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  • June27th2015


    Last night before bed after reading a post on here about how to connect with deceased loved ones, i thought i would give it a try! I first started thinking of Erik and asked him to make his self known he’s here. Right away i started feeling a warm electricity around me and felt him touching my arm. The hairs around the touch were sticking up! I felt his presence. I asked him to help my brother who committed suicide at the age of 12 in 2006 to come forward and give me a message that he’s ok. During sleep i had a dream that we were in my parents’ living room in front of his memorial. John came up to me with a big smile and said he’s fine and he loves me and everything will be ok. On the couch was erik chilling out like he’s smoking 420 with cut up jeans and a hat to the side smiling at me. Greatest dream ever! Thx erik!

  • June21st2015


    I’ve noticed that some of you have been using the “Share Your Story” button to ask Erik for help. As much as I’d love to have been able to afford to continue the “Ask Erik” page, I couldn’t. Remember that this button is only to submit Erik pranks, visits and other forms of communication. If you do need help, I suggest you bring your story up in the comments section or in the Channeling Erik Facebook Group so that I or others can support you in some way. You can also have one of the CE mediums channel answers from Erik if you want.

    Enjoy this one. It’s such an inspirational story!

    I was having a stressful day, well, more like a depressing week. The reason, I’m not sure, but I’ve always been so anxious and depressed. Today, I just couldn’t handle it anymore. So, finally when my kids went to sleep, I stepped outside and sat on the swing. I just sat there staring at the sunset and watching the stars pop up. I was talking to Erik in my mind, and when I looked at the sky there was what looked like someone had drew an ‘E’ in the clouds.

    So, I asked him what to do. What can I do to feel better? How do I get through this? Not even 5 min later, I looked at the sky and, I kid you not, it looked like he wrote ‘Love Self’ in the clouds. I knew for sure then that if not Erik, somebody was trying to tell me something. I thanked him, and felt a little better and walked back inside.

  • May8th2014


    I’m happy to announce the winner of the Ask Erik drawing, Hyla M. Also, Tim W. was the first person to guess Erik’s favorite sport involving his truck: mudding. His truck was a mess for months after the last mudding, and his transmission, which took a beating, had to be overhauled last year. Expensive sport, but he sure had fun doing it! Congrats, you two!

    As many of you know, I’m going to start writing the next book. None of the material will come from the blog, so that means all future sessions will be devoted to the book until the manuscript is finished. This means I have to mete out the transcriptions I still have until then, so I’m going to re-publish previous posts twice a week. This also makes sense because we have so many new blog members who can’t fathom plowing through the archives. There’s probably almost 1,500 posts! 

    Here’s the first of the Tuesday and Thursday “Best of Erik” series.

    My younger sister, Laura, always had a special connection with Erik, perhaps because they shared some of the same struggles, perhaps because they shared the same philosophy of life. Whatever the reasons, she was particularly devastated by his death. I’m certain Erik sensed her grief and came to comfort her one day in the wee hours of the morning. Here’s Laura’s poignant story of her visit with Erik:

    “Erik’s presence was sitting on the porch with me, and I felt very calm and sure of his being there with me. I told him how much he was missed and felt like he understood the grief we all were experiencing because of his passing. There was so much empathy and compassion radiating from him. He was certainly “all knowing”. I was smoking a cigarette and offered him one which he took with a mischievous grin when I said ‘don’t tell your Mom and Dad.’ I asked Erik to watch over his Mom, Dad, brother, sisters and the rest of the family and to let them know that he was happy. I told him that I understood his pain and suffering in life, and I could tell that he had finally found peace. We sat in silence for about 30 or 40 minutes. I reached over the patio table and held his hand and squeezed it. Then I told him I knew he was going to be busy visiting his family but he could come visit Jim and I any time. I told him I loved him and I was grateful for his visit. Then he left. I felt better afterwards.”

    Laura and her husband, Jim, had recently moved back to Houston after many years in Little Rock. I’m so grateful that they both had time to renew their relationship with Erik. All three of them enjoyed each other’s company on several occasions the last few month’s before Erik died. His aunt and uncle were always there to listen, offer comfort and advice, and provide quiet companionship. They treated him to dinner, took him out fishing, and often enjoyed their smokes together on our back porch. Laura and Jim love and miss him deeply and look forward to his next visit!

    Laura and Erik in Destin

    Laura and Erik in Destin

    Fisherman Erik

  • February6th2014


    I’m just about to leave for the Channeling Erik Weekend of F-ing Enlightenment. I’m beyond excited! Can’t wait to meet you guys who are going, too. I won’t be posting tomorrow, but when I get back, I can’t wait to transcribe and post both my first session with Robert and Erik’s answer to Marcie’s Ask Erik submission!


    Me: What do we look like to you, Erik?

    Erik: People.


    Erik: Dense. Milky.

    Jamie: Milky?

    (Pause as Jamie listens)

    Jamie: He’s trying to describe.

    Erik: You know, we’re so clear and fluid like water, and then when we go to work with people, they’re kind of dense and milky. You can’t see through milk.

    Me: Kind of like sewage water?


    Jamie (chuckling): For once he’s not going to go the nasty route. He goes, “No, not like sewage water.”

    Me: Oh, okay. We just look like milk. Is it homogenized, whole, skim?

    Erik: Whole milk

    Jamie (giggling): He’s cutting up.

    Me: Okay. Anything else on how we look.

    Erik: No. Just dense.

    Me: Well, some of us are. Well, what do we feel when you touch us, and what do you feel?

    Erik: What do humans feel when I touch them? Mostly goosebumps, tingles.

    I can vouch for that. If you guys ever get those prickles, it might be Erik giving you a hug.

    Me: Definitely. I felt that.

    Pause while Jamie shakes her head. Clearly Erik has said something inappropriate. Big surprise.

    Jamie: He said something completely irrelevant and nasty that I’m skipping.

    Me: Oh good. Please do.

    What was I thinking? Of course I wanted her to share it. Dammit.

    Jamie: You wanted to skip that. That’s good.

    Not really. I lied. I think I just wanted to spare the poor girl.

    Erik: Sometimes if I get really close to the person, I make them feel like they can’t take a deep breath. There’s this technique in the afterlife when we’re helping a human go through [something] whether it’s grief or anxiety, a hardship that they’re making harder on themselves because of the way that they’re perceiving it. We kind of get up in their energy, and we’ll wrap them like a cocoon almost. Think of it as a big bear hug.


    Erik: We wrap them in energy and just let them know that they’re not alone. They’re with someone, and often I find that people can’t catch their breath, so they’ll take a big gasp. So, that’s mostly my big signals.

    Me: Mm hm.

    I gasp like that all the time!

    Erik: Then what I feel when I touch humans—

    (Long pause)

    Jamie (to Erik): Yeah, that doesn’t register. He goes, “You know, kind of what it feels like when you walk through a wall.” And I’m like, ‘Yuh.’ (It’s hard to spell out the sound she made, but she shakes her head at the same time.)

    Me (laughing): I don’t think so! We’d just get big goose eggs on our forehead if we did that.

    Erik: Well, it’s kind of like when you put your cold feet in a hot tub. You dip your toes in there, and it burns, and you pull it out, but you kind of get used to it. You’re pushing through the heat. The heat’s is transferring all through the toes and the foot and everything. The water still stays [where it is], but the heat moves through. It has a, you know, an energetic response I guess on the inside, you could say. I guess that’s what it would feel like. At first, you kind of enter into the person’s energetic field, that big thing that you carry with you. That’s kind of easy. You’re like, “Oh, now I know the person, and I know what they’re thinking and feeling,” but when you enter into the body, it’s like toes stepping into the tub. You’re like, “Oooh.” You gotta get used to it. Sometimes—


    Jamie: I’m asking him what “sometimes” means.


    Jamie (to Erik, smiling): Eighty percent. That’s fine.

    Erik: Eighty percent of the time you need permission to enter that person’s body. There’s probably 20% of the people that just don’t even notice, don’t even care. There are probably 40% of the people that notice when it happens but just kind of shrugs it off where you have to ask permission to work with that person further.

    Me: Do you ask them on a conscious level, or –

    Erik: No, no. Subconscious level. If it were on a conscious level, I’d fucking scare them out of their skin!

    I giggle.

    Erik: There’s about 40% who are highly aware that when they get that sensation, they know what’s going on.

    That’s me. I’m in the 40% club. Yay.

    Erik: They have boundaries clearly set, and you have to ask before you even attempt.


    Erik: I can’t wait until everybody gets to be that way.

    Me: Me too.


    Jamie: He just got really calm and he’s like, “Yeah, that’s going to be fucking cool when everybody’s catching up to the concept of energetic bodies.”

    Erik: You know, it doesn’t even have to be described as “spiritual” or “mysticism”. Fuck all that terminology. Just people waking up and being aware of the energetic body.


    Jamie: He’s sitting down and nodding his head, and he goes, “Yeah. That’d be cool.”

    Jamie laughs, and I follow shortly.

    Me: That’s Erik! Erik, do you have anything else to say?

    Erik: No.

    Jamie: He’s trying to dance again.

    Me: Oh, please don’t. Please don’t, Erik. You’re going to break a leg. An energetic leg.


    Jamie (grinning widely): I have no idea what he’s doing. It’s funny, though. You don’t realize how leggy and arm-y he is.

    Me: Oh, his is.

    Jamie: He’s thin, but normally his arms are kind of always [close] to his body, or he has them sort of curled up.

    She crosses her arms exactly like Erik used to do.

    Jamie: You never get to see his wingspan until he pulls some of these things. Wow.

    Me: He crossed his arms all the time. That’s pretty much how he walks. Pacing and crossing his arms.

    I never remember him having his arms away from his body except for those lovely hugs.

    Jamie: He’s—

    Me: Spiderman!

    Jamie: Yes.

    She and I both laugh.

    Jamie (to Erik, waving her hand at him): Sit down!

    Me: How about you, Jamie. Do you have anything else to say?

    Jamie: Mm mm. I just want to thank Erik for not messing with the videos anymore. The screen stayed exactly the same. Nothing shrunk or collapsed or—

    Me: Thank you, Erik!


  • November29th2012


    Talk about synchronicity. Someone brought to my attention that today is George Harrison’s death anniversary. As I recall, I “coincidentally” posted John Lennon’s interview on his birthday. Ya just can’t make this stuff up.

    Now, Erik is going to play the teacher and show us how to see our deceased loved ones. May I suggest you do this in solitude rather than in public. As you will see, if you were to practice these techniques in a busy mall or grocery store, you’d be hauled off to the looney bin n shot order.

    Me: Can we learn to see things differently, like training our brains to slow down our perception of that high vibration so, for example, we can see the wings of a hummingbird in flight at a complete standstill? I mean, is there some way that we can do that so that we can see our deceased loved ones who are not visible to us because they’re vibrating at a frequency that’s just too far above our visual spectrum?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Oh, okay. So, we need to make software that will help us train our brains to do that. That’d be so cool.

    Erik: Well, there’s other tricks as well such as blinking your eyes very fast when you’re looking at an object that’s vibrating or moving really fast.

    Me: Oh, yeah!

    I grimace as my cat tilts her head with concern as she watches me flutter my eyelids.

    Erik: It takes snapshots, and because the eye is shutting off and turning on, it doesn’t allow the pupil to dilate the way it needs to and to let bursts of light in that’d be too much. The eye can’t quickly adjust to it when you’re blinking fast.

    Me: Hm!

    Erik: This allows too much light in. Blinking will help you see subtle energies, but it does depend on the quality of light as well.

    Me: So—

    Erik: Also, fluorescent lights tend to help—

    (Long pause)

    Me: Tend to help what?

    Jamie (giggling): Oh. Sorry! Did we just stop talking? Is that what happened?

    Jamie and I chuckle.

    Jamie: I was telling him, ‘Yeah I teach my classes, and I’m actually teaching a class today in seeing auras and energies and spirits.’

    Me: So cool!

    Jamie: And I tell the story about how I used to go to the meat department in the grocery stores, because the light was so bad in the meat department, it made it easier for me to see people’s auras.

    Me: Hm!

    Jamie: And so I would stand there and pretend to shop for meat even though I was a vegetarian and look at people’s energetic fields.

    Erik: It’s the quality of light.

    Jamie: I like the eye blinking thing. I don’t teach that.

    Me: Yeah. Wouldn’t want you going around the meat market fluttering your eyes.

    Jamie: I could just hear them. “Excuse me ma’am. Can I help you?”

    We both belly laugh.

    Jamie: ‘No, thank you.’

    Erik: And training to look at subtle color, subtle vibration is getting yourself to—

    Jamie (to Erik): I know, right?

    She continues to translate.

    Erik: Getting yourself calm.

    (Long pause)

    Jamie: He just said two things I said in my class and I said, ‘Erik, are you saying that because it’s what I teach? Like, are you in my head or is that your way of …’

    Erik: Well, you need to find some kind of technique where you can unfocus your eyes while still looking at something. You know, fuzz them out when you stare or like when you stare at a star in the sky and all the other stars disappear.

    Me: Oh yeah. Okay.

    Erik: That kind of staring technique—but you’re focused on one element and the rest just kind of fuzzes away. Do that on an inanimate object. Something that has color. You know, you can create a program that does this on the computer where it gives you a shape and you have to look at it, and while you’re staring at it, take your eyes kind of around the perimeter of the item or the shape a few times and then kind of come back to the center. Then you’ll start seeing a glow. Most people see a white glow, and some people will see color.

    Me: You mean notice the perimeter with your brain rather than moving your eyes around it?

    Erik: No, you can actually move your eyes around the perimeter but still keep them in that unfocused state. It’s exactly what you have to do with those Magic Eye pictures.

    Me: See, those Magic Eye pictures never work on me, because one of my eyes doesn’t converge properly since I had amblyopia as a kid.

    Erik: But it’s the same kind of technique, because once you get into the 3-D image you look around and you can see the 3-D image. You don’t have to stay focused right in the center. So if you just look—take your eyes and have them follow the whole perimeter of the item then come back to center, you’ll start seeing that glow. But then, here’s where you gotta teach yourself what the mirroring effect is.

    Jamie (to Erik): Begins with a G? What are you talking about? Ganzer? Ga-ga, not gator. Go Gators!

    She’s a Florida girl. Guess she felt compelled.

    Jamie: I have such a tickle in my throat for the last 40 minutes.

    (She clears her throat.)

    Jamie (irritated): Can’t get it to stop!

    (She clears her throat again.)

    Me: Drink some water.

    Jamie: I just tried that, and it just made it tickle more.

    Erik: So, once you figure out if you’re not seeing the complementary color of the object you’re looking at—

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: If you’re looking at a red pen and you see a green glow, then you can just scientifically tell yourself, “Well, that’s the mirroring effect. My eyes are just playing a trick on me.” But if you’re looking at a green pen and you see a blue glow, then that shit ain’t the mirroring effect.

    Me: Right.

    Erik: Whereas if you see a yellow glow, you have to say to yourself you’re picking up the subtle energy. And then try it on live creatures. Live creatures have a bigger energetic field, and you’ll see many layers of glow.

    Me: Okay,

    Erik: It just comes with practice. It’s teaching your eyes that they don’t have to look at the surface of something.

    Me: Yes, but the seeing the deceased who are vibrating at such a high rate that they’re well outside the visual range on the electromagnetic spectrum—

    (I also clear my throat.)

    Jamie: You too?

    Me: Yeah, you got me feeling your tickle. Thanks.

    Jamie giggles.

    Erik: You can use this same technique to see the spirits. You just tell us, ”Sit down in that chair over there,” you know. “Stand against that wall right here, and I’m going to sit down and I’m gonna look atcha.”


    Erik: But nobody does that shit because everyone is gonna think you’re crazy for doing it: crazy for practicing and crazy for believing that the spirits are going to listen to them and obey them and sit in a chair or stand against a wall. That’s total bullshit. We would have done it while we were alive; we’d definitely do it when we’re dead. Then, once they start seeing the silhouette or the splotches of color, they think they’re fucked up because they’re seeing it! So, you can’t win for doing and you can’t win for succeeding here. It’s cuz of the stupid brain.

    Jamie giggles.

    Erik: Cuz of judgment.

    Me: Analytical crap. Okay, so is it better in fluorescent light then?

    Erik: Yeah, it’s easier because it helps the eye not be able to focus exactly clearly on the material item.

    Me: All right. Is it better if the light level is lower, higher or what?

    Erik: Nah, that’s going to be a personal preference.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: For me, I like it when the lights are bright, like they’re really on.  That gives more reflection off my vibrational body.

    Me: Okay. Is it better to use a dark background, a light background?

    Erik: White. Yeah, go to a white background.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie: That makes sense, because then you’d be able to identify exactly what color it is.

    Me: Yes exactly.

    Erik: If you’re doing a dark background, then you just need to go completely dark. No lights. Dark background. That puts you in the setting of like a psychomanteum.

    Me: Would it also help to flutter your eyelids fast during that exercise, too?

    Erik: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

    That would take a whole world of coordination and rhythmic skills I don’t and will never have. 

    Jamie: I’m going to try that in my class today. I’m going to have my students do that. See if it works.

    Me: While we’ve been talking, my eyes and eyelids have been doing all sorts of crazy things. I’m so glad nobody’s looking through the window. They’d never be the same. 

    We all chuckle at the thought. Well, there’s my poor cat, though.

    Me: God, we started with hummingbird wings.

    Jamie: We’ve been all over the place, haven’t we?

    Me: Yes, we have!

    Just a reminder: If you want to talk to a deceased love one or ask Erik about your spiritual mission, your past lives, health, career, relationship issues or more, there’s a small group channeling call coming up next week. Here’s the link:

    On a sad, personal note, my daughter’s beloved dog, Winnie, has gone missing since Thanksgiving Eve. We’ve combed the area for hours, put our a Pet Amber Alert, called the City of Houston Solid Waste Department to see if she was picked up dead in the road, went to all the animal control and animal shelters, the SPCA, CAPs, etc. We put over 75 posters at intersections. Eventually, we got in touch with Jamie and Erik says she was picked up by an effeminate man. He justified his actions as “saving her from irresponsible owners.” Sadly, Winnie had a tag with Kristina’s address and cell number so it would have been easy to do the right thing. Sigh. We’re just devastated.

    On that note, I’d like to share a song from blog members Kent and Cindy Lehman’s band, Eclectic Verve. Kent wrote song when his cat of 19 years died in his arms. Some people don’t understand how much our animal companions mean to us. They’re a part of the family–and often the ones that are the most unconditionally loving and bring the least drama.

    Here’s their YouTube Channel and website:

    Their songs are available on iTunes and you can subscribe to their newsletter through their website. An interesting note: Kent is a skilled medium and enjoys channeling Erik!


  • September11th2012


    Paul was so very touched by all of your heartfelt comments from yesterday’s post. He did want to say that the link I provided for his artwork was not functioning, so I changed it in that entry. It’s

    As for the San Diego event, I want to thank everyone for their patience! Jamie’s assistant, Weedie, should be giving me all the information any day now: the event agenda, the costs, the hotel information, etc.

    Also, I think it would be very healing to have a channeling conference call just for grieving parents. We can limit it to a handful of people so it can be a very intimate group. If you’re interested, please email at, and I’ll ask Jamie if she can do that for us.

    Last but not least, we’re going to be channeling Buddha Friday. I don’t know much about his life, so I’m wondering if any of you would like to submit interview questions. If so, could you email them to me to the email address listed above? Thanks!

    Okay, Erik’s chomping at the bit, as we say in Texas, so let’s unleash him.


    Me: Do our loved ones think about us, or have they moved on and we’re just a memory?


    Jamie: Erik, don’t say that.

    Erik: Wouldn’t it be fucked up if we just said: Hell no. When you die, you totally move on, because that shit is old.

    Me: Erik! That’d be awful!

    Erik: No, we think about them all the time, because we still have the choice of seeing them, and for the first time—I hope every reader understands this—when you let go of life and you cross into a higher dimensional plane—Heaven—

    Jamie (chuckling): He pauses. He’s like, “Fuck Heaven.”

    Me: Yeah, because he likes to call it Home.

    Erik: It’s for the first time, you look back on the relations you had, and they’re healed on your part. They’re healed. There’s no pull; there’s no fight; there’s no ugliness. It turns out all good. It’s a great Christmas wish, really. Sorry to the other religions there. That was just a shout out to the Catholics.

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Erik: Okay, you can use birthday—a nice birthday gift. I’m really enjoying the variety of people that are on the blog, because it’s really not just one denomination.

    Me: Oh, no. Oh my god, we have all sorts.

    Jamie: He’s just so proud of that.

    Me: Probably not too many atheists, though.

    Erik: Not many, no.

    Me: When you guys watch us from Heaven, do you wish you were with us?

    Erik (laughing): Not all the time!

    Me (laughing): I guess not! But if you did wish, you would be with us. Well, do spirits feel sad? Is there ever sadness or loneliness in Heaven?

    Erik: Only if you want it. You can only special order it for yourself.

    Me: Why would anybody want that! Is it just to feel a sense of separation that they don’t usually feel there? 

    Erik: I don’t know. Some people are fucked in the head here, too. Seriously, it’s more of—they’ve been shown the lesson and every possibility to heal, but there might be that one thing that kind of slips back to them and they feel sad about it.

    Me: Oh!

    Erik: And normally that will heal when the person who’s still living passes over and they can have a clear communication together, and then often if that person finds a medium or a psychic or whatever they call themselves, they can go to them, and then the spirit can heal in that way and let go of it.

    Me: So, sometimes it’s the deceased loved one that needs to communicate through a medium to heal. 

    Erik: Yes. That’s often the way it goes.

    Me: I always thought it was the other way around.

    Erik: Well, yeah. That’s because you’re there. You don’t see our side of the fence. 

    Me: I guess not. Okay. here’s one. Are bad emotions like jealousy and bitterness gone in Heaven? I guess that’s pretty much along the same lines.

    Erik: Yeah, it’s along the same lines. If you want it, you can special order it for yourself, but it doesn’t trigger anybody else in spirit.

    Me: Probably on the dollar menu, huh?

    Erik: It’s totally on the dollar menu! You know what’s kind of fucked up though is —I don’t know if you wanna spill this, but I kind of like your “all honesty policy,” Mom. So, let’s say that I’m jealous or I’m angry. Then the person I’m hanging out with in spirit won’t feel it. They can see that I’m having those emotions, but they won’t feel it. It just doesn’t translate that way. Now, if I’m hanging with a live dude on Earth, they can feel it. I can totally fuck up the way that they’re feeling on Earth.

    Me: Oh, no!

    Erik: But that’s like what we were saying on several occasions when we do mini-readings or lessons that the son or the daughter who passed away or the family member trying to communicate; that human can feel that loved one there. If it’s a negative emotion, it sometimes just fucks them up even more instead of making them feel good.

    Me: Sometimes I feel grief when you’re around, Erik. I feel your presence and then the grief washes over me. But I try to mitigate that by thinking, ‘Oh hi. Erik; how are you doing? I know you’re around and I love you; I’m happy for you and I’m proud of you.’ It transmutes the grief into joy. Not complete joy, but a little bit.

    Erik: That sucks because normally we’re there to really help, but 

    Me: Yeah, but once you know that your loved one’s energy is causing the grief and then you feel the goosebumps on some part of your body, that helps. But for people who don’t realize that connection it must really suck. You’re right.

    Erik: Yeah, and they go through these fits of odd emotions, and they think they’re fucked in the head and they get medicine and…

    Me: Oh God.

    Erik: Spiritualists, scientists and physicians really should be all together in the same boat. They shouldn’t be divided anymore.

    Me: I know; I agree.


  • August3rd2012


    The strangest thing has been happening to my sister and me since my mom died. Whenever I sit in the chair next to the one she used to sit in, I feel a distinctly cold spot, so cold that my calf on the right side is almost icy to the touch. Yesterday, Laura and I (don’t ask me why) Were sitting outside in 100 degree temperature (105 degree “real feel”) watching the birds frolicking around the bird feeders. (Do birds frolic?) Anyway, I felt a very cold blast of air sweep across me. I was stunned. After all, it was a hundred freaking degrees. Of course I wasn’t complaining, but really! I thought it was my imagination, but it kept happening over and over. I checked to see if any windows were open, but nope. Nada. Furthermore, Laura was sitting next to me and was experiencing the same dang thing. At my session with Jamie today, my mom said it was indeed her visiting. That’s good, because if they both had the same calling card, so to speak, I would have no idea how to identify which visitor was which.

    Now, here is a mix of topics Erik has for us today (yes, an eclectic mix, but don’t shoot the messenger.)

    Me: Let’s see if we have time for one more question. Infants and young children: how do they appear to us when they cross over?

    Erik: That depends on the spirit’s journey. If they died as an infant, they might choose to grow up with the family so as every year passes you’ll see them grow just like a human would. There are sometimes, though, like if they pass at age six, the next time you see them they look like a young adult. They’re coming across as who they naturally were. Others might pass when they’re 10 and want to reincarnate as a baby into the same family so they regress year by year for ten years. So, it’s different how you’ll be able to view them. What you really need to focus on is the connection of their name of how they were identified on Earth and their relation to you, and just accept that how they choose to present themselves is what they want and what they need to grow through.

    Me: Well, when I cross over, are you going to be the Erik I remember or what do you want to do?

    Erik: Oh yeah, yeah. I’m staying put like I am.

    Jamie giggles.

    Me: Oh good!

    Jamie: I’ll make you a young mom when you get here.

    Me: Get your industrial strength airbrush and Bondo ready.


    Me: Suicide numbers are really increasing at an alarming rate. I wonder if some are subconsciously choosing to leave because they can help with the Shift more from the next dimension. Greater leverage there maybe?

    Erik: They can. I bet it’s not related to the fact that they know they can help more once they die, but they know they just don’t want to go through it.

    Me: Oh, I bet.

    Erik: So, you know, they just get out a little early.

    Me: Yeah, and leave us all to be in the foxholes by ourselves. Like rats leaving a sinking ship. Oh well; it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

    Erik: That somebody is us.

    Me (heaving a deep sigh): I know. 

  • May14th2012


    Kristina and Houston’s wedding was a lovely and forever memorable event. I hope to have the professional photographs soon but until then, here are a few we took ourselves.

    Many of you expected Erik to pull one of his usual pranks during the grand event and you won’t be disappointed to hear what happened. While the bridesmaids and I were getting ready in a special room in the church, the maid of honor, Tracy, who Kristina’s known since third grade, left her iPhone on a table in the middle of the room. I was standing right next to that table when sometime during the zipper closing, pantyhose pulling, demi-bra adjusting, it started to play one of her home videos. Now, I’m no technical genius, but I can’t imagine how a lonely iPhone could start playing on its own far from the hands of human intervention.

    The wedding was a bittersweet moment, because we all so wished Erik had been there to wish his big sister well. But Robert saw Erik all spiffed up in a tuxedo standing by his brother, Lukas, among the other groomsmen. He was beaming with pride.

    Before Erik shares what he knows about (gulp) demons, I’d like to give a shout out of gratitude for our one and only, blog member and guest blogger. He did an amazing job holding down the fort!

    Now let’s see if we can swish from angelic weddings to nasty demons.

    Me: Is it possible for someone to be born as demon? One of the blog members wants to know.

    Erik: You mean born on the Earth as a demon?

    Me: I’m not sure. I think so.

    Erik: No. The only reason I say that so factually is that demons don’t really take an earthly form.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: They have more power by staying in an entity form so why would they come as a human where they could do less damage. I pretty much think they’re goal is to wreak havoc on everyone.

    Me: Oh boy.

    Erik: But there can be some extreme mean-ass people, but that doesn’t define them as a demon.

    Me: Well, why are demons demons? Why would they wan to do that?

    Erik: What, to fuck things up?

    Me: Yeah!

    Erik: Well, because it plays a role for some people on Earth that they want to experience it; they want to believe in them. You know, people have a belief in demons! So, they exist, they’re real in their inner environment.

    Me: Okay. Why can’t people who see ghosts see their spirit guides sometimes?

    Erik: That’s because ghosts have a lower vibration. It’s easier to spot them.

    Me: Oh, so it’s closer to our frequency. I see!


  • April28th2012

    Patience paid off for blog member, Mike M, when last week, Erik made himself quite clear. According to Robert, Mike’s nephew was also part of the prank.
    I just have to tell you about Erik’s visit.  I’ve been working on my heavy, dense, slow self.  Maybe I should get serious about this meditating thing, I’m thinking.  So, last night, after my 20 minute meditation stint, I just went to my bed, closed my eyes and relaxed, sort of floating, dreamy.  After some time this extremely loud sound, like a fire cracker or a cherry bomb, maybe, just this loud bang right in front of my face went off.  I let out this sort of yelp.  Even my 12-year-old deaf Springer Spaniel, Emily, heard it.  I opened my eyes the second I heard it and a little, round puff of smoke of some kind-not exactly smoke but a zillion tiny, little dots all in a circle, was there and it slowly retreated across the room.  I asked Robert for a favor – if he would ask Erik if it was his handiwork.  Yep, it was, along with my nephew who passed not too long ago. It  so syncs that those two boys are messing around.  Mark (the nephew) is a high-energy guy who loves life and lots of stimulation.  They had to rent the Humble Convention Center for his funeral – there were over 5,000 people present.   So, here I sit, trying to process this incredible thing and this amazing knowledge that this is real, not wishful thinking.  You’re responsible for all of this and you ask nothing in return.  At some other time, I’m going to talk to you about what all of us can do to contribute to this effort, financially and otherwise.  Right now, I’m just going to try to wrap my head around it.  To say I love you is really lame.  but I do.  mike m
    I think I know why Erik created the cherry bomb sound. He used to love to come up to us, asleep or awake, and loudly clap his hands together inches from our face. So, for those of you who haven’t received an Erik visit, sometimes it takes patience, awareness and a quieter mind (which, in Mike’s case, was not quiet for long!)

    Typical Goofball

    One more thing: Robert and our family were enjoying the nice weather during our usually Friday night cook out when Robert saw Erik standing around a small tree in our backyard with three other spirits. One of them was Landon, Lisa’s son. (Apparently they’ve become tight buds.) I asked Robert what they were doing, and Robert said he didn’t know. Erik was just explaining something to the. Funny thing is I had just replaced the orange tree that we planted in honor of Erik after his death with a new, hardier and more vibrant species. He was probably telling them all of this plus how silly I looked planting it: squealing in horror at the touch of grub worms, carefully skirting around dog poop, pounding the new soil in to make sure there were no air pockets around the root ball, dirt covering all extremities, wiping my face or itching my nose from time to time for that extra special Al Jolson look. Nothing provides better fodder for jokes that a mom!

    Erik’s Orange Tree

    Last but not least: Be sure you don’t miss out on the May and June small group channeling conference calls with Erik and Jamie. Just go to Jamie’s site (which is on my list links as “Jamie Butler”) click on “Classes and Products” at the top of her page. There you’ll see “Personal Growth” in the blue drop down window, and there you have it: the calendar with all the conference calls.

  • April11th2012


    Easter morning at his usually visitation hour (4:00 AM,) Erik surprised me with a delightful visit. These usually come when I’ve been particularly sad and missing him deeply. Profound family drama and hardships have punctuated our life lately, triggering more grief than usual, so his visit couldn’t have come at a better time.

    As a light sleeper, I often wake up several times during the night and early morning hours. At around 3:55, I noticed a grey mist on my right side just at the edge of my bed. ‘I’ve seen this before,’ I thought. The last time this happened, a blog member’s deceased relative came to thank me, so I was on high alert. Then, the mist transformed into Erik’s face as I remembered him when he was around 8 years old. He was smiling. grinning from ear to ear and of course making the goofy faces that only Erik could make. I told myself, ‘Okay, I know I’m wake. There is no doubt about it. This is no dream state.’ I even pinched my arm to make sure. I looked over at my husband who was breathing quietly, fast asleep. When I turned to look at Erik again, he’s transformed into his 19 year-old self, still with his wide, charming smile. We talked to one another using only our minds, not words so much as ideas and symbols. I asked questions mostly, and he answered them. These are questions I cannot share.

    When our conversation was over, I reached out to touch him, and I could feel his energy. It was tingly and electric. Sometimes when I waved my hand from side to side across it I felt something solid, especially on the right side. It felt like his arm. I also noticed that my hand, my arm was not my human arm, because that was still under the covers. And my eyes were still shut, but I could still see. I was actually seeing and touching with my astral self. ‘So cool,’ I thought to myself.

    As I began to sense that our visit was coming to a close, Erik placed his hands together, palms facing outwards. In the middle of his palms was a deep red blotch of some sort, but it looked more like TV static. It seemed like he couldn’t control its vibrational frequency in the same way he could control his own. But he slowly pushed this red static blob toward my face until it was only about 4 inches in from of my nose until it transformed into a beautiful red rose. I could even smell its fragrant scent. After a few precious moments, I thanked him for the visit and shed tears of gratitude and joy. How I love that boy.

    When I freshened the flowers at his grave later that day, I made sure to place a lovely red rose across the marker.

  • March8th2012

    I want to thank everyone for the touching tributes to our boy, Erik. They plucked every single heartstring. Also, the questions you all have sent (and hopefully will continue to send) are all so intriguing, I can’t wait to ask them. They’re all in queue. Of course it might take time to get to each question as we work our way down the list with each channeling session, but all will be answered. I promise.
    Jamie and Erik’s next phone conference will be held Thursday March 15 12:15 CST. There are only 10 slots so sign up soon. You can have Erik bring forth a loved one, ask questions about your life’s direction, ask general questions about death, the afterlife, and the human experience and everything in between. No question is off limits.
    Now, enjoy this incredible story that blog member, L.P., sent me this morning. (Erik loves her initials, giving us the visual of him as a DJ doing the chop and screw bit on two turntables.
    Good morning Elisa!
    I need to share this with you; it’s about a dream I had last night. I know you are a very busy soul and I don’t expect a reply from you but I needed to share this with you.
    Before I fell asleep last night, I attempted communicating with Erik. Myself being a spiritual person, it is my hope that one day I am able to communicate with deceased loved ones so that I am able to help those in grief. I asked Erik (I was not so sure how to ask) if he and my ‘angels’, ‘spirit guides’ could help provide me with the strength and knowledge of how to achieve being clairvoyant. Shortly after I fell asleep. The dream that I had was so real and vivid. I actually thought it was real!-I will try to shorten this……….My dream was, I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep. My husband was asleep and trying not to wake him, I went to the window in the room and looked out at the moon and the sky-it was beautiful; bright, and there was the most pleasant breeze coming through. I felt so relaxed..I began to talk to Erik, again as I had before I ‘really’ fell asleep. I felt Erik’s presence, though I could not see him. I felt someone touch my back and I still had the feeling that Erik was with me. I left the window and went back to bed.
    At this time, my curtains, rod and all, came falling off the devices that hold them to the wall. I woke my husband up and he put the curtains and rod back up where they should be. I explained to him that I ‘think it might have been Erik’, I just was not sure why he would do something like this to get my attention, lol. Anyway, the curtains and rod fell again, but this time, I did not feel Erik’s presence; I felt a ‘negative’ presence. From that moment on, the dream consisted of our house being tormented by this negative presence. Doing many things to attempt to frighten us and it was working. We called in a team of ghost investigators to try to get rid of it but it did not help. I finally saw this negative presence who had been wreaking havoc in our house. I was in the bathroom and he appeared to me. He was an older gentleman; tall, dark hair, mustache ,slim and wearing what looked like an older uniform attire from like an Italian military. This gentleman began to show me his life and what lead up to his death. He was ‘stuck’ and was looking for a way to get to the other side and wanted me to help him. I didn’t know how and because of this, he became very angry and made our lives in the house a real living hell.
    Fed up, I finally confronted him and in the most unusual, deep voice, I yelled at him, “tell me exactly what you want so you can leave now!” and on the word ‘now’, I woke up and actually did loudly speak the word ‘now’ in a deep voice, much like the dream………it took me a while to get back to sleep after that but when I did I was able to return to that dream, but things were different. There was alot of peace within the house and we just went about our lives; it was nice.
    I feel I did receive a message from this dream, from Erik and my guides, and that is to ‘confront fear’ and to ‘have no fear’……..I wanted to share this with you and I am glad that I could.   : )    
    Have a great day Elisa and many blessings to you and for all that you do~~LP
    One more thing: As Erik predicted, the Shift is unfolding with solar flares augmenting with more frequency. There’s one that will come to Earth today, so hang on to your electronics and do what you can to protect them. Love you all.
  • January9th2012


    Blog member, Libby, shared her amazing Erik story with me, and it brought such immeasurable joy. After all I’ve been through, I’m still floored by confirmations like these. Perhaps I need to have a bit more faith and let go of that last thin thread of doubt. But how? Here is her Facebook message to me.

    Happy New Year!! I went to see a medium over the Holidays and wanted to shAre my joy with you. My mother came through loud and clear and funny as ever;) There were so many folks clamoring to talk the medium had to center herself again half way thru the session and ask the folks to please – one at a time – hahaha! She let me ask questions at the end of the session and I asked if my friend Erik stopped by. She asked him the name of a living person connected to him so she knew it was him – he said Michelle:) She said he is a bit of a rebel and loves music – in fact he’s hanging out with a bunch of musicians. She also mentioned that he had taken drugs as a means of escape in his life prior to his suicide. He said he knew I had Tarot cards and I should use them, could do this on the side:) His energy was making the medium a little woozy so I didn’t press for anything more from Erik.

    The thing is I didn’t tell her anything about Erik – in fact I called him my friend and didn’t even think about that until later. Erik is the only friend I have that became my friend after his passing – and that is because of you and the beautiful blog community you’ve created.

    Thank you Elisa and Erik – I am most grateful!!

     Love & Light XXOO – Elizabeth Schrader

    The medium is a gal named Glennie Turner and she lives in Atchison Kansas. Please do post it on the blog and you can use my name:) It never even dawned on me to mention I didn’t get the chance to know Erik in life – because I feel like I know him so well and that is because of your wonderful blog and all that the two of you have shared.

    XXOO Elizabeth

    Be sure you email me if you’re coming to the Austin event. One of the main things Erik will teach us, besides pranking us and answers our individual questions, is how to channel our deceased loved ones and guides. Again, this should be a life changing weekend for all of us and a chance to meet lifelong friends.
    If you haven’t nominated CE and my daughter’s blog ( yet for the Bloggies and if you think it’s made a positive impact on you and others, please do. Karma is a bitch. (heehee) Plus, you don’t want Erik to prank you until you cry uncle! Just click on the big fat yellow star to the right and follow the directions.
    Love you all!

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