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  • January25th2013


    I thought I’d pick a post where Erik wasn’t so obnoxious. hopefully he won’t ruffle too many feathers, but usually there’s a reason for it when he does. There’s “spiritual awakening” and there’s “Erik awakening.”

    Me: Can you go, Erik, from being a regular spirit like you—sorry if that hurts your feelings—to an angel or an archangel?

    Erik: You don’t.

    Me: So you cannot or you don’t? There’s a difference.

    Erik: You can’t become an archangel. No, if you were once, many, many, many moons and lifetimes ago—just saying that in a linear base frame so people can understand—

    Jamie giggles.

    Jamie: I love all of his little robot taglines.

    Erik: Once you give up being an archangel, you always give up; you always give up the position.

    Me: Okay. Well, can you go to being an angel from a regular spirit?

    Erik: Sure.

    Me: Wow, really?

    Erik: Sure, just like a human becomes a saint.

    Me: Oh.

    Erik: It’s like an evolution process. And remember, angels aren’t like these, you know, awesome winged beings that are untouchable. They’re very real.

    Me: Do they have wings?

    Erik (laughing): No.

    Me: I’m just kidding. I figure they can fly without them. Well, what’s the difference between a regular spirit and an angel, I mean energetically, everything? Tell me more about, uh, can they do more? What does their energy look like?

    Erik: Oh, yeah. I get you.


    Jamie: Okay he’s breaking it down, so we have archangels, guardian angels, and angels.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: Archangels don’t reincarnate onto the earthly plane. They don’t need to. They get the concept. They’re pure energy, just like God Source is.

    Me: How are they made, so to speak? Do they just clip right off from God Source like clipping off taffy?

    Jamie laughs.

    Jamie: That is awesome.

    Erik: Yeah. I’ll go with that.

    Jamie: He was making a joke before. He was like, “Ah, Mom. How rude. Do we need to have the ‘Birds and Bees’ talk?”

    Me: No, I mean seriously!

    Erik: No, I mean it’s God Source energy. We’re all made the same way.

    Me: Well then what’s so special about archangels?

    Erik: They don’t come to Earth, Mom. They don’t translate their energy into other Life Force beings. They don’t go to Mars, to Jupiter, to other systems. They stay close to God Source.

    Me: Oh, so anybody could have decided to be an archangel?

    Erik: Hells yeah!

    Me: Okay. It sounds kind of boring!

    Erik: It comes with a lot of responsibility and work, but some people love that, right?

    Me: Why do they exist?

    Erik: Uh, to help kind of keep, not really the balance, but –


    Jamie (to Erik): You’re really going to use that, aren’t you? (to me) He’s going to use the word balance even though he says it’s not really balance.

    We both laugh.

    Me: Okay, so what special abilities and roles do they have? Give me more details about that, and then we’ll go on to the other angels.

    Erik: They can help anything from wars to an inner war in a person’s head to helping animals to helping the Earth, helping the weather. They can intervene and—they’re not going to fuck things up.

    Me: Mm hm.

    Erik: They’re going to set things right, even if what we consider to be devastating and wrong might be right for the world to experience—

    Me: Oh!

    Erik: You know, they can help set things up to where we’re having those experiences that are helping overall.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: So they’re here kind of to correct the chaos if it’s not the type of chaos that’s needed.

    Me: Oh, I see. So the balance, uh, sometimes you need the input of a little chaos in order to create balance, too, right?

    Erik: Absolutely. And I don’t want people thinking that it’s a Big Brother thing and that we’re all predestined and every movement and every, every, everything, cuz that’s complete bullshit. There’s so much free will. Angels are observers. The observer. And tell you what, archangels can react. They react if you ask them to or not. Guardian angels and angels, they have to be invoked. They have to be invited. They have to be welcomed kind of like your local vampire. You gotta let them into your house. You gotta let them into your belief system and surrender that they are going to be assisting you and what you’re doing.

    Me: So, archangels react to the free will of people. If you get things out of whack, they’re there to balance the chaos and harmony.

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Okay. Are they more powerful because they are closer to Source?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: They can suck up that energy and—

    Erik: Yes. And guardian angels are the ones who—

    (I’m interrupted by an important phone call from a doctor.)

    Me: Okay, so back to guardian angels. You were about to talk about them.

    Erik: Yeah, they’re the ones who kind of teach and give advice—private protectors. Most of the time, guardian angels are assigned to a group a people that they particularly help. So, there are a whole bunch of them. Then angels—

    Me: Wait, wait. Who assigns them? Do they assign themselves?

    Erik: Oh, no. You totally do that before you get into a life. These are all connection that you have. I mean, look how great people are networking on Earth. Trust me, you network in the spirit world! You know what’s going on. You know what lessons you’re picking and who can help you more, and if you actually want to design your life to where you don’t feel like you don’t have any help, you know, and that it’s miserable. You can have that shit, too.

    Me: Okay, so you can decide, Erik, if you want to guide somebody on your own.

    Erik Yeah.

    Me: And do you have guides, too?

    Erik: I have people that I go to that I learn from, yeah.

    Me: Okay, but you’re not assigned, or—

    Erik: No.

    Me: Unless you want to have a guide assigned to you.

    Erik: Yeah, yeah. Like somebody who’s had a really rough life and they come over and they’re not getting the adjustment they need—you know, you can be assigned a buddy.

    Me: Okay, so, like over here, you’re having a rough time, you go to a friend or go see a counselor or whatever.

    Erik: Yeah. Totally.

    Me: Just like over here. Okay. Now, are you considered a guardian angel? Because you do guide people like blog members and stuff. Or are you like a regular spirit.

    Erik: I don’t know. I think I’m still considered pretty much on the regular side.

    Me: Like a guide.

    Erik: Yeah.

    Me: What’s the difference between a guardian angel and a guide?

    Erik: The difference is, um, energy vibrations. Guardian angels are able to do more.

    Me: Including…


    Jamie (to Erik): Oh, is this a bullet list?

    Erik: Sporadic healing, helping more—


    Jamie (to Erik): I know, but I don’t think that metaphor comes across. Say it a different way.


    Jamie (to Erik, sighing): Picture it, Erik. The way he’s showing me is, um, guardian angels have more concentrated, higher vibrational energy.

    Erik: So, they really don’t have to take a lot of the shit that humans are dishing out.

    Me: Oh!

    Erik: And they can just come in and say, “I’m behind you; I’m helping.” Guides are more like, “We’re going to stand to the side, and we’re going to whisper over to tell you what to do, and we’ll give you all the insight, but we’re not doing that shit for you.”

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: Whereas the guardian angel says, “I’m doing that shit for you, because you’re to point now where you can’t do it for yourself.”

    Me: Oh, okay. Got it. And guardian angels, can they split off more than guides?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Okay. Anything else on the bullet list?

    Erik: You can break it down, you know, career, family, health. They’re always able to do more for the human being than what a guide can do. Guides—we’re instructional. We’re teachers. We’ll talk the shit out of things.

    Me (laughing): Yeah, I noticed!

    Erik: Whereas angels are doers.

    Me: Ah, I see. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. I completely understand. Angels can create change whereas guides can suggest change.

    Erik: Yeah.

    Me: Do you aspire to become a guardian angel or are you happy being a guide?

    Erik (chuckling): I’m happy being a guide.

    Me: Okay. Now, what about a regular spirit? I guess they just don’t want to be guides or…

    Erik: Yeah. Like your mom.

    Me: Yeah. Okay.

    Erik: She’s just living another existence, being herself. You know, she doesn’t wanna do that shit.

    Me: Are there people who are in your dimension who are several things at once? Can you be a regular spirit and a guardian angel at the same time since there are different facets to a diamond, right? In one facet you might be, in the past, a—

    Erik: Yeah, because I can choose not to be a guide for someone on Earth and just be a regular dude with them just like you can change that character or personality when you go out Friday nights.

    Me: All right. I think we got a lot of very interesting information here. 

    God, I LOVE what Erik had to say here!


    For all those participating in the Grieving Parents Conference Call, please email me at for an mp3 file of the recording. For obvious reasons, I don’t post these conferences publicly. If you want to register for the regular small group channeling calls, click here: CLICK 

    Jamie only accepts a handful of people so sign up as soon as you can. I think the next one is February 7th.

    For you newbies, in these calls, Erik can bring forward your deceased loves ones, answer questions about why you’re here (your spiritual mission), what past lives you’ve had, as well as health, career, relationship issues and more.

    Have a great weekend, guys. Love you all!


  • December26th2012


    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. For those who find this time of year tough, know that you were all in my thoughts and prayers. I feel like those of us who still grieve over losses all blindly groped our way through that dark patch to find our way to the other side. I hope you dragged a little joy with you along the way. I know I did.

    My husband, Rune, gave the most wonderful Christmas present: a beautiful quilt fashioned out of some of Erik’s t-shirts. the quality of the workmanship is outstanding, and I spent the last few days wrapping myself in its embrace. I only wish Erik was in one of those t-shirts.

    One last note before we continue with the post: many of the newbies don’t know about the pranks Erik plays on the blog members. As you veterans know, those pranks usually begin when you start reading and interacting by posting comments. I’d love for you to share your “Erik experiences” with our new family members!

    Me: What are the rules of engagement between spirits and humans? In other words, what are the dos and don’ts that spirits have to abide by when approaching us for contact?

    Erik: Don’t immediately have sex with them.

    Jamie wails in laughter.

    Me: Erik! But later, all bets are off? Give it like a couple of hours?

    Jamie ratchets up the laughter.

    Me: Maybe a couple of dates.

    Jamie (in stitches): He’s talking about dates! I can’t believe you just said that.

    Me: Have some wine, some cheese and crackers.

    Jamie: Drug ‘em first.

    Me: Yeah, some ruffies.

    Erik: Come on, y’all left that one wide open for trash talk. Really, we’re only confined by the person’s belief system and the lessons they’re learning. We can’t interfere with—

    Jamie (to Erik): Yeah, just say human.

    Erik: We can’t interfere with the human’s lessons. Now, if something’s about to happen, and it’s not part of their lesson, then hell yeah, we can do all kinds of shit: interfere and mend things and put things back in the direction.

    Me: Mm hm. You’re talking about the guardian angels and archangels.

    Erik: Yeah, but if it’s part of what they’re supposed to be learning, we’re out, man. We’re observers.

    Me: Okay. So, you’re in the stands ordering hotdogs, beer and peanuts.

    Erik: Yeah. And you gotta remember, even if, you know, it’s not being a human where you approach a stranger on the street and you have to do research and inquire and figure them out. As a spirit, we have all of that information readably available. It’s a vulnerability policy. It’s an all open, open book, all truth laid out policy. So, when we approach a human that we haven’t worked with before, we know where they stand. We know what the boundaries are.

    Me: Okay. Makes sense.

    Erik: And if the human says, “Fuck you. I don’t believe in you. Get the hell away from me.” Or they pray to their god and protect themselves and, you know, kind of kick us out, we’re out.

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: You know, the human itself has its own private little universe that they manipulate to meet their needs. It’s crazy awesome.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: Crazy awesome.

    Jamie: Crazy awesome was the visuals he was giving me! It was like he was giving me maybe like a 12-inch tall human being, and it was a man dressed in pants, long sleeves. And as the man was thinking and having emotional reactions, that whole energetic field that he calls the universe around the man was shaping and changing. It was dense just like the physical body was!

    Me: That’s wild.

    Jamie: That’s how Erik says, when they see people, they see that energetic field being just s dense as the physical body, and it can lock itself down in ways that a spirit can’t enter into it.

    Me: Wow!

    Erik: That’s what happens when people surround and protect themselves.

    Me (chuckling): Well, less work for you!

    Erik (snickering): Yeah, it requires a lot more patience. You gotta hang around until they have a weak spot. Then you can jump in.

    (Pause as Jamie listens)

    Jamie (with a short gasp): Erik!

    Erik: I don’t necessarily do that, but I know ones that do!

    I can only imagine what he’s talking about. I didn’t want details. 


    Erik's T-Shirt Quilt

    Erik’s T-Shirt Quilt



  • September24th2012


    I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been to share this interview with all of you. Of course words don’t do it justice, and eventually we’ll be able to make the YouTube of the interview public, but until then, I hope you enjoy.

    First, I want to share a story about my grand daughter, Arleen. Now that she’s a big four year-old, she’s able to attend preschool. For the first couple of weeks, she knew the name of her teacher (Sarah) but she wasn’t able to share the names of any of her friends with us. Lately she has been able to recite the entire list. However she loves to talk about one she calls Tracy. She says that Tracy has gray hair and blue eyes and is about a foot taller than her. Tracy loves to play with her. and they ofter talk about princesses. When I asked her if Tracy was a teacher, she laughed at me like I was crazy and said no. When I asked her if she was one of her friends, she said, “No, silly. She’s from Heaven.” Wow. My jaw dropped. She also mentioned that Erik sometimes comes along with Tracy.

    According to Robert, Tracy is one of her guides. In this case, she’s probably helping her transition to being away form Mommy and Daddy for eight hours a day. He says Tracy also likes to sing lullabies to help her fall asleep. How sweet.

    Okay, okay. I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath so here’s Buddha. We get to share his company for six or seven days. What a wonderful houseguest!

    Me: Erik, can you go get Buddha for us?

    Jamie: He’s been here.

    Me (surprised): Oh! Hello, Mis-ter, um. Buddha? I always have trouble with that.

    (I’m referring with my difficulty deciding how to address religious figures. Is it Your Grace? Sir? Your Holiness?)

    Me: It’s an honor to have you here with Erik, Jamie and me.

    Buddha: Thank you.

    Me: I hope you don’t mind us asking you a few questions.

    Jamie: No, he’s very welcoming to it. He’s a very gentle, even-spoken, thin man. Beautiful skin. Short hair.

    Me: Mm hm.

    Jamie: Uh, he’s wearing a gold or yellow kind of wrap. I don’t know what it’s called.

    Me: Okay, so he’s not a portly man as I pictured in my mind.

    Jamie (laughing): No, no! He’s not a big man at all!

    Me: Now, did you live a life as an ascetic with self-deprivation starting in your early youth? If so, why? What did you learn from that?

    Jamie: Self-deprivation meaning to go without?

    Me: Yeah. You went without a great deal of food, etc. Is that correct?

    Jamie looks way up to her right as she listens to what Buddha has to say. Clearly he’s standing.

    Buddha: There are many misunderstandings as the story has been told, but everything I did as a child on was to support my spiritual growth. I did not go without to create self-suffering. I went without to create simplicity and joy.

    Me: Okay. Now, you eventually found that extreme self-deprivation really didn’t work and that moderation did. You called this The Middle Way. What would be the proper mix between self-indulgence and self-deprivation or does it really matter?

    Buddha: There is not one structure that can fit everyone as a whole. It must be an internal challenge and decision based on every mind. It is important to allow yourself to –

    Jamie (again, looking far up to the right at Buddha): Can you, can you sit down?

    Jamie bursts out laughing.

    Jamie: He says, “Of course I can sit down!”

    Jamie (to Buddha, still giggling): Would you please have a seat, I should say?

    Jamie: He’s so (pause as she chooses her words) soft-spoken and deliberate with his words, and I asked him before we began, because he was here for some time, if he would just simplify some of the concepts that he grew to understand while he was alive, and I know he is choosing his words wisely, you know, ground level.

    Jamie (to Buddha, now not having to look up so high): And I, thank you, I appreciate that.

    Jamie (to me): He’s sitting down.

    Jamie looks off to her right at Buddha and grins widely, then looks back at me and starts to giggle.

    Jamie: Sorry, I wish I could show you what I see in my head! He’s talking about not allowing the mind to gain control, to make all of the decisions, because the mind is mostly interested in the external world rather than the internal world.

    Buddha: It is the heart that is more focused to achieve inner guidance and joy. When you ask for balance between indulgence and enlightenment—

    Me: Or self-deprivation.

    (I can’t believe I just interrupted Buddha. Oops.)

    Jamie (to Buddha): Self-deprivation.

    (Long pause)

    Jamie (stumbling on her words): That there is not. (Jamie mouths unintelligible words). Balance is not, uh.


    Jamie (grinning): We’re going to get a hold of this. Don’t worry, we won’t stutter this long, or I won’t.

    Me (chuckling): Don’t worry, Jamie. You’re doing well.

    Buddha: Balance of the two will never exist unless you find a sense of joy within it. They are not qualities you can place on a scale and decide that one holds more value than the other. In terms of value, I mean the quality your life must have to achieve the goals that you wish to gain. If we could, as a human, remove both desires off the scale (self-indulgence and self-deprivation), and remove half of the scale so it is just one and  consciously place emotional joy—if you can let your mind focus on emotional joy, then you will be able to stand tall and describe balance to the fellow human next to you.


    Just a reminder: Jamie and Erik have some spots open for the conference call on 10/4. If you want to talk to a loved one or ask about career, health, relationship, spiritual issues or more, sign up here:

    Also, remember to share this post and Channeling Erik as a whole! You are the light and the light must shine into the darkest of corners, too.


  • February21st2012


    Sorry about the hiatus folks, but I promise I have a good explanation! Rune’s race season opened this weekend and my job was to take care of grand daughter, Arleen, while he raced and my daughter and son-in-law acted as corner workers waving flags and manning radios. Rune thought there was internet there in the boonies, but guess what–nada. Zip. So I was stuck in a trailer with a darling three year old watching the same Wow Wow Wubbzy DVD over and over. Now I can’t get the theme song out of my head.

    On the way to the track, I was really missing Erik. I know that meant he was with us. He loved the whole motorcycle race scene so much. And sometimes his energy triggers a bit of a grief reaction. Perhaps on a subconscious level, we recognize that energy? For whatever reason, it was painful. Then next morning in the trailer, I was lying in bed waiting for Arleen to wake up, and as I listened to the almost musical sound of her sucking her fingers, I felt like someone was sitting at the foot of the bed. That part of the mattress sank. It was probably Erik telling me to get my lazy arse up and cook breakfast!

    Now, enjoy this session from mid-October. I have a beast of a cold (thanks Arleen) so please overlook any typos and grammatical errors.

    Me: Hi Jamie!

    Jamie: Hi!

    Me: How are you?

    Jamie: I’m doing fine! How are you?

    Me: Good! Erik, how you doing, Sweetie?

    Jamie: He’s doing wonderful!

    Me: Good!

    Jamie: I was just telling him how sweet he was. We had a reading this week—a woman who stumbled across the Channeling Erik blog—and I think it was her boyfriend or someone very close to her that passed her way. Her grief was over the top.

    Me: Aw.

    Jamie: And Erik just was so profound and sweet and calm. I was REALLY impressed.

    Me: Wow, that’s wonderful. I’m so proud of you, Erik!

    Jamie: I mean, he does have it in him. I’ve seen it several times.

    Me: Oh, no, I know! He’s not only being a pester-meister. In fact, he used to be that way with his friends. Whenever anyone started to fall apart, he used to be just so calm and loving.

    Jamie: Yeah, and he was just so grounded. I keep looking at him like, ‘Who are you? Like oh my god, you’re amazing!’

    Me: I remember he used to find strays at Starbucks. He’d meet lost souls who would for some reason pour their hearts out to him and tell him their whole life story and cry and everything. He’s just listen and give such loving guidance, then take them home for a home cooked meal and a safe place to stay.

    Jamie: You’ve got an amazing son!

    Me: I know. I’m so lucky. (pause) So, a couple of things, Erik. What is your status now? What exactly do you do? It seems like you’re actually guiding—not as a rookie guide, but as a real one?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Like one blog member, Tammie, and another one’s son, Kyle?

    Erik: Yeah.

    Me: Okay, so you’re flying solo?

    Erik (to Jamie): I’m a kick-ass guide!

    Jamie and I giggle.

    Me: How many people are you guiding? Just those two?

    Erik: Quite a few, Mom. I like to answer anybody who comes across the website. That’s my way.

    Me: Okay. Is there anything else that you’re doing?

    Jamie (laughing hard): He cuts his eyes to me and goes, “What? That’s not enough?”

    Me: No, no! I know you were facilitating visits of deceased to their loved ones on the earthly plane here, you know, teaching them how to communicate and manifest themselves in different ways. Weren’t you doing that before?

    Erik: Yes, and I’m continuing to do that, but individually, I playing more the part of a guide. I’m participating in groups—

    Jamie listens to Erik explain.

    Jamie (to Erik): So there’s a group of people who have passed away that helps people—spirits—communicate with humans?

    Erik: Hell, yeah.

    Me: Oh really? How cool! Interesting.

    Jamie (giggling): He has his AC/DC shirt on today!

    Me: Oh, he loved AC/DC.

    Jamie (laughing): Are you kidding?

    Me: No, he really loved them and had a couple of AC/DC shirts.

    Jamie: This one has a lightening bolt on it.

    Me; Oh my god, he had that one!

    As hard as it is for me to do, I go into his room to find this shirt and take a photograph. Sigh.

  • August19th2011


    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Now, I hear there are seven planes between the physical earth and the Source. Is that true? Seven dimensional planes. Are those the same as astral planes? I’m. So. Confused.

    Erik: Yeah, dimensional and astral are the same.

    Me: Where am I?

    Erik: On the planes?

    Me: Yeah. Do you have to be deceased or in the spiritual realm to be on those planes, or—

    Erik: Okay, people pass through several planes once they cross over. I’m pretty sure the earth is on the third dimensional or astral plane, so there are places of higher vibrations and places of lower ones.

    Me: Ew, I can’t imagine lower ones than earth.

    Jeannie: I know! The lower ones are pretty heavy!

    Erik: So you’re on the third out of seven.

    Me: So maybe The Shift will help boost of out of the 3rd dimension, bumping us up a notch or two.

    Erik: That’s exactly the purpose. Everything’s been leading up to this shift.

    Me: So, after the seventh vibrational plane, then there’s Source? Or are there some other dimensions that are not called astral?

    Erik: No, there’s Source.

    Me: Yeah, us humans have to label everything, don’t we? I bet that gets irritating.

    Erik: It’s hard for you all to imagine eternity, and that’s why we use names sometimes, like those in Angelic Realm often give themselves names. It’s easier for humans to connect to something that’s named, but we don’t need names here. 

    Me: So, Erik, do you have a guide where you are? If so, what name does he or she go by?

    Erik: I have a lot of guides.

    Me (laughing): Ah, you need all the help you can get, eh? You and me both!

    Erik (chuckling): Well, me more than you now!

    Me: I don’t know about that!

    Jeannie: He’s laughing hard!

    Erik: I’m going to school to learn how to work better with you and how to connect with other beings, both light and of the earth.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: Of the spiritual and of the earth. 

    Jeannie laughs at what she’s about to translate from him.

    Erik (with great pride): I’m going to be an instructor! I just know it!

    Jeannie and I laugh at his boyish charm and confidence.

    Me: Oh, how cute!

    Erik: I’m going to be instructing others who are just coming over. So there are teachers, guides, angels, um, I can give you names if you want, but it’s all energy. Everyone recognizes everyone else through their energy.

    Me: Nah, don’t worry then. Names are just a human thing. Okay, here’s a quick one. Microtubules in the cells—there is some evidence that these may be the origin of consciousness.

    Jeannie: Micro—?

    Me: Microtubules. They’re in all of our cells.

    Erik: Yes, that’s true. It’s sort of an anchoring system too. It’s how the soul or consciousness anchors to the physical body.  

    Me: Does consciousness have substance?

    Erik: Well, it’s energy just like everything else in existence.

    (This was totally in line with what he said through Jamie in the May 20th post!)

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Thanks for sending prayers and healing to my father. He’s a bit better today!



  • June4th2011


    Shannon wanted me to post this update about the conference call. I’ll also remind you tomorrow morning!

    Conference call info : Per Tony’s request, I’m moving the call to Sunday, 4pm Pacific Time (5 pm Mountain, 6 pm Central, 7 pm Eastern).

    Call: 218-632-9896
    Passcode: 171474

    We’ll work on healing “unworthy and undeserving” and releasing unidentified “stuff ” weighing us down. If you guys remind me, I’ll record the call so Elisa can post it for those who can’t attend and for anyone who wants to listen again later. I’ll be happy to answer questions once we’re on the call.


    Again, if you’re in or around Los Angeles on July 2nd, email me your contact information so I can send you an E-vite for the blog member meet-up party! We already have a great group signed up, but where the CE family is concerned, there’s always room for more!


    Jamie’s “Channeling Erik Workshop” scheduled in Atlanta for July 8th, 9th and 10th should be a life-changing event. Yesterday, she added that she and Erik will also teach us how to see spirits: our guides and our deceased loved ones. Can you imagine having that ability? Can you imagine what that will do to our level of grief?  I know that economically times are tough, but considering the positive impact this will have on our lives, it’ll possibly be the best money you’ve ever spent. Plus, we’ll have so much fun together! If you haven’t signed up, do so today.


    I’ve got great news! Remember the “Ask Erik” page I used to have? As most of you know, I’ve had to put that aside to work on questions for the book. Now, there are two places you can visit to submit questions to our boy. Renuka channels Erik by automatic writing and has an “Ask Erik” page on her site, and Jason has created an “Ask Erik” thread on the Channeling Erik forum so that the other channelers in the CE family can channel answers to your questions. Aren’t our CE family members great!


    And now, here is a YouTube video that might help you learn to contact the spirit world. As you know, my weekends are my down time, so I do the lazy blogger’s technique of posting videos instead of transcribing and writing. Yes, I do have a lazy streak!


    Afterlife Coffee Time with Phil G.

  • May2nd2011


    I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know it’s not Sunday, but the tail-end of the February 3rd channeling session with Jeannie was pretty much all about religion. Some are new questions, while some are questions for which I wanted confirmation.

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Are angels different than the spirits of the deceased, and are there different types of angels?

    Erik: Yeah, there are. I’m going to let the angel answer this one.

    Angel: There are. There are angelic beings who have never lived on the earth. And then there are those who become guides once they are deceased, like Erik, or masters and teachers. So there are different types of angels. There are Archangels which are the most powerful. It’s just like a community here. Again, we say that some of us are musicians and some of us just simply love, so there are different types and different roles.

    Me: So did God decide to create this hierarchy? Did the Source decide, “Well, we can’t just have a bunch of Indians; we need to throw in some chiefs, too.”

    Angel: That’s a question that the human mind would have difficulty understanding, because it’s been forever—a concept that’s difficult since the human mind thinks in terms of a beginning and an end. Infinity is rather difficult to understand.

    Me: So those “Higher Beings” have been there forever, huh?

    Angel: Yes, but it’s still part of the Source. Absolutely part of the Source. When one dies, they can be here for infinity also. It just depends on if they choose to come back to help others on the earthly plane or if they choose to stay in this space to help here.

    Me: Are there some spirits who can graduate up to become an Archangel or another Higher Angelic Being, or—

    Angel: No, no one becomes an Archangel. They simple are and have been forever. Some can become angelic beings but not “true angels” in the sense you’re referring to.

    Me: Okay. Now, Erik, I’ve asked you this before, but let’s see what you have to say now: How do you suggest people change their beliefs or perceptions when they no longer serve them well and in fact can be damaging?

    Erik: It is easier said than done, literally, but it really isn’t so difficult when you break it down and question those beliefs. Let’s take the belief that if you lose your job, you’re going to be homeless. Then fear sets in. Start questioning: “Would I really be homeless?” That answer would probably be “no.” Someone would take you in; you have family; you have friends, people who would take you in. And so keep questioning. Question the questions, too, until you reach the core of it and can let it go.

    Me: Excellent. Okay, um, will illness diminish when the masses collectively increase their vibrational energy?

    Erik: It will decrease a whole helluva lot, but it won’t totally go away until that person becomes an enlightened being. But, yeah, it’ll diminish and also healing will come quicker, so illnesses now that require healing like surgeries and stuff will be able to be healed energetically.

    Jeannie: Well, that’s interesting.

    Me: Yeah, it sure is! Okay, so, I know that time works differently there, but what is “space” like where you are? I know it’s not entirely the same as the space we live in here in the 3-D realm, but…

    Erik: Well, there is that, too. It’s some of both, and I know that’s hard to understand, too. So much of it is made of light and energy, but there is the 3-D aspect to it, too. We have homes here, as you know, plus there’s beauty and nature and stuff.

    Me: Can you tell me more about what the part is like that’s not 3-D?

    Erik: It’s like Love has an energy of its own. You feel like someone would feel in outer space. There’s no gravity, so there’s a feeling of pure lightness—no heaviness at all, and when you look at angels, you can look right through them. It’s just light, all light.

    Me: So, what is God made of and what is She or He, really?

    Erik: I can’t really answer that except to say it’s like looking at the sun—just Light. You can’t even look without feeling total, total Love, as if nothing else that happens affects you at all. This is the only explanation I could give you that you might understand.

    Me: Yes, please dumb it down for me! But God has some sentient consciousness, right? Can the God Source communicate to you and you to It?

    Erik: Oh, hell, yeah, and it’s very, very clear, Mom. The information comes like a wonderful pulsing of incredible energy that has a consciousness. You’re just drawn to It, and the closer you get, the more you feel just Love. I can’t put it into words any more than that.

    Me: Have you had any conversations with God at all, Erik?

    Erik: Many, yeah, especially right after I appeared here, once I got my courage up. I was told that I could choose to be a gift now to the earth and that I could help many. I actually was in awe. I was told that I always had free will, and I was told how much I was loved. That feeling was unlike anything anyone can ever, ever experience on earth. I was shown how really great I am, but there’s no arrogance or ego. It just IS. I was humbled at the same time.

    Me: Does God broadcast and communicate to the masses there too?

    Erik: It usually isn’t like a generic messages to the masses, like, “Blue Light special on harps, aisle 3.”  Communication is to each individual being. That’s what so incredible about it.

    Me: Wow, so God is some kind of multitasker!

    Erik (chuckling): Yeah!

    Me: So, is there any one correct or “right” religion?

    Erik steps back to let the angel answer this one.

    Angel: No there is not. All religions hold some elements of truth in them and some element of untruth. So when one chooses to go into a particular religion, one should choose the one that most fits with their soul and their highest belief. There is no one religion that right and there never will be until one crosses over to the other side.

    Me: I suppose the truths lie somewhere in the commonalities.

    Angel: Yes, the communalities when choosing one that is of the highest and holds the most truth are the ones that believe that there is a God, that there is Love, that God does not punish and send people to Hell, as some religions believe. As long as it is filled with Love and does not involve harming other people—that religion holds the most truth.

    Me: Okay. Who is Jesus, and what role does God play in people’s lives now as well as when they cross over to the afterlife? Also, beside the man, Jesus, is there a Christ Consciousness we should strive toward?

    Erik: Jesus truly was the physical son of God or a part of God.

    Me: Aren’t we all, though?

    Erik: Yes, we are, but he was sent to earth with a consciousness that he was the son of God. We come in without that consciousness. We learn it as we grow, at least some of us do.

    Me: So he got the Cliff Notes! That’s not fair!

    Jeannie (laughing): Yeah, he did!

    Erik: And about the Christ Consciousness, yeah, that does exist, Mom. That’s what Jesus came here to bring—the Christ Consciousness of Love, not hate, of peace and of the bringing together of people. He was a teacher and a master. He came to teach us.

    Me: Are you saying the Christ Consciousness is a collective consciousness of those elements: peace, Love, harmony, etc.?

    Erik: Yep, exactly.

    Me: So what role does God play in our lives as humans?

    Erik: When you recognize what I’m telling you, and you believe in the consciousness of God, then your life changes. He watches over the world, the whole world, and can destroy it or —-

    Jeannie: Wait, I don’t know what he’s saying.


    Erik: —keep it whole with the snap of a finger.

    Me: Wow.

    Erik: Watching the consciousness. The world, itself, has a consciousness about it. It’s high, high up and it’s accepted by the people on it. It’s why 2012 is so important, because the consciousness right now is heavy.

    Me: Did Buddha, Muhammad and others like them have the same purpose here that Jesus had?

    Erik: It would be kinda like Jesus. They’re all Masters. Light Masters came down to teach.

    Me: Okay, but not Archangels. Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad are not Archangels.

    Erik: No, they’re not.




  • April26th2011


    Channeling Transcript

    Jeannie: How are you?

    Me: Great, no complaints, except it’s been kind of cold over here!

    Jeannie: I heard that; I can’t believe it got so cold down there.

    Me: Yeah, we have a winter storm warning here, so the kids are psyched because they’ll probably get out early today and get off all day tomorrow.

    Jeannie: I used to love when that happened.

    Me: Me too! I love having my kids home with me, unless they annoy me, which, with teenagers, isn’t uncommon.

    Jeannie: Yeah, and I think sometimes when people choose not have kids, they’re missing out.

    Me: I guess they’re not for everybody, but I just love ‘em.  They’re my favorite thing in the world!


    Jeannie: Thanks for letting me have some time to get into that space.

    Me: Oh, take all the time you need. I’ll be here!

    Jeannie says her pre-channeling prayer.

    (Long pause)

    Erik: I’m here, Mom! I just love these conversations with you. It’s just great! We had a time when I was there with you, conversations—we didn’t talk as much as you wanted to, but I do remember you always seemed to soothe me, and I want to thank you for that. I heard what you said. It wasn’t like you often thought—that it went in one ear and out the other. That wasn’t it.  I held it in my mind and pondered on it a lot. I want you to know that you are the greatest mom that anybody could have.

    Me: Aw, Sweetie.

    Erik: And I know I put you through lots of grief, especially when I chose to leave. That’s the one biggest things I’m sorry for—not necessary the choice, because here I’ve found so much happiness, but for the grief I’ve caused all of you.

    Me: That’s okay, Baby. I mean, we’re not over it and probably never will be, but everyone in the family, including me, of course, is so happy that you’re happy and no longer miserable. I’m just so proud of what you’ve done with the blog, how many people you’re reaching. Isn’t that great?

    Erik: Mom, it’s so great, but it’s you that’s doing it! I knew and I hoped that something wonderful would come out of all of this. And if I can prevent, uh, or help to guide any of the people—you don’t know what it feels like. Well, I guess you do, cuz you heal so many people yourself.

    Me: Well, I know it must feel really good for you. Now, I have some questions to ask first. Oh, and I heard you’re learning to tickle people!  I felt that when I was visiting Robert in the hospital. Keep up the progress. That’s awesome! Everybody loves your sense of humor, too!

    Erik: Thanks!

    Me: What is your status in Heaven, Erik? Are you an angelic messenger of some sort? I mean, you seem to interact with humans so easily, and the impact you have on everyone is causing this huge ripple effect that’s bound to have impact on even more people. Does what you’re doing now have anything to do with the coming shift? Some of the blog members feel like you’re of a much higher vibration or maybe just a different vibration.

    Erik: Well, I am a guide-in-training, and nothing I’ve ever done feels like this. Mom, you’re filled with such light, and the more I learn, the wiser I become and the more light that’s inside me. I get to help with this shift and change of the earth. What’s happening is God is not only calling on the people of the earth to bring as much light and consciousness as they can and get their work out, He’s calling on all of us here too. We’re all working to shift the consciousness so the earth doesn’t have to go through such a dramatic and traumatic change. I never thought that I’d be doing something this important!

    Me: So exciting. I couldn’t be more proud.


    Me: Okay, let’s see. Next question. Is there any such thing as a demonic possession?

    Erik: Yeah, there is. There is.

    Me: Okay, can you expand on that a bit?

    Erik: From what I understand—and I have my angel standing next to me to step in if I say something that’s not right.

    I laugh.

    Erik: But it’s my understanding that there’s light and there’s dark, and if someone concentrates or focuses on the dark too much, it can come in and take over. It causes a lot of mental illness. It can cause a lot of pain. I thought about it, you know, and I wondered about it for myself.

    Me: Wow, so you thought you were possessed at one point?

    Erik: Well, I didn’t really think I was possessed, but I wondered, because I was so fucking conflicted—all those emotions running around.

    Me: Yeah. Well, what’s the purpose? If everything is God and God is All There Is, how could demons, demonic possessions or dark forces exist?

    Erik: It—I’m also told that there’s polarity. There’s light, there’s dark—on this planet. It’s a place of learning. There are other places that have a lot more light. I’m talking about planets and shit. So earth is a place of polarity—light, dark.

    Me: It’s the advanced learning playground, I guess, huh? The accelerated class.

    Erik: That’s the way I see it.

    Me: So the Source, God, the Light, whatever you want to call it, also creates this darkness in order to help us see the light. In other words, it’s hard to see the candle when you’re holding it on the surface of the sun.

    Erik: Exactly. The light will always win, though.

    (Thank God!)


  • April21st2011


    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Are angels different from the spirits of the deceased? Are there special “celestial beings” that never live on the earthly plane and don’t reincarnate?

    Erik: Yes! Oh, hell yes!

    Me: Oh, okay. Are there different orders and types of angels? Can you give me a short run down on all this?

    Erik: Types or orders? There are just beautiful spirits and energies of people who have decided that they’re not gonna incarnate on a trapped body on earth.

    Me: Hm, sounds like a bunch of chicken to me. I wanna sign up for that cushy little job.)

    Jamie laughs.

    Erik (chuckling): Really!

    Me: So are these different energies, or are they special based on their decision to remain discarnate?

    Erik (laughing): Different energies like—

    (Long pause as Jamie listens and giggles at the same time)

    Jamie (laughing): No, Erik!

    Erik: Like these are all red-headed people over here and these are teeny weenie little angels that beelive in saving animals, and these are—no, it doesn’t all revolve around logging information, sorting, labeling.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: They can be entities from a higher plane who associate with other spiritual beings, or it can just be a soul that’s born that doesn’t want to be a part of earth. Maybe they counsel spirits who come back, or help in other ways. They do contribute, you know.

    Me: So, they’re mostly different from the spirits of deceased, because of their decision of what role to take and whether to reincarnate or not?

    Erik: Right.

    Me: So, there aren’t any specific types or orders? They just distinguish themselves by the roles they play?

    Erik: They’re distinguished by their roles, yes.

    Me: Okay, here’s another one. When we dream, do we travel to alternate probable realities, past and future lives, and can we meet our other selves?

    Erik: Yeah.

    (Pause as I wait, in vain, for Erik to expound)

    Me: Cool! So can one of our selves meet another self in the same life?


    Jamie: Oh, that was really cool! He says, yes.

    Me: Oh, wow! Well, we can look different, I suppose. It’s like “Back to the Future.”

    Erik: It is like that, isn’t it, but it’s in a way so that you won’t interfere with anything.

    Me: Oh, yeah.

    Erik: Cuz often, you’re not going to recognize yourself.

    Me: Can you give me more, Erik? I feel like I’m milking a cow again.

    Erik: Shit, you haven’t milked any cows!

    Jamie and I laugh. Little smartass.

    Erik: Coming across yourself in another dimension or another timeframe—usually you’re living a different life; you have a totally different name, totally different awareness, and this happens more than you can imagine, in the wake state and the dream state.

    Me: But usually while you’re in the dream state, right?

    Erik: Correct.

    Me: Okay, now one person wants to know, “Can we start a chat room, Erik, and you can type on a keyboard and talk to blog members?” After all, you CAN push over a cat!

    Jamie (laughing): Yes!

    Erik: I’ve been doing really well, getting into blog members’ meditations, thoughts, dreams. I’ve been doing my due diligent work; you’d be so proud me!

    Me: Oh, I AM very proud of you, and I see that. Oh my gosh, you’re going all over the place, visiting so many people. Everybody always loves to share their Erik Visits! They call you, “Our Boy.”

    Jamie: Awww, that’s so sweet!

    Me: Yeah. Such a loving community.



  • April12th2011


    Today, I offer the transcription of the last part of my hour-long session with Erik through Jeannie Barnes. Erik tag teams with the angelic being by his side. Enjoy.

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Okay, let’s get into various diseases. What is the spiritual basis for some of them—and I’ve talked about this with you through Jamie, already, but I want to see if you have anything else to add. Let’s see, like Alzheimer’s. Why do people get Alzheimer’s?

    Jeannie: Yeah, and they change so. They can go from being this soft, kind being to this grouch.

    Me: I know.

    Erik: Often, Alzheimer’s is a way to cope with the past. Even those who were really wonderful, gentle beings all their lives had trauma in their childhood. So, it’s a way of forgetting. Most of these patients hold a lot inside their heads. They were ones who never let out their angerat least not all of itor that never talked about their problems. They just buried them. So, when they get buried too long, they come out, wham!

    Me: Interesting. Hm. What about arthritis?

    (Long pause as Jeannie listens)

    Jeannie: That’s interesting. This is the angel talking now.

    Me: Oh, okay.

    Jeannie: Erik’s kind of standing back on this one.

    Angelic Being: Arthritis usually has to do with people who have either one of two things. Either they pushed themselves too hard, moving through life putting one foot in front of the other and just kind of pushing and forcing instead of moving with the flow of life. Or sometimes it has to do with resisting: resisting certain lessons in life or not paying attention to what it was they were supposed to learn in this life, which is also a type of resisting.

    Me: Oh! What about cancer?

    Jeannie: That’s a huge one.

    (Long pause)

    Angelic Being: Depending on where the cancer is in the body, it can mean different things.

    Me: Oh, okay. That makes sense.

    Angelic Being: But one thing that cancer patients all have is either a chance to leave the planet consciously or decide that they truly want to live.

    Me: Oh, I can see that! And it all rings so true, doesn’t it?

    Jeannie: It does, because when some people survive their cancer, they have this whole new outlook on life.

    Me: I know. I’ve seen that so may times in my practice.

    Jeannie: But for some people, it’s just a chance to go.

    Me: Like an exit point.

    Erik: So it’s an exit point or a “come to Jesus” moment,

    Jeannie: Exactly.

    Me: What about heart disease, like coronary artery disease?

    Erik: The heart always has to do with emotions, feelings. So heart disease usually comes from holding those feelings or emotions in instead of expressing them or allowing them to flow. It can be positive emotions or negative ones: grief, love, sadness, or even joy!

    Me: Wow, and anger too, I guess.

    Erik: Especially anger.

    Me: Okay, what about diabetes?

    Angelic Being: Diabetes is really one’s lesson to really take care of the body, caring for the physical body with the proper food, exercise, sleep, all of these things.

    Me: Yeah, because it’s very time consuming to have diabetes, all the focus on the body with blood sugar testing, watching the diet. But does it happen in a person who has not taken care of the body before in a past life?

    Erik: Usually, yes. Even children who come into this life with diabetes. Sometimes they’ve abused their body in a past life.

    Me: Oh, because one of my sisters developed diabetes after she had her baby, but even before that she’s always been incredibly attentive to her health. She’s a vegetarian, exercises daily, you know, very healthy lifestyle. I found it so weird that it could happen to her, but I guess it might be from a past life.

    Jeannie: Yeah.

    Me: Okay, what about HIV and AIDS? Sometimes I think this is a lesson for others, you know?

    Jeannie: Exactly.

    Erik: HIV is one thing that has a design to bring the world together. It happens across the world, and if you look and watch—when it first became known, people making quilts, people loving. It’s designed to bring the world together in love.

    Jeannie: Yeah, I remember clearly how back in the 80s people just banded together.

    Me: Yeah, with benefit concerts and so many other wonderful displays of love and unity. And it, I don’t know, helps us develop compassion. This is a group, in general, that has not received very much compassion.

    Jeannie: Yeah, yeah.

    Me: So it teaches us to have compassion and put away our stereotypical prejudices and hostilities.

    Erik: Right.

    Me: Okay, so there are so many people who were prefer not to be sick with mental illness, etc., so why do some stay sick despite all the positive efforts to get well? How are they creating that reality if they are working in a positive way to overcome their illness? So, it seems like there are some things we just don’t have control over. IF we did, we’d get well, or we wouldn’t get sick n the first place.

    Erik: Speaking from experience, sometimes that’s how I felt, Mom. From what I’ve learned here, again, it’s many layers. Some is karmic. There’s also a polarity in the world. You can’t go through life without challenges. You’re born and you die. There’s no getting away from that on the earthly plane. When someone becomes ill and seems to overcome it, it takes a tremendous amount of energy and work—and it’s very hard work. Sometimes, someone just gets tired of fighting and battling and just decides to let go. You were just talking about the diseases and why things come into the body. It’s a complicated question, because it deals with so many different things.

    Me: So really, part of it might be getting down to the spiritual basis of disease. Until you address that, all the positive efforts targeted toward the physical aspects of disease might not really cure you. Unless you address the spiritual basis, you can’t get well.

    Erik: Exactly. And it takes a huge amount of energy. You have to always be conscious about what you’re thinking—about thinking positive thoughts. Sometimes it gets to be too much.

    Me: Oh, I almost forgot. What’s the spiritual basis for mental illnesses like depression, bipolar disease—I mean in general. I’m sure it’s a little bit different for each one. I think in part these are people who want to work through a whole lot of issues so it can be their last lifetime, especially with schizophrenia. Or maybe it’s to teach others compassion and patience. But, uh, what’s your take on it, Erik?

    Erik: All of the above, Mom. Mental illness is often the result of many lifetimes, many karmic events all rolled into one. And you’re right about it being the last lifetime for some. It’s as if they’ve come back again and again and still haven’t learned what they needed to learn, so finally, mental illness then becomes an issue. Also, it’s why it’s one of the most difficult things to heal and cure—sometimes it can’t be cured. It teaches compassion also, so yeah.

    Me: So are you saying that in some cases it’s kind of a remedial class or summer school for those who just won’t learn their lessons any other way?

    Erik (laughing): Exactly, that’s really a good analogy.

    Me: What about mental retardation, Down’s Syndrome and other developmental disorders? I have a feeling those souls are usually highly evolved and are here to teach us joy and compassion, but I don’t know. I’m just part of the peanut gallery, here.

    Angelic Being: Those beautiful beings are all Beings of the Light. There is so much Light in them—-and so much wisdom!

    Me: Yeah, I can see that.

    Angelic Beings: Each time there is a soul who comes into the world with Down’s Syndrome or other mental challenges, it is all about bringing Love. Little angels that walk among the earth.

    Me: Wow, I’m getting shivers. (pause) Well, I guess that’s all we have time for. We have a session next week, though, so that’s good. Oh! Any messages from Veronica, my guardian angel? I want to tell her this: ‘I love you and I’m so grateful you’re sticking with me! I’m sure I’m not the easiest person to guide!’ And Erik, I want to tell you I love you with all of my heart, my soul, my entire being, and then some.

    Erik: Ditto, Mom! Ditto.

    Veronica: What do you mean, “not the easiest person to guide”? I have to laugh at that! Oh, you can have a stubborn nature at some times, but what you give—it is with great delight that I work with you. Even as a child, you were fun. Quick to laugh. You wore your emotions on your sleeve, and you loved everything and everyone, animals, plants. You’re a sister to me. Your role in their world is being played out now as we speak. I know. I know the grief that you experienced when Erik chose to come over and be with us, and yet look. Look at what you’ve done and all the hundreds and hundreds of people you and Erik have helped. You’ve made a pack, you know, the two of you, in the physical life and in the spiritual life. I love you more than you can even know. The light that emanates that we spoke of—that gold, purple and blue—it reaches so high—high, high into the heavens. You’re a jewel, a gemstone placed on the earth that shimmers and shines and draws to it those who need help and assistance. I thank you. I thank you. So go now, with peace and joy and many, many blessings.

    (And I thought I was sappy! I love her, though. She’s an amazing spirit, but she makes me blush sometimes.)

    Me: Aw, I couldn’t do it without you, Veronica, and you too, Erik. I love you both.

    So it seems disease is often the body’s way of acting as a tool for communication. It’s there to tell us: “Hey, you need to work on this,” or “Stop being complacent and lazy,” or “Are you forgetting what you came here to do?” It’s just so hard to be aware of this form of communication much less interpret it. So, I hope this has helped some of you.

    One more thing I’d like to discuss. After the very mention that I occasionally watch Fox News, I’ve received many emails from blog members sharing their immense disappointment in me. I am dismayed. It’s like some have automatically assumed that I am a radical right wing person with an evil agenda. (Not that this should matter, as everyone deserves love and a world without judgement.)

    I can say that I watch many types of TV channels (when I have any time to do so,) but I shouldn’t have to justify myself to anyone. I would think that you all would have faith in me to discern truth from media bias, but instead, I find some throwing the baby out with the bath water. I thought we were working toward a judgement-free world here, and frankly, I didn’t think I’d have to deal with this from the Channeling Erik family of all people. Some of you have been sucked into fear instead of taking the side of love. In doing so, you risk becoming what you profess to despise. Yes, We’ve been discussing some darker subjects and yes there are differences of opinions about how to proceed with our missions, both collective and individual, but these fear-based entries are meant to spur us into action in a way that subjects about rainbows and unicorns and smiley faces cannot. You can choose to attack, or you can choose to embrace. You can choose to scorn, or you can choose to love. You can choose to hide behind an armor of fear, or you can choose to rise up in response and change the world with Light.

    That said, I’ll watch whatever the Hell I please, and you can all keep your criticisms to yourself. I love you, but I find this all petty and annoying and trivial when compared to the larger picture. Getting weary of the insults from my own CE family. Sigh.

  • April8th2011


    Channeling Transcript

    Erik: There is a bunch of buzz about 2012. Nearly everyone’s heard of it, nearly everyone on the whole planet.

    Me: Uh huh. (Again with my witty retorts.)

    Erik: What the angelic beings have to tell me is that the world is in crisis now, but that DOESN’T mean the world is going to end in 2012! It just means it’s in a crisis. And so the dark and the light are becoming more polarized, more opposite. The battle is growing, which is one of the reasons we’re calling on all Lightworkers to get their work out, to help change the consciousness and elevate the awareness out there. That’ll decide how the world reacts and what happens in 2012 and after. Of course there are other things involved, and we’ve already talked about that. So it’s, um, they also say there’s no middle ground anymore. You know, where people could walk the fence and say they were good people; they were nice neighbors; they paid their taxes on time, but what’s happening now is there is no middle ground. There’s only dark or light. So people need to get off their ass and not be satisfied with just toeing the line, taking care of their own spiritual awareness.

    Me: Well, I can see how that could be a very useful tool, because the more black and white things are, the more apparent the truth becomes. It’s like shining a flashlight in a dark corner and watching the roaches run for cover.

    Erik: Yeah, Exactly. So the angelic being next to me says that’s what’s happening in the world now.

    Me: Well, will the U.S. collapse, financially or otherwise? I know I asked you this through Jamie, but I’d like to see if you’ve found out anything else. I know things can change, too, obviously.

    Jeanie: This is the angelic being speaking now.

    Angelic Being: We can tell you this: The possibility is clearly there, but it’s the consciousness of the people that it depends on. If the consciousness of people can be raised enough, it won’t. We’re asked that question so often, but we can’t answer it right now.

    Me: I guess it’s hard to answer because you’re dealing with people having free will over here! Well, we’re doing our part, aren’t we Jeannie and Erik?!

    As I transcribe this part of the channeling session, in retrospect,  I wish I had asked why they could answer that question fully. Would it mess with our spiritual path? Does it change according to how devoted the Lightworkers become in their work to raise conscious awareness? Or is it all about free will, as I mentioned. Probably all of the above. 

    Erik (excitedly): We are doing our part, and that, Mom, is the greatest thing. I’m actually doing something so wonderful, I can’t even tell you! It’s like I’ve been waiting all of my life to really be of service! I just couldn’t fucking figure it out when I was down there!

    Me: Well, maybe that’s how it was supposed to happen. You’re accomplishing more than you ever could when you were still here, and I just sit back sometimes with my mouth agape to see what you’ve done, Erik, and what you’re doing—the visits, the pranks, the advice. I mean, people are coming out of the woodwork saying things like, “Erik played this joke on me,” and “Erik said this to me,” and “Erik gave me this advice.” And it’s coming from everywhere: Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, you know, just everywhere! And you know, it just baffles me; it baffles my mind! I’m just in awe. I’m in awe.

    Erik: But you see, I’m in awe of YOU! I couldn’t do what you’re doing, all those lives that you’re touching, all the people you’re healing, and the compassion—it seems to never end, Mom! It seems to never end for you. It’s just always there. It was with me, with my sister, with everyone. That, to me, is awesome!

    Complements like this make me squirm uncomfortably. Time for comic relief.

    Me (giggling): Aw! I guess we’re just gonna have to start a mutual fan club!


    Me: Oh, here’s another short question. We were talking about aliens, let’s see, are aliens just in a different body, and when they die, do they have spirits or soul bodies that are just like ours? If that’s the case, it doesn’t seem possible that there could be alien energies too. So, I guess what I’m asking is this: Is human soul energy different from alien soul energy?

    Erik: This is something else I’ve learned! There are many forms of life all over, Mom. Some do have an energy kind of like ours—they love, they feel, they have compassion, and some from lighter places: stars, planets, galaxies, have an even greater lightness about them. But then there are some that come from the dark, and they have a real darkness, and it’s disturbing. They tell me—all the angelic beings here—that they’re aware and it’s a constant battle, so I hope that answers your question.

    Me: Well, are these dark energy beings, um, are they also like us, here to progress and become enlightened? Maybe they’re just starting at  a lower point.

    (I’m searching desperately for a silver lining here.)

    (Long pause—I guess Erik’s asking the angelic being.)

    Me (nervously): Aren’t they still a part of God or the Source Energy?

    Erik: There is another energy that is not a God Energy.

    Jeannie: Wow, that’s kind of scary when you think about it.

    Me: I always thought God is All There Is, so this is a little confusing, but I’ll take good over evil any day.

    Jeannie (chuckling): Yeah, me too!!






  • April1st2011


    Before we address this fascinating subject, I’d like to address the fear that some expressed given Erik’s predictions in the last entry. One reader made an astute observation. Maybe Erik and others put this prediction out there so we’d focus our energy to avoiding it. If not, remember that this is just one of many lessons we, as a collective, have and will continue to endure. It’s the ride we signed up for. And if it does come to pass, perhaps we’ll open our eyes to the fact that scarcity is an illusion. There is abundance for all in every way imaginable. Perhaps we’ll open our eyes to the fact that separation is an illusion. The simple joy of surviving will require cooperation between individuals and groups. Money, commerce and technology will no longer trap us in cocoons. And think about this: what harm can really come of all this? What’s the worst thing that can happen? After all, we’re eternal and Divine. It’ll all come out in the wash, I promise.

    I’d also like to mention that I just finished reading Survival of the Soul, the latest book by world-renown medium and clairvoyant, Lisa Williams. It’s a wonderful read, and confirms everything Erik says about death, the afterlife, and reincarnation. I highly recommend it.

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Is it dangerous to give predictions for people’s future? Does it impose on their free will in any way?

    Erik: No, it doesn’t impose! Trust me, if it’s going to alter the way you behave that much, we’re not going to talk about it. We don’t share information that might alter someone’s path so much that they totally detour from their spiritual blueprint. That’s like Guide 101 shit.

    Me: Yeah, I would think that’d be a pretty basic rule! And I bet there are some predictions that guides sort of get us to share to nudge someone in the right direction.

    Erik: Yep, and there have been times when we’ve seen that the person is going to be so off-track that if we go ahead and share something, they might say, “There’s no way in HELL I want THAT!! So, they’ll turn 90 degrees to avoid it. Then that turn puts them on a better path.

    Me: Oh, good, Hey, you guys are pretty sneaky!

    Erik: Yep, we have to be sometimes! So when people fuss at you for giving predictions to others, like through a psychic, they feel like their right to secrecy is being taken away—like it’s supposed to be some big mystery that shouldn’t be toyed with.

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: Well, that’s a person who’s a firm believer that time is linear and that there’s still MYSTERY TO COME! (He says this is a mock inspired tone.)

    Me: Oh, yeah!

    Erik: But the truth is, we’ve already done it. We’ve already lived it; it’s already existed. So let’s go easy on the humans!

    Jamie (chuckling): He puts his hands out, I don’t know, like how you would pat down a bed. ‘Easy on the humans!’

    Me: You mean the people who fuss at us for providing the predictions?

    Erik: Yes. Yes. And you know you have multiple selves, so one of those selves is following the prediction and the other ones may be traveling all sorts of other paths. As long as the journey takes you through the lessons and the goals from your spiritual blueprint have been achieved, who the fuck cares if you take the road paved with asphalt, the road covered with potholes, the road paved in concrete or the one paved in gold!

    (Okay, I’m going for the one covered in gold. No, make that chocolate.)

    Me: That’s right, and each of our selves can share the fruits of those lessons with the other selves.

    Erik: Yep.

    My Life's Road

    Yeah. Right! (or Left?)

    Me: So, is the whole thing about Indigos and Crystals and Rainbows true?

    Erik: Yeah, totally true. We were a sleeping world for a long, long time. And we chose to be that way, because we chose to surrender ourselves and give in to government and religion and let go of our personal power. Then, one by one, as we fought through that it’s just like dominoes falling or the 100th monkey—it begins to expand, so those souls came back to inhabit the land again. It started off with people who were highly intuitive—

    Me: Wait, what do you mean, “the souls came back to inhabit the land again?” Are you talking about a certain type of soul?

    Erik: Um, yes, a certain type of soul. Just think of the Indigos, the Crystals—whatever names people are giving them—these are souls that are coming into a body and NOT having full amnesia. Like, some are coming in with, say,  40% amnesia, 60% knowing. These are the people who will train the others to wake the fuck up. This is our time to wake up.

    Me: So, what’s the difference between Indigos and Crystals, I mean, as far as their purpose is concerned?

    Erik: Well, the Indigos are like the rebels that are supposed to slap people in the face to wake them up. They’re the teachers, the ones who confront and break down the status quo. The Crystals are more sensitive and calm. They’re the healers who’ll help you learn how to put your life back together.

    Jamie (excitedly): Get this. He gave me this image when he said it’s our time to wake up. He showed me somebody sleeping in a bed in a dead sleep. And you have to shake them, take them by their shoulders and hops and just grab them and shake and shake and shake to get even a tiny bit of attention out of that person.

    Erik: That’s what happens. There has to be a lot of collapse and violent moving before humanity wakes up. The financial collapse we just talked about—-that’s part of it. The shake to wake up.

    Me: Shake and Wake!

    Jamie: I love that metaphor so much. “Shake to wake up.”

    Me: Me too! So are we approaching this age of Spiritual Awakening?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Oh, good! Give us details, Erik? What will it be like?

    Erik: Well, you have to get through the hardest part of life where the earth will really shake it up for you. But what it’s like is, you can look at any person—age, race, status—and you can feel the connection with them. There won’t be that distance anymore. The separation illusion will weaken, especially between life forces, because trees, plants, animals, everything will be respected.

    Me: Oh, good! Now, when you say the earth will be involved in shaking us out of our coma, are we talking about something apocalyptic?

    Erik: No, it’ll be like a string of disasters like you’re already seeing, but it’ll increase even more.

    Me: Geez, how much of an increase are we talking about here? Are we talking about another Ice Age or a super volcano or—

    Erik: Not an Ice Age.

    (Long pause)

    Erik: I hate to tell you, but the United States will be destroyed by a super volcano. The one in Yellowstone National Park.

    (Longest pause ever)

    (Ha, ha, April Fools from little ol’ me, Elisa. See where Erik gets it? The “longest pause ever” was to keep your eyes from drifting lower ahead of time. Can’t have you spoiling my joke, can I?)

    Jamie: He does show a volcano, but I don’t know if you’d call it mega or super. But he’s showing me the land plates moving.

    Me: Yeah, I think we’re already seeing some of that starting. So, when is the age of Spiritual Awakening? It might be impossible to say, given the fact that there’s no linear time, but—

    Jamie (laughing): I know, isn’t that fun?!

    Me: I know! It makes it hard to reconcile things: the human construct of linear time and the moment point in the afterlife!

    Erik: The timing all depends on how much energy people are putting toward the chaos compared to how much energy people are putting toward the calm.

    Me: Oh, okay. So it depends on the balance between the two.

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Like playing spiritual tug-o-war over a lava pit!

    Erik (putting his finger up): Exactly! Exactly!

    Me: What about Rainbow and Star children? Do they exist too, or are there only Indigos and Crystals?

    Erik: No, there are different energy patterns. Rainbows have a sensitivity to all levels of vibration, and they’re coming in for harmony purposes—balance and harmony. The Stars, those are E.T.s coming from other places, other planets, other races, who come in to the human form to help enlighten humans so they know that there’s a much bigger box that we live in. (He laughs.) Humans think it’s so small!

    Me: Aw, we’re such peons!

    This weekend, I’ll share with you some exciting information that might just explain what he means. It has to do with black holes, white holes, singularities and event horizons.

    Blog member, Susan, shared this wonderful song by Michael Jackson. I’m sure you all know it, but the lyrics couldn’t possibly be more apropos! Talk about synchronicity! Thanks, Susan!

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