughing in mock haughtiness): Well! Thanks for inviting me, but I’m assuming I don’t need an invitation!

    I laugh at his little poke at Jeannie.

    Erik: I know, Mom, that you want me there all the time, and I want to be there all the time. My sense of humor has gotten better over here—if you can believe that! I don’t have all the fucking complications that I had while I was over there living in the physical. It’s so freeing here, and it’s so exciting because I feel like my life has a purpose now—or my soul. There’s just so much I can do! You know, it was confusing for me over there. You knew that—one of the only people who really understood, who got me. God I love you, Mom! I thought I did when I was in the physical, but holy shit when I’m here and I can see and I can look at all of the things that you’ve done for me and for everyone else, you’re my hero and my inspiration! I’m always gonna be with you—always! Okay so I know you have a lot of questions today. Each time you and I talk, I’m wiser. Now if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is! I can’t believe I’m even saying that, “I’m wiser.” Ha! But it’s because I’m learning every day and every second. You can’t help it. It just is. That’s the way it is here. I wasn’t that great in school, but I see now that I was actually pretty smart. I liked to read a lot on the Internet—not necessarily books and novels—but whatever I could, but I gained knowledge in the things that interested me. So, I see myself more clearly now too along with you and everyone else in the family. I hang out with each of you, because I love you all so much. So, go ahead and ask those questions, Mom.

    Me: Well, first I want to say, Erik, that I love you sooooo, so much, and you are MY hero. So I think you got that one backwards!

    Erik: No, I didn’t, but thanks, Mom!

    Me: Aw. Okay, to work here, then. One person wants to know more about soul mates, platonic soul mates. Uh, like I know you and I are platonic soul mates. Does that mean we share the same Source Energy? How does that work from the energy standpoint?

    Erik: Okay, my understanding of a soul mate, when I was in the physical, was what most people think—that you’ll meet somebody and everything would be perfect and you’ll completely understand each other like one half of a whole. Now, that’s partially right, but not totally. What a soul mate actually is is a connection of the soul on an energetic level. It often means that we come from the same soul group. You can have platonic soul mates, and yes, we are, you and I! In a family, do you ever wonder why you get along better with others and not so well with some?

    Me: Well, sure!

    Erik: That’s all about the connection of the soul on an energetic level—there’s an understanding. The purpose of soul mates in a romantic relationship is to help each other grow. Actually, that’s the purpose of all soul mates, to help each other grow. So it’s not always perfect. It doesn’t always mean just because you’re soul mates or you’ve “met your soul mate” that life’s not gonna be a bitch sometimes. It’s gonna have its challenges.

    Me: Ah, you don’t have to tell me about that! I’ve got the battle scars to prove it, too. Now, I’m sure that our soul mates are going to agree, every once in a while, to play a relationship villain as part of their spiritual contract with us to help us grow. They’ll sacrifice themselves and their Divine nature for that reason, right?

    Erik: See, you’ve got it!

    Me: Okay, so that’s why its not always rainbows and sunshine in those relationships. Now here’s a question from Shannon. “If there are many spirits designed to be with a person, I wonder why some people are alone when they so want to be with someone.” She’s happily married, but she has friends who have this struggle.

    Erik: Well, for lack of a better word, let me just say that a lot of time it’s karmic. Karma is a difficult thing to understand, because we’re told we always have a choice, but if it’s karmic, where’s the fucking choice, right?

    Me: Yeah, right!

    Erik: Don’t I sound so intelligent!

    (I think Erik is almost surprised by how far he’s come!)

    Me (laughing): Yes, and you are!

    Erik: I just think it’s bad ass to be able to talk like this!

    Me: Oh my gosh, yeah!

    Erik: So, this is the way it’s been explained to me now, from here. The karmic things, ya gotta go through it, but you have a choice on how to go through it. You can choose to go through it easily by surrendering to your spirituality, or you can make it harder on yourself. So if someone is karmically meant to learn about relationships before they can be with somebody, they can move through it on a spiritual level much faster and more easily, or they can struggle. That’s the choice.

    Me: Okay, struggle by being lonely or isolating oneself, or…

    Erik: No, to struggle by NOT learning the lessons as to why they ARE alone.

    Me: Oh, okay!! Got it. Sometimes you have to dumb it down for me, huh, Erik?

    Erik (chuckling): Yep!

    Me (laughing): Oh, you’re so rude!

    Before we close, I want to let you all know that in a session yesterday, Erik confirmed that the transition we call death is actually the simple process of crossing over an event horizon from a black hole to a white hole. Now, go dust off those high school physics textbooks in the attic and bone up! (I hear Erik chuckling in my mind because of my choice of words here. Big surprise. Sigh.)


  • April2nd2011


    I just finished one of the most remarkable DVDs I’ve ever watch in my life, The Black Whole, by our friendly surfer dude physicist, Nassim Haramein. Through his calculations, he found that black holes demand a highly structured polarized vacuum, resulting in an alternative view of black holes where the exterior white hole portion surrounds the interior black hole singularity.
 His paper, The Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter, describes our universe as embedded white hole / black hole or white / black “whole” structures from universal size to atomic and subatomic scales.

 Instead of seeing ourselves as separate from everything around us, this view allows us to recognize that we are embedded in a fractal feedback dynamic that intrinsically connects all things via the medium of a vacuum structure of infinite potential. A fundamental understanding of the dynamics of this interconnectivity redefines the lens through which we see the universe and our place in it, and leads to theoretical and technological advancements that move us towards a sustainable future. This new approach to the physics of universal forces has the potential to solve the most pressing issues of our times. He breaks down the barriers in the illusions of both separation and scarcity showing that neither truly exist.

    Also included in the DVD are clues given to us by ancient civilization. The yin-yang, symbol, the Kabbalah tree, the I Ching, the pyramids in Mexico, China and Egypt, the phi ratio are just some of the clues he cites.

    At one point in the DVD, he was saying how we’re looking from within a black hole and this is why space looks black from our viewpoint. But when you cross the event horizon, you find yourself in a white hole where there is brilliant light and teeming with dense energy. Is this what death is all about? He didn’t say as much, but I think death is crossing an event horizon to enter a lively white hole. Maybe the event called death can be defined and explained by physics, after all. I wish I knew enough about physics to be sure. Not that it matters, but it’d be a fun exercise for the ol’ noggin’.

    I don’t plug many things, but I really do think this is a life changing presentation that will leave you with a sense of much needed hope. Below are a string of very short YouTubes that aren’t part of that DVD but will allow you to get a tiny glimpse of the ideas this brilliant man has. Note his eyes. Compelling. Don’t tell me he isn’t a Starseed.

    Crossing the Event Horizon:


  • April1st2011


    Before we address this fascinating subject, I’d like to address the fear that some expressed given Erik’s predictions in the last entry. One reader made an astute observation. Maybe Erik and others put this prediction out there so we’d focus our energy to avoiding it. If not, remember that this is just one of many lessons we, as a collective, have and will continue to endure. It’s the ride we signed up for. And if it does come to pass, perhaps we’ll open our eyes to the fact that scarcity is an illusion. There is abundance for all in every way imaginable. Perhaps we’ll open our eyes to the fact that separation is an illusion. The simple joy of surviving will require cooperation between individuals and groups. Money, commerce and technology will no longer trap us in cocoons. And think about this: what harm can really come of all this? What’s the worst thing that can happen? After all, we’re eternal and Divine. It’ll all come out in the wash, I promise.

    I’d also like to mention that I just finished reading Survival of the Soul, the latest book by world-renown medium and clairvoyant, Lisa Williams. It’s a wonderful read, and confirms everything Erik says about death, the afterlife, and reincarnation. I highly recommend it.

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Is it dangerous to give predictions for people’s future? Does it impose on their free will in any way?

    Erik: No, it doesn’t impose! Trust me, if it’s going to alter the way you behave that much, we’re not going to talk about it. We don’t share information that might alter someone’s path so much that they totally detour from their spiritual blueprint. That’s like Guide 101 shit.

    Me: Yeah, I would think that’d be a pretty basic rule! And I bet there are some predictions that guides sort of get us to share to nudge someone in the right direction.

    Erik: Yep, and there have been times when we’ve seen that the person is going to be so off-track that if we go ahead and share something, they might say, “There’s no way in HELL I want THAT!! So, they’ll turn 90 degrees to avoid it. Then that turn puts them on a better path.

    Me: Oh, good, Hey, you guys are pretty sneaky!

    Erik: Yep, we have to be sometimes! So when people fuss at you for giving predictions to others, like through a psychic, they feel like their right to secrecy is being taken away—like it’s supposed to be some big mystery that shouldn’t be toyed with.

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: Well, that’s a person who’s a firm believer that time is linear and that there’s still MYSTERY TO COME! (He says this is a mock inspired tone.)

    Me: Oh, yeah!

    Erik: But the truth is, we’ve already done it. We’ve already lived it; it’s already existed. So let’s go easy on the humans!

    Jamie (chuckling): He puts his hands out, I don’t know, like how you would pat down a bed. ‘Easy on the humans!’

    Me: You mean the people who fuss at us for providing the predictions?

    Erik: Yes. Yes. And you know you have multiple selves, so one of those selves is following the prediction and the other ones may be traveling all sorts of other paths. As long as the journey takes you through the lessons and the goals from your spiritual blueprint have been achieved, who the fuck cares if you take the road paved with asphalt, the road covered with potholes, the road paved in concrete or the one paved in gold!

    (Okay, I’m going for the one covered in gold. No, make that chocolate.)

    Me: That’s right, and each of our selves can share the fruits of those lessons with the other selves.

    Erik: Yep.

    My Life's Road

    Yeah. Right! (or Left?)

    Me: So, is the whole thing about Indigos and Crystals and Rainbows true?

    Erik: Yeah, totally true. We were a sleeping world for a long, long time. And we chose to be that way, because we chose to surrender ourselves and give in to government and religion and let go of our personal power. Then, one by one, as we fought through that it’s just like dominoes falling or the 100th monkey—it begins to expand, so those souls came back to inhabit the land again. It started off with people who were highly intuitive—

    Me: Wait, what do you mean, “the souls came back to inhabit the land again?” Are you talking about a certain type of soul?

    Erik: Um, yes, a certain type of soul. Just think of the Indigos, the Crystals—whatever names people are giving them—these are souls that are coming into a body and NOT having full amnesia. Like, some are coming in with, say,  40% amnesia, 60% knowing. These are the people who will train the others to wake the fuck up. This is our time to wake up.

    Me: So, what’s the difference between Indigos and Crystals, I mean, as far as their purpose is concerned?

    Erik: Well, the Indigos are like the rebels that are supposed to slap people in the face to wake them up. They’re the teachers, the ones who confront and break down the status quo. The Crystals are more sensitive and calm. They’re the healers who’ll help you learn how to put your life back together.

    Jamie (excitedly): Get this. He gave me this image when he said it’s our time to wake up. He showed me somebody sleeping in a bed in a dead sleep. And you have to shake them, take them by their shoulders and hops and just grab them and shake and shake and shake to get even a tiny bit of attention out of that person.

    Erik: That’s what happens. There has to be a lot of collapse and violent moving before humanity wakes up. The financial collapse we just talked about—-that’s part of it. The shake to wake up.

    Me: Shake and Wake!

    Jamie: I love that metaphor so much. “Shake to wake up.”

    Me: Me too! So are we approaching this age of Spiritual Awakening?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Oh, good! Give us details, Erik? What will it be like?

    Erik: Well, you have to get through the hardest part of life where the earth will really shake it up for you. But what it’s like is, you can look at any person—age, race, status—and you can feel the connection with them. There won’t be that distance anymore. The separation illusion will weaken, especially between life forces, because trees, plants, animals, everything will be respected.

    Me: Oh, good! Now, when you say the earth will be involved in shaking us out of our coma, are we talking about something apocalyptic?

    Erik: No, it’ll be like a string of disasters like you’re already seeing, but it’ll increase even more.

    Me: Geez, how much of an increase are we talking about here? Are we talking about another Ice Age or a super volcano or—

    Erik: Not an Ice Age.

    (Long pause)

    Erik: I hate to tell you, but the United States will be destroyed by a super volcano. The one in Yellowstone National Park.

    (Longest pause ever)

    (Ha, ha, April Fools from little ol’ me, Elisa. See where Erik gets it? The “longest pause ever” was to keep your eyes from drifting lower ahead of time. Can’t have you spoiling my joke, can I?)

    Jamie: He does show a volcano, but I don’t know if you’d call it mega or super. But he’s showing me the land plates moving.

    Me: Yeah, I think we’re already seeing some of that starting. So, when is the age of Spiritual Awakening? It might be impossible to say, given the fact that there’s no linear time, but—

    Jamie (laughing): I know, isn’t that fun?!

    Me: I know! It makes it hard to reconcile things: the human construct of linear time and the moment point in the afterlife!

    Erik: The timing all depends on how much energy people are putting toward the chaos compared to how much energy people are putting toward the calm.

    Me: Oh, okay. So it depends on the balance between the two.

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Like playing spiritual tug-o-war over a lava pit!

    Erik (putting his finger up): Exactly! Exactly!

    Me: What about Rainbow and Star children? Do they exist too, or are there only Indigos and Crystals?

    Erik: No, there are different energy patterns. Rainbows have a sensitivity to all levels of vibration, and they’re coming in for harmony purposes—balance and harmony. The Stars, those are E.T.s coming from other places, other planets, other races, who come in to the human form to help enlighten humans so they know that there’s a much bigger box that we live in. (He laughs.) Humans think it’s so small!

    Me: Aw, we’re such peons!

    This weekend, I’ll share with you some exciting information that might just explain what he means. It has to do with black holes, white holes, singularities and event horizons.

    Blog member, Susan, shared this wonderful song by Michael Jackson. I’m sure you all know it, but the lyrics couldn’t possibly be more apropos! Talk about synchronicity! Thanks, Susan!

  • March31st2011


    Channeling Transcript

    Me: How does one raise their vibrational frequency?

    Erik: First, change what your eating. Eat natural foods. Meat is natural—I’m not trying ot be mean, but, um, stop the processed foods; stop the sugar.

    Me: Jesus, I’m gonna starve to death.

    Erik: No, seriously, Mom. Processed foods and sugars slow down the vibrations. Oh, and stop the caffeine.

    Me: Okay, now I draw the line on that one. One of my simple pleasures is making myself a latte, but I can’t stand decaff.

    Erik: Once you stop all that, then you need to tackle your brain!

    Me: Brain? What brain?

    Jamie laughs.

    Erik: No, really. Like go down for a tackle, because your brain absorbs everything that it’s told.

    Me: Oh, yeah!

    Erik: And some of it’s just not true! You gotta treat your inner thoughts like commercials. You don’t buy everything that the commercial says, right?

    Me: Ah! Yeah, that’s right.

    Erik: But nobody tells us to o that.

    (Long pause)

    Me: anything else?

    Erik: Well, once you wrestle your brain and find out what you believe in and what you don’t, then that’s when you’re gonna realize: how much does your ego have a hold of you?

    Me: Oh, yeah!

    Erik: Some people might buy a certain sweater, not cuz they like it but because they think they look really good in it.

    Me: Oh, gosh!

    Erik: A lot of people will do things, say things, and behave in certain ways just to get approval from others. That’s an ego thing.

    Me: Oh yeah.

    Erik: So first, I would tell them to clear the body.

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: Get that habit down first before you even take on the mental struggle of what’s to come. Once you find out what your ego’s doing, then and only then can you find out how good you are at loving someone else.

    Me: Ah, good—beside yourself, I guess!

    Erik: Yep, that DOES have to come first. And believe it or not, the people with the most stubborn egos are the ones that have less self-love. They ego sort of prevents them from becoming aware of what they don’t like in themselves. It’s kind of a survival tool.

    Me: Makes sense.

    Erik: Yeah, so when you love yourself, your ego can fall away and you can give and receive love from others. And I don’t mean just other people. I mean trees, plants, animals, even the socks you’re wearing, the things you’re experiencing. That is how you feel joy, and THAT is how you raise your vibration.

    Me: Hmm. I’m okay with loving my socks on day one, but after that, all bets are off!

    Sadly, as I transcribe this part of the session, which took place January 18th of this year, I’m lovingly holding my coffee mug, lovingly sipping away at the highly processed latte foam atop my double shot espresso. Sigh. On the other hand, I do fully intend to hug my socks today.

    Now, enjoy this very short YouTube of Dean Radin discussing the responsibility we must have for our own thoughts:

  • March23rd2011


    Enough of the heavy stuff for a day. Let’s enjoy some Erik antics! After the transcript, please enjoy the amazing account of a woman who claims to be the reincarnation of Anne Frank. You can tell by her demeanor and her story that she is NOT a fraud! Thanks, Tracy, for bringing these videos to our attention!

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Hello, Jamie! How was your weekend?

    Jamie: It was full! I taught a class on how to see auras and other things.

    Me: Oh, yeah! Was Steve there?

    Jamie: Yes, he was here and so was Erik. (See starts to giggle.)

    Me: Oh, good!

    Jamie: And he pulled some pranks on the poor people!

    Me: Why am I not surprised?

    Jamie: In the psychomanteum, the dark, trance-state room.

    Me: Uh huh.

    Jamie (still giggling): When I closed them up, I said, ‘Erik is in here.’ Only Steve knew what I was talking about, and I go, ‘Erik is in here; I see him. You guys have a good time. Okay, bye!’ And I closed the curtain.

    Jamie and I laugh together.

    Jamie: So, the woman that was in there with him, she’s a really cute girl—oh my god, like fabulously cute!

    Me: Aw oh! Aw oh! Jillian probably wasn’t too happy about that!

    Jamie: She was probably like 20, 22 maybe.

    Me: Oh my gosh, a perfect Erik Target.

    Jamie: Yeah, totally. All of a sudden she said her hands went very, very cold, very, very tingly, like somebody was putting pressure on them, and then she said, ‘All of a sudden, I could NOT control my laughter!’ She just started bursting out with laughter, hardcore!

    Me: Awwww!

    Jamie: And when I opened the curtain after the thirty minutes, I said, ‘We could hear her laughing throughout the whole building!’ Erik looked at me and said, ‘Who do you think that was?’ Come on! Pretty girl? Opportunity to tickle her in the dark?

    Jamie and I giggle hard.

    Me: That is just too funny! I know that Steve has always wanted Erik to come and visit him or pull a prank on him, and I tell him to just be patient, because he probably will, but that pretty girl probably blew his chances that time! Erik, are you there, Sweetie?

    Erik: Absolutely.

    Me: Good! Is there anybody else there with you? I always forget to ask that—if you’ve brought along anybody else or if anybody else just wants to be there and say anything.

    Jamie: He normally comes by himself, but, um, he says there was a man, bald hair, related to one of your blog members. He had a question and wanted to come in.

    Me: Oh, really? Okay!

    Jamie (giggling): Bald hair! I meant to say ‘bald head’!

    Me: Yeah, ‘bald hair’ is a bit of an oxymoron!

    We both laugh.

    Me: Hmm, I wonder who that is? But he’s not here right now?

    Jamie (giggling): No, Erik didn’t invite him!

    Me (teasing): No way! Erik, how rude, shooing him away!

    Erik: No, no. Not rude. Usually, this is our thing, Mom, so I just told him I would let him know if he could come in next time.

    Me: Oh, okay. Well, have him come in next session, by all means!

    Reincarnation of Anne Frank, Part One of Two

    Reincarnation of Anne Frank, Part Two of Two

  • March22nd2011


    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Okay, a lot of people have asked this one, Erik. It’s about possession. Can spirits possess the bodies of humans? I’m talking about demonic or non-demonic spirits.

    Erik (chuckling): Is this the part of the book when you need to warn people whether they should read forward or not?

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Me: Maybe. I guess it all hangs on what you say, Sweetie!

    Erik: Yes. Yes they can. Possessions do happen, demonic and non-demonic.


    Me: Okay, but are there really evil spirits? I mean—

    Erik: Sure. Just as there are evil people, there are evil spirits. After all, there’s still free will. A switch doesn’t get hit that’ll make you all knowing and great ad helpful just because you leave the body.

    Me: Ah! Okay. Too bad.

    Erik: You still have the free will to use that power to pull people away from Light.

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: There are entities who thrive on that. They thrive on separation, on fear, on negative energy.

    Me: Oh, did you just push the cat down again, Erik? He just flopped over on his side!

    Jamie (giggling): Yeah, he told me he just did!

    Me: Yeah, Ringo just totally collapsed like someone pushed him over.

    Erik: He loves it when I do that to him!

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Me: So what about multiple personalities? Do these have something to do with possessions?

    Erik: Yeah, it can and it usually is.

    (Long pause as I wait for Erik to expound, but I guess that’s all he knows at the moment.)

    Me: Well, what about benevolent possessions? Can spirits possess a human to help out?

    Erik: Sure, especially healing spirits who will possess a body that’s in a coma state—

    Me: Hm! Wow!

    Erik: —or if something really traumatic happens, maybe right before they die. Those are two of the examples I can come up with now.

    Me: Interesting. Okay, I think I have time for four more quick questions. Um, let’s see. (Pause) Oh, when people see orbs in photographs, are they truly spirits? I’m sure some of them are, but not all of them.

    Erik (chuckling): Most of them are dust particles.

    Me: Oh, really?

    Erik: Yeah. You can tell when they’re dust particles if they have like a fine line around the edge, um or when they’re like more defined looking.

    Me: Oh, okay!

    Erik:—a defined line around the edge. If it seems to have a light source of its own and doesn’t have a defined edge, that’s what you can call a true spiritual orb.

    Me: Now, some people have found orbs on photos and say they actually see faces in them.

    Erik: Oh, definitely! Pictures are great for picking up spirits.

    Me: Mmm. I’m going to go through all of my pictures from our trip to Norway and see if you’re in any of them, Baby!

    (We took so many photos, I sort of forgot to do the orb search, but I’ll try to get to that this week and let y’all know if I find anything interesting!)

    Erik: I will be.

    Me: Awesome! Okay, let’s see. Oh yeah, here’s one. What happens when animals hibernate? What happens to their spirits? Or plants—what happens to their spirits when they die back in the winter before they return in the spring? Do they go out traveling all over the planet or the universe, like taking a little break or vacation?

    Erik: Well, the dying back of plants and animals going into hibernation is the same thing. They pull deep within themselves for a moment of rest. Plants pull into their roots or the core of the stalk, but the soul doesn’t leave plants or animals when they do that.

    Me: Oh, okay!

    Erik: It’s more like an extended dream state.

    Me: Hmm. Now, can you travel through our bodies, Erik? Can you just fly right through since you don’t have that “stop mechanism” you spoke about before?

    Erik: Yeah, of course!

    Me: What would that feel like to us?

    Erik: It makes some people just take a deep breath

    (I can hear Jamie inhaling sharply.)

    Erik: Like a gasp, like you can’t get enough oxygen.

    Me: Okay. I’ve had that happen a lot since you died! I just suddenly gasp for no reason.

    Erik: Yeah, and some people will sneeze.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: So, it varies, but you definitely feel that gasp of like something just happened.

    Me: Can you merge with a person?

    Erik: Merge with a person?

    Me: Yeah, with our consciousness. Can you merge with our consciousness when you’re in there?

    Erik: Yeah, for brief moments of time, but really, the human structure doesn’t allow for it, at least not for more than a few moments at a time.

    Me: I get it. Now, when we dream about our loved ones in a lucid dream, do we actually get to be with them?

    Erik: Hell yeah, you’re actually with them for real. You’re just not dragging that damn body all over the place when you meet. (Giggling) That’s gonna wanna make some people want to sleep all the time!

    Me: I know, I know! And I’m one of ‘em! I love hanging out with you in those lucid dream states. Wish there were more of them!


    Me: Okay, a couple more. Is there a hierarchy of angels? People talk about the seraphic angels, other orders of angels, different types of guardian angels, and so on.

    Erik: There are different kinds of angels, Mom, yes. They do different roles or duties; they have different focuses; they teach or supply certain types of vibrations. Now, defining if they’re on a different level, this just goes back to the conversation we had a long time ago.

    Me: Yeah, there are no levels, no superior/inferior. Okay, so it’s all role-based. Now, what does it feel like to reincarnate back into a body? Do you go to sleep first? How does it feel? I bet it feels the way I feel trying to get back into my so-called skinny jeans after the holidays. I have to tug on the belt loops and jump up and down!

    Jamie and Erik both laugh hard. I’m sure Erik has seen me get red in the face as I struggle to wiggle into them. A girl just can’t get any privacy, can she?

    Erik: That’s a hard question to answer, because you’re being specific to one person. The experience is different for everyone.

    Me: Ah, yeah!

    Erik: But in general, it does feel like a sleep. I don’t know how to describe it except it’s like a simplifying moment. Plus, it depends on how you’re reincarnating. Are you coming in at conception?

    Me: Oh, yeah, that’s right!

    Erik: Or are you coming in at four months, six months, eight months, or at birth? That’ll make a big difference on how you need to adjust your spirit to fit the vessel.

    Me: Ah! Okay, so I guess that’s it; we’re out of time. I wanna say I love you so much, Erik! And thank you, Jamie, for taking care of so many of the blog members. They’ve just been so impressed by your gift. And I know you and I are going to have a lot of exciting adventures in our future work together. It’s going to be fun, very fun!

    Jamie: Yes, it’ll be fun!

    Me (in a very sappy tone): And Erik, I love you so much, Baby Boy.

    Jamie (giggling): He gives you a soft little salute off his head.

    Me (with even more sap): Aw! Okay, I love you!

    Erik: Bye, Mom. I love you very much.

    Me: Bye, Jamie. Thank you!

    Jamie: You’re welcome!




  • March21st2011


    Here are some dates Jamie has provide us for a fantastic Atlanta Channeling Erik Family Reunion (or Union):

    May 13th, 14th and 15th

    June 17th, 18th and 19th

    June 24th, 25th, and 26th

    Let me know which ones are good for you. A head count would be nice. Plus, we’re going to plan a Fall trip as well for those who can’t make it in the spring/summer. I’m still waiting on the details of the program she’s going to provide, too. Steve, you can probably give us cheap hotel/motel tips, right?

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: If there is no time where you are, Erik, am I watching myself live this life and occasionally toss things into my spiritual contract, these choices I’m making, or is everything planned out before I incarnate? I know that while I’m in the physical, my free will and the free will of others can cause changes, but can the self that is me living in the afterlife makes changes to my incarnate self too? I know we have multiple selves living multiple lives in multiple pasts, presents and futures in multiple possible dimensions, but can we actually guide ourselves? Can we influence the different selves that comprises us?

    Erik: Yes!

    Me: Oh wow! Cool!

    Jamie: I’ve only met one in—oh my god, coming up soon, I will have been doing this publicly for 20 years—but I’ve only met one in those twenty years, and that was last year. He walked in, and I saw one of his other selves come in behind him.

    I gasp.

    Jamie: I looked at him with—I was so taken aback!

    Me: So one was a spiritual entity from the afterlife?

    Jamie: Yep. Looked just alike. It wasn’t a twin in the womb thing—nothing like that. And the spirit explained that he was a division of self there to guide himself.

    Me: Amazing!

    Jamie: And I was like, ‘Yep, I’ve heard of that.’

    Me: Wow, so tell me more about that, Erik. What can happen, and how does that work?

    Erik: The real question, Mom, is what CAN’T happen!

    Me: Yeah, I guess you’re right. That’s true.

    Jamie: And a moment ago, he was talking about pushing the cat over. Plop!

    Me: Oh, really? Because Lukas’ cat, Ringo, has been standing at the door to my office, and I saw him through the glass just suddenly fall over on his side! How funny!

    Jamie giggles.

    Me: So you can be there with Jamie, and you can do things here where I am, too.

    Erik: Yep. That’s just another example of division of self. The possibilities are endless!

    Me: Hm! Can you be an incarnate and meet another one of your incarnate selves?

    Erik: Sure!

    Me: So all bets are off; anything is possible?

    Erik: Right. You can meet one of your other selves, but that’s not, um, that’s not a common thing. You know, we don’t often plan for things to be that way.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: And if it does happen, it’s to have certain learning experiences. But yeah, any one of your other selves can guide or upload information to another self. You do it a lot when you’re dreaming even.

    Me: Too cool. Now I’m going to see if you have nay more information on this one. How do senses and emotions evolve while you’re in the afterlife—or do they? I know that beliefs and vibrations can evolve, but let’s talk about senses first—like taste and touch and all the others.

    Jamie: He just waves his hand over his head like, “Whoa, up to here!”

    Erik: They just come ALIVE! It’s like somebody put electricity through them.

    Me: Hm!

    Erik: You know, I’ve been told we can have those same feelings in the human body, but I guess it’s just so dead from the way that we treat it and feed it, that we don’t have that same electrifying feeling when we go through emotional and perceptual sensations. But that’s how it feels. You absorb everything, everything within!

    Me: Well, have your senses evolved or changed in any way since your death? I mean, I know there are changes from the point of incarnate to discarnate, but—

    Jamie starts giggling wildly.

    Me: Oh, okay, go ahead!

    Jamie: He goes, “Yes, I’m very much catlike,” and he whips his hair around!

    Jamie and I both laugh.

    Erik (with mock tone of mystery and self-importance): Yes, I have catlike senses! I can see in the dark and everything!

    I giggle at his silliness.

    Erik: Yeah, my senses ARE heightened, because I can tell when people are thinking of me. That’s one of the things you gain—that telepathic sense—not just words in the head, but emotions too. You gain this emotional telepathy.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: So if you’re thinking about a happy thought of us, of you and me together, I feel it, and then I know what the thought is.

    Me: Hm! Now does—

    Erik: That’s the pinpoint where we talk about the instant messaging we can do over here.

    Me: Yeah, yeah, and I bet you have unlimited minutes on your plan, huh? So, have your senses further evolved in, say, the last year since you crossed over into the afterlife, or does the only big change occur at the point of transitioning to Home?

    Erik: Well, the biggest change does occur right when you leave the body. That’s the biggest shock. But, beyond that, there are little tweaks here and there—you expand your senses, your emotions and accept that expansion by opening your awareness and raising your vibrational level.


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