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  • November1st2015


    I hope you guys had a spooktacular Halloween. I did, and I vlogged about it so expect to see that YouTube soon! By the way, one of you sent me a book on how to astral travel. I can’t wait to get into it, but I can’t remember how to contact you to thank you! I hope you see my gratitude here!

    Here are four great Erik stories.

    Story #1

    I’m still not sure if this was an Erik prank. I still think it was pretty neat what happened. A few weeks ago, I really wanted to rewatch The Matrix. (Elisa here. Erik loved that movie!) I rented the movie, and was watching it on my cell phone in bed around 10:30 at night. In the first few minutes of the movie Trinity was looking for the ringing phone to exit.

    All of a sudden, my home phone rings for a good 10 seconds, so loud it spooked both me and my dogs. I think I ducked under the covers for a bit. Lol. I kept asking myself if I should pick it up. I was afraid that I would exit this reality and not know what I will encounter on the other side.

    I really don’t need a home phone. I use my cell as my main contact. The only reason why I have a home phone because it came with the internet package. That home phone rarely rings, almost never!

    That phone hasn’t rang since that night. Erik if it was you, thanks for keeping me company. (He was probably watching the movie with this blog member.)

    Elisa thanks for creating the blog, its been helping me get through rough times.

    Jamie, and all other mediums thanks for channeling Erik.



    Story #2

    After only a few days watching the videos, I registered here. My psychic experiences are few at best so I wondered if Erik would bother to try. Well, at 3am the next morning, a laptop in the living room starts playing a Pokemon video. My wife grumbled, powered it down, and came back to bed. A couple minutes later the laptop came on again by itself. So Ok… Maybe Erik. Next, you need to know I really really dislike Nick Jonas. The next day, as I was bringing in the groceries and thinking about Erik, my cell phone in my pocket spontaneously launched my daughter’s radio Disney app and started playing … guess what?!

    Lastly, does anyone know if there’s a connection with Erik to key lime pie? If so, I’ll have more to say. (Elisa here, again. He and I love key lime pie!)

    Story #3

    Hello my brothers and sisters, I have a buddy that has had a really bad year. Without going into too much detail, he took an 1800 ibuprofen and some how it got stuck and burned a hole in his intestines. And it damn near killed him. He’s had multiple surgeries and a very long recovery. On top of all of that he hasn’t been able to work and is having financial difficulties. The other night we were having a couple of beers at the same bar where Erik has joined me once. Anyway, I’m sitting there, and I start thinking to myself about all the shit he (my buddy) has been through. And I thought “Hey, why not ask Erik if he can help.” So, in my head I said, “Hey Erik, my buddy sitting next to me has had some really bad luck. Maybe you could help him out.” I suppose you could call it a “prayer,” but really it was more like me talking to Erik on the phone. About a minute later, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to look at who it was and it was my buddy. I waited to hear what he was about to say to me, but he didn’t say anything. He just sat there smiling at me and then it hit me IT WAS ERIK letting me know he was on the case! Thank you my brother.

    Story #4

    Dearest Dr. Medhus,

    For a long time I was carrying the memory of my friend/sister Josie like a burden. She took her life sometime in November 1997. I developed big memory lagoons during and after her passing. I blamed myself for not being able to stop her. Probably my brain’s way to cope with the pain of it all. And then recently, October 2014, my sister-in-law Alma took her life with an OD. I did predict that to happen, but the mental help she was getting wasn’t enough, I guess… Of course the whole incident re-opened a deep wound in my heart and left me looking for the famous answer to the question: WHY DID THEY DO IT? You know, the whole enchilada of questions that come with the possibility that we could have actually changed the outcome of their thoughts or actions.

    I follow several sites on my FB page, and one of them lead me to your blog, which I started reading, and I also watched several of the videos. Not long after, I had a vivid dream in which I found myself in a bedroom. Not knowing where I was, I looked around and at the back I saw this young man with a cowboy hat, sort of leaning on a piece of furniture and then with a mischievous smile on his face, candidly asked me: “What the fuck are you doing?” I then realized I was in his room, Erik’s room. Immediately, I felt pulled back and woke up feeling like an intruder, which in a way, I was. So, I apologize deeply to Erik and to you Elisa. I can’t promise that it won’t happen again, cause I don’t even know when I do this things; but rest assured your Erik is there to keep my sorry butt at bay. =) (Elisa here. I’m sure Erik loved having her there! He loved dressing up in cowboy garb, by the way.)

    A few days after this, I was having breakfast with my son. As usual, he slurps his food in and leaves me eating alone on the table. I was busy chewing on my food, because otherwise my stomach throws a fit and gets upset when all of a sudden I was bombarded with a heavy dose of stinky armpit. So, my reaction was: whoa-what in the world?! My son was nowhere near me at all. I turned my head to my left side when the second armpit bomb was dropped right on my face, to the point that I could actually taste it. It was bitter! I kid you not! So I got up and said out loud: “Tell you what Erik, why don’t we spread it all over my house?” and I turned my ceiling fan on! Needless to say, your Erik is simply Awesome! Lots of love for you and your family.

    If only he could send smells like fresh baked brownies or roses. Sigh.

  • October24th2015

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    Story #1

    I just love validation! As I have mentioned before, every morning I go out on my porch and lay in my hammock and listen to the birds and watch my hummingbirds eat. Sometimes a wild turkey is in my yard or a deer. I love it! Well, I asked Analyn (my higher self) to ring the chimes I have on my porch if she liked our morning time together. There is no breeze out there today, that’s why I asked for that particular sign. Well, they started moving a little but not hard enough to make the chime noise. So I asked Erik to help her out so I would know they were both there. And sure enough, the chimes, with no wind, started to go. Just 4 chimes and I said, ‘Thank you so much!!’ and it stopped. Love you Analyn and Erik! I posted this in the FB page and one of the people who hears Erik daily, let me know that yes he said “Of course it was me. Stop doubting yourself and me.” LOL Got it Erik. But it was a truly amazing thing to me. I dearly love my CE Family. Thank you Elisa for all you do and your amazing strength as a women and mother.

    Story #2

    So I had many Erik encounters, pranks and visits but I just had one I had to share. He’s the first one that came to mind and I know it was him. So it was around 8:30 pm and I was making French toast and felt someone on my left side peaking his head over my left shoulder and it was so real I looked over to tell my brother stop. When I realized their was nobody their, I got startled, and I went around the house. Of course I was alone and my lil brother was locked in his room upstairs and didn’t hear me calling. So first thing that came to mind is Erik lol. I asked my brother later about it and told me he felt weird when he came downstairs to the kitchen to get some of my famous French toast and shook it off and we just couldn’t shake that off. My sister who I introduced Erik to also had many experiences with Erik with his familiar pranks but he also visits her in her dreams.. How cool is Erik right lol god bless and thank you Erik for stopping by.

    Story #3

    First of all, I truly love Channeling I found the site after viewing videos of medium Jamie Butler on YouTube days after my husband’s passing November 2014. I have since enjoyed blogging, Facebook following, and reading \ the first book, My Son and the Afterlife by Dr. Medhus. I have asked Erik to go ahead and prank me but to be gentle (he has been). I actually couldn’t believe on July 3rd I had a visit from Erik! I truly didn’t completely wrap my head around it until the next morning while meditating. I was feeling tingles just thinking about it and how he blessed me with his presence…me, little ‘ol Angelina. I mean nothing really exciting ever happens to me…it was like winning the lotto!! As I was at work (local grocery store in Customer Service Booth), this young man walks up to my booth wearing a rainbow tie-dyed t-shirt (maybe a nod to the acceptance of Gay/Lesbian right to marry…finally!) carrying a rainbow colored parrot. The colors of the bird were the same exact (vibrant) colors as Erik’s shirt. He had curly light brown hair and wore beanie type of hat, had a 5 o’clock shadow, seemed to be around late 20’s, early 30’s, and he was very easy on the eyes. The bird was so quiet it seemed strange. Someone behind Erik had made their interpretation of how the parrot would sound so Erik turned to them to say “The parrot doesn’t sound like that. He actually has a human voice.” I said to Erik, ‘They just offended the parrot.’ We chuckled. Erik asked for a pack of the cheapest cigarettes. He paid with a store gift card. After he left I felt tingly, and I felt so much more confident. I was even more friendly that night. I had a reading with Jamie on July 7th 2015 and Erik was present and was able to confirm his visit with a “hell ya I was there!”…Thank you again Erik and you can visit me anytime :) Love you all!!

    Story #4

    Ok so I do get spirit, and I’ve said before it usually happens while drifting off to sleep or on awakening. Well last night July 9th at around 3am UK time so really July 10th, I had just finished watching the new YouTube video on music and humour, settled down to sleep, was just drifting off and someone pricked my hand that was on my pillow. It was so sharp I jumped but then I was drifting back off and heard a male young voice saying, “Yo!” but I didn’t say anything back. I just carried on and went to sleep 😊

    Story #5

    I had missed Elisa’s radio interview with Royce Holleman, so got the number from his website and called him the next day to see if I could hear a replay of it. He said it wasn’t ready for replay yet and asked for my email to send me a link when it was. Apparently, when one calls his number, the caller’s voice comes through on speakers and he kept saying while we were talking that his speakers were cutting off and on. That happened 5 separate times. Also, when taking down my email address, he said every time he typed the letter “v” another letter would show up instead. He said that neither of those things had ever happened before. I told him that I thought he was being pranked by Erik and he gasped and then belly laughed and agreed. Once we acknowledged the source of the pranks, they stopped and he could hear me on speaker long enough to get my email (and it got typed correctly.) I look forward to hearing the interview!

  • October18th2015


    I love this first story. She loves her f-bombs just like Erik does!

    Story #1


    Putting on nail stickers…..something or other. I don’t fucking know what they are called but they are cute colors and I stick them on my nails. Anyways!…lol

    I use a nail file to file them down. I had put the file down right in front of me on the couch and when I went for it again it was gone. I was like ok?…Fucking weird, but got up looked along the whole couch, on the floor and in between the cracks, nothing. I was like WTF!!!!

    So I was like fuck it. I’ll use the other file because I had two, I started watching my show again and when I turned, to look down to grab whatever I needed next. It was sitting right in plain sight exactly where I had left and where it was absolutely was NOT when I couldn’t find it. Erik!!! I know it was him!! It freaked my little brother in law out a bit, but it makes me feel reassured. We 💖 u Erik!!! 💅🏻

    Story #2

    Wow! I just found Channeling Erik a few days ago and I love it. I have so much to talk about I don’t know where to start. I’ve received many gifts the last 9 months and one is to talk to the spirit world and I have been talking to Erik, too. I’ve had a terribly, (I know there is not good or bad) emotionally draining last 2 months from losing all my friends, to abuse at work, to extreme fear thoughts, questioning why there is so suffering and connecting with so much pain in the world, etc. so I thought I’d call on Erik to cheer me up since I know he’s so funny and also wants to help with emotional issues in humans. I’m on an emotional journey that is so painful but is so spiritually enlightening that I’m trying not to hate every moment and handle everything “right” and be grateful — since that is what I’m supposed to do apparently……… Anywhooo, the first time I called on Erik, it didn’t go real well. He was really funny and sweet but also kind of told me he was busy and couldn’t hang around forever cheering me up. I understood because I need to look inward more instead of always reaching out for help to fix my problems. Anyways, now it is different. He is constantly hanging around cracking me up. (God I’m laughing now just thinking about him, and I haven’t laughed in months.) If I stick to just humor he’s always there, but if I get into all my pain and try to discuss that, he kind of cuts me off, which is perfect since he’s training me to not obsess over my thoughts so much and not be so needy outside myself. I think I drain friends that way. Anyway, I was doing a chakra clearing mediation today, and he was SO funny. I kept picturing him in a corner standing on his head or another weird position and as soon as I thought of him, he’d race across the room at an unbelievable speed with a terrified (but funny) look on his face and get right in my face and say, “Do you need me now?” This continued on and on. (I think you had to be there…….. lol.) He was like the class clown. Even during my meditation I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I pictured the angels who were working on me to just kind of smirk and shake their heads but also enjoy his humor. He does anything for a laugh. Also there was a part where there was to be total stillness, but I thought of him and he was laying on his back but there was some inappropriateness (in earth terms but not really) going on which totally cracked me and Erik told me he just couldn’t be “still” at that moment. (We know silly Erik can go that way sometimes for a laugh….) I prayed to get some of my sense of humor back since I was once considered to have a gift of humor before I got caught up with all the world’s crap. Anyways, he is such a blessing and I love his spirit and can’t wait for more interactions with him. Also, he told me to go to his website and look for the humor blog and type a message in it. I told him I didn’t think there was any information he had posted about humor but I found it!! I want to tell you (Elisa) that I also had severe child abuse and I can’t imagine the pain you must have endured going through the death of Erik. When there is not a good foundation coming into this world, any other hurt after that seems to be intensified to the extreme so I’m so happy that you have found your amazing son again and don’t hurt anymore. Erik did tell me to give you (Elisa) a message. I said, “Why do I have to give your mom a message when she talks with you constantly and Jamie always channels you?” (Jamie is adorable by the way.) Erik still told me it was important for me to pass along this message to you. Your message is “Be still!” That also has been my message from my spirit helpers the last few days. Love and peace!!!!

    Story #3

    A few weeks ago, I had asked Erik if he could give me an answer to a legal issue I was preoccupied with at the time. Soon after, I received a phone call from an unfamiliar interstate number on my mobile. (Mind you, I don’t live in the USA.) When I answered the call, all I heard was the word “Nope” coming from the other end of the line, before the youngish-voiced caller hung up without another word being spoken.

    Being an unusual number to me, I checked it out on-line before returning the call, in case it was a ‘cold caller’ wanting to sell me a product. I couldn’t find it listed as such and, with curiosity getting the better of me, decided to call back to investigate what the caller was phoning me about. When the number was answered, I introduced myself and advised that I was returning the call placed to me from that number. In reply, an elderly sounding gentleman informed me that, ‘Yes’ the number I called belonged to him … he was the phone’s only user … he hadn’t loaned it out to anyone else … but he hadn’t called my number and didn’t know me. I’m still scratching my head.

    Story #4

    Ok, well, I’ll keep it short. I’m a medium and have been connecting with Erik for a while now. I’m staying to notice a trend-FROGS! Whenever I connect & ask for Erik’s approval and help, he validates with frogs! Today he encouraged me to do free channeling Erik readings, and I said, “Free? Are you sure I won’t get overwhelmed?” So I asked Erik for a frog if I heard him right. Offer free channeling Erik readings…. it’s not the free part I’m concerned about. Will I have time to accommodate? So anyways, I suddenly came upon 2 baby frogs… and went running to get my phone to take a picture, and when I took off running, I tripped over another LARGE frog! I didn’t want to step on him & smash him! Haha!

    Thanks Erik for the encouragement! You’re awesome!

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

  • October3rd2015

    I found this on Robert’s timeline. So, funny!!

    Here are some great Erik encounters!
    Story #1
    Hello! I have been following Channeling Erik now for a couple months. I have a son in heaven also, born and died July 1, 1977. He lived for an hour after birth. I never got to see him as he was whisked away quickly to try and save his life. Even after, I didn’t get to see him. Not sure what the nurses were thinking back then. But anyways, his birthday is coming up on July 1, and I have been thinking it would be nice to get to see his face in my mind’s eye or have him appear to me. I have been asking the angels for this request.

    Yesterday afternoon I was right here in front of my computer, and I heard a soft and distant phone ringing in the other room. I am thinking hm, it didn’t sound like my cell phone and not only that it was sitting right next to me. So I jumped up and ran into the kitchen and realized that no phone was ringing, and suddenly I experienced a full body tingling from head to foot, and I found a penny on my dining room table which wasn’t there before. I laughed to myself and said ‘Erik?? Is this you?” and so I started talking to him like he was there, and I asked him to go look for my son and bring him to me. :) Don’t know what the penny means.. but I always think it means good luck when you find a penny in a obscure place. We will see how this unfolds….

    Thank you for your Love and light and thoughts on this. I will for sure share again if I do indeed see my son.

    Maryann Potter

    Story #2

    I put my full enclosing over-ears headphones on and was about to plug them into the laptop to listen to the Hitler video and clearly heard “poo” or “boo.” It scared me it first, but then I thought this must be Erik, and then I heard it again! I’m 100% positive it came from inside my headphones and not the room.

    Story #3

    Please use only my first name (for obvious reasons) I usually don’t read the Erik encounters and skip over them because I am much more interested in Erik’s insights and experiences on the other side, but whenever I need something for myself or for the therapy group that I attend, I’ll just ask Erik and on the very next day, something will appear on the blog so I know he’s there for me, but this is the first time I actually asked him to show up.

    I have been on probation for the last 3 years and am just about a month away from being released. I have to report once a month to my probation officer and was just recently assigned to a new officer. I had just completed a court mandated class, and I needed for my officer to sign the paperwork so that I could graduate. I was feeling a little nervous before reporting so whenever I have felt that way in the past, I always ask my angels to be with me and chase away my fears. This time, however, I asked Erik to go with me to the probation office and to let me know, somehow that he was there. I also told him not to play any pranks that will get me in trouble. Lol. When I gave my P.O. my paperwork, he read it through from front to back. Most P.O.’s will just take the paperwork, sign it and give it back, but my officer told me he would hold on to it and give me a call and I could pick it up later in the week. I asked him if he could at least give it to me within the next two days so that I could graduate from my course. He promised me he would look at it today and that he would sign it and leave it for me at the reception desk, and I could come and pick it up later today. I got a phone call from him an hour later and went down to pick up my paperwork. The receptionist asked for my name and ID and handed me the envelope from my probation officer. My signed paperwork was inside the envelope and everything was good. When I turned the envelope over, my last name was written accross the envelope but instead of my first name, he mistakenly wrote ERIC. It was not spelled with a “K” but the message was clear to me. Erik was there. The envelope said “Aragon, Eric.”

    Last but not least, here’s the recording of Jamie, Erik and my interview on The Kevin Moore Show. 

  • September30th2015


    The Erik Encounters are really piling up, so here are two of the ones that are next in queue!

    First story: A funny thing happened to me today . I was driving home from work, kind of on autopilot, when I looked into my rear view mirror and there was this silver Sion riding right up my bumper. I’m like dude, really??? Then we came to a stoplight and I tried to get a look at the driver and it was a young guy curly hair wearing a baseball cap backwards and dark sunglasses, (he looked just like the person in the smoke picture I posted earlier) Then the light turned green and I looked in my rear view mirror again and the car was gone! I just said “Erik, good one!”

    Second Story: Was not going tell the story but I guess I have to.Yesterday was a very long day for me. I had stayed over night at my daughters so I would be there in time for my granddaughters graduation from High School. All the events went as planned. The grad, the lovely lunch, picture taking, all of it. When it was time for me to leave I was so very tired that when I got in the car I said, Erik I need you, please don’t let me fall asleep at the wheel. That is how tired I was. So I am driving home, an hour and a half drive. I am relaxed and my hand was resting on my purse, next to me, and a drop of water hits my hand…..out of nowhere. Other then my open bottle of water there was no place for water to come from in the car, windows closed and my A/C doesn’t drip. So where did a drop of water come from? So I said to Erik, “Okay, I am awake, I promise.” I smiled all the way home. This morning in thinking about it I had a tear in my eye. Erik has my back! How marvelous is this. Erik has my back. With all my heart I say, “Thank you, Erik. You are a gift to all of us.” Oh I am 76 yrs. old, not his playmate. I love him like a grandson.

  • September20th2015


    Here’s another two-fer!

    I am brand new here (Hi everyone!) but already I feel compelled to share what happened to me last night. To just give a tad bit of backstory, I have had a very hard life. I know what loss is, I know what pain is, I know what struggle is. Needless to say, everyone close to me calls me “strong”, the strongest woman they know. I am proud of myself for that but I am also very fragile, very sensitive. I have bipolar disorder ( I have heard you call it bipolar disease, Elise, in some of the videos I am watching on youtube, but that feels weird to me calling it that), borderline personality disorder and a few other inconvenient labels that make everyday life hard to endure.

    I am also sensitive, intuitive and an empath, with other abilities strengthening daily. Although I enjoy being an empath, some of the feelings I receive are none too enjoyable. I have a lot of fear, of what, I am not sure, and even though I have dealt with many paranormal instances in my past (some of which I surely should have made me pee my pants) and shrugged off, I continue to be fearful of things that haven’t even happened! So last night, sitting in bed after three nights in a row of almost no sleep, I felt foolish but determined to talk to Erik…You know, to feel him out (empath lingo, ha ha ha). And before I could even start, I felt something touch my knee. The skin tingled, it goose bumped, all in the shape of a hand. It reacted! It did not scare me; didn’t even alarm me. I thought, oh there is Erik. But instantly, as my bipolar mind does, the doubt entered. Hey Jamie, you are stupid. Erik wouldn’t waste his time on you. It’s just wishful thinking…that kind of thing. (I completely relate and understand what he means by the voices in his head, and feeling separate and removed from things) But, I bolstered on, because I desperately need a connection with him because I am so detached from everyone, including myself, I cannot feel love. I can give it, I can “act” like I receive it just like everyone else, but I really, truly cannot feel it.

    And knowing this, he touched my other leg and I started talking and then it hit me. A feeling of love, and though I tried to fight it, I started crying. Laughing and crying out loud, saying, “I feel like an idiot. I can’t believe I’m crying. This is absurd.” And the feeling grew stronger and I gave in to it and I cried some more. I knew it was him, at that time.

    Today is a new day, and with it, my insecurities, and my bipolar mind is telling me all the time I’m making it up. But he has been with me so often in my thoughts, that I almost feel obsessed with him (which is rather unnerving) and I try NOT to think of him because I feel I would bother him in someway.
    Yesterday I tried to register and entered an email and waited until about an hour ago for a reply so my registration would complete. I kept saying to Erik, “I need your help. I really want to be registered.. help me.” And ironically a thought kept entering my mind to try again but use a different email. I’ll admit. I am terribly stubborn. But after 3 nudges to try the other email, I did. And sure enough, it worked immediately. I laughed and thanked Erik and humbled, told him, “Well, I should have listened to you the first time.”

    I’m so thankful for the feeling he gave me. Thinking about it makes my eyes fill with tears. I can’t wait to know what comes next!

    Another story:

    So Erik finally agreed to use the pendulum with me! My hand is STILL shaking from his energy. It’s so powerful. My whole body is shaking actually lol what I always wonder is what’s on his mind, if he’s happy, and if there’s anything he wants. I asked him if he was happy and I got a big “yes”. I asked if he was happy with the blog, and I got a big “yes.” Then I asked if there was anything he wanted, and he spelled out “TV SHOW” hahaha!

    Erik’s birthday is tomorrow!

  • June27th2015


    Last night before bed after reading a post on here about how to connect with deceased loved ones, i thought i would give it a try! I first started thinking of Erik and asked him to make his self known he’s here. Right away i started feeling a warm electricity around me and felt him touching my arm. The hairs around the touch were sticking up! I felt his presence. I asked him to help my brother who committed suicide at the age of 12 in 2006 to come forward and give me a message that he’s ok. During sleep i had a dream that we were in my parents’ living room in front of his memorial. John came up to me with a big smile and said he’s fine and he loves me and everything will be ok. On the couch was erik chilling out like he’s smoking 420 with cut up jeans and a hat to the side smiling at me. Greatest dream ever! Thx erik!

  • June21st2015


    I’ve noticed that some of you have been using the “Share Your Story” button to ask Erik for help. As much as I’d love to have been able to afford to continue the “Ask Erik” page, I couldn’t. Remember that this button is only to submit Erik pranks, visits and other forms of communication. If you do need help, I suggest you bring your story up in the comments section or in the Channeling Erik Facebook Group so that I or others can support you in some way. You can also have one of the CE mediums channel answers from Erik if you want.

    Enjoy this one. It’s such an inspirational story!

    I was having a stressful day, well, more like a depressing week. The reason, I’m not sure, but I’ve always been so anxious and depressed. Today, I just couldn’t handle it anymore. So, finally when my kids went to sleep, I stepped outside and sat on the swing. I just sat there staring at the sunset and watching the stars pop up. I was talking to Erik in my mind, and when I looked at the sky there was what looked like someone had drew an ‘E’ in the clouds.

    So, I asked him what to do. What can I do to feel better? How do I get through this? Not even 5 min later, I looked at the sky and, I kid you not, it looked like he wrote ‘Love Self’ in the clouds. I knew for sure then that if not Erik, somebody was trying to tell me something. I thanked him, and felt a little better and walked back inside.

  • May8th2014


    I’m happy to announce the winner of the Ask Erik drawing, Hyla M. Also, Tim W. was the first person to guess Erik’s favorite sport involving his truck: mudding. His truck was a mess for months after the last mudding, and his transmission, which took a beating, had to be overhauled last year. Expensive sport, but he sure had fun doing it! Congrats, you two!

    As many of you know, I’m going to start writing the next book. None of the material will come from the blog, so that means all future sessions will be devoted to the book until the manuscript is finished. This means I have to mete out the transcriptions I still have until then, so I’m going to re-publish previous posts twice a week. This also makes sense because we have so many new blog members who can’t fathom plowing through the archives. There’s probably almost 1,500 posts! 

    Here’s the first of the Tuesday and Thursday “Best of Erik” series.

    My younger sister, Laura, always had a special connection with Erik, perhaps because they shared some of the same struggles, perhaps because they shared the same philosophy of life. Whatever the reasons, she was particularly devastated by his death. I’m certain Erik sensed her grief and came to comfort her one day in the wee hours of the morning. Here’s Laura’s poignant story of her visit with Erik:

    “Erik’s presence was sitting on the porch with me, and I felt very calm and sure of his being there with me. I told him how much he was missed and felt like he understood the grief we all were experiencing because of his passing. There was so much empathy and compassion radiating from him. He was certainly “all knowing”. I was smoking a cigarette and offered him one which he took with a mischievous grin when I said ‘don’t tell your Mom and Dad.’ I asked Erik to watch over his Mom, Dad, brother, sisters and the rest of the family and to let them know that he was happy. I told him that I understood his pain and suffering in life, and I could tell that he had finally found peace. We sat in silence for about 30 or 40 minutes. I reached over the patio table and held his hand and squeezed it. Then I told him I knew he was going to be busy visiting his family but he could come visit Jim and I any time. I told him I loved him and I was grateful for his visit. Then he left. I felt better afterwards.”

    Laura and her husband, Jim, had recently moved back to Houston after many years in Little Rock. I’m so grateful that they both had time to renew their relationship with Erik. All three of them enjoyed each other’s company on several occasions the last few month’s before Erik died. His aunt and uncle were always there to listen, offer comfort and advice, and provide quiet companionship. They treated him to dinner, took him out fishing, and often enjoyed their smokes together on our back porch. Laura and Jim love and miss him deeply and look forward to his next visit!

    Laura and Erik in Destin

    Laura and Erik in Destin

    Fisherman Erik

  • February6th2014


    I’m just about to leave for the Channeling Erik Weekend of F-ing Enlightenment. I’m beyond excited! Can’t wait to meet you guys who are going, too. I won’t be posting tomorrow, but when I get back, I can’t wait to transcribe and post both my first session with Robert and Erik’s answer to Marcie’s Ask Erik submission!


    Me: What do we look like to you, Erik?

    Erik: People.


    Erik: Dense. Milky.

    Jamie: Milky?

    (Pause as Jamie listens)

    Jamie: He’s trying to describe.

    Erik: You know, we’re so clear and fluid like water, and then when we go to work with people, they’re kind of dense and milky. You can’t see through milk.

    Me: Kind of like sewage water?


    Jamie (chuckling): For once he’s not going to go the nasty route. He goes, “No, not like sewage water.”

    Me: Oh, okay. We just look like milk. Is it homogenized, whole, skim?

    Erik: Whole milk

    Jamie (giggling): He’s cutting up.

    Me: Okay. Anything else on how we look.

    Erik: No. Just dense.

    Me: Well, some of us are. Well, what do we feel when you touch us, and what do you feel?

    Erik: What do humans feel when I touch them? Mostly goosebumps, tingles.

    I can vouch for that. If you guys ever get those prickles, it might be Erik giving you a hug.

    Me: Definitely. I felt that.

    Pause while Jamie shakes her head. Clearly Erik has said something inappropriate. Big surprise.

    Jamie: He said something completely irrelevant and nasty that I’m skipping.

    Me: Oh good. Please do.

    What was I thinking? Of course I wanted her to share it. Dammit.

    Jamie: You wanted to skip that. That’s good.

    Not really. I lied. I think I just wanted to spare the poor girl.

    Erik: Sometimes if I get really close to the person, I make them feel like they can’t take a deep breath. There’s this technique in the afterlife when we’re helping a human go through [something] whether it’s grief or anxiety, a hardship that they’re making harder on themselves because of the way that they’re perceiving it. We kind of get up in their energy, and we’ll wrap them like a cocoon almost. Think of it as a big bear hug.


    Erik: We wrap them in energy and just let them know that they’re not alone. They’re with someone, and often I find that people can’t catch their breath, so they’ll take a big gasp. So, that’s mostly my big signals.

    Me: Mm hm.

    I gasp like that all the time!

    Erik: Then what I feel when I touch humans—

    (Long pause)

    Jamie (to Erik): Yeah, that doesn’t register. He goes, “You know, kind of what it feels like when you walk through a wall.” And I’m like, ‘Yuh.’ (It’s hard to spell out the sound she made, but she shakes her head at the same time.)

    Me (laughing): I don’t think so! We’d just get big goose eggs on our forehead if we did that.

    Erik: Well, it’s kind of like when you put your cold feet in a hot tub. You dip your toes in there, and it burns, and you pull it out, but you kind of get used to it. You’re pushing through the heat. The heat’s is transferring all through the toes and the foot and everything. The water still stays [where it is], but the heat moves through. It has a, you know, an energetic response I guess on the inside, you could say. I guess that’s what it would feel like. At first, you kind of enter into the person’s energetic field, that big thing that you carry with you. That’s kind of easy. You’re like, “Oh, now I know the person, and I know what they’re thinking and feeling,” but when you enter into the body, it’s like toes stepping into the tub. You’re like, “Oooh.” You gotta get used to it. Sometimes—


    Jamie: I’m asking him what “sometimes” means.


    Jamie (to Erik, smiling): Eighty percent. That’s fine.

    Erik: Eighty percent of the time you need permission to enter that person’s body. There’s probably 20% of the people that just don’t even notice, don’t even care. There are probably 40% of the people that notice when it happens but just kind of shrugs it off where you have to ask permission to work with that person further.

    Me: Do you ask them on a conscious level, or –

    Erik: No, no. Subconscious level. If it were on a conscious level, I’d fucking scare them out of their skin!

    I giggle.

    Erik: There’s about 40% who are highly aware that when they get that sensation, they know what’s going on.

    That’s me. I’m in the 40% club. Yay.

    Erik: They have boundaries clearly set, and you have to ask before you even attempt.


    Erik: I can’t wait until everybody gets to be that way.

    Me: Me too.


    Jamie: He just got really calm and he’s like, “Yeah, that’s going to be fucking cool when everybody’s catching up to the concept of energetic bodies.”

    Erik: You know, it doesn’t even have to be described as “spiritual” or “mysticism”. Fuck all that terminology. Just people waking up and being aware of the energetic body.


    Jamie: He’s sitting down and nodding his head, and he goes, “Yeah. That’d be cool.”

    Jamie laughs, and I follow shortly.

    Me: That’s Erik! Erik, do you have anything else to say?

    Erik: No.

    Jamie: He’s trying to dance again.

    Me: Oh, please don’t. Please don’t, Erik. You’re going to break a leg. An energetic leg.


    Jamie (grinning widely): I have no idea what he’s doing. It’s funny, though. You don’t realize how leggy and arm-y he is.

    Me: Oh, his is.

    Jamie: He’s thin, but normally his arms are kind of always [close] to his body, or he has them sort of curled up.

    She crosses her arms exactly like Erik used to do.

    Jamie: You never get to see his wingspan until he pulls some of these things. Wow.

    Me: He crossed his arms all the time. That’s pretty much how he walks. Pacing and crossing his arms.

    I never remember him having his arms away from his body except for those lovely hugs.

    Jamie: He’s—

    Me: Spiderman!

    Jamie: Yes.

    She and I both laugh.

    Jamie (to Erik, waving her hand at him): Sit down!

    Me: How about you, Jamie. Do you have anything else to say?

    Jamie: Mm mm. I just want to thank Erik for not messing with the videos anymore. The screen stayed exactly the same. Nothing shrunk or collapsed or—

    Me: Thank you, Erik!


  • November29th2012


    Talk about synchronicity. Someone brought to my attention that today is George Harrison’s death anniversary. As I recall, I “coincidentally” posted John Lennon’s interview on his birthday. Ya just can’t make this stuff up.

    Now, Erik is going to play the teacher and show us how to see our deceased loved ones. May I suggest you do this in solitude rather than in public. As you will see, if you were to practice these techniques in a busy mall or grocery store, you’d be hauled off to the looney bin n shot order.

    Me: Can we learn to see things differently, like training our brains to slow down our perception of that high vibration so, for example, we can see the wings of a hummingbird in flight at a complete standstill? I mean, is there some way that we can do that so that we can see our deceased loved ones who are not visible to us because they’re vibrating at a frequency that’s just too far above our visual spectrum?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Oh, okay. So, we need to make software that will help us train our brains to do that. That’d be so cool.

    Erik: Well, there’s other tricks as well such as blinking your eyes very fast when you’re looking at an object that’s vibrating or moving really fast.

    Me: Oh, yeah!

    I grimace as my cat tilts her head with concern as she watches me flutter my eyelids.

    Erik: It takes snapshots, and because the eye is shutting off and turning on, it doesn’t allow the pupil to dilate the way it needs to and to let bursts of light in that’d be too much. The eye can’t quickly adjust to it when you’re blinking fast.

    Me: Hm!

    Erik: This allows too much light in. Blinking will help you see subtle energies, but it does depend on the quality of light as well.

    Me: So—

    Erik: Also, fluorescent lights tend to help—

    (Long pause)

    Me: Tend to help what?

    Jamie (giggling): Oh. Sorry! Did we just stop talking? Is that what happened?

    Jamie and I chuckle.

    Jamie: I was telling him, ‘Yeah I teach my classes, and I’m actually teaching a class today in seeing auras and energies and spirits.’

    Me: So cool!

    Jamie: And I tell the story about how I used to go to the meat department in the grocery stores, because the light was so bad in the meat department, it made it easier for me to see people’s auras.

    Me: Hm!

    Jamie: And so I would stand there and pretend to shop for meat even though I was a vegetarian and look at people’s energetic fields.

    Erik: It’s the quality of light.

    Jamie: I like the eye blinking thing. I don’t teach that.

    Me: Yeah. Wouldn’t want you going around the meat market fluttering your eyes.

    Jamie: I could just hear them. “Excuse me ma’am. Can I help you?”

    We both belly laugh.

    Jamie: ‘No, thank you.’

    Erik: And training to look at subtle color, subtle vibration is getting yourself to—

    Jamie (to Erik): I know, right?

    She continues to translate.

    Erik: Getting yourself calm.

    (Long pause)

    Jamie: He just said two things I said in my class and I said, ‘Erik, are you saying that because it’s what I teach? Like, are you in my head or is that your way of …’

    Erik: Well, you need to find some kind of technique where you can unfocus your eyes while still looking at something. You know, fuzz them out when you stare or like when you stare at a star in the sky and all the other stars disappear.

    Me: Oh yeah. Okay.

    Erik: That kind of staring technique—but you’re focused on one element and the rest just kind of fuzzes away. Do that on an inanimate object. Something that has color. You know, you can create a program that does this on the computer where it gives you a shape and you have to look at it, and while you’re staring at it, take your eyes kind of around the perimeter of the item or the shape a few times and then kind of come back to the center. Then you’ll start seeing a glow. Most people see a white glow, and some people will see color.

    Me: You mean notice the perimeter with your brain rather than moving your eyes around it?

    Erik: No, you can actually move your eyes around the perimeter but still keep them in that unfocused state. It’s exactly what you have to do with those Magic Eye pictures.

    Me: See, those Magic Eye pictures never work on me, because one of my eyes doesn’t converge properly since I had amblyopia as a kid.

    Erik: But it’s the same kind of technique, because once you get into the 3-D image you look around and you can see the 3-D image. You don’t have to stay focused right in the center. So if you just look—take your eyes and have them follow the whole perimeter of the item then come back to center, you’ll start seeing that glow. But then, here’s where you gotta teach yourself what the mirroring effect is.

    Jamie (to Erik): Begins with a G? What are you talking about? Ganzer? Ga-ga, not gator. Go Gators!

    She’s a Florida girl. Guess she felt compelled.

    Jamie: I have such a tickle in my throat for the last 40 minutes.

    (She clears her throat.)

    Jamie (irritated): Can’t get it to stop!

    (She clears her throat again.)

    Me: Drink some water.

    Jamie: I just tried that, and it just made it tickle more.

    Erik: So, once you figure out if you’re not seeing the complementary color of the object you’re looking at—

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: If you’re looking at a red pen and you see a green glow, then you can just scientifically tell yourself, “Well, that’s the mirroring effect. My eyes are just playing a trick on me.” But if you’re looking at a green pen and you see a blue glow, then that shit ain’t the mirroring effect.

    Me: Right.

    Erik: Whereas if you see a yellow glow, you have to say to yourself you’re picking up the subtle energy. And then try it on live creatures. Live creatures have a bigger energetic field, and you’ll see many layers of glow.

    Me: Okay,

    Erik: It just comes with practice. It’s teaching your eyes that they don’t have to look at the surface of something.

    Me: Yes, but the seeing the deceased who are vibrating at such a high rate that they’re well outside the visual range on the electromagnetic spectrum—

    (I also clear my throat.)

    Jamie: You too?

    Me: Yeah, you got me feeling your tickle. Thanks.

    Jamie giggles.

    Erik: You can use this same technique to see the spirits. You just tell us, ”Sit down in that chair over there,” you know. “Stand against that wall right here, and I’m going to sit down and I’m gonna look atcha.”


    Erik: But nobody does that shit because everyone is gonna think you’re crazy for doing it: crazy for practicing and crazy for believing that the spirits are going to listen to them and obey them and sit in a chair or stand against a wall. That’s total bullshit. We would have done it while we were alive; we’d definitely do it when we’re dead. Then, once they start seeing the silhouette or the splotches of color, they think they’re fucked up because they’re seeing it! So, you can’t win for doing and you can’t win for succeeding here. It’s cuz of the stupid brain.

    Jamie giggles.

    Erik: Cuz of judgment.

    Me: Analytical crap. Okay, so is it better in fluorescent light then?

    Erik: Yeah, it’s easier because it helps the eye not be able to focus exactly clearly on the material item.

    Me: All right. Is it better if the light level is lower, higher or what?

    Erik: Nah, that’s going to be a personal preference.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: For me, I like it when the lights are bright, like they’re really on.  That gives more reflection off my vibrational body.

    Me: Okay. Is it better to use a dark background, a light background?

    Erik: White. Yeah, go to a white background.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie: That makes sense, because then you’d be able to identify exactly what color it is.

    Me: Yes exactly.

    Erik: If you’re doing a dark background, then you just need to go completely dark. No lights. Dark background. That puts you in the setting of like a psychomanteum.

    Me: Would it also help to flutter your eyelids fast during that exercise, too?

    Erik: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

    That would take a whole world of coordination and rhythmic skills I don’t and will never have. 

    Jamie: I’m going to try that in my class today. I’m going to have my students do that. See if it works.

    Me: While we’ve been talking, my eyes and eyelids have been doing all sorts of crazy things. I’m so glad nobody’s looking through the window. They’d never be the same. 

    We all chuckle at the thought. Well, there’s my poor cat, though.

    Me: God, we started with hummingbird wings.

    Jamie: We’ve been all over the place, haven’t we?

    Me: Yes, we have!

    Just a reminder: If you want to talk to a deceased love one or ask Erik about your spiritual mission, your past lives, health, career, relationship issues or more, there’s a small group channeling call coming up next week. Here’s the link:

    On a sad, personal note, my daughter’s beloved dog, Winnie, has gone missing since Thanksgiving Eve. We’ve combed the area for hours, put our a Pet Amber Alert, called the City of Houston Solid Waste Department to see if she was picked up dead in the road, went to all the animal control and animal shelters, the SPCA, CAPs, etc. We put over 75 posters at intersections. Eventually, we got in touch with Jamie and Erik says she was picked up by an effeminate man. He justified his actions as “saving her from irresponsible owners.” Sadly, Winnie had a tag with Kristina’s address and cell number so it would have been easy to do the right thing. Sigh. We’re just devastated.

    On that note, I’d like to share a song from blog members Kent and Cindy Lehman’s band, Eclectic Verve. Kent wrote song when his cat of 19 years died in his arms. Some people don’t understand how much our animal companions mean to us. They’re a part of the family–and often the ones that are the most unconditionally loving and bring the least drama.

    Here’s their YouTube Channel and website:

    Their songs are available on iTunes and you can subscribe to their newsletter through their website. An interesting note: Kent is a skilled medium and enjoys channeling Erik!


  • September11th2012


    Paul was so very touched by all of your heartfelt comments from yesterday’s post. He did want to say that the link I provided for his artwork was not functioning, so I changed it in that entry. It’s

    As for the San Diego event, I want to thank everyone for their patience! Jamie’s assistant, Weedie, should be giving me all the information any day now: the event agenda, the costs, the hotel information, etc.

    Also, I think it would be very healing to have a channeling conference call just for grieving parents. We can limit it to a handful of people so it can be a very intimate group. If you’re interested, please email at, and I’ll ask Jamie if she can do that for us.

    Last but not least, we’re going to be channeling Buddha Friday. I don’t know much about his life, so I’m wondering if any of you would like to submit interview questions. If so, could you email them to me to the email address listed above? Thanks!

    Okay, Erik’s chomping at the bit, as we say in Texas, so let’s unleash him.


    Me: Do our loved ones think about us, or have they moved on and we’re just a memory?


    Jamie: Erik, don’t say that.

    Erik: Wouldn’t it be fucked up if we just said: Hell no. When you die, you totally move on, because that shit is old.

    Me: Erik! That’d be awful!

    Erik: No, we think about them all the time, because we still have the choice of seeing them, and for the first time—I hope every reader understands this—when you let go of life and you cross into a higher dimensional plane—Heaven—

    Jamie (chuckling): He pauses. He’s like, “Fuck Heaven.”

    Me: Yeah, because he likes to call it Home.

    Erik: It’s for the first time, you look back on the relations you had, and they’re healed on your part. They’re healed. There’s no pull; there’s no fight; there’s no ugliness. It turns out all good. It’s a great Christmas wish, really. Sorry to the other religions there. That was just a shout out to the Catholics.

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Erik: Okay, you can use birthday—a nice birthday gift. I’m really enjoying the variety of people that are on the blog, because it’s really not just one denomination.

    Me: Oh, no. Oh my god, we have all sorts.

    Jamie: He’s just so proud of that.

    Me: Probably not too many atheists, though.

    Erik: Not many, no.

    Me: When you guys watch us from Heaven, do you wish you were with us?

    Erik (laughing): Not all the time!

    Me (laughing): I guess not! But if you did wish, you would be with us. Well, do spirits feel sad? Is there ever sadness or loneliness in Heaven?

    Erik: Only if you want it. You can only special order it for yourself.

    Me: Why would anybody want that! Is it just to feel a sense of separation that they don’t usually feel there? 

    Erik: I don’t know. Some people are fucked in the head here, too. Seriously, it’s more of—they’ve been shown the lesson and every possibility to heal, but there might be that one thing that kind of slips back to them and they feel sad about it.

    Me: Oh!

    Erik: And normally that will heal when the person who’s still living passes over and they can have a clear communication together, and then often if that person finds a medium or a psychic or whatever they call themselves, they can go to them, and then the spirit can heal in that way and let go of it.

    Me: So, sometimes it’s the deceased loved one that needs to communicate through a medium to heal. 

    Erik: Yes. That’s often the way it goes.

    Me: I always thought it was the other way around.

    Erik: Well, yeah. That’s because you’re there. You don’t see our side of the fence. 

    Me: I guess not. Okay. here’s one. Are bad emotions like jealousy and bitterness gone in Heaven? I guess that’s pretty much along the same lines.

    Erik: Yeah, it’s along the same lines. If you want it, you can special order it for yourself, but it doesn’t trigger anybody else in spirit.

    Me: Probably on the dollar menu, huh?

    Erik: It’s totally on the dollar menu! You know what’s kind of fucked up though is —I don’t know if you wanna spill this, but I kind of like your “all honesty policy,” Mom. So, let’s say that I’m jealous or I’m angry. Then the person I’m hanging out with in spirit won’t feel it. They can see that I’m having those emotions, but they won’t feel it. It just doesn’t translate that way. Now, if I’m hanging with a live dude on Earth, they can feel it. I can totally fuck up the way that they’re feeling on Earth.

    Me: Oh, no!

    Erik: But that’s like what we were saying on several occasions when we do mini-readings or lessons that the son or the daughter who passed away or the family member trying to communicate; that human can feel that loved one there. If it’s a negative emotion, it sometimes just fucks them up even more instead of making them feel good.

    Me: Sometimes I feel grief when you’re around, Erik. I feel your presence and then the grief washes over me. But I try to mitigate that by thinking, ‘Oh hi. Erik; how are you doing? I know you’re around and I love you; I’m happy for you and I’m proud of you.’ It transmutes the grief into joy. Not complete joy, but a little bit.

    Erik: That sucks because normally we’re there to really help, but 

    Me: Yeah, but once you know that your loved one’s energy is causing the grief and then you feel the goosebumps on some part of your body, that helps. But for people who don’t realize that connection it must really suck. You’re right.

    Erik: Yeah, and they go through these fits of odd emotions, and they think they’re fucked in the head and they get medicine and…

    Me: Oh God.

    Erik: Spiritualists, scientists and physicians really should be all together in the same boat. They shouldn’t be divided anymore.

    Me: I know; I agree.


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