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  • December31st2015


    Great news: Medium, Kim Babcock, is offering small group channeling calls with special pricing for CE members. This is great if you can’t afford an entire hour (although her rates are super reasonable) or if you only have a few questions. She records the calls, so you can have a permanent record. Kim is very talented, and I’ve received a lot of incredible feedback from those who have had readings with her. Plus, Erik adores her, so that’s a plus. Kim offers these calls every Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST. If you’re interested, click HERE.

    I’d also like to announce the (hopefully) permanent dates for the tour:

    Denver, CO 6/24-6/26

    NYC, NY (Looks like Lily Dale is too far from the airport for you guys): 7/22-7/24

    Chicago, IL 8/26-8/28

    Vancouver Canada 9/23-9/25

    Sedona, AZ 10/21-10/25 (We want this to be a 4 day event so we can see Red Rock, visit and perhaps meditate in the vortices and do other things. This is a very special town.)

    Florida (Looks like St. Augustine is too far from an airport, too so I’ll poll for another city): 11/11-11/13

    San Diego, CA 12/9-12/11

    Austin, TX 1/17-1/29 (2017)

    If any of you want to participate as mediums, healers or other service providers in Sedona, we sure could use you. Contact Kim ( and Heather (

    Also, we’re considering composing a video from various clips in all the cities. If any of you are videographers willing to volunteer in exchange for free admittance, email Kim and Heather at the addresses above.

    Last, which city in Florida would you attend?

    Me: Is Erik there?

    Heather: Of course.

    Me: What’s he up to?

    Heather: Being a pest!

    Me: Oh yeah? Like what?

    Heather: While I was meditating, he kept bothering me to do things. It’s like, “You need to go eat something real quick.” Then I would lie down and try to get into meditating, and he’d be, “Clean out your ears.”

    We all laugh.

    Heather: He’d constantly be making me get up to do something!

    Me: That’s what he does to Robert, too. So funny! One thing I want to ask you, Erik, is why can’t we create some sort of device so that we can totally tune into a spirit’s energy and communicate with them as if we were talking to them on a telephone?

    Erik: They’re working on it right now. It’s in the very early stages. It’s nowhere near where it needs to be. There are some—

    Heather: EVP? He’s talking about somewhere in Italy.

    Me: Oh yeah, right. That Italian dude.

    He talks about him in his latest book, My Life After Death.

    Erik: He’s getting very close, and he’s working with spirits—specific types of spirits—what are –


    Heather: I’m trying to figure out the word he’s trying to say.

    Heather: Okay, he completely changed the way he wanted to say it.

    Erik: The spirits that are working with him are ones that are there specifically to help him create this device, kind of like a telephone, almost.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: It’s probably going to be several more years, probably decades.

    Me: Decades!?

    Erik: Yeah.

    Me: Oh no!

    Erik: If you look at the big picture, we’ve come so much farther –

    Heather: See, I don’t like that word he said. Sorry! I’m an “English” person, so I’m trying to correct him.

    I guess she means his grammar.

    Erik: We’ve come so much farther than we have in the past with it.

    Me: Well, what’s the problem? Why is it so difficult?

    Erik: There are a couple of reasons why. The first is from the spirit’s point of view. It’s very hard for us to be able to lower our vibration enough to be able to interfere [with electricity.] Yeah, it’s easier than having to move an object, but we still have to do some kind of energy work with it, and a lot of the times, you can’t hear us while the recording is happening. That’s the big block.

    So I guess the aim is to be able to talk “live.”

    Erik: While talking on the phone, you can’t hear us, but afterwards, when you’re listening to the recording, you can hear it. That’s the major thing they’re working on right now. We’re trying to make it so that you can hear it in present time. It’s only going to be able to happen a handful of times, to be able to hear us while we’re talking.

    Timelessness there must complicate things!

    Me: Yeah. Why does it happen on the recording?

    (Long pause)

    Heather (chuckling): He’s communicating through his feelings. (To Erik) Can you use words for me?

    Erik: A couple of things happen with why you can hear it on recordings. It could be at that time there was no voice imprinted on the recording, but since there’s no time, we can always go in and put in a voice, us talking or saying something.

    Me: Ah!

    Erik: It has to be during your present time.

    Me: Okay.

    (Long pause)

    Heather: Okay, now I get it. I get what you’re trying to say!

    Erik: Human ears can’t pick up on it at the time. There has to be something that—there’s a device that EVP researchers use to be able to hear it, and you can’t pick it up because it’s not a frequency you can hear with human ears.

    Me: Like a dog whistle?

    Erik: Yes, just like that.

    Me: Yeah, I think that’s what you said before. Okay, anything else about spirit boxes or spirit telephones?

    Heather (To Erik): Anything else?

    Erik: Nope.

    Just an FYI, I’m taking a break tomorrow to celebrate New Year. I hope you guys have a good one. Be safe!

  • June16th2015


    Some of you have reported that the form for the free giveaway rejects those living outside the U.S. I’m going to try to have the publisher to change that. For those of you who missed it, if you pre-order Erik’s new book, My Life After Death (click HERE to do so,) you can click HERE to receive a free gift: One of the recorded channeling sessions where Erik shares information for the book. Everyone is a winner in this one!

    Today is a nasty one. Tropical Storm Bill has his sights set on the Texas Gulf Coast, and the rain is coming down. This isn’t good since all of our waterways are already full. Send us some prayers. On the other hand, it is cozy. I have my little dog, Bella, on one side of me and my grand-dog, Gidget on the other, all snuggly and warm. We’re going to keep Gidget overnight because her parents (my eldest daughter and her husband) are on call at the hospital all night and day, and we don’t want Gidget to be home alone in case their house floods. 

    Me: Are there a couple of ways that someone who has lost somebody can communicate with them?

    (Long pause. Jamie seems to be following Erik around the room with her eyes.)

    Me: I know you talked about the hand game, for example. Maybe you can talk about that.


    Me: Or something else. Your choice.

    Erik: There are a whole lot of ways to communicate with us. I want to debunk—

    Jamie: Debunk? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Start over.

    Erik: Commonly after someone dies, the living person will feel them around, and they get a sensation that something’s happening, and then after a period of time, that goes away. Then the person goes, “Oh my god. I’ve lost them all over again. I don’t feel them” and then they grieve harder. Let me set the record straight. When you stop feeling them around, it’s not because they quit. Trust me, we don’t quit. We don’t look at our watch and go, “Oh, there we go. You get three weeks of us showing signs and now we’re getting out of here.”

    Jamie mimics Erik moving his two thumbs in back of him like people do when they say, Adios.”

    Jamie and I chuckle.

    Erik: That’s not it. It’s because you’ve raised your vibration, and now, if we’re doing the same thing, it’s just like feeling air rather than a gust of wind. It doesn’t get your attention as much. Though I’m going to say to you who’re watching (or reading) this, say to your loved one, “Amp it up. Make it bigger so I can understand these signs on [my new] plateau, on this level of energy, energetic messages and signs.” Now for the others, you haven’t really felt anything or you want to continue a relationship—


    Jamie: Yeeees? (She laughs) Don’t say it like what I—Do your thing.

    Erik: You have to figure out the way that you can get your information the easiest. Are you a good listener? Are you a good feeler? Are you a good seer? Pick one of those and ask your loved one to use that to give you a sign or message. Then take away the expectation. Don’t tell them how to perform in that way. Like if you’re a good feeler, don’t say, “Okay, come and mess with my hair.”

    Me: Mm hm.

    Dance monkey boy. Dance.

    Erik: They might not be good at messing with your hair, but they’re absolutely great at giving you hugs and getting your chest all tight and you feel like you’re having an anxiety attack.

    Great. How fun.

    Erik: So if you don’t put an expectation on it, they can perform better according to your needs.

    Me: I think you told us that expectation is a very dense energy just like depression is and it vibrates at a very low frequency in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. So it takes you guys a lot to lower your vibrational energy to get to us. So anyway, that’s why we use expressions like, “I feel low” or “I feel down.” It’s a very dense feeling.

    I’ve felt that for a long time after Erik died. It’s this very heavy feeling in my chest. Still have it sometimes.

    Me: So can you try to think joyful things to make it easier for you to get to them?

    Jamie covers her mouth with both hands, clearly embarrassed. What did he say? Whatever it is, she’s not going to repeat it.

    Erik: Yes, you can watch comedy. You can go have an orgasm.

    Oh, there it is.

    Erik: You can engage with things that bring you a lot of joy, and then step into the realm of meditative thought or openness, mindfulness. Then you’re going to perceive that subtle energy so much easier than what you would if you were in that down, low or dense point.

    Me: Yeah. Tell us about the hand game.

    (Long pause, then Jamie laughs.)

    Erik: It’s not the slap game.

    You know that one where you hands are on top of someone else’s and you fold them over to slap them. First one wins.

    Erik: For those who are living, you pick a hand that represents yes and you pick a hand that represents no.

    How many hands do we have?

    Erik: Keep it the same. Don’t change it. Stop changing that shit. You guys will change it and think that we know what’s going on. We are creatures of habit still.

    Jamie: He’s giggling.

    Erik: So when you have your yes and no, in the center of your hand there’s an energy center. It’s like a secondary chakra, and it’s very sensitive. We can merge; we can push our energy into the hand.

    Jamie points to her palm.

    Erik: So it will make your hand have a different sensation, hot, cold, tense, tingly. Most of the time it interferes with blood flow so you’ll feel a tingle.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: Sometimes pain, stiffness.


    Jamie: Sound like fun.

    Erik: But you’re not having a heart attack. Keep your hands separate from each other. Don’t keep them next to each other. So keep them far out,

    Jamie: If you’re going to communicate with your loved one or spirit, make sure you’re talking to them and nobody else.

    Erik: So call on them and no one else. Dismiss them from the party.

    Me: So basically it’s good for yes and no questions.

    Erik: Yes, but that’s the hard part, Mom. People will just go, “Well how are you doing?” That’s not a yes or no question.

    Me: That’s true!

    Jamie laughs hard.

    Erik: And after you get a sensation in your hand, acknowledge it so that we know to stop so you can go back to feeling normal, and you can begin the next question.

    Me: All right. Anything else on this topic?

    Erik: No. I love you and Happy Valentines Day.

    Erik has told me, in the past, that if you don’t get a sensation after a few minutes, just keep saying, “Make it stronger.”


  • May13th2015


    I forgot to tell you guys that right before I (crawled) out of bed on Mother’s Day morning, I someone tussled my hair roughly. I’m sure it was Erik wishing me a good one. No breakfast in bed, but I’ll take it. Actually–and I hope my kids don’t read this–the whole “breakfast in bed” thing is highly over-rated. My kids always served me the same thing: A cold hotdog, no bun, some cold scrambled eggs and a slice of burnt toast. The worst was the lukewarm coffee. Yuck. But it was all made in love.

    Here, Jillian picks up where she left off. 

    Me: What are the best ways to help our children and other loved ones to visit or contact us?

    Jillian: One of them is through dreams. That’s probably the easiest. A lot of humans talk about having these dream visitations. The mechanism of the ego, what you might label as ego, which protects us physically and emotionally but sometimes even hurts us and makes us hold in things, when you sleep, that layer is relaxed. It’s like a muscle that’s relaxed. Everything relaxes when you’re asleep. So in a sense, your guard is down to a certain degree. That makes it easier for us to get through to you.

    Me: Okay.

    Jillian: So dreams are one of the most common ways. When a person is—and especially right after they pass away, and this happened with you and Erik—they can sometimes make their presence known through physical manifestation.

    How well I remember that beautiful moment when I saw him jumping back and forth at the foot of my bed.

    Jillian: Also like turning lights on, things like that, because we’re trying to make you aware of our presence to give you comfort. Now, over time, these don’t always continue because if they keep doing it, it can make you hold on to something that doesn’t exist, physically, anymore. Sometimes we have to back away.

    Me: Well I promise I won’t! Do it anyway! It’s like writing a letter or popping in to say “hello” or something once in a while.

    I start crying again.

    Jillian: I can relate to that because I’ve had thousands of children over my lifetimes. That is so common when it comes to a bond in general. Children never call their mothers or their fathers enough.

    Me (sternly): Yeah, Erik.

    Erik: Mom, I’m always there, and you know it! I don’t have to always give you a physical sensation or a physical manifestation. You can sense me there.

    Me: Yeah, but still…

    Erik: Can’t that be good enough?

    Me: No!

    Erik: Well, let me put it this way. I’m teaching you that it is good enough.

    Cheeky boy.

    Me: I know it should be good enough, but other visits would be like icing on the cake. It’s like you’re off to college, and I know you’re doing fine but still want a phone call. And you can always come home to do your laundry.

    Robert laughs.

    Erik: Here’s the great thing about the way we work—and you know this to be true—it’s when you drop the expectation of that happening, and you shift your focus on losing me, you go about your life. Then all of a sudden you get a sign.

    Me: But I do that. There are days and days that I don’t expect anything, and I still get nothing. Even with my guard down.

    The tears start again.

    Erik: You’ll get more of them, Mom. I promise you.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: And the other thing is that a lot of people want the whole, “Dance, Monkey Boy. Dance!” You can’t order a spirit to perform in a way that you want them to perform rather than the way that we want to do it.

    Me: Well, sure. That’d be an expectation. But, like I said, there are long periods of time when I don’t have any expectations. I do constantly have your death in the forefront of my mind since I post on the blog daily, though. Maybe that has something to do with it.

    Erik: I really wish I could heal that for you, Mom. I so fucking wish I could do that. You know how much I love you.

    Me (crying): I know. So then what is your advice to those who’ve lost someone, child or otherwise?

    Erik: Drop the expectation.

    Me: Yeah, that’s a dense energy, I guess.

    Erik: It’s so fucking dense, and it’s rooted in control.

    Me: Control is a dense energy, too, I guess.

    Erik: Yeah, and the other thing is that when you have expectation, in the case of wanting to hear from your loved ones is rooted in not accepting what’s happened. They’re not physically here anymore. It’s not possible for us to come back to you in the physical world. You can’t control it. You can’t let expectations get in the way. The other thing is this. The last thing we want is for our family members to be stuck in that misery and pain and agony because they have many reasons for doing that. They might feel like they’re dishonoring the memory of their loved ones or that they’ll forget us. That’s not what we want for you. We want you to go on and live a happy life and know that we’re completely at peace. We’re happy, and we’re always with you. That’s never going to change, but it takes time, especially in your case, Mom. Not only was there this constant struggle when I was there but the way I passed away left a big fucking wound in your heart.

    Me (crying again): I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. I’ll always be broken.


    Erik: It’s a miracle how much you’ve healed over the last few years, but there’s still a lot of work to go.

    Me (choking back tears): Oh yeah. And again, doing the blog every day is healing in one way, but it tears me apart in another way since it’s a constant reminder that you’re gone, physically, and I can’t hug you anymore. It just reminds me, “Erik’s dead, Erik’s dead, Erik’s dead” all the time.

    Erik: I know. Mom, can you do me a favor?

    Me: What?

    Erik: We talked earlier about how it’s all about perspective, and I know right now that your focus is on I’m dead; I’m dead. You have to focus on the fact that I just don’t have that physical body to animate anymore.

    Me: But I still want that person to hug.

    Erik: I know, but now I can give you a hug from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. I couldn’t do that with a human body.

    Me: That’s true.

    Erik: I’m the energy that is you. I’m the energy that I was when I was in your, before I was born. Instead of saying, “He’s dead,” say, “He’s more alive.” That perspective will help you. I’m more alive than I ever was in “life.”

    Me: Yeah, I guess that’s a good perspective to have. So the control thing reminds me of when, sometimes, a child crawls into your lap and stays there until you put your arms around her. Then they squirm to get down.

    Erik: Right.

    Just a reminder for those peeps living in and around Houston: We’re getting together for lunch at 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 3oth. Where will depend on how many plan to come. Be sure you contact me if you are!

  • July9th2014


    Here are a couple of things that so many people wonder about where psychics are concerned.

    Me: Here’s another one from a reader. “How can spirits who speak in foreign languages communicate through mediums who don’t speak that language?”

    Erik: You’ve gotta remind people that the medium is a tool.

    Me (laughing): Did you just call Jamie a tool! Erik! “Jamie, you’re such a tool!”

    Jamie bursts out in laughter.

    Erik: So, they’re going to use the tool however the tool knows how to work, right? So if the medium speaks English, they’re going to hear everything that’s coming into them as English.


    Erik: It’s like the language of emotions. You don’t have to learn—

    Jamie giggles at whatever he just said.

    Erik: –the grammar specifics to know how to feel love.

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: You can do that beyond language. Communication in the afterlife is beyond language, but when we’re communicating verbally to a medium, they’re going to use the intellect, the knowledge they know to be able to communicate back or to give the message forward. (Putting his arms out, and speaking in mock self-importance) Language is no barrier for me!

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Me: So, a Spaniard, for example, would communicate to Jamie in ideas and emotions and no words?

    Erik: No. He’d communicate to her in Spanish, but she would hear it in English.

    Me: Oh, okay. Got it. Got it.

    (But not really, come to think of it.)

    Jamie: Here’s my two cents. What I’ve found is if there’s not an English word for that Spanish word, I’ll hear in Spanish,

    Me: Oh, interesting. Wow.

    Jamie: Like when I’m talking to the Japanese clients, we’ll be cruising in English and all of a sudden it’ll be just this foreign word.

    Me: Oh gosh. What do you do then?

    Jamie: I’ll sound it out and then I’ll ask the spirit, ‘Well, what does it mean?’ And they’ll come talk around it until I get the concept and it’s, ‘Oh, it’s a duh, duh, duh, duh, duh.’

    Wow, what foreign language is that?

    Me: Why can’t psychics get the right numbers on the lotto and make a killing in the stock marker, and why can’t they predict the future for themselves?

    Erik: Such is the curse. Why would you think they’d want to use these abilities to profit? They use them to help. Don’t you choose to put this in or not? (What he’s about to say next)

    Jamie (giggling): He’s saying the person that put this information is a little bit of a fool but he means it in an endearing way, because he thinks the question’s good.

    Me: A lot of people think that psychics must be frauds because of that.

    Erik: He’s an ignorant fool to think that you’d want to use something such as this gift that’s more pure for what humans desire. It’s not always “the humans know what’s right or know better.” There’s an amount of respect that comes with the work. I think they often have dreams with the numbers and then dream that they fucking full on win everything. That’s great, because that’s what they’re needing. That’s what’s their time. (??). But for you to come in and say that you want the lottery numbers and that you can win and do good with the money or do whatever you want with it doesn’t mean that you should fucking win. We’re all trying to stick to a goal that we chose before you came to this earth.

    Me: Mm hm.

    Erik: Hey, man. I’m not going to be the one to fuck that up. Over a few numbers? Hell no. I’d never live it down over here.

    Me: Okay, on the respect side—what if you had a psychic who just really wants the money? Your whole thing is that other spirits aren’t going to give them that money because of your respect, right? For the purity of the—

    Erik: Yes!

    Me: Okay. Got it. Got it. Is that the same reason why they can’t predict the future for themselves, or can they?

    Erik: Sometimes they can see it crystal ass clear.

    Jamie laughs, then says, “That came with an image that was pretty funny.”

    Me (chucking): I can only imagine.

    Erik: And that’s great, because those are the moments that they need to connect to, to show them that they’re ability is, you know, on. Everybody has doubt, I don’t care who the fuck you are in this world. You have doubts about yourself. That’s the human experience. So, even psychics, who can connect to everything, can have doubts that they’re actually doing it.

    Me: Oh, sure. I can imagine.

    Erik: But for them to walk around with all the answers for themselves, you have to ask yourself why they fucking decided to become alive anyway. The whole point of being on Earth is the mystery of who you fucking are—getting to know yourself, learning about love—those are still applied to those who have the ability to see beyond.


    Jamie (chucking): He’s making wiseass joke. (Whispering mysteriously) “Beyond the veil.” Like a bad magician. Ta da!

    Erik: It’s beyond what humans can see. It sounds like this guy—

    Jamie (to Erik, sternly): Uh uh.

    Erik: It sounds like this guy is fucking jealous, really.

    Me: Might be. So, how can psychics peer into the future? Is it because there’s no time?

    Erik: Because time doesn’t exist. Yep.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: Well, at least not linearly.

    Me: Yes. Exactly.


    Don’t forget to book your places on the upcoming:

    Techniques for Balancing your Chakras – A Web Class with Jamie Butler

    Wednesday, July 16 at 6:00 PM EDT
    Link to register: 

  • July6th2014


    I know one or two people got a little mixed up reading the posts on here or rather who is posting them the other day. Well as Elisa mentioned on the Adolph Hitler session I (Mike Hulse) will be posting and approving stuff whilst Elisa is taking a long earned sabbatical. Normal service shall resume on 13th July (for our U.S. audience July 13th).

    Now for our feature presentation:

    I’m honored to have another guest contributor today, long time blog member, Carol M. Didden. Not only is she a talented medium, she’s a brilliant author, and she and Erik have a lovely relationship. Let’s learn a little about her and her channeling Erik and Edgar C. Cayce. Enjoy!

    A friend of the Channeling Erik family since 2010 & with all the “clairs” at her disposal (-voyance, -audience, -sentience) Carol interprets energetic elements of life both here and from those in the spirit world. A student of great Spiritualists, Carol brings messages from those who have crossed over, in multiple formats, including writing, song and as a speaker to those who are here to listen.

    February 2013

    Edgar, Erik & Me

    Good evening Gentlemen, how are you both?

    Edgar C.: very well thank you

    Erik M.: just keeping on

    Carol D.: This is the start of a conversation between two great minds. One slightly older than the other, but, whose counting? Really neither of you, I would imagine. Since time is all relative in the spirit world, does that make it hard to care about what’s going on in any given state of mind? I mean, can you discern between when it is a valid time to care and one where it doesn’t matter at all?

    Edgar: I know from my time on earth, that peacefulness was my main objective. I spoke to so many creatures of the earth, both animal and human and all of them believed that peace and joy were the name of the game. Their heart beats were dependent on their breath and their joy was dependent on their heart beats.

    Erik: While in my physical body I was depressed and fucked up most of the time, I still had the sense of life from another existence, that I had to get to where the real work needed to be done.  I had to leave my existence behind and gather some street cred in the spirit world, you know, no good deed goes undone, a rolling stone gathers no moss, that kind of shit. I don’t have any reference to what I felt in my earth body because the greatness I feel now far replaces those experiences. I mean I love my mom and I would give anything for her to share this journey with me, but, her time is not done and while she misses me and cries a lot, I still need her to stay where she is so we can get the message out to the people who really need one of us there on earth and one of us here in the non-earth.

    Edgar: I don’t feel as if we have quite answered your questions.

    Carol: if the two of you could say anything to one another, what would it be? How would your conversation start? Pleasantries? How does a young man spirit “talk” to an older man spirit?

    Erik: Let’s get on with it Miss Carol

    Edgar: I couldn’t agree more.

    Carol: Alright then, the topic today is “Relevance”.

    Edgar: Working on life comes out of people in many different ways – when they work on a blog [he says “blog” with a funny look on his face, as if the word is out in his mouth and tastes weird], when they work on a book, when they are writing a sermon. Working on their lives is the most important role for their time in this space. Working on their lives is the most important role for their time and space. This time in their life on earth can be short (such as Erik) or their time in life on earth can be long (such as Ann Finegan, Carol’s grandmother – or Ghandi or Mother Teresa). Their time on earth is relative to the time they have to give in other realms. Each plays a role in interpreting the wave lengths of the continuum. The continuum shares its wavelengths of relative experiences with souls when they are in the human form. The energy that surrounds us in our human lives takes us on a journey.

    [Erik is sitting on a stool, picking his non-existent fingernails – but listening intently – nodding every once in a while in agreement].

    The energy moves us towards and around our relevant selves. It keeps us in line and not in line. We move with grace and joy (when we are pleasantly surprised with the tasks in life). When we are not pleasantly surprised, when our emotions catch up to the human nature of grief and anxiety, we fight the relevance of our tasks.

    We are resigned to do something – instead of acceptance of our tasks. When acceptance replaces resignation, then, and only then, do we find grace and peace. With acceptance of our relevance we find the path towards the light.

    As to Carol’s dream [making reference to the children of Sandyhook-Newtown] there are layers and layers of information relevant to all other ribbons of data. The hands of the children are held together and across the center over a glowing ball of energy that represents the very best of themselves and all that they left behind. Each arm is blessed with love and glowing from the remnants of memories for their families and loved ones on the earth plain. Each child of God and of the Earth who have lost their lives at the hand of another carries love and grace from their innocence. Relevance, once again, holds the soul to earth. Their families holding vigils and honoring their lives with teddy bears sitting on rocking chairs and by pillows on their twin beds.

    The relevance lies in their inheritance; their DNA still a part of siblings who grow-up carrying the same blood traveling down the same veins. Only these children in the spirit world have love and light and joy that travels via their “veins,” their own ribbons of life.

    All of these ribbons are woven together. They are dependent on one another, supporting each others’ soul paths, yet independent in their beauty. A beauty that surrounds us all. We are all relevant to one another. We are all on each other’s soul paths – we support and lead one another down each relevant path, helping to prepare for each step on our journeys.

    Erik: Wow! Whoa – Holy Shit Man! That is some whacked out pictures. I can see everything you say! The children, everything you say is right on! She and I work together, [he points at me and winks sending me the knowledge of our first encounter with a young victim of a crime several years ago]. I aid them whenever she calls, we work hand in hand, heart to heart really.

    The relevance of life to joy to hearts to fucking everything starts with our souls. We take on a lot of shit, but we handle it within our own capable heads. We take on other people’s shit, and still we handle it. When we cease to be relevant on the earthly plane, we start to see light somewhere else. We start to see balls of glowing atmosphere from other realms. It doesn’t take fucking drugs to push you over the edge to see the light! It takes love to push you over, it takes fuckin’ sacrifice and determination!

    Why is it so hard to understand that our purpose, our relevance to the earth and all the heavens above and below are necessary to survive? Why is it so f-in hard to grasp that our earth bodies have a purpose wherever we ‘exist’? Our perfection is only in the eyes of those who bore us (and I don’t mean those who are bored of us!)

    If we believe that perfection can be achieved on earth or even in the spirit world, we will be severely surprised and the reason behind all moving about will be stunted. We are crazy, crazy fucking people! Or beings, or energetic balls of f-in light!! However you want to see yourself in the relevant universe.

    Carol: I can see what you’re both saying, thanks for the insight on our relevance to one another, to our earthly presence and to our auric or energetic place in the universe.

    Edgar: Many thanks for asking, for starting the conversation.

    Erik: Right on.

    CMD: Good night gentlemen.

    EC: Goodnight and sleep well.

    EM: Ciao baby.

  • December2nd2013


    To all of you who have lost loved ones, I’ve been thinking about you during the holidays. Even after four years, I look at the empty chair at our Thanksgiving table with a heavy heart. I find it hard to choke back the tears, but because this is a day of gratitude and no one wants it to be tainted with sobs, I do. It’s difficult to weigh the losses with the joys of having a loving family, my CE peeps, good health, and other blessings, but a balance must and can be reached. We still have holidays approaching, and I hope we can all wrap our arms around the joys and realize that, in the end, our loved ones are not really gone. They’ll be tossing back their own celestial glass of spiked eggnog along with us. 


    Me: Some think it’s becoming easier to speak with those in the afterlife.

    Erik: Yeah, that’s not because we’re getting bigger and better. We have the same equivalent knowledge, you know, inter-dimensional travel, all of that. Humans are finally getting back to the norm. We’ve had lights out for a long time.

    Me: Yeah, well, material science and organized religion put us off the path a little bit.

    Erik: Yeah, it took away your natural instinct for intuitive abilities.

    Me: Is there anything we can do to facilitate that dialog?

    Erik: That dialog with the afterlife?

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: Yes. If you wanna facilitate it, you need to look at yourself as being an instrument.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: And how do you fine-tune your instrument? The biggest fucking drum I can hit is don’t have any fucking beliefs. Don’t have an expectation that God’s voice is going to sound like booming lightening, you know.

    Me: Really!

    Erik: Because it might sound like a six year-old girl. Expectations will ruin your experience, and you find it true in life as well. For some people, for example, they have an expectation that something has to reach a certain timeframe. Humanly things that we do is we create an expectation so that if we achieve it, we’ll feel safe or we feel productive, like we’re in control. And if you feel the need to be in control—


    Jamie (to Erik): I don’t understand that.

    Erik: If you’re feeling the need to be in control, then you’re not understanding wholly that you are a part of a whole.

    Me: Hmm. Interesting.

    Erik: If you have this desire that you have to be in control—I’m not talking about fucking cleaning your house. That’s great. You OCD away. .

    I wish he had OCDed a little bit when he was here. His room always looked like it was the place where a documentary on F-5 tornados might be filmed.

    Erik: I’m not talking about being in control of the external world. That’s when you’ve fully signed on to the concept that you’re an individual and you’re apart from everything else and you must just be a badass because you have that special ability—to control the external world. That’s a crock of shit. You need to fine tune that instrument and realize you’re a part of a whole.

    Me: Exactly. It’s hard not to have expectations. That’s like telling someone, “Don’t think of a pink elephant.”

    Erik (in a monotone voice): PINK ELEPHANT.

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Jamie: He’s just repeating it.

    Probably just trying to make me think only of a pink elephant for the next couple of hours. Great. Thanks, Erik.

    Erik: You can spend a helluva lot of time talking about how to fine tune your instrument. There are so many people who really desire and want to communicate with the afterlife, but they don’t realize that their need can often snuff out the experience, you know, like we said, because of the expectations and because of the emotional quality of those expectations. Let’s, you know, if you were on a swing like one of those tree swings, and you’re swinging really high like a pendulum, and then somebody from the ground asked you, “Which way is the wind blowing?”

    Me: Ah!

    Erik: What are you going to fucking say? When you’re going one way, you’re going to say, “Against my back!” Then when you’re going the other way, you’re going to say, “No, it’s hitting my face! No, it’s hitting my back!”

    Me: Great analogy! I like that.

    Erik: You don’t have any awareness of really what it is. You have to—

    Jamie: That was so brilliant, Erik!

    Me: I know!

    Erik: You have to get your tree swing to get centered and to get calm. You can’t be in total grief. You can’t even be in total joy. I’m not saying one is right and one is wrong. I’m saying you gotta get neutral. You gotta say on the fence. And then when it’s still and the person asks you, “Which way is the wind blowing?” you can say, “Oh, there is no wind now,” or “The wind is blowing east to west. So the way you position yourself can influence what you’re experiencing. People want to get at the truth, and to get to the truth you’ve gotta be a clear, free-flowing instrument.”

    Me: That is so brilliant, Erik.

    Jamie: I know! I want to give that a freaking standing ovation! Wow.

    Me: Anything else about that?

    Erik: No, they’ll get that. They’ll understand that, because it comes with a visual. You can talk about feeding yourself the good energy or the energy that your body needs. Just like the food your body needs, you gotta take care of it. Why do people think they can destroy themselves or ignore themselves and let themselves get sick but yet they think they have the right to experience everything, all of this. It’s like, “Really? You can’t walk the talk.

    Me: Yup, but it’s pretty hard.

    Erik: One of the most important things you have to do is shut off the logical part of your brain. Depend on the emotional, intuitive part to get centered. You can’t just go on with, “Am I doing this right? Am I talking to the afterlife?” and shit like that, letting your analytical mind take over is not going to let you get centered. You’re going to swing from one side to the other and not have any point of reference for which way the wind is blowing.


    Tomorrow at 9:00 AM CST I’ll be appearing on Great Day Houston, a TV show hosted by the very talented and beautiful Debra Duncan. If you live in Houston, please tune into KHOU TV.

    On December 5th, 12:00 PM CST, I’ll be a guest on the Jean Maurie Show. I hope you can join me! Please THIS on your calendar!

    There’s one more spot for Jamie and Erik’s small group channeling call. If you want to talk to a loved one or ask questions about your life, please sign up HERE!

    Last but not least, the “Best Orb Photo/Video” contest ends soon, so please submit your entry. The winner will get an autographed copy of my book, My Son and the Afterlife.

  • August28th2013


    One quick announcement: I’m nearing the book launch and the media tour, and, of course, that takes a lot of preparation. So, until the tour is over, I’m going to have to cut the posts and the channeling sessions down to three days a week. But that’s be over mid-October (I think.)

    Me: Why don’t you guys materialize a computer so you can chat with us on Facebook? Can you?

    Jamie: Materialize a computer and chat on Facebook?

    Me: Or mess with our computers and chat with us.

    Erik: It’s much easier to do a voice recording. First of all—

    Jamie (laughing): You should see his face! Sorry, I didn’t laugh as his face.

    Me: Uh oh!

    Erik: If you want us to manipulate things—

    Jamie (to Erik): I don’t understand that. Say it in a different way. He’s talking about if they were messing on a computer, basically it’s manipulation of electrical waves and programming, which is similar to the voice, um, EVP. What does that stand for again? Electronic Voice Phenomenon?

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: But when you’re doing EVPs, you only have to manipulate one kind of electronic, well, energetic wave to be recorded, but then if you’re working with computers, their programming is different. They’re not just recording your voice. You’ve got to change gears and make each letter and make it send. It’s such a hassle. The best we could do is one thing at a time, which would be to turn your fucking computer off. That’s pretty easy to do.

    Me: Well, don’t do it now! Please.

    Jamie: Yeah, Erik. Don’t.

    Me: All right. So no type of chat back and forth. Wouldn’t that be cool to have the Erik Chat Room?

    Erik: That’s kind of how I imagine that page where everyone writes about the pranks I pull on them. Just people sharing with other people. It is about how a spirit is communicating.

    Me: What other forms of communication do you want to do for the masses? What I’m saying, I guess, is it would be so cool to have something that really got the attention—indisputable evidence. Nothing is indisputable, obviously. You’re going to have skeptics.

    Jamie: That’s where he was going!

    Erik: That’s like the fucking Randi Challenge.

    Me: I know. I know.

    Erik: You can destroy anything, but I think what’s most important, you know, cuz we get down the road like this and they’re asking for more specific forms of communication, you can fall into—

    Jamie (giggling): Hold on. (Whispering) Fall into line (unintelligible). (To Erik) No, tell me in a different way. (Pause) And talk slower!

    I chuckle. I know how he could talk a million miles a minute sometimes.

    Me: Must be jacked up on coffee today.

    Jamie: I know! I told him he was on crack cocaine. I don’t know WHAT is going on! He must have gotten plenty of rest over the weekend.

    Me: He must have!

    Erik: When we start getting into asking for specific ways to deliver messages, there’s a fine line—

    Jamie: Fine line. Got it.

    Erik: —between performance and natural desire. That’s like people are happier when they go to work to a job that they adore, that they love, that they want to be at. They’re more productive. They can get more done. They achieve more. A person that goes to work that they hate tends to shut down, put less effort out. “Eh, fuck it.” So, we kind of—

    Jamie (to Erik): We? We who? Spirits?


    Jamie: Spirits in general.

    Erik: Spirits in general have this thing where when communicate best; we almost get high from it. It’s fun. So we’ll continue to do and do it better and better. But often we get family members who will say they don’t, uh; they’ve seen the dragonfly thing or they’ve seen the butterfly thing—

    Me: Oh, and they want something different.

    Erik: Yeah. They wanted something different, but it’s not something that’s easy for that spirit to do. That’s funny too, cuz—and I’m talking in general about all spirits—that there are so many different ways to communicate, but the biggest one that they’re asking for is the people who are still living to chill out, bring their focus in, start looking at the subtle energy instead of the mass energy. You know, we’re looking at the mass and you’re asking for a sign, we have to bring in the fucking drums to make sure that you’re seeing or hearing or experiencing at a level where you wouldn’t have any doubt and that you could share it with the world.

    Me: I know.

    Erik: It’s not like we can’t do that, but it’s like give us a fucking break! Meet us halfway. And when we get family members and loved ones who do find that subtle energy and they get calm and they listen and they notice all of the interactions, then all of a sudden we’re not just a part of one little moment in your life because you heard the fucking drums, and you know, “Oh, but I had that moment, and now it’s gone, and now I’m sad again, because now I’m alone again, and that wasn’t enough so you gotta perform again, Monkey Boy. Go, Monkey. Go!

    Jamie and I let out a laugh.

    Me: You poor guys.

    Erik: If you paid attention to the more subtle energy, you’d notice that we’re there every day. Every step. We’re in the air. You can smell us; you can feel us move through the room.

    Me: Wow.

    Erik: You can feel when we walk out of the room. You can feel when we come back. And that we’re still part of your life; it’s just a different kind of function. So, yeah, I’d love to sit down in front of the computer and just smack talk everyone’s ass.

    Jamie: Smack talk? (Giggling) Okay.

    We both laugh.

    Jamie: There are some things that he says that I think, “Sixteen year-old girl.”

    Me: Oh no! Don’t say that to him!

    Jamie: There have been a few things he’s said that have just been so cute! Smack talk.

    Erik (laughing): Man everybody understands that term. Don’t get on to me for that one!

    Me: Yeah really! No, I understand it!

    Erik: I would love to do that, but what’s the purpose? I’m spoon-feeding your ass! The whole point of sitting closer to this world is priming you for it, letting you grow to meet it. Man, I gotta be a good parent. I gotta say, “I love you so much, but I can’t pay for all of your car! You’ll have to get a job too.”

    Me: Daddy!

    Jamie is trying hard to translate through her laughter.

    Me: You remember that well, don’t you, Erik?

    Erik: There were clearly enough funds to buy the car!

    Me: But?

    Erik: We had to get a job and pay for it.

    Me: I know.

    Erik: It made sense.

    Me: Didn’t seem to make sense to you at the time!

    Erik: I didn’t like it, but it made sense.


    Dear Reader,

    The journey on which you’re about to embark will take you through stories that are deeply personal and involves a relationship between a mother and her son.

    As a physician raised by two atheists, I had no personal belief system about life after death. In a word, I was a confirmed skeptic. As my journey progressed, my mind opened. It is my sincerest hope that yours will open as well and that you will have a greater understanding of your own life and what’s to come ahead.

    Although Erik sometimes paints a rosy picture of the afterlife, time and time again he stresses that suicide is not the answer to one’s problems. If you struggle, please understand that the information in my blog and my book is no substitute for professional help. Please click here for a list of resources for help when you find yourself considering taking your own life. Know that they are readily available when you feel that hopelessness and despair that many of us feel from time to time in our lives.

    I refuse all donations and ad revenue on the blog. It is my dream to one day establish a nonprofit organization that delivers a variety of spiritual services for those who have lost loved ones to suicide and cannot afford that assistance on their own. It’s a mission of love, sacrifice, and dedication.

    Love and light,


  • June29th2013


    Me: How do spirits like you communicate? Describe in terms of, um, what we do, what symbols do we, uh, what in the world am I saying here? I just have absolutely no idea! I mean, I know there’s telepathy, I mean, do you communicate in chunks of ideas, in symbols? Do you use linear language like we do? What is it? How do you communicate over there?

    Jamie (laughing): Erik’s looking at me and saying, “What’s wrong with this person? Do they have diarrhea?

    Me (firmly): No, Erik, it’s my question, so stop it right now, young man.

    We all laugh.

    Me: I can take a swig of Kaopectate if that helps.

    Jamie: Oh my god, he’s cracking up.

    Me: I’ll even share it with you, Erik. Sometimes you need it, too, Mister Oral Diarrhea. But seriously, how do you communicate with each other. Not with me, but with each other.

    Erik: We don’t even open our mouths. We don’t even have to stand next to each other. It’s not even called telepathy, because it’s not a brain-to-brain activity. Think of it more as how a computer system communicates, you know, through the air, bouncing off the satellite dish and then to its directed source. (I thought he meant “target” but he clears this up later.) Think of it more mathematically, that my energetic body, my spirit, once it is thinking or feeling a concept, is being immediately directed to the source of what I’m thinking about or feeling about, and that source is experiencing it simultaneously, which, by the way is no new bullshit, because it’s exactly how the human body works. It’s just on different vibrational levels, but it’s exactly how the human body works, and it’s exactly how telepathy kind of goes.

    Me: And instead of beaming up to the source, we’re beaming up to the brain? Is that what you’re saying?

    Erik: Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: Brain to brain activity. But there’s no satellite dish for us to bounce off of. It bounces off pure source energy. God energy. Life force energy. That’s really what’s carrying or motivating, giving motion to how we communicate. We don’t have to call someone and set up a meeting. There’s no withholding here. I can’t have a thought about you and you not know about it. We’re all open books. And even if I had a thought that you would think or you would normally judge as not being good about you, you would still experience it, but you would have no desire to judge me for it. That’s a human quality—the desire to judge and measure and shred things apart.

    Me: Yes, unfortunately.

    Erik: You would just know that that was my truth, and that’s where I was coming from. You wouldn’t have this dire need to react emotionally with instantaneous love or disapproval or whatever. It just is, and that freedom of having no judgment or, you know, instant reaction—that’s where all of this compassionate—


    Jamie: He’s looking for a word.

    Erik: Amazing space that I exist in right now.

    Jamie (chuckling): He looks so unsatisfied that he just used the word “amazing!”

    Me: Aw!

    Erik: That’s why the people who have those near death experiences, you know, they don’t wanna come back.

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: Even if it means leaving the love of their life behind or their daughter depends on them, they don’t wanna come back. They know it’s gonna be okay. I don’t know if I explained that right. I fucked up.

    Me: Aw, you did fine, Erik. But when you communicate, what is it in as it goes to the satellite dish, so to speak? Does it come in words, chunks of ideas, symbols?

    Erik: No, it’s like getting visual and emotional and verbage all at once.

    Me: Hm. Jesus. Confusing. That’s called multitasking.

    Erik: Nah, it’s actually a really clear way, cuz you get the exact emotion that’s behind it. You don’t have to guess like you do when you read an email. You get to see what the person is creating or thinking, you know, so there’s more detail in the visual than there is in just the description in words, and then you get the verbage that goes with it.

    (Okay, I think “verbage” is a new word Erik created. That’s okay. We understand what he means, right?)

    Erik: And it’s not really like English, you know. It’s not like Spanish. It’s a distinct language, but it’s not like I can describe that I am totally speaking English. It’s just like this core language that you understand, and that’s what you communicate in. Even with alien forces, you know, other nations that come, we’re able to communicate. We don’t need a translator to come here.

    Me: Okay, so are you saying that they’re words?

    Erik: Yeah. They’re words.


  • June4th2013


    Me: How can we communicate more easily and more effortlessly with the nonphysical so that when our loved one’s transition does take place, we don’t feel so bereft.

    I mumble under my breath, trying to make sense of the reader’s question.

    Erik: I think when we’re looking at easy, I wanna remind people when you’re happy, when you’re in a good emotional place, it’s easier for the deceased to communicate with the living. When you’re under a wall of grief or under a wall of confusion, it’s very hard for us to communicate to you. That vibration, it’s really messed up, you know, so it’s herd for us to get there. Another way to make it easy is to dedicate time to us. Say, “All right. I’m going to sit still. I’m going to get quiet. I’m going to let you get closer to me. I’m not going to push you away. Most people don’t think that they’re pushing us away, but trust me, they are.

    Me: Mm hm.

    Erik: You know, they’re scared. “Oh, don’t do that! Oh!” Or they start to feel at peace, and they think that if they’re at peace, it’s a disservice to the person who’s dead, because then they’re not grieving over them.

    Me: Oh yeah.

    Erik: There’s a lot of really strange rewiring systems in the whole grieving process, so I’d say, get happy. Find moments of happiness, and when you’re in a moment of happiness, dedicate stillness to us.

    Me: Okay. Here’s the last question for the day. Erik, what would you say to a classroom of teenagers who were more interested in sex, drugs and guns and are mostly angry, pissed off and don’t want to be in school?

    Erik: Oh, do I have to say something to them?

    Me: Yeah, well, I don’t know. What would you say if you had to?

    Erik: I would say, ‘Enjoy having a short life, because that’s what it’s going to give you.’

    Me: Mm hm.

    Erik: I would say, um, ‘Outward focus isn’t the greatest success story.’ I would encourage them to go inward. If they really wanna fight and party and get loud, go into the depths that are inside of them first.

    (Long pause)

    Me (in a mock timid voice): More…please.

    Erik: They’d have to have a teacher or instructor to help them do it.

    Me: Can you address maybe why they should be traveling that route?

    Erik: Oh, that’s like a whole hour! We could totally break that down, cuz just to sit down and group guns, drugs, partying and everything under one umbrella, they’re attracted to certain things because of their energetic vibration, and all of those things are extremely different. I mean, if you want me to address one of those groups, we can sit down and write a lecture if you want.

    Me: No, I don’t want to do that, but give me a little bit more.

    Erik: I mean, it’s known in psychiatry and psychology and all that shit that if you’re going outward in these ways to seek joy or control, you’re actually displaced emotionally on the inside of yourself. I feel like I’ve said it before. All of the answers are inside of you. You already know everything. But we’re young and people don’t know—well, young kids don’t know—that doing that kind of inner discovery is healthy. They think it’s for losers or people who are weak, but in fact, having that kind of mindset that it’s for losers and for weak people, that shows weakness.

    Erik chuckles.

    Erik: Ignorance. You know, it really should be part of an elementary school program. All of this learning who you are and how you learn and the discovery of life and the environment around you? I mean, that’s like pre-K to 4th grade! We’re missing the glory years in these children, teaching them how to be emotionally honest, good communicators, and to go inward to find answers. And that pausing, my friend? Pausing. A mere pause can save your day.

    Me: That’s true. It might have saved yours.

    Long silence.

    Erik: True dat, Mom.


    Jamie still has openings for small group readings and the grievers’ call this week. Please click on the link below, find what you’d like to register for and click on it. The readings provide an opportunity to ask questions about your future, your career, your health, your relationships and more. Both calls give you a chance to speak with your deceased loved ones.

    Jamie’s Calendar


    Dear Reader,

    The journey on which you’re about to embark will take you through stories that are deeply personal and involves a relationship between a mother and her son.

    As a physician raised by two atheists, I had no personal belief system about life after death. In a word, I was a confirmed skeptic. As my journey progressed, my mind opened. It is my sincerest hope that yours will open as well and that you will have a greater understanding of your own life and what’s to come ahead.

    Although Erik sometimes paints a rosy picture of the afterlife, time and time again he stresses that suicide is not the answer to one’s problems. If you struggle, please understand that the information in my blog and my book is no substitute for professional help. Please click here for a list of resources for help when you find yourself considering taking your own life. Know that they are readily available when you feel that hopelessness and despair that many of us feel from time to time in our lives.

    I refuse all donations and ad revenue on the blog. It is my dream to one day establish a nonprofit organization that delivers a variety of spiritual services for those who have lost loved ones to suicide and cannot afford that assistance on their own. It’s a mission of love, sacrifice, and dedication.

    Love and light,



  • May7th2013


    Many of you may have had deceased loved ones communicate with you in ways you might not be aware of. (Damn I hate to end a sentence with a preposition, but I sound too professorial if I do.) Anyway, I digress. (Ah oh. That sounds kind of professorial, too. Sigh.) The way Erik says hello or tells me I’m on the right track is by creating a sensation of intense goosebumps. It’s a tingling sensation either on my scalp, my face, an arm or a leg. I had never experienced those goosebumps before he died. So, I asked him how spirits create that sensation, among other forms of communication.

    Me: Why do some spirits make us feel goosebumps and/or coolness, and how exactly do they do that?

    Jamie (to Erik, whispering): Oh, don’t.

    Jamie: Can this go off record? Or maybe not.

    She giggles.

    Me: No! I don’t edit anything.

    Jamie: Oh, god.

    She braces herself as she conveys what Erik said.

    Jamie bursts into laughter. She can’t contain herself.

    Erik: Sometimes when you feel goosebumps, that’s kinda like when you’re in the movie theater and you’re—

    Jamie squirms and says, “Oh,” to signal how hesitant she is about repeating his words.

    Erik: It’s like being in front of Pee Wee Herman.

    Me: I know you were going to say that!

    Jamie: How did you know that? Holy sh*#. How did you know that?

    Me: When you said “movie theater,” it was pretty obvious. Okay, what about Pee Wee?

    Jamie laughs nervously, but continues.

    Erik: —and, you know, he’s whacking off. That would give you the goosebumps.

    Jamie: Even though he says whacking off, he shows me a, uh, a pump of lotion.

    Erik: You know, that would give you goosebumps.

    Me: Well, how do you do that?

    Erik: It really depends on the vibration that the spirit is giving off, and what you’re wiling to perceive. Goosebumps, if we look at it scientifically—

    Jamie: He’s using air quotes.

    Erik: —they’re there as a mechanism, as a warning that your sense of your environment has changed without cause. I think that’s a great alarm system for when a spirit walks into a room. They can change the subtle energy in a room, but yet visually and physically, nothing has changed. You know, that’s there to raise the hair in your body and make you look bigger than what you are and like a badass. It’s the same thing as when raccoons and cats raise the hair on their bodies. Same mechanism as the goosebumps. Makes your hair stand up.

    Whoa, I feel goosebumps on my right leg as I type this. HELLO ERIK!

    Erik: They do it out of defense, but for us, it’s kinda, you know, (in a girlie voice) a little bit of fun. How do we do it? It’s really just a vibration match.

    Me: A vibration match? You mean you match it with ours?

    Erik: Uuuuh, it’s not like an identical match, but let’s say if I need a finger to push a button, I replicate the energy vibration of the finger so I can push the button. It’s cause and effect.

    Me: Oh, I see. So, in the case where you make me feel goosebumps, um, like sometimes you make me feel goosebumps on the side of my face or my scalp or leg. How do you do that? Give me a step-by-step.

    Erik: I get up behind you, and I get a large container of lotion.

    Jamie laughs.

    Me (chuckling): God, Erik. Don’t even go there.

    Erik: No, I get up behind you,and I put my hand in your hair. Then I push my energy through the top few layer of your skin, but not to the bone. And just the muscles. Usually your body responds to an interference, a change in the environment, so your body responds with the goosebumps. That’s why it’s really location specific.

    Jamie stumbles on the word, “specific”.

    Erik: Full body goosebumps is when we move through somebody or move past somebody. It’s all kinds of things. But for you, it’s pretty easy though, because you’re in tune to me; you communicate with me; you talk to me, so it’s kind of like knocking on the door to come in or hitting the doorbell and coming in.

    Me: Mm hm, You usually do it to say hello or to give me an affirmative like, “Yes, that’s true,” or “Yes, you’re on the right path.” Things like that. Is that true?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: So, really, it’s energy-to-energy, right?

    Erik: Yes, it is.

    Me: So are you matching my energy, or…

    Erik: Well, I’m not matching it identically; I’m just matching the need to give you the goosebumps.

    Jamie (to Erik): I think that was confusing, the way you used “matching.”

    Me (confused): Yeah. I don’t understand. Tell me energy to energy what you mean.

    Erik: If I need a level 4 vibration to make you have goosebumps, I adjust to a level 4 to get into your energy and create the goosebumps for you. If I want to give you a solid touch, maybe I have to be a level 2, so I’d go to a level 2. If I want your ear to turn red and get hot and fiery, then maybe I have to be a level one.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: So, I adjust myself to a level one. Our sense of interacting with humans, pets, plants is an adjustment of your energetic vibration level. It’s not like a mental think where I’m thinking it and I’m creating it and I’m making it happen out and away from me. I’m actually involved in that interaction, that merge of energy.

    Me: Interesting. This blog member goes on to ask what other ways spirits make themselves known and how.

    Erik (laughing): What? Is she writing a book?

    Me: I guess so!

    Erik is laughing hard.

    Erik: The ways? The list is endless!

    Me: Okay. Give me one other way.


    Me: The second most common way.

    Erik: Oh, like when people just randomly think if us for no cause or reason?

    Me: Okay, and how—

    Erik: But they think it’s just their memory kicking in or that they got sad or that it got triggered by something else? You know, that kind of bullshit; it’s really us.

    Me: So, how does that happen? We sense the energy, but….

    Erik: Ah, because normally your conscious mind is focused on something else, so it leaves your backside totally vulnerable. And I don’t mean, literally, your ass side. I just mean that if you’re focused on one thing, the 360 of where your focus could be is kind of left dark, right? If you’re focused on eating that hamburger the way your are, then all the other parts of your conscious awareness are kinda dull. So that leaves us an opening to send an energetic email with our imagery, our smell, our touch, our whole presence. You know, that’s like an email to us. It’s the whole thing. It’s a way of communicating. And then that darkened area outside what specific focus they’re having will light up. Boom! Cuz it’s receiving the email. And it’s easier to receive it cuz your fucking brain isn’t trying to control what’s coming in. It’s too damn focused on that hamburger. That’s the sweet spot. Then all of a sudden, you go, “Ah, Jim! I remember Jim! Why am I thinking about Jim? That’s weird!

    Jamie (chuckling): I love these voices. The way he says things in a different voice. It’s funny.

    Erik: So, that’s one way we get in, but yet people think it’s their mind paying games with them and all kinds of fucked up things, so we often don’t get the credit. Instead of, “Oh, Jim must be saying hi”, it’s, “Oh, he must have liked hamburgers.” So, they fuck it up. That’s one of the easiest ways we communicate.. If we go beyond that, we go to moving shit, putting shit in your way like in situations in your life, like you wanted a new job but you looked and looked and looked and looked, and it didn’t come up. Then, you turn around and you bump into somebody and they say, “Hey, are you for hire?” And they give you the job you wanted. That’s the shit we like to do.

    Me: Well, that’s nice!

    Erik: Yeah, that’s why I’m kind of digging all this media and, you know, finding the right people for your team, so…

    Me: That’s awesome.

    Erik: Yeah. It’s happening. It’s good stuff. Good stuff, Mom.

    And that was good stuff, Erik.

    Just a heads up: Jamie has two small group phone readings coming up. I urge you to sign up, because you’ll have the opportunity to talk with your loved ones, find out your spiritual path and past lives, ask about relationship, health and career issues, and more. Jamie is kind enough to offer these inexpensive mini-readings, because she’s booked up through September for her full hour readings.



    Also, please join Jamie on Saturday, May 18 from 10:00-11:30am EST as she channels Erik. This will be a fun and unique event in which Jamie will channel Erik. He will deliver a lesson for the first 45 minutes, and then answer participant’s questions for the remaining 45 minutes. I’ve already signed up, and I hope you do, too. These sessions are often life-changing. Sign up below:


    Last but not least, don’t forget to subscribe to the Channeling Erik YouTube channel. This morning, I just added a four-part series about the nature of, sensations behind and physics of death as well as information about life reviews. Here’s the link to the channel as well as the first in the five-part series about being human. Be sure to bookmark the link to the channel.



  • April18th2013


    Erik and Jamie’s appearance on The Sheila Show was wonderful. In fact, Sheila Gale wants to have them on on a regular basis. I’ll post the recording when Sheila gives it to me.

    On another note, Jamie has been suffering from a great deal of illness over the past several months: frequent viral infections. She gets over one, then gets another. In fact, she has fever this morning and can’t even get out of bed. I’m worried about her. Please send any healing to her that you can as well as love and prayers.


    Me: What do you have to do to communicate with us? How do you see us compared to your fellow spirits? This is a blog member asking this. Do you see your fellow spirits differently than you do us? So, that’s a two-part question.

    Erik (laughing): You look like animals! No, I have to lower my energy quite a bit to do the pranks and to get in the way—

    Me: How do you do that?

    Jamie burst out in a loud laugh for a long time.

    Me: Oh god. What now.

    Jamie (barely able to get the words out): He said, “It’s like having constipation, and you push really hard.”

    Me: Oh, Jesus, Erik!

    Erik: There’s a lot of grunting involved, Mom.

    Me: I hope we don’t get a bonus shart with that.

    Erik: Thank god you don’t have to do my laundry anymore.

    Me: I remember those racing stripes.

    Jamie: You got him! He’s laughing so hard!

    We all laugh.

    Jamie (still giggling): The image is horrible! He’s pretending to be on the potty. It’s just so…

    Erik: Yep, so it comes with a bit of a grunt, but you have to focus a lot inward to get that intense grounding. It’s like how you have to focus to sing the real low notes cuz your voice doesn’t do it naturally, but if you exercise and kind of train for it, you can kind of drop down low like that. But it’s really not like down off a ladder, you know? It’s not like a location. It’s more of a state of mind, a state of being.

    Me: Okay. So, what do we look like to you compared to the way you see your fellow spirits?

    Erik: Uh, fellow spirits are all light beings. People on Earth look more like, um. (pause) mushy.

    Jamie (giggling): What do you mean, mushy?

    Erik (laughing): Like Claymation!

    Me: Oh! Like Gumby and Pokey?

    Erik: Yeah.

    Me: No. Seriously? So, we don’t look like what you used to see me as when you were alive, for example?

    Erik: Ah, no, no. You still look like that, but it’s wild. You kind of get unused to that three-dimensional light-absorbing kind of a (struggling for words) status?

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: You know, cuz we bounce light over here. We don’t absorb it.

    Me (surprised): Oh!

    Erik: You know, whereas humans absorb it in. They suck it up.

    He makes a sucking sound, like he’s sucking from a straw.

    Jamie: Yes, the sound came with it. That was not my creation.

    Erik: So, when you come back to Heaven or Home, and you’re seeing the people, the light, it’s just different. It looks mushy and dull, because you’re so used to everything being bright light. Now if you kind of adjust yourself—


    Jamie (to Erik): No!

    Jamie (to me, giggling): He adjusts his package.

    Me: Of course.

    Erik: —Then you can see the light that it all emits. But it’s a much more controlled, duller light than what pure light energy is just because it’s manipulated by being in the lower vibrational dimension.

    Me: Very interesting.


    If you liked this post, be sure to friend Erik and me on Facebook! His full name is Erik Rune Medhus. Of course mine is Elisa Medhus. Also, please share, share, share these posts!

  • March21st2013


    Me: Here’s one from a blog member. “I would like to ask Erik what we can do to help our loved ones come through to us. I’ve read that when we’re depressed, it blocks the connection, but it’s such a brick wall! How do you drop the grief to get the message? I know my loved ones are safe and in a wonderful place, but their physical absence hurts. I know we all here know this anyway, but how about a few 101 lessons on helping us dudes on this plane lift the veil to hear them.” You know, to get past that grief that makes it so difficult to, uh, our vibrations are so much lower, in other words, than y’all’s so it’s hard for y’all to meet us halfway.

    Erik: Yeah. First of all, I’d say stop judging yourself that the way that you’re grieving is wrong or that you need to be doing something better. If you take off that burden or that weight that maybe you’re not doing it right or you’re doing it too much or that your friends don’t want to hear you bitch and complain about the sadness of the loss again and again and again. You know, if you just stop doing that shit—that judging crap—than you’ll find out that when you go to grieve it feels really good to do it. And then pretty soon it’ll just kind of lighten and lighten and lighten up. But—

    Jamie: He puts his head in his hand. Like on his forehead. He throws his head down. Oh, I say, ‘Is your brain hurting because you’re thinking so much?’

    We both giggle.

    Jamie: And he says, “No, I was just trying to find that really clear definition of if you’re fully depressed, then you need chemical help or you need physician or therapy help. Like you can’t just grieve on like you are.

    Me: Yeah. Yeah.

    Erik: Like if you’re doing this shit for more than six months and you’re not getting enough relief, then you need to march your ass where you’re going to see a doctor or someone to help you set up a plan to feel better. But if you find out what you’re doing by the step of removing the judgment and how should I grieve—what’s right, what’s wrong, and you just start grieving the way you need to, just be honest with how you feel—

    Me: Mm hm.

    Erik: —and you find relief in that, and it gets better and better, and you find some smiles start sneaking in, then you’re on the right path. Keep doing it. Some people, man they make—

    Jamie (to Erik, laughing): Great visual.

    Jamie (to me): The visual is they put a garden in their front yard, and all of a sudden this person’s garden has flowers in six weeks. The whole thing. Where the other person’s doesn’t get flowers until a year later.

    Me (with solemn realization that that person is me): Yeah.

    Erik: Timing is unimportant. As long as you are seeing a success in having joy come into your life, that’s the goal. The more joy you get, the easier it is to become a reciprocal—

    Me: Recipient?

    Jamie (giggling): Recipient! I knew I had it wrong! Sound it out, Jamie! I think I took giggle pills today.

    Me: I think we all did!

    Jamie: Phew. Okay, going back. C’mon. You lost me, Erik. Go back.

    Erik: If more smiles are coming in, then it’s going to be easier for them to feel their loved one around in a positive way rather than it triggering, “Oh, I have that loss to deal with all over again.” It’s going to trigger, “Oh, look, now I have this way to figure out how this new relationship’s gonna work.”

    Me: So are you saying, uh, would just simply smiling when you feel grief be one of the simple things we can do to help raise our vibration for example?

    Erik: Yeah. Well, yeah, you can fake the smile.

    Me: Yeah. Fake it till you make it.

    Erik: Yeah. You could, uh, right then and there, be really honest with how you feel, even if it’s a bunch of horrible words. Embrace ‘em. Love ‘em. Tell yourself you’re doing the right thing for you.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: And once you start doing that, you’ll actually start to feel better, because the body’s like, “Why am I crying? Nobody’s there holding my hand. Am I just crying to listen to myself? Then you’ll have this internal dialogue with your ego, and we all love doing that, right? So much fun!

    I can detect a tiny note of sarcasm here.

    Erik: That’s probably when you need to go get high.

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Me: Nice segue.

    Erik: You’re welcome. But then you recognize that often grief is there because your ego is hurting, and you’re actually really okay with the person’s death. It’s just that your ego is screaming so hard that you’ve been wronged or that you’re not being acknowledged as a victim or that you’re not getting the energy that you need. Then you need to ask why are you such a pussy that you can’t stand up and ask from your friends and family about the way you need to be treated.

    Me: Ah!

    Erik: You know?

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: Cuz some people will just stay in that victim pattern, “Poor me; poor me. I lost my husband. I lost this, and now my whole life is changed.” Well that’s fine if you’re figuring it out and shit, but if you’re getting six months past, you know or a year into it or four or five or six years, why is it that that type of energy is working for you? You need to know why? You need to ask yourself, because that’s the only one who’s going to give you the answer.

    Me: Mm hm. That’s true.

    Erik: And then, I always say, if you don’t like something, change it. You know, change isn’t always that easy. Maybe you start crying again, and you realize you don’t like crying anymore.

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: It’s not fitting you. It’s not suiting you. It’s not getting the release out, and so you tell yourself to stop crying, and you start coming out of it, but then later in the day you do it again or three days later it happens again. And that change just takes a little discipline. But you do it only when it stops giving you the relief you need. And you gotta find that supplement. Maybe you don’t like that crying anymore and maybe you found a lot more release and a lot more satisfaction in writing. So, when you start to cry, grab your pen and paper. What you’ll recognize is that the crying will go away and you’ll start journaling and getting that energy.

    Me: Okay.

    And that’s just what I did.


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