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  • The Physics of Heaven
  • August29th2012


    Yeah, I know. The title screams for explanation. Instead of torturing you with a long drawn out introduction, I’ll let you just dive right in, head first.

    Me: Well, I’ll follow that up with a much simpler question. Who are we? (This is right after I asked how we could translate lessons, knowledge and life experiences into concrete results.)

    Jamie laughs.

    Erik: Oh, yeah, because it’s so easy.

    Me: Well, these blog members have inquiring minds and they want to know. And so do I.

    (Long pause)

    Erik: Okay, simple?

    Jamie listens.

    Jamie (to Erik): Kindergarten level? Sure.

    Erik: We, as humans—that’s what you’re asking, right?

    Me: I guess. Well, I don’t know. Give me the two-part answer.

    Erik: Yeah, that’s totally a twofold answer. We, as humans, are souls from the greater Source having experiences so that we can bring back those experiences to create a larger understanding of life.

    Me: Now, is there a difference between experiencing and learning? There’s a difference, right?

    Erik: No, there’s really no learning on Earth. It’s just kind of remembering.

    Me: Ah, remembering! So, we’re not here to learn. We’re here to experience so we can remember who and what we are.

    Erik: Yeah.

    Me: Interesting.

    Erik: And we, as souls—

    Jamie laughs at his answer.

    Erik: This is just going to fuck people up if I tell them that there is no beginning. It always does.

    Me: Yeah. That’s okay; they’re used to that. We’re all already fucked up, so…

    Erik: Ah, thank god! Maybe that’s why the site works so well.

    Me: You know I’m just kidding, right Erik?

    Erik: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, we’re used to looking at life and creation as having a beginning and an end. We watch birth, and we watch death, and this is the only viewpoint that we’re getting on what life is. This is really just so one-sided and narrow-minded. As spirits, we look at what our spirit life is: It’s multi-leveled, it’s multi-f—

    Me: Faceted?

    Jamie (with surprise): He really just said that!

    Me (in jest): Wow! Such a big word for a little boy!

    Jamie (to Erik): Yeah, it doesn’t really sound like you, Erik.

    Erik: I don’t want to piss the crowd off. I gotta give them a teaser of intelligence every once in a while.

    We all giggle. Except Erik. Guys laugh; they don’t giggle.

    Jamie (still giggling): He says as humans, we’re pigeon-toed runners. Do you remember that?

    Me: What?

    Jamie: God, I told myself I would remember that joke when I heard it, but I’d forgotten it until just now.

    Me: What is it? A pigeon-toed runner?

    Erik: Yeah, a pigeon-toed runner. We step on our own feet.

    Jamie: I just thought that was a funny visual he gave me.

    (Not sure what this has to do with the topic, but I’ll persevere somehow.)

    Jamie: I’m sorry. He just totally got off track.

    (No duh. And I thought it was just me and that shriveled little thing that used to be a brain.)

    Erik: When we look at our spiritual life, you know, it’s so many layers, we don’t have a beginning and we don’t have an end. It’s just like looking at a sphere. There are many points, many moments—in fact an infinite amount of moments—that create this sphere creating our soul, and even though—

    Me (in a worried tone): Fear? Did you say fear?

    (Damn, not only is my brain shriveled, my ears are kaput, too.)

    Jamie (with the emphasis appropriate for an elderly demented lady. Sigh.): Sphere. What he shows me is like one of those little bouncy balls.

    Me (slightly embarrassed, but chuckling none the less): Okay, okay. Got it.

    Jamie (giggling): You’d think it’d be more fancy than that, but it’s not!

    Jamie and I laugh.


    Erik chuckles at our silliness.

    Erik: Even though that sphere is seen as being an individual, it is actually a speck or a moment or an experience in a larger sphere. And that larger sphere is Life Force, God Source, Prime Source, whatever the fuck you wanna call it. It’s the thread that’s tying all of this soul energy together.

    (Pause as Jamie listens.)

    Erik: And it’s not just human energy and plant energy and animal energy. It’s alien energy, universal energy. You know, there’s so much more to it. We’re kinda selling ourselves short if we really think our happy Caucasian male god only reigns over the humans.

    Erik lets out a hearty laugh.

    Me: Oh god, yeah.

    Erik: You know, I hate to see us sell ourselves short. There’s so much more there.

    Jamie bursts out giggling.

    Me: What’s going on?

    Jamie: I’m just joking with him. I said, “So, Prime Source, Life Source, Life Force, whatever you were saying is just a big bouncy ball?” He said, “Yep!”

    Me: Too funny. Well, I guess that’s his way of dumbing it down for us peons. Us huuuumans.

    Erik: Well, there’s something else I’d also like to say: it’s not associated to our solar system or our Earth. You know, it’s a much bigger spread of a thread through space.

    Me: Yeah. Okay.

    Erik: I just don’t want people to think we’re localized.

    Me: We’re infinite.

    Jamie: Shebing, shebang, shebang. I’m trying to make some funny sounds.

    Me: Don’t even try! Please, Jamie.

    Jamie (giggling): My accuracy rate is poor right now.

    Me: Geez, I can’t take you anywhere. Don’t embarrass yourself, girl. That’s my job. I’m the queen of self-embarrassment. 




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  • July18th2012


    More detail was suggested on this recent topic. I warned it could be detailed, but the comment suggested it would be worthwhile; that proof gains acceptance. This last aspect is more of a challenge, which I enjoy as much as scientific aspects, so let’s see. Skeptics certainly enjoy their power of doubt, strength of uncertainty and force of disbelief so, let’s see how far The Committee might draw these down.

    (East of Kaikoura, New Zealand, Moby Dick’s great, great nephew gone fishin’)

     As always, E = Erik, ST = substitute teacher  C = The Committee

    ST:       I mentioned spirituality as the environment of beings in non physical matter compared to existence on Earth in dense matter. Is this a good definition?

    C:        Yes, but we must say that density of matter is not as limited as you see on Earth. Densities are seen within a range of vibrations.    

    E:         We gotta get a new dictionary, Webster’s University New Age of the Spiritual Realm. It’ll have words in it like “hoverform” and “flyboard”.

    ST:       Please explain density within ranges and why Erik’s words make sense.

    C:         Smoke will pass through a screen. Imagine a three dimensional screen; a screen box, if you will. One meter along each side, squares inside the screens of 5mm (½ cm) and 200 screens arranged at 5mm between them, forming cubes throughout. Smoke still passes through easily.

    The matter of existence in a higher dimension passes through that of a slower vibration in this same way; the material of the upper range threads through the lower range’s vast space inside & between the atoms – the great majority of the space is within them, not between – without restriction, just as the smoke does through the screen box.

    Solid panels will be used to fly and hover and these concepts, of an energy of a higher vibration able to pass through a slower one, will be used to create anti-gravity and anti-drag capabilities.

    ST:       How does this happen?

    C:       The speeds are much different; the higher vibration speed “misses” the slower, goes around it. Imagine a motorcycle threading through slow cars in traffic. If there were a speed difference of 40 times or greater, this means at a car speed of 2 kph the motorcycle goes at least 80 kph (40 x 2). As long as the cars are a sufficient distance apart, the motorcycle can easily adjust course to avoid any car’s movement.

    ST:       How far apart?

    C:         Far is an Earth term; time is location. In this example, the cars would be approximately 100-120 metres apart from each other. The motorcycle can easily avoid vehicles 100 metres apart at 2 kph. The distances inside an atom are larger, yet this example is instructive.

    ST:       What does this mean, time is location?

    C:        These relative speeds of vibration require, within a range, movement to shift locations. The movement is what is perceived as time. Where movement occurs in a different way, time does not pass in a linear fashion and is not sequential.

    This means time can appear to pass faster or slower relative to other things. The sensation of time going slow as one falls down is an example, or making a trip in 10 minutes that normally requires 15, this another. In both time is altered.

    ST:       How is this done?

    C:       The relative vibration of your body and physical device, a bicycle or car, is accelerated relative to surrounding matter a few percent. You then move around – but not through – that surrounding material more quickly.

    ST:       Why doesn’t it seem like I am travelling faster? Why does my watch read the correct time but somehow I arrived much earlier?

    C:           The sensation of speed to which you refer occurs when the movement between locations involves vibrations of the same speed; when an object is accelerated above speed, yet remains within the vibrational range, it causes the slower vibration to flow around it. The higher speed object displaces the slower. An example is a ship in the water; its hull displaces the water and causes it to flow under and around the ship.

    Recall we said time is movement. You move the same distance, so it is the same amount of your “time”. The perception of the time is what you observe visually; the speed of light photons in your range is 300,000 km per second of your “time”. The increase in your speed to ½ faster is still so much slower than light, you do not notice.

    Imagine the view of the ground from an aircraft travelling at 800 kph at an altitude of 18,000 metres, glance at the Earth’s surface for several seconds and there seems to be no movement. Look at the surface this same way from a balloon at an altitude of 150m moving at 5 kph in a gentle breeze. Both give a sensation of relative stillness, yes? Which travels faster, the aircraft or the balloon?

    ST:       Can you relate this to spiritual concepts?

    C:         You who know English will remember your singer, John Lennon of the Beatles, who sang “Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be, let it be.” This is how she went to him as he lived on Earth. This is the way all things move inside a dimension and between them. This is how your Erik can retrieve a person with whom your group wishes to speak.

    E:         It’s like this; when I know I’m supposed to go get Frank Sinatra, I don’t call the bartender, but that would have worked sometimes on Earth. I think of him and imagine his appearance and look forward; what I’m looking at turns a gray or sometimes fades to a dull light and then swooshes past and reappears in reverse and the place I want to go shows up, and the dude is there.

    ST:       What’s surrounding the person you go to see?

    E:         The place they were when I went looking.

    ST:       Do you have a physical sensation?

    E:         No.

    C:       The physical sensation occurs within a range of densities; all beings in a physical body have it. What you feel when falling is this. Your soon to be seen visitors also experience this.

    ST:       Can this movement ever happen with a physical body?

    E:         Sure can, happens at the time. As soon as you see the technology for it, many humans will get to try.

    C:         Indeed there will be moments of this; where it is of benefit for a human to remain in a consciousness condition, as events of the shift and its aftertime unfold, and experience certain moments, yes some will experience this.

    ST:       Why?

    C:      Beliefs are immutable; there exists no force to shift a belief. No power there is, in the universe of any dimension, to change a belief. Only an opinion can be coerced; the belief will follow the opinion only willingly. This travel will be useful, as the opinion of that moment such person might have, might not serve the believer’s better interests. The alternatives shown provide opportunity to reconsider. The distinct recall of the experience will mean much more. The demonstration given, as the body sleeps, can be “lost” or taken from immediate availability to memory, as the person returns to the shell.

    E:         This is why I say these wars are so fuckin’ pointless. Some jerk thinks victims won’t be able to defend themselves? Maybe, but what the victims believe is what’ll make ‘em successful, not how many guns one or the other has.

    ST:       Explain this, Erik.

    E:         Why attack or invade? What the victims do about it is what they believe, what they think. If the attacker can force the target to give in, the attacker gets control but beliefs are rivers; can’t bury ‘em. They’re comin’ back up and they usually wash away whatever the attacker gained. Stupid war shit doesn’t work.

    ST:       Erik, sounds like Afghanistan.

    E:         Damned right. Look at the Russian thing and now the USA, Great Britain and a bunch of other countries. Anybody ever confuse the Americans or British with Russians? Same thing happened. Eliminating the attackers that wouldn’t give up, to prevent another attack, just like you’d fight back if attacked on the street? OK but do you then round up friends and family and start a war with the attacker’s family? So stupid. People believe what they believe, you show them love and choices as soon as you’ve protected yourself.

    C:        Erik has identified just how dynamics of the relative vibrations apply to humanity. You are all a being of spirit and have a level of vibration separate from the body you occupy. Your beliefs and ideas are a combination; the true belief all of you hold is never and cannot be forced. This is an absolute and it is through the ability to move, shift location and bend the dense matter perception of time, that ideas and alternatives are shown to you. This is how we show you we love you. Your belief is always your choice. The alternative shown to you, that which is truth and certain for you, will resonate with your soul like a beautiful song. The notes will create a resonance of pleasure and a feeling of joy within you, just as you will feel when the idea shown is of this truth. It is always your choice to select, hold, examine, adopt or reject in any way you prefer, at any time.

    E:         When you get to Earth, you get to see the places and people that match and miss these things and then you get to see the truth about them. Ya learn a lot.

    ST:       How could a doubter be convinced?

    C:         The idea or concept of a doubter is not the way to observe the universe. To refer with this word “doubter” to a person who shares not a belief you like places you in a position of superiority? There is no superior or inferior, there is no convincing. Perhaps the greatest lesson to humanity is that it is not possible to convince. Many leaders have slipped erroneously from the notion of control through power and force into one of commanding beliefs, and we do say truly the review of life experienced by such leader is a well watched documentary. To observe the growth that happens in such a short space as when this person comes to realize this, it reinforces the value and desire of all souls to desire yet more growth and enlightenment upon Earth or another planet where such experience is available.

    ST:       Many people see science and measurement of physical things and effects. How is this related to spirituality?

    C:         They are the same; to drive a car requires not a mechanic but the car is the result of many mechanical operations and steps taken to produce the device. The definitions, the parameters of science extend far beyond your understanding of it. It is this science that will reveal your spirit, what it is and who you are. All things become clear as this is understood. In the moment you will again see and know what these two things are. Your beliefs we be reopened and recalled.

    ST:       Nevertheless, many on Earth say these things are fantasy and so, do not exist.

    C:         Does the moon exist? Does the sun exist? Does the solar radiation from it exist? When in your human history of the past 60 centuries did these things not exist? Suddenly they did. When did humanity rediscover electricity? Chemistry? When was nuclear energy unlocked? When, following the pattern of discovery and development of all these things, at what point can you project forward that you have reached or will attain the limit of what there is to know? It is assumed that, because you know of it not, it is not. Oh, but it is.

    ST:       Then why all of the skepticism of aliens and crop circles and UFOs?

    C:         You do not see them in the way you want.

    ST:       What way should we see them?

    C:         Your books called the Bible and Koran; they are read in many languages by people who understand only the language in which they read. The books were first written in languages far different, what was the Hebrew, the Aramaic and the Arabic of the moment. Those codes of communication have evolved much since used then. Does that make the book from that time have less meaning or does it make the book of today have more meaning?  Look at the English spoken and used in the time and place where William Shakespeare lived and ask if these expressions, these idioms and phrases might be as easily understood today, in English? Has the evolution caused the meanings to decay and erode? How should you see these things? Is the way you prefer to see them – in the language you can understand – the ONLY way to see them?

    E:         And the steering wheels in cars CAN be on the other side.

    C:         You cannot see the visitor ship for one simple effect; it produces an energy field around the hull that prevents light you see on Earth from reaching. It is not cloaked or covered. Visible light you can see does not reach her. She moves through the universe at a speed your vibration does not detect. Earth understanding of science will say this is impossible. So it is true; open a book not, study of it not make, the test you will not take.

    E:         You’ve got a fleet around the Earth right now.

    ST:       When are we going to see these ships? Show us!!!

    C:         Some of you see them now, and some of you have even recorded the image. Nearly all of humanity will see some of them, at some point.

    ST:       People will be scared.

    C:         Scared of your own planes are you? So you will quickly see your fear has no merit, and your understanding will be better.

    ST:       Why are these things hidden from Earth?

    C:         Your friends are not hidden from you. This term is a product of an Earth point-of-view, as is this word “convince”. You do not see them, many of you, only because your choice was to live on Earth in a circumstance where this would not be possible. They are not being kept from you. Do you hide your knowledge of literature, of wood working or a musical instrument from your young child or is the child yet unable to read, use tools or play music? The growth and evolution of this child will make all these things possible, just as the shift and ascension of humanity will make all of you aware of things all around that are, for a moment, just outside perception. The ability to play a guitar cannot be forced. In this way, the intersection of sciences and explanations of what is understood as spirituality will come together as the ways and routes are shown to you all.

    Until our next visit, fare all well.

  • June9th2012


    At the sub-atomic level everything is interconnected and information moves instantly across vast distances- this is called quantum entanglement. This explains how psychic phenomena work and how people have experiences of “direct knowing”.

    Quantum physicists Erwin Schroedinger said “connectivity is not just a property or reality it is the property or reality.”

    Dean Radin: “Connectivity among all things is a basic constituent of the fabric of reality” and claims that there is experimental evidence of this when random number generators are influenced by intention and even attention.

    Does this explain how interwoven all energy is–how connected we all are? I wonder.

    It was also discovered that at the sub-atomic level matter can go from one spot to another without moving through the intervening space (called quantum tunneling) and therefore time and distance and matter don’t really exist. This could be the explanation for teleportation which is already being experimentally demonstrated. I’m wondering if this is how Erik and other spirits travel within and between different dimensions…and so instantaneously.

    P.S.: If any of the participants of the  the last conference call would like a copy of the recording, please email me at One caller would like to keep if anonymous and out of respect I will not post it publicly. From now on, I ask that one of the stipulations of the call is that you must use initials only (as we did this time) and you must know that the recording will be posted, because we can all learn so much and Erik always shares pearls meant for the entire group. Thanks, everyone.

  • March10th2012


    Enjoy Part One of this YouTube series with Peter Russell. I encourage to to watch Part Two and Three as well!

    Peter Russell is a fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, of The World Business Academy and of The Findhorn Foundation, and an Honorary Member of The Club of Budapest. At Cambridge University (UK), he studied mathematics and theoretical physics. Then, as he became increasingly fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind he changed to experimental psychology. In this video he talks about the inability of science to explain consciousness.

    Don’t forget to reserve your spot for the small group phone session with Erik and Jamie scheduled for Thursday 12:15 Central Time! Here’s the link:

  • January22nd2012


    This is perhaps the most uncanny display of synchronicity of Victor Zammit’s multi-part series on afterlife evidence, because in my last channeling session with Erik, he shared that we will soon find an infinite source of energy in what’s known as the zero point field. He also said that the information on how to harness that energy will come from other beings. This energy source, I believe, is why scarcity is truly an illusion and why thought can create reality everywhere and so instantaneously in the afterlife. Please enjoy.

    For those signed up for tomorrow’s conference call, expect the phone number, access code and instructions from Jamie shortly!

  • December17th2011


    One of the most fascinating concepts I’ve come across over the past two years is that everything, EVERYTHING, is information. Even love. We are sentient energy, also information, seeking more and more information. We are everything and everything is us. We are Love and Love is all there is.

    Vlatko Vedral: Everything is information.

    Thanks, Nancy Antia, for an amazing YouTube.

  • November26th2011


    The third piece of evidence that the existence of the afterlife can be explained in quantum terms has to do with the concept of time and that if is possible to live outside of the boundaries time imposes on our life on the earthly plane.

    We are constantly told by beings in the afterlife that time moves much more slowly for them and that the higher realms are outside of time. Before quantum physics this seemed impossible.

  • November25th2011


    Everything is Energy

    Even the parts of the atom that we think of as “particles”- little balls of solid matter- under some circumstances behave as waves of energy. This means that what we think of a matter- the basis of materialism- is in fact energy vibrating at a slower speed.

    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • November13th2011


    Over the next month, some of the posts will include the twelve discoveries from quantum physics that provide strong, if not conclusive, evidence for the existence of an afterlife and the survival of consciousness (the soul) after death. We’ve shared other types of evidence such as near death experiences and lives suggestive of reincarnation, but this series will be all based on quantum physics, hopefully tailored to us lay people. So that our heads won’t explode, I promise I’ll dole all twelve discoveries over a long period of time. I’d like to thank Victor Zammit for his contribution in this, among his other substantiations for life after death. If you haven’t signed up for his weekly newsletters, please go to the CE links sections and do so. He doesn’t disappoint.

    Quantum Physics and the Afterlife

    Those who think they can rely on outdated science to support a materialist view of a universe without an afterlife and psychic phenomena are clearly misinformed.

    A revolution is going on in science.

    Over the last few decades there has been a significant increase in research into quantum physics, the study of atoms and subatomic particles and energies.

    Quantum physicists are discovering no conflict at all between the physics of the subatomic world and belief in the paranormal and the afterlife. Indeed they are showing that the phenomena we now call “paranormal” are normal and consistent with the what is now known about laws of science at this level.

    There has been a shift from an older Newtonian view that the universe is made up of lifeless clumps of matter where the ultimate reality is “fundamental particles” to one of wholeness and the consciousness of all living things.

    The picture of our universe that is emerging is one of INTERCONNECTION – of mind-matter interactions and of instant communication across vast distances. Physicists are slowly and surely discovering that at the heart of all matter there is ENERGY and CONSCIOUSNESS. 

    Quantum physics, also known as quantum mechanics, began in 1900 when Max Planck used the word ‘quanta’ to describe the units of force that kept subatomic particles together. It includes the work of Einstein and all the discoveries about what makes up the atom which are still being extended today with the Large Hadron Collider.

    The first discovery I’d like to introduce is that the atom is 99.99999999% EMPTY of matter.  This is important in the paranormal because it shows that what we think of as solid is really an illusion (just as all the great religions taught) and that it would be perfectly possible for other solid worlds operating at different frequencies to exist in the same space as ours (just like different radio or television signals co-exist).

    I hope this one minute YouTube video will help clarify this discovery.

  • October9th2011


    Wish I had listened to this years and years ago!

    Share this with the skeptics in your life!

  • August27th2011


    A few of announcements!

    1) The Ask Erik page is back! Since I’m still channeling celebrities for the book, I won’t be able to handle more than one submission per session, so if you have the financial ability to pay a psychic medium for a session, please do. This is mostly a charitable service Erik, Jamie and I provide for those in spiritual need who do not have the funds to seek the answers to important questions in their lives or to connect with deceased loved ones to help them get through the grieving process. It all comes out of my own pocket, and I’m happy to do it.

    2) I also welcome any questions that haven’t been asked yet about the afterlife, death, the human experience, the soul, and other spiritual issues. All members can ask these and use the Ask Erik page to do so.

    3) It looks like October is crazy busy in Austin, so Jamie is thinking about moving the event to January or February. I know the weather is usually great then. If you have any preferences or feedback, please let Jamie or me know!

    4) My question on the secession of Texas was just something fun for me, but some members made comments that were rude and personal. This is a blog open to sharing ideas, concerns, and love. Judgement has no place here. That’s the job of the universe. That said, anyone who hurls personal insults or cruel judgments my way will be blocked. I’ve given a great deal of myself here, and I expect civility in return.

    I was channeling Erik yesterday during my walk in the forest, as usual. This time, I took our 4 year-old chihuahua, Winnie, who thoroughly enjoys the experience. I asked Erik if Winnie could see him clearly, and he said, “Yes, but not as well as Peanut.” Peanut is our other chihuahua. I don’t take her on these walks because she’s very old. I asked why that was the case. Erik said, “Because she’s closer to crossing over, and she’s nearly blind so she’s not distracted as much by the 3-D reality.” He goes on to say, “Animals don’t fear death like humans do. For them, it’s as simple as walking through their pet doors. Religion and science have helped to make death this horrible thing when it’s really not. It’s just like going from one room to the next.”

    And now for one of my heroes, Deepak Chopra, on his views about life after death. I hope you find what he has to say as comforting and fascinating as I did!

    Part One:

    Part Two:

  • August16th2011


    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Are there different astral planes, Erik?

    Erik: Yeah, absolutely! And another thing that I’m learning, uh, I’m just having such a good time learning things—

    Me (laughing): You never used to, except things you were really, really interested in!

    Erik laughs, too.

    Erik: Yeah, I’m having a great time because this kinda shit just fascinates me. So, I’m just having a blast learning all this cool stuff.

    Me: Aw, that’s awesome, Sweetie. So what are some of these astral levels based on? Does it have to do with vibrational frequency? Density? How are the different astral planes differentiated?

    Erik: It IS by frequencies, energies, and each one has a different grid work. For example, the earth has its own grid work.

    Me: Hm!

    Erik: So when someone works to change the vibration of the earth, they can go up into the grid work and work from there.

    Veronica: A lot of lightworkers—I’m only speaking because Erik is just now learning these things—so I’m speaking for him now.

    Me: Oh, yeah, sure!

    Veronica: There are lightworkers who are able to go and envision the grid work and work from there, which creates a change in the earth’s frequencies and vibrations. Each astral plane has its own level of frequencies, usually much higher than the earth’s.

    Me: Okay, interesting!

    Erik: Yeah, so every astral plane has its grid work that we can work on and through by visualizing, using our thoughts and intentions. And we can travel to any astral plane we want to except those ones where the vibrational frequency is higher than ours. Once we raise our vibrational frequency by opening up our awareness, we unlock that door, kinda like a Playstation game!

    Me: So earth’s vibrational frequency is the densest?

    Erik: No, there are planes with lower vibrations than the earthly plane.

    Me: Jesus, I can’t imagine living there.

    (There are some days when I feel like I’ve dipped my toes in the dark water of those lower planes. Shudder.)

    Me: You know, I just got through watching the most fascinating DVD by a physicist, Nassim Haramein, called The Black Whole. He talks about the unified field theory, sacred geometry and other things, and he define reality in a way that really makes sense. It’s too much to go into now, but something he said in that DVD particularly sparked my interest. He said that there are black holes in atoms, there are black holes in just about everything from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. So, I mean, we’re essentially living in a black hole, and that’s why everything we see in space is black. But if we were to go on the other side of the event horizon, we’d see this beautiful white light. So, I’m just wondering if death is just a matter of crossing the event horizon from a black hole to a white hole. 

    Jeannie: Okay, this is Erik speaking now, because he says he has first-hand experience. (She chuckles softly.)

    Erik: It’s exactly like that, Mom. You remain with the physical body for a time. It’s like a time of adjustment. It’s not immediate that you get “sucked up” and that’s exactly what it’s like, a suction. But you can see. You can see. You’re still on the earth’s plane, and you can see family and friends. You can look at your body and then there’s a sense of freedom. No gravity. It’s a lightness that’s difficult to explain. It’s as if you get sucked up in this tunnel of bright light passing through the earth’s density. And you do come out on another side, the other side. It’s beautiful. It’s light.

    Me: So I do think this guy’s on to something. You cross an event horizon.

    Erik: Yep, exactly. And it’s what they say when you “cross over the veil.” It’s a very thin veil.

    Jeannie: This is Veronica talking now.

    Veronica: It’s just a thin veil that separates those sides, but it’s dense, particularly towards the earth. 


    And now, here’s a video Erik directed me toward that puts some of this together, including the grid work concept of the astral planes.

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