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  • January1st2016


    This is perhaps the biggest announcement I’ve ever had. Jamie has decided to divorce herself from all things related to Channeling Erik in order to pursue her exciting future as a wholeness expert. She’s trying to get her own TV show, The Lighter Side with Jamie Butler, and is starting a podcast series, too. I’ll keep you abreast of everything she does because, to me, she’ll always be a part of the CE family. Fortunately, we’re blessed to have so many gifted mediums to fill her shoes: Kim, Heather, Kate, Robert, Alison, Linda, Raylene and so many others. I can’t help but feel a little grief about her decision, though, but I wish her well. Here’s a letter she wrote to all of you:

    To all the Channeling Erik fans:

    I’d like to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for allowing me to share in Conversations with Erik. It has truly been an experience, which will stay with me forever. I’d like to thank the Medhus family, especially Elisa, for opening their hearts and for having me channel Erik’s words that have inspired so many people.

    As of 2016 I will no longer be channeling with Erik. You can be apart of my continued journey at:  with my podcasts, channelings and all things Wholeness lifestyle!

    As with most things in life growth is inevitable. As my guides have taught me: If you want to remain constant, change…. for change is our only constant. My career has brought on new challenges I am meeting head on fearlessly. The Channeling Erik series has certainly been a brick in that journey. I’d like to leave the door open, in hopes of one day reuniting with my friend Erik in the forum we created as we both grow. I will be available to any Erik fan as my growth continues.

    Lastly, I’d like to say thanks to Erik – I know you are listening. You have been a great teacher and friend to me. Thank you for your encouragement, spunk and “pushes” to stay true to myself. I can see where you are headed my friend and you are way past the stars you were reaching for. I am proud of you. Keep up the visits, you are welcome to ‘haunt’ me any day.

    Thanks to all.

    With Love and Light,

    Jamie Butler

    On a lighter note, for the latest post from Erik’s Downunda blog, click HEREAlso, it looks like Orlando is going to be our Florida city!

  • August21st2015

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    I just stumbled upon this YouTube Jamie recently made and thought I’d share it because it’s so cute. She has tons of great videos, so be sure to subscribe to her channel!

  • August11th2015


    As many of you may already know, Jamie is rebranding herself as a teacher–a brilliant one at that–and needs help launching her nonprofit organization so that she can help others on a grander scale. Erik suggested she make a video with him to explain where she’s going and how she’s going to get there:

    Cute, huh? If Jamie has changed your life, please give what you can to her cause. The universe will send it back to you many times over. Click HERE to donate. Know that none of the money is going to me. I do this only because I care about her and know that she can bring about a positive change in the worl.

  • July4th2015


    Enjoy Part Two of Jamie’s interview!

  • July3rd2015


    I know, I know. I’ll get to Judas starting Monday, but host Jannecke Øinæs really wanted me to post this two part interview she had with Jamie. I think you’ll enjoy them!

    Jamie Butler

    Jamie Butler

  • June17th2014


    As you know, I’m publishing “Best of Erik” posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that I’ll have enough material to last until my sessions with Jamie are not devoted to the book. In November (or maybe even September or October,) I plan to start the celebrity interviews, the regular questions, the great mysteries of the world, the YouTubes and more. My concern today is that I might accidentally publish a “Best of Erik” entry twice! Let me know if that happens, and I’ll laugh, kick myself in the butt, and post something else.  I had trouble keeping Erik on track with this question. What I really wanted to find out is how our senses, emotions and self-concept changes while we’re in the afterlife, but for some reason, I couldn’t get him to go much beyond the comparison of how these differ before and after death. He was a bit distracted. Maybe he felt the question was tedious and boring. Like calculus. Jamie: Hello! Me: Hi Jamie! How are you today? Jamie: Excellent! Erik had a busy morning already! Me: Oh boy. Oh, was he with Iola? Jamie: He was! He knew she called this morning. Me: Aw, that’s so great. She was so hoping he’d be there for the session! Jamie: He was. When he showed up, I told him, “You know your mom’s not calling until like 10:50.” Me: Oh my gosh. Jamie: I didn’t know that Iola was a connection through you. He just laughed at me! I laugh. Jamie: And I saw that he brought along a friend, and the friend ended up being Iola’s son. It was so cute, they all chit-chatted and talked; it was really clear. Me: Aw, that was so good for Iola. I can’t wait to hear about it from her. Hey Erik, how’re you doing, Baby? Erik: I’m ready to rock and roll! I’m doing great, Mom. Me: Oh, good, Sweetie. Everything going well with you, then? Erik: Yes! Home has been so wonderful! Me: Good, good, that makes me so happy. Okay, now the first question I want to ask you, Erik, is about Jamie! Jamie: Me? Me: Yeah. He seems to be really connected to you. For a while, I even thought he might have a little crush on you! It feels like it might be some sort of past life connection. What’s going on there? (VERY tense long pause!) Jamie: Speak up, Erik! I wanna know! (she laughs) (The pressure’s on!) Erik laughs. Me: He just seems so fond of you. Was there a past life connection between you and Jamie, Erik? Erik: That’s what I was just telling her. We’ve had a few past lives together. Um, some as friends, some as being in the family and um— Jamie listens for a bit. Jamie (to Erik): Well thank you! He says he likes the way I communicate, because I don’t take it—well he uses the words—I “don’t take it so heavy.” Me: Oh, okay. Yeah! Jamie: And that’s the way he was in this last life as well. He said what he wanted to, he is who he is, and he says I allow him to be that way. Me: Good, good. I was just curious. Okay, so how do souls meet other souls there? I’m talking about people they know and complete strangers. How do they connect? Do they just think and “poof” it happens? Erik: Yep, they think, it happens. Jamie (laughing): Now he’s doing this whole sarcastic thing saying, “Hi, how are you? My name is Erik,” and he’ll like say, “Yeah, mmmkay.” Me: Anything else? I mean, how does that connection work? Erik: Everything is a big web, Mom. What you think, uh, each thought is like a rock in a pond. It ripples out. And if it pertains or fits to anything you want to communicate to—it’s almost like radio waves. Me: Um hmm. Erik: Instant messages. I can think, “I want to, you know, see a friend from such and such time.” Thinking that, I’ll actually have a response. I’ll instantly have a response within myself. Me: Wow. So it’s waves more than it is a physical energy, uh, web? Erik: Yes. Me: So it’s all wave related. A propagation of electromagnetic waves, I guess? Erik: Exactly, Mom.  

  • May21st2014


    Thanks for letting me publish only “The Best of Erik” for this week, guys. It’s been crazy. Soon, we’re going to have to manage estate-related matters, clearing his belongs, selling his condominium, slogging through his paperwork (He had a horrible filing system. Come to think of it, he had none!). And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This on top of trying to reach book deadlines for the publisher!

    By the way, I see that Jamie has started weekly live support group chats through Learn it Live. What a great idea. Check it out:


    I was looking through the old posts and found this one from 4 months after Erik’s death. It’s my first session with Jamie.

    I’ve been trying to find different psychic mediums to fit the various budgets of blog members. At the request of member, Steve, I made an appointment with Jamie Butler, a young psychic from Atlanta, Georgia. I found her to be very talented, soft-spoken and sweet. I would consider her to be in the medium (no pun intended) price range at around $150 per hour.

    Before each session, she meditates to ask various departed loved ones and spirit guides to come forth. Like Kim, she can hear their voices and see them in the room and is able to accurately convey the unique personality of each spiritual being, including Erik.

    I’d like to add that she opted not to read the blog before the session for fear that it might influence her and make it difficult to channel freely. This is very common among mediums. They prefer to be given only the information they need to make the connection. Please enjoy.

    Jamie: I’ve been meditating on your name, and I’ve asked for your guides, friends and relatives to come forth.

    Me: Uh huh.

    Jamie: And there’s been four here so far. We’ve been chitchatting here a little while. So there’s a young man who’s really chitchatty. And there’s a woman, she says, a grandmother on your mother’s side. There’s also a grandfather on your father’s side. The other female says she’s a friend of yours. Died from cancer. Not an accident.

    I immediately sense that she’s referring to Erik, my grandmother, Nana, my grandfather, Abuelito, and my friend, Donna, who died a few years ago from breast cancer.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie: And the young man is related.

    Me: Probably my son, Erik?

    Jamie: He’s waving.

    Me: Awww. Hi, Sweetie!

    Jamie: His first response is he’s telling you he’s behaving.

    Me (teasing playfully): Oh! Well, I guess there’s no better time than the present to turn over a new leaf!

    Jamie (laughing softly): He’s laughing. He says that you get on to him a lot, jokingly of course, about, I guess like teasing or poking other people?

    Me: Oh, yeah! He’s such a prankster with everyone. I love it when he does that though!

    Jamie (obviously tickled): He puts his hands out and says, “What can I say?”

    Me: That is so him to respond like that. He’s been connecting with a lot of the blog members, some from whom I’ve never even had any form of communication until Erik pays them a visit.

    Jamie: He says that’s all him.

    Me: Erik, do you have any messages for Marianna? Jamie, she’s a girl that is around Erik’s age who I used to tutor in English from when she was in 3rd grade all the way through middle school. I used to take her to our house after school so that she could interact with my kids and hone her language skills even more, so the entire family, especially Erik, is very close to her. Anyway, she was very affected by his death and goes to visit his grave a lot.

    Jamie: His first comment is that she was really blossoming a lot. He also says it’s kind of weird that she visits the grave, but he says that she really treats it like a moment of meditation, of quietness. And he says, “I sit there with her.”

    Me: Awww!

    Jamie: He says, “I wouldn’t want her to be there alone!”

    Me: Oh, how sweet.

    Jamie: Because he says he’s not there.

    Me: Oh, yeah, of course not.

    Jamie (chuckling): So he says, “When she goes, I go.” Is she applying for another school?

    Me: I really don’t know, actually.

    Jamie: He’s showing me applications or some papers for school. He says, “Tell her she’s going to get what she wants, so go ahead and start making her plans.”

    Me: Great!

    Jamie: “Don’t be the fool,” he says. “Apply for all the funding or scholarships, because you have the ability to apply for more scholarships than other people.”

    Me: Wow, good! Good! So, Erik, what’s new in your life? We always ask questions for other people, but I never really get to hear about you and your life. I feel a little guilty not paying more attention to what’s going on with you.

    Jamie: He’s sitting down on the edge of the bed. He’s sitting with kind of slouchy shoulders like the bed is soft, and his hands are folded in his lap. He says, “Well, Mom…” He’s being…just the way he talks makes me want to giggle! I know he’s not saying anything funny, but you see it on his face that he’s up to something!

    Me: I know what you mean, and I think a lot of the blog members know what you mean, too!

    Jamie: He’s up to something; I just don’t know what it is yet. (she giggles) He’s laughing and he’s saying, “I’m not up to anything! I’m behaving, I behaving!”

    Erik always had a way of speaking like he’s about to crack a big joke or tease you in some way. There was always a little twinkle in his eye and a playful grin on his face.

    Jamie: He says thanks for asking him, but he’s really, really—he says, “I cannot thank you enough. I’m really enjoying the blog site and communicating with people. You have given me the platform to help everybody that I wanted to.” He says, “You know, Mom, if I would have lived, I would have been, I dunno, you know the doctor? I wouldn’t have wanted to do the surgeries, but I want to help people. You’re giving me that chance to do it.”

    For quite some time, Erik wanted to become an orthopedic surgeon. His desire was never more than half-hearted, though, because he struggled so much to even stay afloat in school, given his learning differences.

    Me: Aw, Baby.

    Jamie: And he says, “It’s so amazing how patient you are with everybody. That was the same patience you gave me; I remember.”

    Me: Awwww. Well, having five kids is very humbling, and if you’re impatient to begin with, it’ll make you patient.

    (Jamie laughs)

    Jamie: He says he never felt like you were rushing him or that he had to sneak time with you. He says, “I always felt like you were there, and just for me.”

    Me: Aw, of course. And I always will be! So, everything is going well with your life in the afterlife, so to speak?

    Jamie: Yeah, he says he’s keeping up with family, the questions you’re asking him and the people—it’s almost like that site, that blog or web page is his special home.

    Me: Oh, okay, good!

    Jamie: And he says he reads it, he checks on it; that’s how he finds everybody.

    Me (laughing): Well, I never could get him to read very much, so that’s good! It’s almost like a portal, isn’t it, Erik? Yeah, it’s like my home away from home, too.

    Jamie: He says that you’re so patient with it every day.

    Me: Yeah.

    Jamie: He says that you don’t miss a day.

    Me: No, absolutely not. Too many people need this, including me! Now, any messages from my paternal grandfather for my father?

    Jamie: He’s real nice. He waves. He’s standing up, and he has a very—oh, I don’t really know what to call his posture—

    Me: Regal?

    Jamie (chuckling): Regal would fit. You really wouldn’t call a male elegant, but—so I just didn’t know—

    Me: Oh, yeah. Well he was from the old aristocracy of Spain–a very sophisticated gentleman. I can just see him.

    Jamie: Oh, so “elegant” might just work for a man this time! He just has this air about him. He waves. He says, “Thank you for taking care of him,” him being your father. He says that your father doing okay now. One and a half years. Some marker around one and a half years. His body, your father’s, seems to be—I don’t know what it means, “growing down.”

    Me: Growing down? Interesting. Okay. I’ll ask my dad. (I’m thinking it’s probably a saying translated directly from Spanish and doesn’t make sense in English. If I find out what it really means, I’ll let you all know.)

    Jamie:–what “growing down” means. Because it just seems like a bunch of small things that go wrong. There’s a larger picture in it. And so he wants you to find the larger picture in it, so that you can help his health. He doesn’t want you to be paranoid about it. It’s not about cancer or things of that nature. It’s about collecting the small ailments and piecing them together to find the resolution for it.

    Me: Is he talking about my dad?

    Jamie: Yes.

    Me: Well, he’s up there in age, so I’m sure things are “growing down” just like they are in me! But I’ll address that. I will. Okay, now Erik, when I cross over, I really miss the physical. You know how affectionate I am with family and  friends, so I just long for that hug and the kisses and the stuff that you weren’t always that fond of once you got a lot older.

    Jamie (laughing): He’s laughing. He says you did it ALL the time!

    Me: I know! I couldn’t help myself!

    Jamie: Um, he says, “When you cross over, I’ll be here. I’ll be the first one you’ll see. That’s how you’ll know.”

    Me: Good, good. Now, how old will I be when I die?

    Jamie: He was just going to finish up. He’ll get to that one too.

    Me: Oh, okay.

    Jamie: He says, “We don’t have the physical to physical contact here, but we have something better than that. It’s merging. We can just merge into each other, and we can feel, not just the pressure of a body but all of their emotions and their intents.”

    Me: Oh, wow!

    Jamie: And he says, “There is no sense of lying, There’s no sense of hidden or of…” He’s pausing. He says, “It’s amazing. You can’t merge with somebody and tell them you like them when internally, you don’t, because you feel it.

    Me: Oh! Okay, interesting!

    Jamie: And so, he says, “You will get those hugs and kisses; it’s just a little different.” And he goes, “How old will you be?”

    Me: Uh huh.

    Jamie: He says that you have a few opportunities to leave when you want. He keeps showing me around 68. That’ll be an opportunity.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie: And he says, “You’ll have to weigh your options.” But he really thinks you’ll stay for the long run. And then you won’t have another opportunity until another 20-odd years. (She laughs.)

    Me: Okay. Twenty-odd years from now, right?

    Jamie: No! From 68!

    Me: Oh, from 68! Oh my gosh. Okay.

    As horrible as it sounds, I was briefly disappointed in the possibility that I might live to be so old. It means I have so many decades left before I can wrap my arms around my son and smother him with kisses. After all, I only have a few more years when I can do the same to my younger children before they say “enough is enough.”

    Tomorrow, Erik will share his thoughts on why some of us, while in between lives as discarnate souls, choose to be gay in their subsequent life on the earthly plane, how they are treated in the afterlife, and more. After that, we’ll dive headfirst into the next group of Ask Erik questions. To those people, and you know who you are, I thank you for your amazing patience.

  • April8th2014


    Below is a video of the trance channeling event from 4/2/14. Notice that, when Erik takes over Jamie’s body, her facial expression, posture, etc. changes drastically. I know it’s a long video, but take the time to watch it all, even if you have to divide it up over a few days. It’s worth it. There are some real zingers throughout. Amy, Jamie’s assistant, is adorable and fun to watch, especially when she’s frustrated!

    Sorry the window with Jamie and Amy is so small. They plan on changing that for the next one.

    Note: This recording will be the only one I plan to make public, for obvious reasons. If I publicized them all, then no one would sign up for the live event. Consider this a teaser for future events, and don’t miss the next one! If you do join us for the next event, please be sure not to post the recording on YouTube.

  • February14th2014


    I’ve had so many emails lately from people sharing their incredible stories of pranks, signs and visits from Erik. Could you guys pretty please copy and paste those stories and insert them in the community news page? Just go to the tab “About Erik” at the top of the homepage, then select “Erik Encounters” from the pull down menu. People love reading these! Also, I see some of you are having trouble finding all of the celebrity YouTubes. You can just search YouTube with “Channeling Erik Channel” or you can click HERE. Have fun! As I was searching YouTube, I found two videos that Jamie posted that I had no idea existed! The last one is freaking hilarious!

    On this one, clearly Erik’s had a bad influence on her!

    How about another contest? Here’s the question: What was the first place and the first person Erik visited after he left his body? The winner gets to choose the next celebrity to interview. Be sure to email your answer and your celebrity pick to

    Now for a fun poll!

    Have a great weekend, peeps!

  • December13th2013


    Lately, I’ve been a little down. As many of you know, I have devoted my life to the blog even so far as to retire from Medicine. The advantages are as follows: It gives Erik a voice so that he can follow his calling, sharing wisdom, insight and love to all of us. It also brings me close to Erik since I have near weekly conversations with him. Finally, it has allowed me to create a book, the sales of which will hopefully go to creating a nonprofit organization designed to help those who grieve over the loss of a loved one. This has been my dream all along. The only way I can fund that organization is through the profits of the book since I refuse donations or ad revenue. On the other hand, this has been a very expensive undertaking. Having given up my profession makes it even more challenging. Also, although on one hand working with Erik has given me a happy connection with him, interacting with him on a daily basis by having these sessions, transcribing them, and posting them constantly also makes me aware (painfully aware) that he is no longer here with me in the physical. It has prolonged my grief in a way. I know that sounds confusing. 

    According to my publisher, book sales indicate that not many of our 12,000 members have bought the book. At ten pucks a pop, that would give us a great start to funding the nonprofit that, as I said before, is my ultimate goal and dream. Given the numbers, unless things change, that dream will never be realized. 

    Another factor that’s got me down is the lack of support. For example, in the recent polls, we’ve had 3 responders in one and 26 to 30 in the other two. Same thing with the Bloggies voting. Only 120 voted out of around 12,000 members. I know how complicated the Bloggies voting is, though! I guess what I’m saying is I often don’t feel supported, and I’m weary from carrying all the weight. 

    That said, I am at a crossroads. Do the pros outweigh the cons?  Do I continue the blog given its expense and other disadvantages? I don’t expect everyone to buy a book. For some, ten dollars is more than they can afford. I understand, because the cost in money and emotional resources for me is great as well. Almost too great. So what do you suggest I do? Do I trudge on or continue. If you say I should continue, why?

    Enough venting. Here’s today’s post.

    Before this session, I had the epiphany that I rarely ask Jamie about herself, her gifts and her relationship with Erik. Now it’s her turn to take the mic. 

    Me: Erik, how are you guys getting along? Do y’all still like each other?

    Jamie: Who?

    Me: You and Erik. Erik, do you guys get along of do you or do you pester her to death?

    Jamie: He’s pulled a few pranks. For me he knows the apple thing really my goat. I guess I talk about it too much, and he does that, and he’s gotten my daughter to say it a few times for like five or six minutes in a row. A ridiculous amount of word repeating that she’s never done before.

    To give you the backstory, when Jamie was in a session, Erik kept saying “apple” over and over again. Eventually, he must have told her daughter because she started repeating the word from the back seat of the car.

    Me: So you guys are friends. Do you get along really well? How does that work?

    Jamie (giggling): As long as Erik’s nice to me we get along great! He did grab my boobs in the channeling the other day, and I told him that shit has to stop!

    Me: Yeah, he has to stop that! That’s not good!

    This happened when Jamie was trance channeling Erik, meaning Erik takes over her body and uses her as a puppet/mouthpiece.

    Jamie (to Erik): See, Erik. Even your mother agrees.

    Like I wouldn’t?

    Me: Yeah, don’t do that! It’s called boundaries! So how did the channeling go?

    Jamie: I heard it went great! He talked about race and loving other people, and Amy said that he went directly into questions and made it more like a question/answer forum.

    Me: People love that.

    Jamie: Yeah. Amy was really excited. She’s like, “He was really good. He didn’t waste time talking about stuff. He just kept pumping through the questions.”

    Me: Oh, good!

    Jamie: No, Erik’s, um, today is a great example. I’m so impressed by how he’s able to take stuff that’s so above our heads and make it so easy to see and understand.

    Me: Yeah, like when he talked about that swing thing. Amazing! That was so cool. I wish I could do that.

    Jamie: Ditto.

    Me: Okay. Here’s one from someone: “I was also curious if maybe Jamie can explain what it feels like to her. When I’ve channeled, I’ve heard voices coming from various areas in my head as if my brain is an antenna, and I’ve noticed that white noise amplifies it as well. It was easier to channel in the shower or whenever the heater was on. Strange. Sometimes I’ve heard spirits on the right side of my head and sometimes on the top. Occasionally my head burns like it was on fire, too. So, is that common?”

    Jamie: Yeah, none of that is strange.  Poor thing. None of that’s strange! For me, cuz I do different kinds of channeling, like when I talk to Erik, I see him kind of out and in front of me.

    Me: Mm hm.

    Jamie: That gives me the impression that I’m talking to a regular person. So, I treat him like a person.

    Me: Mm hm.

    Jamie: And we have a conversation that’s similar to that. But the way I hear his voice, it’s kind of just on the outside of my ear. The thing that freaks me out sometimes it’ll, you know, just be in the left ear and sometimes just in the right ear and then sometimes like somebody is in the room with me. It’s like surround sound like I’m talking to someone that’s sitting in a chair across from me.

    Me: What is it, usually?

    Jamie: With Erik, it usually just sounds like there’s somebody in the room with me, like surround sound, but when he starts doing the pictures, the way that he gives me images, I kind of feel handicapped, like my whole communication shuts down. I’m immersed into a photograph. It’s not like, “Here, look at this picture,” and then putting it in my lap. It’s, You’re now IN the picture.”

    Me: Wow. So it’s not captured in your head? You see it all around you, or…

    Jamie: Yeah. It’s like it’s everywhere. Remember that one time? I don’t know what the question was about, but I remember the visual was everything was black and there were these rings of color.

    Me: Yeah, and it was like a planetarium?

    Jamie: I think of that image quite frequently because it was so real, I felt like I could reach out and touch something.

    Me: Oh, man!

    Jamie (chuckling): So he takes advantage of that, and then, um, I don’t know. Just—


    Jamie (to Erik): No?


    Jamie: Erik said to talk about how there’s no lag time.

    Me: Mm hm.

    Jamie: From when he talks and I speak.

    Me: Yeah, how does that work? Does it just pour into your brain and out of your mouth? (I chuckle)

    Jamie (chuckling): That’s decades of practice.

    Talk about multitasking!

    Jamie: People can do auctions, you know. (Jamie mimics an auctioneer.) They just talk so fast, they don’t know what the hell they’re saying. For me it was just practice. Learning how to ride a bicycle. You’re hearing somebody say it. He says, “I”; I say, ‘I.’ He goes, “I am riding a bicycle.” I’m always trying to be one word behind him, and it’s why often I can’t remember that I’ve said the sentence, “I am riding a bicycle,” because I’m just so busy focusing on the one word coming after the next word that I can’t put it in context. So sometimes that’s why I’ll pause and say, ‘Does that make sense?’ Because I haven’t totally caught the picture at all.

    She actually does that from time to time.

    Me: That must take so much focus!

    Jamie: Sometimes it really does. But then there are days when I find that if I’m not thinking of it so much, it’s easier to repeat it so fast.

    Me: Do certain things help like white noise, getting yourself into a special brainwave state, something like that?

    Jamie: For me in this stage, not so much anymore. My teacher who taught me, she would put me in the middle of the room or she would take me to a park with a lot of noise and action and people interrupting and she’d tell me, “The world is not going to slow down for you. You need to know how to work in it.” So I guess from the beginning, I never found that little ritual or that thing that helped me and so often, I guess on the backside, if it’s too quiet, it freaks me out. I’m used to the sound, you know, having something happening or being able to multitask while something’s going on.

    A typical mother skill. Boy, she’d really love channeling in my noisy house.

    Me: Do you have any sensations like this lady who said her head burns sometimes?


    Jamie: Erik and I are chatting. Sometimes he’ll make my ears burn really hard and they’re red. They’ll turn candy apply red. You can touch one ear compared to the other and you can feel like one’s been on a heater. Sometimes I’ll get extremely cold, my whole body, and so I’ll need a blanket. Or sometimes I’ll sweat. I’ll stand up after a reading and I’ll have sweat all over the front of my t-shirt, but it’s my belly that’s sweated. It makes no sense for you belly to sweat.

    Me: I know! It doesn’t.

    Jamie: It’s a weird thing.

    Me: Is it a blessing or a curse for you?

    Jamie (giggling): Erik just shouted out, “It’s both!”

    Me: I figured.

    Jamie (laughing): With Erik, yeah, I’d say, yeah, it’s both because he comes to my house and screams “apples” at me!

    We both laugh knowingly.

    Me: You gotta stop that, Erik! So, is it more a blessing or a curse?

    Jamie: Um, if I had to pick one or the other I’d have to say it’s a blessing, because I don’t have the fear of death; I don’t have the fear of being apart or separated from my children or my parents through death or through travel, because I know that whatever happens I’ll still have that communication and that link.  It’ll change, you know, but it’ll still exist.

    Here’s an extra goodie that I got from Victor Zammit’s site. (I really recommend you sign up for his Friday Afterlife Reports. They’re absolutely fascinating. Sign up HERE. It’s completely free.

    The Brain is a Reducing Valve

    Dr. Stanislav Grof, M.D., is a psychiatrist and one of the leading researchers into non-ordinary states of consciousness. He has a theory of consciousness based on ‘non-ordinary states’. It assumes that consciousness exists as an electromagnetic field outside the body. The brain functions as a “reducing valve” which reduces the amount of input of the cosmic energy that our brains can cope with. When the reducing function is altered (through various triggers such as drugs, psychosis, psychic ability, etc.) or even shut down completely (producing a NDE), the cosmic energy and input that once made up our consciousness is then free to expand.



  • May13th2013


    You guys are going to get a kick out of this one. I think Erik really loves talking about Sasquatch. He might be a little jealous, though, because Erik’s feet were tiny. He wore a size seven if that. Kind of reminds me of those little Japanese women who bind their feet. You’ll notice that I have this post divided into Part One and Part Two. That’s because I asked him questions about Bigfoot on two different occasions. Enjoy!


    Me: Is Bigfoot real?

    Jamie (still laughing so hard she can barely talk): Oh my god, he says yes! Erik, explain to me please. (pause) Because this is funny, cuz this is a huge topic in our house. My husband loves Bigfoot.

    Me: Oh, I love Bigfoot, too! I love watching those programs about him!

    Of course I’m getting a little frustrated, because they never seem to find him. I don’t think they want to. It’d mean the end of the show.

    (Long pause)

    Erik: Just because—

    Jamie (to Erik): God Erik, you can just rant and rave! Okay, okay, I’ll say it.

    Erik: Just because humans inhabit the earth, and they believe they’re the smartest animal alive because they can document and record things and take pictures doesn’t mean that they’ve covered every inch of this earth! There is so much left unexplored. Think of the ocean, alone. We think we’ve tapped everything out, but shit, we’re just now learning that dogs have spiritual emotions.

    Me: Yeah!

    Erik: Why didn’t we know that before?

    Me: I can see it in my own puppies. So, why haven’t we found any bodies or other indisputable evidence? Tell me more.

    (Long pause as Jamie listens)

    Jamie: Errrikkkk! He’s saying it’s like an alien race.

    Erik: They’re intelligent; they do not leave their dead behind.

    Me: Oh! What, do they eat them?

    Jamie: I asked the same question!

    Erik: No, they don’t eat ‘em!

    Me: Put them in a little rocket ship? Burn them?

    Jamie: He shows me rocks, water, burials, but he’s telling me something about dimensional changes with the Bigfoot.

    Erik: We live in dimensions 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and Bigfoot kinda resides in 3, 4, and 5, or 3, 4, 5, 6.

    Me: Oh!

    Erik: So the visual connections that we make with them, um, they inhabit a body, we can touch them, we can interact with them, but they do NOT want to communicate with us. They’re intelligent, so they’re not like at the ape level. They use tools, and they live outside and have kind of an animal-like structure, but they’ve got a very high intelligence and can travel between dimension and times.

    Me: So we can see them only when our common dimensions mesh?

    Erik: Yes, and that’s why it’s been so difficult to capture one alive, but so many people have had interactions with them.

    Me: What about that famous film of Bigfoot walking? Is that a hoax or the real thing?

    Erik: No, it’s the real thing.

    Jamie: He’s saying something about a rock thrower.

    Me: Hmm. Why don’t they want to talk to us? What are we, chopped liver or something?


    Me: Where’s the love, Mr. Bigfoot? Don’t be a hater!

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Erik: I think they see us more like dogs or kitty cats.

    Me: Oh my god!

    Erik (laughing): It is that kind of difference.

    Me: When they die, do they go to where you are, Erik?

    Erik: No, because it’s like a difference race, really, like an inhabitant of a different planet or something. I’ll find out more for you later.


    Me: Earlier, you said that Bigfoot and Yeti were inter-dimensional beings. I think you said that we were in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions and they were on the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, so there’s some overlap there. Could you elaborate on that a little bit? Also, are Bigfoot and Yeti one and the same?

    Erik: Yeah, Bigfoot and Yeti and one and the same. They just live in different regions.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: And they do have the ability to disappear or become invisible.

    Me: Do they do that by shifting to another dimension?

    Erik: Yes, and they’re not harmful. They look at humans like they’re annoying little kittens.

    Me: Well, tell me more about their abilities. Tell me more about them: their personalities, their lifestyles, etc.

    Erik: Well, I haven’t really hung out with any—

    Jamie giggles.

    Me (laughing): I hear they smell really bad!

    Erik: They probably smell like piss and shit.

    Me: I think they do!

    Erik: I think what—

    Jamie: Okay, you think or you know?

    Me: It’s okay. We can deal with opinions. I don’t think anybody is going to fact check you on this one.

    Erik: I know what irritates them the most is that humans are expanding more, and not only are we expanding more into land and forest that normally is inhabited, but we’re also expanding into 4th and 5th dimension planes. So, we’re coming across them more often.

    Me: Ah, okay. So, tell me what you know about their lifestyle. What do they do with their dead? Do they worship a god? Anything you can tell me would be helpful. Or, you can bring one in and we can talk to him or her if that would be easier.

    Erik: As far as I know, they don’t worship a single god. They have many, like related to weather, the sun, rain. They don’t really travel in packs. They travel alone or in twos. Even if they have children, they’ll raise the children, and the children are expected to go on their own as soon as they’re able to. The don’t build huts or houses or any kind of structures, but they do show appreciation or attention for the food that they eat.

    Me: Are they carnivores, herbivores or what?

    Erik: They eat both.

    Me: So, they’re omnivores.

    Erik: Yes.

    Jamie: He showed me that when the bones are cleaned, you know, when the meat is off of them, they’re not just thrown or discarded.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie: There’s something respectful about another animal’s life.

    Erik: Right, and nothing they do is to excess. They’re nomads, and they don’t have a specific location. They wander around to stay in good temperature ranges.

    Me: Okay. Now, the other dimension that they go to—that they disappear to—what does that dimension look like? Does it look the same as the dimension we’re in?

    Erik: Yeah, but a little more involved than what we have.

    Me: What do you mean? I don’t understand.

    Erik (rolling his eyes): Well, yeah, huh.

    Jamie: What? What was that, Erik?

    Erik: Well, there’s more detail to life. There are different types of plants; there are different kinds of nutrition; there are different animals and entities, you know, that just don’t exist on the lower planes.

    Me: Oh! So, when they disappear, they’re going one dimension higher. Is that what you’re saying?

    Erik: Yeah. Think of it this way. All that air space that you think you have like that empty air space in your living room—

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: Only two percent of it’s empty. Ninety-eight percent of it’s full.

    Me: So, they go to another dimension that’s right on top of this one?

    Erik: Yep.

    Me: Interesting. And why do they come to our dimension sometimes? Is it like a punishment to go to this lower dimension?

    Erik: Maybe if they get away from their higher vibrational dimension they’ll appreciate theirs more. I don’t know though. I’ll have to ask one.

    Me: Okay. So, how do they actually shift between dimensions? Is it like a mental or visual thing?

    Erik: Well, is it hard for you to shift from 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions?

    Me (laughing): I don’t know! I don’t even know what dimension I’m in half the time!

    Jamie (giggling): He’s laughing at you!

    Me: I thought I was in the 3rd dimension, but sometimes I’m in La-La Land. Well, can you go ask a Bigfoot real quickly?

    Jamie: How they shift dimensions?

    Me: Yeah. How they shift dimensions and why.


    Jamie: He’s gone. He didn’t even say anything.

    Me: He’s in a hurry, because we’re out of time.

    Jamie: We should have waiting music, you know?

    I hum the Jeopardy theme music.

    Me: Or we can make those cricket sounds.

    Erik reappears.

    Jamie (to Erik): All right. What did you find?

    Erik: They’re really simple beings; they’re not complex. They pretty much live in a meditative state—very simple, grounded to all the energy that they’re attached to. That’s how they communicate.

    Me: So, they communicate telepathically?

    Erik: Yeah.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: And they’re not forceful, so for them to change between dimensions is simply a calming of the mind and a shifting of the heart. It’s not about changing the molecular makeup. They don’t have to do that. It’s just about the acceptance of their state of mind that places them in that other realm.

    Me: Oh! I see. Very interesting. And why do they do it?

    Erik: They do it to find peace, because they’re very independent, nomadic creatures. They like to be alone. So, if they can’t find peace where they are, they’ll just pull out of that environment and shift into another one to find solitude.

    Me: Do they go from our dimension or to our dimension to find that solitude?

    Erik: They go to our place to be alone. There are fewer Bigfoots here than in the higher dimensions.

    Me: Oh, okay. That makes sense.



    Many of you guys may be missing out on the insightful information Erik shares on his YouTube videos. Those who have watched them have really enjoyed them, so I hope you subscribe to the channel below. The first two series include questions about the nature of death and the life review and many of the troubles we encounter as humans and how to address them.


    This Wednesday, May 15th, Jamie is holding her web class one how to protect yourself while communicating with spirit from 6:00-6:45 PM EST. Sign up HERE.


    Dear Reader,

    The journey on which you’re about to embark will take you through stories that are deeply personal and involves a relationship between a mother and her son.

    As a physician raised by two atheists, I had no personal belief system about life after death. In a word, I was a confirmed skeptic. As my journey progressed, my mind opened. It is my sincerest hope that yours will open as well and that you will have a greater understanding of your own life and what’s to come ahead.

    Although Erik sometimes paints a rosy picture of the afterlife, time and time again he stresses that suicide is not the answer to one’s problems. If you struggle, please understand that the information in my blog and my book is no substitute for professional help. Please click here for a list of resources for help when you find yourself considering taking your own life. Know that they are readily available when you feel that hopelessness and despair that many of us feel from time to time in our lives.

    I refuse all donations and ad revenue on the blog. It is my dream to one day establish a nonprofit organization that delivers a variety of spiritual services for those who have lost loved ones to suicide and cannot afford that assistance on their own. It’s a mission of love, sacrifice, and dedication.

    Love and light,



  • April4th2013


    I think one of the things I enjoy most about these channeling sessions is the banter between Jamie and Erik. Jamie, being the gullible, naive girl she often is, sets herself up for Erik’s relentless teasing and raunchy jokes. One day it made me think, ‘What does Erik really think about Jamie?’

    Me: Erik, you tease Jamie a lot, and you prank her and all that stuff. Tell me how you really treat her and feel about her? Are you ever nice to her?

    Jamie burst out laughing!

    Me: Well, I wanna know how you really feel about her!

    Jamie (to Erik): Come on, Erik!

    Me: Yeah, come on!

    Jamie: He first says he treats me like a sister, and he was saying that there’s—(to Erik) No, I’m not helping you! —He’s looking at me like, “Come on. We should talk about this together,” and I’m like, ‘No!’

    I giggle.

    Jamie (to Erik): Yes, you!

    Me: I’m asking the question of you, Erik, not of Jamie.

    Erik: There’s a mutual respect. I’ll tell you one thing. I really think she’s gifted.

    Jamie: Aw.

    Me: Aw.

    Erik: And I really respect her work. I just like that she get irritated.

    Me: Oh my god, you are like a brother. Like a little pest of a brother.

    Jamie (to Erik): So, if I stop getting irritated at your language, our relationship would change, wouldn’t it?


    Jamie (laughing): He goes, “Don’t do it. Don’t do it! It’s so much fun!”

    Me: Why is it so much fun for you?

    Erik: Cuz when I talk to you guys, my family’s not annoyed by it anymore.

    Me: Yeah, well, we’re used to it.

    Erik: And I kind of like the fact that I can speak to someone that doeasn’t think that it’s a—

    Jamie (to Erik): But cussing’s not a parlor trick, though. (Pause) Oh. Well, yeah. That would be your motive.


    Jamie: So, when he talks to the blog members and stuff like that, when they hear a bit of the cuss word or the sassiness, then they know that they’ve got the right person. So, it’s super easy for them to say, “Oh no. I really know it was Erik, because I heard this, or felt that.

    Erik: You know, Jamie doesn’t need to do that. She just sees me, and she knows it’s me, but yet—

    Jamie: I know—even in that session with that girl this morning, I apologized for the cursing and I asked him, ‘Why do you do it?’ and he says, “I gotta be true to myself.”

    Me: That’s true.

    Jamie: And I said, ‘ All right.’ The woman was laughing.

    Me: Well, do you ever treat Jamie nicely?

    Jamie: Oh! He says, “Define nice!”

    Me: Well, I don’t know. Jamie, how do you define nice? Erik, do you ever just stop teasing her?

    (Long pause)

    Erik: No.

    Me: Erik! Do you ever give her hugs?

    Jamie (to Erik): I think you have hugged me twice. Oh, maybe three times. Okay, okay. Three times. But no, you should hug me every time we meet!

    Me: Yeah!

    Jamie (to Erik): Or when you leave! You should hug me before you leave.

    Me: There we go. Is that a pact?

    Jamie (laughing): A reluctant pact, yes.

    Me: Oh, boy. Well, it’s better than nothing. So, we’ll see if that changes, because all I hear is little brother picking on big sister.

    Jamie: Mm Hm.

    Me: Or vice versa. Big brother picking on little sister. It sounds more like a pester little brother picking on a big sister.

    Jamie: Yes.

    Me: Okay.

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