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  • December2nd2015


    Great news! Erik’s book got a stellar review by Miriam Knight in a big magazine, New Consciousness Review! It’s a great magazine. You guys should subscribe. After reading the review, please share! The more shares, the better for the magazine and the better my chances that they’ll let me write and article for them! Click HERE to read it. It starts on page 57 and the share buttons are on the top left of the homepage to the left of the print button. There’s one for Facebook and one for other social media. Click on both!

    Blog member, Linda Rhodes, tried to post this as an Erik Encounter but wasn’t able to. I think the file was too large. Apparently, she has little visitors from the Other Side as you can see from the orbs flying around. I wonder if one of them is Erik! Click HERE so that the video downloads to your desktop.

    Now for the final part of our Heaven series!

    Me: You say it communicates. Do these sounds and colors communicate anything in particular? Is it information at all?

    Erik: Kind of, yeah. Yeah, it’s like information without conversation. It’s not like, “How do you do?” “I’m doing fine. Thank you for asking.” “Well, where are you going?” “I’m headed over there to the river.” You just get this sense, you know, this subtle sense that everything is okay, and you don’t have any doubt wrapped around it. You just know it’s okay. It’s that kind of communication: That your existence is beautiful and that you are okay and my existence is beautiful and I’m okay. And you can come across this undercurrent of communication where an energy is wanting or needing or searching. Really, it’s not a need. I’d like to—

    Jamie (laughing): Oh, I didn’t know what you were doing!

    Erik: It’s not a need. (He makes a slash with his index finger.) I’d like to eliminate that from the records.

    I think she didn’t know what he was doing with that hand gesture.

    Erik: But I do want to call it a searching. You know, when you get here and you want to know more information, you’re searching, but you don’t need the information. You’re just inquiring for the knowledge.

    Me: Mm hm.

    Erik: So you can come across someone that’s doing that—an entity, an animal, whatever—and you can then engage and be like, “Hey. I know what you’re up to. I got some information for you. Let me show you. Let me take you.” So you can be a part of that [search,] and what’s so cool is that you don’t have to (extending a hand and shaking another invisible hand) “Hi. I’m Erik. It’s nice to meet you.”

    I chuckle.

    Erik: You can just go. It’s like you’re instant friends. You already have this happening.

    Me: That’s nice! Can you describe your favorite animal over there or one of the ones you do not see on Earth?

    Jamie (chuckling): When you said “animal,” he said “A Pikachu.” Isn’t that a Pokémon thing?

    Me: Yes!

    Jamie: That’s bizarre. My kids never did Pokémon. He’s talking about this, it’s like a squirrel combo thing.

    She looks puzzled.

    Me: Okay. Combined with what? A fish?

    Jamie: No, no. It’s not like above water versus underwater.

    Erik: It’s a tree creature, but it’s kind of like a cat-squirrel. You know how the bees do the pollination here, like it’s really important to have the bees for the plants and the flowers?

    Me: Oh yeah.

    Erik: It’s the same for this creature. They take a collection of seeds and seedlings and stuff and hide them in other areas where they then grow the special fruit of that season and so forth. It’s kind of cool.

    Jamie (Spreading her two index fingers about 6 inches apart): So it’s about the size of your hand? The animal? He says it’s about the size of your hand, six to eight inches long.

    Erik: The ears are really pointy, and there is a fluffy tail like a squirrel. The ears are more catlike, and the face is more catlike, but the body is more like a tiny dog’s.

    Jamie: Tiny dog? Wouldn’t that be more like a cat, too?

    Me: Ugh. I don’t want to have anything to do with that! We’re having such trouble with cats marking all over all of a sudden. It smells like an old cat lady house here now. So, do creatures poop and pee over there?

    Why did I go there? Why?

    Me: That’s a good one.

    Not really.

    Me: Are they litter trained?

    Jamie chuckles.

    Erik: Here, you have to remember, Mom, we don’t digest tangible foods.

    Me: I figured.

    Erik: So we don’t have a digestive system. We don’t take pee breaks and shit on things.

    Me (laughing): That’s good! I’m getting voice feedback, but whatever. We’ll just muddle through it.

    Jamie: Oh, I can’t hear it on this side.

    Me: Okay, good. It’s probably on the recording, though. All right, what about another cool, like, a bird or an insect?

    Erik: There is a—

    Jamie (To Erik after seeing a visual): That’s a big insect! I would say cicada. This insect is like (putting her index fingers apart 3-4 inches) what is that, three inches? Four inches?

    Me: Ew.

    Jamie: It’s meaty.

    Me: Yeah, gross.

    Jamie: It has wings and everything. The closest thing I could say is a cicada. Don’t they have bulging eyes and kind of a pug, flat face?

    Me: Mm hm.

    Jamie: They have these immense colors to them. It’s almost like they’re lit up on the inside.

    Me: Beautiful.

    Still. Insects=gross.

    Jamie: Take a firefly and take the tail that lights up and kind of put it in the body and it lights up with this bluish-green as it comes through them.

    Erik: The sounds are incredible. The sounds are like a thousand people in a choir. It doesn’t sound like cricket or animal sounds. It sounds like string instruments.

    Me: Wow.

    Still. Insects=gross.

    Erik: It’s wild.

    Me: This is really unrelated, but I want to stick it somewhere, and I can’t make it into an entire YouTube. Do you eavesdrop on people when they shower and have sex and all that kind of stuff?

    Jamie, embarrassed, covers her mouth.

    Me: It’s very unnerving to a lot of people to think that you might.

    Erik: Should I say, “No,” then?

    Me: He doesn’t?

    Jamie: He sometimes does.

    Me: Uh oh.

    Jamie (To Erik): Why?

    Me: Yeah, why?


    Jamie starts cracking up. It takes her several seconds to compose herself.

    Jamie: He slings his arm out and says:

    Erik: First of all, taking a shit doesn’t bother me. That’s just not private time. It’s you doing your humanly thing, so when you’re in the bathroom in the shower or toilet, it doesn’t bother me.

    Me: Well, it might bother them!

    Erik: Yeah, yeah, it does. Yeah. Some get really embarrassed. Some of them don’t mind at all, like really—

    Jamie (shaking her head, puzzled): What? Hesitate or meditate?


    Jamie: Get off the pot? Oh, there’s some saying like when you sit on the toilet, in that moment of hesitating and, you know, trying to make things happen, it’s a great time to meditate.

    A little off topic, aren’t we?

    Me: Yeah, okay.

    Erik: So why shouldn’t I show up and answer a few questions or poke around in your mind to get you to think about things that you normally wouldn’t think about? You know, your mind is kind of offset when you’re doing those things, especially when you’re cleaning your body. You get really Zen and really open. I don’t care if you’re naked! I’ll undress, too! How’s that?

    Jamie: Don’t! It’s not like that now!

    Me: Don’t do it, Erik! Poor Jamie.

    Erik: I’m not interested in touching them when they’re doing that, and I’m not trying to push them over when they’re having these moments to themselves, but when they’re doing these things and they’re opening up, dude, that’s the call of the bell. “Ding, ding, ding! Come on in! I’m ready to chat. I want to know. I’m setting my intent for the day.” A lot of people do that in the shower in the morning so, hell, I’m showing up.

    Me: Okay!

    Erik: The sex, you know, most people aren’t calling out for me to be there. They’re not opening up and going, “Let me set the intent for the day while I—

    Jamie (to Erik): I’m not saying that!

    Erik rephrases.

    Jamie: “While I am with my lover.” I’ll just say that.

    I chuckle.

    Erik: That really doesn’t happen. I’m not sneaking a peek on that stuff. What am I going to do with that! I don’t care. Go for it!

    Me: Okay. Just wondered. Anything else on that before we close?

    Erik: No.

    Jamie’s still laughing.

    Me: All right, well thank you, Erik. Thank you, Jamie!

    She’s never be the same. Never.

    Who will be waiting for you in Heaven?

                                                       Who will be waiting for you in Heaven?

  • December1st2015


    Sadly, I have nothing intelligent to say, so let’s just go to Part Two of this series!

    Me: So tell us what it looks like over there in Heaven.

    Erik (in a girlie voice): Pretty.

    Me: I know you describe it a lot in the book.

    Erik: Pretty.

    Me (leaning forward, almost touching the computer screen): Well can you go into more detail?

    Erik (leaning in, too): Yes I can.

    Jamie: He’s starting off with the visual spectrum.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie listens, then shakes her head, clearly lost.

    Jamie: He’s talking so fast, he has to back up. Hold on.

    Erik: I’m starting out with the visual range of the spectrum, and we already know that with cameras, some of the things we can get our own hands on no matter where you are in the world can see beyond out visual spectrum to look at things like infrared and ultraviolet [rays]. We already know that there are sounds that our ears can’t perceive. Let’s take the freaking dog whistle.

    Jamie: He didn’t say “freaking,” but you got the idea.

    Me: Yes.

    Jamie: Sorry.

    Erik: You can’t hear that, but the dogs can. So there is so much out there even on Earth that our instruments, as humans, don’t perceive. Imagine all of that opening up to you when you leave your body and get to Heaven. We have colors here that care far beyond what your imagination can comprehend. It’s living color. It has a light in and of itself. It’s so beautiful.

    Me: A life in and of itself?

    Erik: A light.

    Me: Oh, okay. Got it.


    Jamie (smiling, looking at Erik): You know that?

    Erik: It glows in and of itself.

    Jamie: He was comparing it to a glowworm.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie: Wasn’t that a kid’s toy you could…

    Me: Maybe there is an actual glowworm. I’m not sure, but yeah, I know what you’re talking about.

    Jamie: Oh, there probably is! My bad. I went right to toys.

    Erik: The sounds! Off of every, let’s just say “thing” so landscapes, trees, leaves—there are creatures, animals here that you don’t get to experience on Earth because Earth resides in certain dimensional planes. Imagine, though, everything that’s around you now. You’re staring at your computer screen and we’re having this intimate moment, and everything in your office or your living room, the train or your car has a sound to it: this sweet harmonious hum or ah or oo. Then all of it comes together to create another sound. So the environment around you, you hear it as being soundless, but where we are and where you’re going—you only got one ticket. You’re not going to miss this place—everything has a sound to it. So not only are you getting all of these colors, you’re getting all of these sounds from the environment around you.

    Me: Well, I think that would drive me nuts to hear that ahhh and oooo. It’s like constant elevator music. How do you deal with that?

    Jamie laughs.

    Erik: It’s not like that! Mom, you’re thinking of sound only hitting the drums in your ears, and when it’s on a long time, it’s almost like your ears get tired. But when you go outside, do you ever get tired that the sky is blue?

    Me: No, that’s true. Good analogy.

    Erik: That’s because your eyes don’t get tired. When I’m talking about sound, I don’t mean that sound comes to me where I am through instruments that I have in a body that can be over-triggered or annoyed.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: It’s almost like a sound that comes to your chest, you know, like it has a quiet undercurrent of communicating to that table, to that leaf, to that animal, to that other spirit, to All That Is. It doesn’t get tiring. It doesn’t get annoying. It doesn’t consume you or give you the sensation that you’re always around everything at once. You can still create that, “I am alone, and I have this space and this invisible separatism.”

    Jamie: Is that a word? Separatism?

    Me: If it isn’t, it is now!

    Enjoy these reviews from two fans of Erik’s book. Buy your own copy HERE! In fact, buy copies to give as Hanukkah and Christmas presents!

    I couldn’t put this book down. A fascinating insight into all those eternal questions. A brave and frank account of Erik’s death and life after death. Thank you Erik, you are an amazing gift to us all.



    Just finished reading it today. It was awesome.  Erik is good at explaining what it’s like to be a spirit. I’ve read other good spiritual books and life after death books but Erik’s book is my favorite and I’ve learned a lot from reading this book. My brother read it before me and he loves it too. Erik is my favorite author! :)



  • November30th2015


    Check out this funky, catchy song by blog member, Kryston Jones. I’m asking her if it can be one of the songs in consideration for the intro and outro of our radio show. What do you think, guys?

    Now enjoy this three-part series on Heaven! It’s short, but sweet. 

    Me: Good morning.

    Jamie: Good morning. Hello.

    Erik: Hi, Mama.

    Me: Hi, sweetie pie. What are you up to, no good?

    Erik: Absolutely. If I were up to good, I wouldn’t be here.

    Jamie chuckles.

    Me: By the way, somebody told me that you were an astral incarnation. I totally don’t understand that. Do you spend most of your time in the astral plane—I didn’t even know there was one—you know, hanging out and helping people on Earth?

    Erik: If you think about it, that’s another life in and of itself, so it’s one of our incarnations.

    Me: Oh, so are you an astral incarnation?

    Erik: We all are.

    Me: Oh, I see. Okay. So what are you?

    Erik: Amazing.

    Jamie (laughing): I can’t do it the way he just did it.

    Me (in a low sassy voice): Amazing. Like that?

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Me: I can just see him doing that. So there’s no difference in where you are compared to where Aunt Denise is?

    Erik: Right.

    Me: Oh, okay.

    Still clearly confused. Sigh.

    Erik: That’s the astral plane, the Heaven plane, the multidimensional plane that’s different from the Earth plane. There are so many labels, it makes it confusing.

    Me: Yeah, and I’m easily confused today. Oh, that reminds me.

    I take a sip of coffee and this makes Jamie giggle. She sips her drink.

    Me (holding up my travel mug): I love my new coffee cup. Contigo.

    Jamie: Oh, that’s nice!

    Erik: The advertisement was for free.

    Me: There we go. It’s for free. I do not sponsor these coffee mug people. So, what kinds of things do you do in Heaven, Erik? Let’s talk about you and Heaven.

    Erik: Besides gambling?

    Me: Gambling? What are you talking about? For real?

    Erik: What do I do in Heaven? I play cards, I gamble, and I ride fast motorcycles. What do you think I do in Heaven?

    Me: I don’t know! I didn’t know you were a gambler.

    Jamie cracks up, trying to talk.

    Jamie: He’s setting off—I can’t do it.

    She tries to compose herself.

    Jamie: He says, “I also masturbate in Heaven.”

    Me: Oh, no.

    Jamie laughs.

    Jamie: That [visual] clip could be taken so many different ways!

    Me: Oh, no!

    Jamie: He’s just teasing.

    Erik: I can do whatever I want here.

    Me: Yeah, but what do you do, though?

    Erik: You know when we sign up for a human life, we end up in a certain environment, right?

    Me: Mm hm.

    Erik: We’re kind of dense. Being human, we’re dense and get stuck to one place. You identify with your environment, your city, your state, your country. All of that influences who you are and where you go, really.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: In Heaven, we don’t get to identify, “I’m on cloud number 7, and we have this kind of weather and this kind of identity and dut, dut, dut, dut, dut. It’s not like that. You get here; you’re you. So what do I like to do? I like to ride fast motorcycles. I can make that happen for me. I like to travel. I like to help people. I like the check the blog. I like to check on who’s looking at the blog. I like to haunt those people and make it real for them. That’s what I enjoy doing most of the time. And I don’t have a time constraint, either. We talk about this all the time. Time is not this linear spread. It’s kind of clumped and bumped all together, so what you think you can do in an hour, you know, you have this time limit and “Time’s up. Ding!” You can’t do it anymore. I don’t have that kind of constraint, so I can do whatever the hell I want in Heaven.

    Jamie laughs at this last sentence.

    Me (chuckling): That’s funny. Hey, that extra time would have come in handy with your tests in school, huh?

    Erik: Big time. That’s so unfair that they still test children like that. It’s not right.

    Me: I know. I’m against it!

    Erik: That’s gotta go!

    The Astral Plane?

                                                        The Astral Plane?


  • September25th2015


    Hey all! I’m still having a blast here in the D.R. Everyone is so friendly here, and the island is so beautiful. I’m only just now realizing how much I needed this time to recharge my batteries. Yeah, I’m a slow learner. Rune is at some boring business meeting, so I’m taking this time alone to post and catch up on things. This is a repost from long ago. Enjoy.

    Usually at the end of a channeling session, I ask Erik an assortment of questions that have come to mind either during my reading or just before the appointment. I found his answers extremely intriguing. I hope you enjoy!

    Me: Does part of our energy stay in the afterlife? I mean, I feel like some people have this low energy, or I get the feeling that they’re “not all here,” you know?

    Erik: No, when we’re here, we’re here, except when we’re about to die. Sometimes the soul will go in and out, in and out of the physical body and will hover around the room. Or sometimes they’ll actually come back here to Heaven, hang out, spend time. And this can happen moments, days, weeks, months, even years before someone dies. That’s what happens to people who are senile, like with Alzheimer’s and with people who are in a coma. They’re hovering around the room or going back and forth to the afterlife. Other times, we can have out of body experiences while we’re asleep, but we’re totally healthy and not about to die. The soul is able to leave the body and go traveling: visiting loved ones in other places on Earth or in Heaven.

    Me: Oh, Erik, how I wish I knew how to do that while I’m awake. I’d love to visit you!

    Erik: Well we meet while you’re dreaming, though. And while souls are in Heaven, they’re in Heaven. Period. We can go wherever we want, whenever we want,. We can manifest ourselves. But we don’t go in and out of physical bodies. We can visit on the earthly plane, but we don’t go into a body until we’re ready for the next lifetime.

    Me: When do we enter our next body?

    Erik: Any time. It can be at conception all the way through to birth. Some souls hover around even before conception. Some go in and out of the new body before it’s born. Usually, their guides are around to help them get oriented and adjusted to their new life in a body, and they hang around and interact with them a lot. Little kids are very open and can see us spirits more than adults, because they haven’t been teased or punished for it yet. Like, I play with Arley all the time. So do Nana and Papa (my maternal grandparents). That’s what imaginary friends are, usually. They’re just one of the kid’s guides or a relative who already died.

    Me: Are their any evil spirits, Erik?

    Erik: Any kind of evil takes place when a soul is in a human body on the earthly plane. Some humans act evil, because it’s part of an in-between lives agreement with someone in their soul group, or they’ve just been really fucked up during their lives on the earth. But when they die, they have a clearer perspective of why they did evil things. They get therapy. Now, some spirits are more evolved than others.

    In future sessions, Erik talks about “negative entities” but insists that there is no right or wrong, better or worse, so no judgment needs to be applied. “Ghosts” or earthbound spirits, can retain what we humans might perceive as “evil.”

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: And of course we keep our personalities, so some souls are mischievous, impulsive, but evil? No. There’s no such thing as the devil or Hell either.

    Me: Just Hell on Earth sometimes.

    Erik. Right.

    Me: Okay, Erik. I think I already know the answer to this question, but I’ll ask it any way. Does death ever hurt?

    Erik: It only hurts if we choose it to hurt. That would be a choice a soul might make for spiritual progress, to experience a different kind of death. But we don’t choose at the time. We choose before we’re born into the next lifetime.

    Me: Oh, yeah, of course!

    Erik: Sometimes death is painless, and sometimes it’s awful!

    But only if we choose to have that experience.

    Me: Ooo! (pause) Last question, Erik. After we die and shed our bodies, what stays with us in the afterlife? What’s left?

    Erik: Personality, emotions and spirit.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: When we shed the body, we also shed the mind, so there are no negative tapes running.

    Me: I wish we had more time, because eventually, I’d like to find out more about how our emotions in the afterlife differ from our emotions on the earthly plane and how our emotions evolve while we’re in spirit.

    Kim: Sometimes when I channel a deceased, they come across with their personality, and the family will say, “Wow, that sounds just like Dad!” And they’d laugh and say, “That’s just so like him!” And other times, when someone lets go of a whole bunch of issues that they were struggling with, we’re communicating with the highest form of their being which they may not have demonstrated with anybody on the earthly plane. So sometimes people say, “Wow, that seems really different than Mom,” or “That seems really different than my sister, Petunia.” That’s a really interesting topic, Elisa. Really interesting!

    Me: I bet! Now Erik, do you have anything you want to ask me or tell me, Sweetie?

    Erik (loudly): Yeah! When are we going to start writing, Mom?

    Me (in a reluctant tone): Oh, God, noooooo! (I dread the extra workload and am not sure where to begin.)

    Erik: Helllloooooooo? Mom? (I can picture him saying this like he’s knocking on my head, wondering if anyone’s home.)

    Me: I’ve been busy working every day this whole month, Baby, so….

    Erik: Mom, what was that thing you use to tell me? ”There’s no time like the present!”

    Me: I know, I know!

    Erik (in mock exasperation): Mom, you’re creating busy work!

    Me: I know, I know!

    Erik: Mom, let’s start it tomorrow! C’mon Mom!

    Me (in mock resignation): Oh, okay.

    Kim (giggling): He’s clapping his hands again and saying, “Chop, chop!”

    Me: I can just see him do that! Erik, I love you so much, and thank you for all your help.

    Kim: He’s showing me in my mind’s eye hugging you, Elisa, really embracing you, and he says, “Say hi to Pappa for me and everybody else.”

    Me: Big hug back, Sweetie. I try to give you hugs all the time; I imagine my energy just wrapping around you, drawing you close to my chest and holding you, loving you. I hope you feel that.

    Erik: Don’t forget about the goosebumps!

    Me (laughing): Okay, I won’t! I love you Erik!

    Erik: Love you, Mom. (He says this in a low drawn out voice with a tone of mock aggravation, just the way a teenager would speak after being lavished with hugs and kisses against their will. I can see him rolling his eyes, trying to suppress a grin.)


  • August3rd2015


    When Erik describes Heaven, I react differently depending on the state of affairs in my life. If the shit’s hitting the fan, I’m like, “Sign me up. Let’s get a first class ticket for Mama E!” But when I’m loving life as I have recently, I’m more hesitant. The thought of having no contrast sounds, well, boring as hell. Let’s see what Erik has to say about it. 

    Me: Some people wonder if spirits get bored. Like [my son] Lukas said, “Ugh, I don’t think I wanna die. Heaven sounds boring!”

    Jamie laughs.

    Erik: It’s definitely not boring! There’s way more to do here than there is on Earth. I think people believe that if they don’t have conflict or chaos, that things are boring because you can only be happy for so long before something goes wrong.

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: Well, that’s just human training. We don’t need that shit here.

    Me: Good.


    Me: Tell me more. One thing is you don’t get that element of surprise or anticipation, “Ooo, I wonder what’s going to happen next.” Not only bad stuff, but good stuff, too.

    No surprise birthday parties and no meeting your husband at the door in a negligeé.

    Erik: Yeah, that element of surprise is dampened a little bit, but there’s still discovery. You can still come across things that are perceived as new even though you already attained that knowledge. It’s kind of like how people fall into amnesia like a pretend amnesia or fake to forget—


    Erik: Or just stopped eating bread for ten years and then had a piece of bread. It’s like a new experience.

    Me: Oh, I see. Okay.

    Erik: That’s how it is here. No matter what, we can get all the information, but at the same time, if we want to know, we can just kind of go to that spot and gather up that information and know.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: But if we don’t want it that way, we just kind of go into it without consciously wanting to receive the information beforehand, and, as you might say, we muddle our way through it.

    Me: Well, do you like it there better than you like it here?

    Erik: Is this a trick question?

    Me: Mm mm.

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: What about others? Are there spirits who prefer to be on Earth as a human?

    Erik: I haven’t come across an entity who’s been trying to get back to Earth who hasn’t had the ability to, because if you really like Earth that much, you can just go back into another body.

    Me: Okay. So there’s nobody who’s like, “Forget this Heaven stuff. I want to dive right back in. I’m ready to go. Boom! I’m going to Earth.”

    Erik: Yeah. Not so much, plus when we’re talking like that, we’re assuming that you can only be in one place at a time because you’re missing it so much that you’re not connecting to it or are there. But since time is all happening at once, all the incarnations you’ve chosen, even if you’re not focusing on one of them, you’re in other incarnations.

    Me: Okay. That makes sense. You can just focus your intent on that one. Bella, get off of my questions. She’s on my desk walking around the questions. Bella, let me see the next one. Okay, this is from a blog member. “What advice do you have for people who know they want to live for others like their family and kids but the pain of life is so great that they fantasize about the relief of death?” This is a really cheerful one. Woo hoo! Yay!

    Jamie laughs.

    Erik: Well, Mom, we gotta remember that death and dying isn’t a sad thing, but our culture has engrained in us that it is. We’ve been taught that it’s sorrowful and negative to think about. So we feel ashamed and we punish ourselves if we are more attracted to death than to life.

    Me: Mm hm.

    Erik: We just have to find a more compassionate way to accept this person’s needs as is. So I would say to this reader, this—

    Jamie: Blogger?

    No, that’s the person who writes the blog.

    Jamie: What are you saying, Erik? B-l-o-g dash capital E. E is for Erik. Blog-E. There we go. I knew I was missing something.

    Erik: What I would say to this blog-ee is, “Don’t ignore your feelings.” I don’t want everyone to think that I’m on one side or the other when I give this advice, so please read with an open mind and an open heart. We shouldn’t ignore what our needs are. Now, the biggest question is “Are we in a healthy place in our life where we can best identify those needs, or are we using escapism?”

    Me: Mm. Yeah.

    Erik: And so I would seek help making sure that how you’re viewing your life has meaning and accuracy for you. I would go to a life coach, therapist, whatever floats your boat, whatever makes you feel comfortable when you’re talking about these needs. And then if you’re in the boat like so, so many of us where you absolutely want to die, but you would never take your own life—you’re just not interested in that. You’re just like, “C’mon. When? When’s the end of the story? Let’s do this! Let’s get out of here.” The way to deal with this is learn astral projection. Learn transcendental meditation. Try the deprivation technique. You know, find techniques that take you to an altered state of mind to go to other dimensional states. That way, you can have that pressure relieved. Guess what? You don’t have to wait until the end of your life to have the joy where we are. You just don’t have to wait for the end.

    Me: So I guess hallucinogens like LSD might be an option, too, under the supervision of a doctor.

    Erik: Hell yeah! Look at my mommy!

    Me: I’ve learned from the best!

    Erik: It’s true. A lot of people can’t take their minds and just let go, but under supervision using hallucinogens—it’s just amazing. Stop forcing yourself to live the life you’ve already willingly disconnected from. Be responsible. Start going beyond the boundaries that you were taught had to be maintained for you to have your life and start living in a way that fulfills all of your needs.

    Me: Exactly. Start tripping.

    Erik: Start tripping! You know, maybe it requires that you move away from the city and you get into nature. Maybe you live in a nature preserve and start taking care of the animals. Maybe it’s a very unconventional life, but, guess what? It allows you to go beyond this human structure—society’s structure—and allows you to live more in an altered state of mind, which gives you joy.

    Me: That’s true.

    Erik: Reconnect your life back to your needs.

    Me: I love that! That should be a bumpersticker.

    Jamie: Yeah, it should be. Highlight that. Bold Italicized. Red font. Let’s go all the way.

    I chuckle.

    Is Heaven boring?

    Is Heaven boring?

  • July10th2014


    This is for all of you animal lovers out there. That includes birds, insects and, well I don’t know about cockroaches. For me, the jury is still out on that one. But on a high note, I refuse to smush ‘em. That’s my husband’s job. No cleats though.

    Me: Are there animals there?

    Erik: Yes. Insects, plants—

    Me: Are they all ones who have died or can you create your own Chihuahua?

    Erik: You don’t really manifest another life form. It’s pretty wild. You can tend to plants and animals, but you’re not an owner of them. You’re a companion, but you don’t have ownership. There are different breeds of plants and animals that no longer exist on Earth or that haven’t come to exist on Earth that are in this higher dimensional planes.

    Me: Even T-Rex?

    Erik: Yo-yo, dinosaur!

    Jamie (to Erik, in mock frustration): Why? (To me) He says he’s going to follow me around all day and say, “Yo-yo, dinosaur.”

    Me: Oh no!

    Jamie: Better than apples!

    Me: Yeah, I remember he did that.

    Jamie shakes her head.

    Erik: Yeah, anything that existed or is going to exist on Earth is here.

    Me: Do you have to take care of dogs and cats and so on or can they survive on their own?

    Erik: Yeah, they can survive on their own. Remember, this is not a place where we have those needs—like you need water, you need food, you need this. So, animals can tend to themselves and there’s a pure line of communication between the two of them. You can talk to the animal and the animal can call back. Again, when I’m talking about conversations it’s more from the heart. I didn’t realize how much that frustrates me until we had these interviews today.

    Me (in a voice that’s like a mother talking to her baby): So you don’t have to meow like a kitty cat?

    Erik: No, but I’m sure when you get here you’ll still do it anyway, Mom.

    Me: I’m sure. There was another question I wanted to ask about animals, but I can’t remember it for the life of me. What was it Erik?

    Erik: How people can be animals?

    Of course we are, but I didn’t want to pull rank on the guy.

    Me: Yeah, that’s right. We can be animals.

    Erik: If there’s a life form, then a person can be a part of that life form. So they can be an animal, an insect, a plant.

    Oh, Erik. An insect is an animal. You must have missed that lecture in biology class.

    Me: Oh! I remember what I was going to say!

    Erik: What?

    Me: Do you have a particular animal companion? I mean, do you hang out with a dog, a cat, a snake or anything more than other animals?

    Erik (to Jamie): My mom’s pairing me up with a snake!

    Me: Uh oh. Sorry.

    Erik: No, no. I don’t have any companions right now.

    Me: What about my puppy dogs?

    Erik: Well, you can have ‘em!

    Me: No, I mean the ones who’ve passed away. All of the ones.

    Erik: Well, I get to see nut head every now and then.

    He’s referring to Peanut, our Chihuahua.

    Jamie: Nut head?

    Me: Aw. Peanut!

    Jamie: Peanut.

    Me (to Erik): Nut head. Erik!

    Erik: We don’t hang out every day.

  • July3rd2014


    Just a little note from me (Mike) if it takes a while for me to approve your comments please remember, I’m in a different timezone (UK) than most readers on here. I may be going to bed just as you are getting up. I’m logging in to check as often as possible, but please be patient if I have not approved your comment/s immediately. Thankyou

    Now for our feature presentation.

    Eclectic Horizons recently invited one of our long-time clients and Channeling Erik family member to ask questions of Erik through psychic medium Kent Lehman. Following is the transcript from the session.

    Kent: OK, let’s get started because Erik’s ready. I know when he comes strolling in because he plays a theme song. I hear AC/DC and there’s Erik!

    Client: Awesome!

    Kent: Yes he strolled in and is waving “hi” to you.

    Client: Hi, Erik! So the first one I have is kind of a multi-layered question. One of my favorite things that Erik brings up on radio shows and blogs is how we’re all equal like the soul of a person, a dog, a tree, an insect, you know cow, etc and that there is no hierarchy so I was hoping to talk about, or ask him some things about that for my first few questions?

    Kent: Sure.

    Client: My first question is about a dolphin and I wanted to ask specifically about Kathy who was one of the dolphins who mainly played Flipper on the TV show most of the time. My understanding is that she died in the arms of her trainer, who is now an activist for dolphins, Richard O’Barry, and some of the things that I’ve read state that she stopped breathing by choice. Basically kind of committing suicide in a way to show that that wasn’t a great existence for a dolphin and I was wondering if Erik could ask her questions for us?

    Kent: OK, yeah definitely. He’s…

    Client: Kind of like the celebrity interviews!

    Kent: Exactly! It’s cool because he is demonstrating what you are talking about (although he is being a jokester by saying he’s not in a pool and he can’t really have a dolphin sitting in the chair next to him!)

    Erik: With us all coming from God or Source, then we are all the same and there are not “less than” energies that come from there. So we make our own choices on what we want to do and what we want to experience and that can alter our individual vibrations up and down, and that’s part of learning about ourselves.

    Client: So did she actually do that? Did she stop breathing by choice?

    Erik: Here, I can let her speak!

    Kent: She’s saying it was a combination of her body wearing down and she had accomplished what she had come in to do. That was part of her contract with her trainer that set him on his path.

    Kathy: The Angels came in and assisted me to allow me to die in my trainer’s arms rather than him finding me somewhere.

    Client: OK, what was her mission for her lifetime? That was her contract for her trainer. Did she have a separate mission herself, too?

    Kathy: For me, it was a more universal thing. A bringing of awareness. Rather than being a dolphin running in the wild, like having a wild dolphin life!…

    Client: (laughing) That’s cool, I love that! Has she ever had a human lifetime?

    Kathy: Yes, but I liked coming back as a dolphin because I feel like it was a “higher” form.

    Client: Awesome, no I totally believe that! That’s cool because my next question was basically how it felt different to be a dolphin versus a human so she kind of answered that.

    Kathy: With the human you have so many more chances for growth because with your ego and your filters it provides for much more conflict and that provides growing experiences. Whereas for a dolphin in some ways it’s more instinctual, but we still have very high intellect and we can have an ego but it’s a little bit different. It’s a little bit simpler, less complex. We do have our own groups and families and pods with our own personalities, but without the need to dominate the environment like humans.

    Client: Well thank you so much for talking to us! Is there anything else that she would like to share?

    Kent: She really thanks you for asking about her.

    Client: Awww.

    Kathy: My main mission again was to bring awareness—awareness of dolphins and all living creatures. My way was to be domesticated so that people could see and interact (with me) and with my trainer to help show that all life is precious and that it needs to be respected.

    Kent: She’s showing how we use trees for wood or fuel and part of that is the process of what Mother Earth provides and what we use to survive and that’s fine but she hopes that we respect Mother Earth and respect everything. That doesn’t mean that we should not touch anything.

    Client: Right. OK, well thank you so much! Well, kind of along the lines of what she was saying, I don’t have a specific one in mind but could Erik give us a message from a tree or a plant that has maybe had an incarnation as both a plant and a human?

    Kent: He’s acting like he is exerting a lot of effort to drag a tree in here!

    Erik: Hold on, trees are harder to drag in here!

    Client: Oh, sorry!

    Kent: No, he is laughing and just being a smart ass, he’s just being fun! OK, it’s very fascinating, when he’s talking to this spirit, this soul that has been different incarnations. It’s very similar to the dolphin. It’s very interesting how high the vibrations are of the dolphin spirit, almost like an angelic vibration.

    Client: Oh wow, so you definitely notice a difference between someone who most recently was human and the plant and the dolphin being higher vibrations?

    Kent: Yeah, it’s interesting because they are like teacher spirits, like where Erik is progressing to…Wait, he is being self-deprecating but he is smiling when I say that about him progressing but he knows that he is a “teacher guy” now.

    Client: He is!

    Erik: When spirits come in that way (as a plant or tree) a lot of it is to feel that denser vibration but without having all of the stuff around a human incarnation. As a tree, you are relatively helpless. You can’t move and you’re basically stuck there but that is part of the simplicity. So these higher vibrations like to come in to a simpler incarnation as a way to teach.

    Client: So along those lines, one of the things that I struggle with, I guess, and I think that maybe other people feel this way is the idea of when, for example, a tree gets taken down and for me also specifically (and I know most people make fun of me for this) but I have issues with the idea of weeds. Sometimes I feel guilty plucking weeds. So can he maybe talk about that a little bit? Do they kind of come in with that expectation that it may happen? Is it like traumatic or can he talk about that a little bit?

    Kent: OK, Erik just stepped forward…

    Client: Oh yes, sorry, I meant it as a question for Erik. Please tell the tree spirit thank you for coming through.

    Kent: Oh yes, no worries, they don’t have egos there so they are just thrilled to be able to talk and share!

    Client: Awww.

    Erik: Remember that everything on Earth has a cycle and everything on the Other Side has cycles too. But especially on the Earth you have a cycle that is very much condensed and limited. There’s birth and death or like I like to call death more like the real birth because to me it’s easier to go back to the Other Side than it is to incarnate. So weeds have life forces but they are not long anyway. So when weeds sprout up…

    Kent: He thinks it’s really cute by the way that you feel bad about pulling weeds!

    Client: I do, I feel so guilty!

    Erik: But drop the guilty shit, OK? That’s OK if you feel bad, but that’s what the plant spirit was saying to me is the respect thing. If you have respect for them and you’re not just yanking them and discarding them, you don’t need to feel guilty.

    Client: Just doing it respectfully is OK.

    Erik: Yeah, they have a life cycle and even just walking on the side-walk you may step on an ant and not even know it, it’s just the cycle of life. So weed spirits don’t have trauma because they got pulled. That’s just their whole experience. Weeds, plants, everyone here we all have a cycle, a limited time here.

    Client: That’s cool, that answers my question.

    Kent: Oh, he’s jumping back in, he’s saying one of the key things is showing respect and love for all of God’s creatures because it’s not an unloving act to pull a weed out but you can still show love because it helps increase the vibration of everything. You might feel bad for having to pull it out but having that love and respect that helps feed all of the energy around you and increase your vibration.

    Client: That kind of makes sense just kind of acknowledging it as a being rather than just dropping pesticide on it.

    Kent: OK, now he’s showing bugs on the wind-shield and on the car grille!

    Erik: We all know going in that anything can happen. We can be walking down the road or flying through the air as a bug and SPLAT!

    Client: (laughing) OK, so the same kind of idea to be respectful of bugs and if they happen to fly into your wind-shield obviously that’s not your fault or like you are maliciously squishing them or whatever.

    Erik: And some people have no qualms about smashing bugs and that’s fine. That’s their belief system. But if you project respect and love energies to all living things, that is what helps improve the world around us.

    Client: OK, so along those lines, are we drawn to plants that have a message for us? For example, like a passion flower if we need calming. Is that how flower essences work?

    Erik: Yeah, that’s why flowers are so universal and why they have that calming effect, especially for people that are intuitive and open. It happens for dudes, too. They may not admit it, but if they actually take time and look or smell a flower, then the flower can bring memories of Home (where Erik is). And it’s also a great way for spirits to use as symbols and signs from passed loved ones. A lot of times you will anchor a flower or plant with somebody and that’s a great way for them to get your attention. They can put their energy into a plant or a flower and then for some reason as you are passing by you turn and think, “Wait, I didn’t see that before”. That peony bush or whatever and while you’re wondering why you are looking at it, you remember Grandma.

    Client: Thank you!

    Kent Lehman is a psychic medium and trance channel based in Lakewood, Colorado. He works together with his wife Cindy Musil in their business Eclectic Horizons providing private sessions to clients around the world. To learn more about their work, please visit their website, check out their blog, sign up for their monthly e-newsletter, and follow Eclectic Horizons on Facebook.

  • July2nd2014


    Greetings fellow Netizens and welcome to the Mike/Elisa/Erik show.

    Today’s feature presentation will be Erik’s take on the Language of the Afterlife. And I’m sure a few of you will be relieved to know it extends beyond four letter expletives.

    Hold onto your seats, here we go.

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Do they have a universal language where you are, Erik? I mean, how do souls speak over there?

    Erik: It’s kinda the same as telepathy, but it has to do more with feeling what’s being said. Feelings are energy based and we are energy so… Mouths don’t move.

    Me: Oh!

    Erik: Well of course! It’s not like we have real lips and vocal cords and stuff! We don’t need that. There’s a lot to say about—oh, let me just show you.

    (Long pause)

    Jamie: Ah! That was a really cool visual.

    Me: Hm!

    Jamie: Um, if you can imagine a person standing in a room and all of the thoughts and words and how they feel are rotating around them, almost like a solar system.

    Me: Uh, huh.

    Jamie: And so when another person walks up to them, all of the information is accessible.

    Me: Wow!

    Jamie: It doesn’t have to be translated.

    Erik: Yeah, it’s like information is coded in energy. Information is energy and vice versa. So since we’re all energy, including you guys, all that information is accessible, but it’s more freely accessible between souls over here. How do you think psychics channel or tap into the past or present? How does someone in the car next to you at a stop light sense when you’re watching him pick his nose and then turns to look at you?

    Me: Oh!

    Erik: It can be felt, merged with, communicated in many different ways. But telepathic, well, I guess that’s the best way I know how to explain it, Mom.

    Me: This is all so fascinating, Erik. Thank you, my love.


    NB. Just a little off topic I know, but a big congratulations to the US Soccer Team for your superb efforts against Belgium. You’ve come a very long way in such a short period of time. And for others I have no doubt you’ll be glad the World Cup is over. In 2018 it’s hosted by Russia, which should be interesting. Mike

  • May15th2014


    It’s been a while since I channeled Erik through psychic medium, Kim O’Neill, so I had collected several questions over that period of time. Naturally, I missed him deeply, so my first words were: ‘Erik, hi Sweetie, I love you.’ Kim giggles and mimics Erik as though he’s rolling his eyes at my sappiness, which was quite typical for him. He says, “Hi Mooommmmm,” in mock exasperation. “You’ve been talking to me all morning asking me to speak to Kim. Hi Mooommm. I’m here.” Kim laughs and says “He wants to tell you you’re micromanaging.” “I love you too, Mom. I’ve been flipping between you and Pappa and Kristina and Michelle and Annika and Lukas and I’ve been spending time with Denise. I feel exhausted. I’ve been trying to give everybody equal time.“ Kim asks him, “Usually you talk a mile a minute. You seem really tired today. What’s going on?” Funny, his answer failed to surprise me. “I’ve been partying a lot, so I’m really tired.” Kim asks, “Who are you partying with?” Here, Erik interrupts her question to share some confidential information that I can’t publish. I had been curious about my maternal grandparents who both passed in the early 80s so I asked him, ‘Are Nana and Pa Pa there with you, Erik?’ “I’ve seen ‘em,” he replies. “We’ve visited, but they spend most of their time playing with Arley. Nana has cooked for me. I’ve been spending pretty much all my time with you guys.” ‘Are you still spending time with Allie and Jordan?’ I ask.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, these are two of his friends who preceded him in death. “Mom, you’re asking for messages about everyone else, but when you were talking to me today you wanted messages for you. I’ll talk about Allie and Jordan later. I’m happy to, but I want to give you messages first then I’ll come back to them. “You’re the best Mom anyone could ever have.” Erik chuckles and says, “Mom, we’ve talked more back and forth in the last 3 weeks than in the last couple of years, haven’t we?” Kim shares that he finds that fact amusing. “I’m sorry for causing you trauma, and I was hoping you would understand and that you would forgive me. I think you already have but it’s going to take me a little while to forgive myself for putting you all through this trauma for my selfish needs. I feel so much happier now. It wasn’t about you guys. I just needed to regroup. I was so confused about who I was, where I was going, what I wanted, and I felt depressed and I felt like I had nothing to look forward to. I want you to know how much I love you and how I treasure all the time we’ve spent together. I’m talking about lately. I like to talk to you when you’re driving. I’ve come to you a couple of times while you’re sleeping, in the form of dreams. I’m going to keep doing that.” “How come I can’t feel you, Erik? I want to feel your presence. I want some hugs,,” I plead. “You are capable of receiving that, but I’m not capable of extending that energy yet. I’m working on that. I’ve been working, working, working really hard. I wanted that to be your Christmas present, but it’s gonna take a little while longer. Maybe Mother’s Day. I have to work on extending my electrical energy so that you can not only see me and hear me but you can feel me. It’s definitely possible and I’m working on that right now. Oh well, there goes my surprise!” He laughs. I’m so desperate for any form of regular contact with my son so I ask him, ‘How can I best perceive you now before you’re able to do that, Erik?’ “You’re already an excellent channeler,” he insists. “The more you speak to me, the more I get a chance to practice extending my electrical energy to you. Whenever you and I talk back and forth I try really really hard to extend my energy to you. Remember before when I use to puff out my chest so I would look like, you know, so I would look bigger? You remember Mom when I used to do that when I was little? That’s sort of what I’m doing now but with energy.” ‘Can you tell me about the therapy you get there?’ I ask. “Yes, I still have therapy. I have this really cute therapist. I’m spending time with her while you guys are sleeping and nights when I’m not going to come to you in dreams. She’s pretty much given me the seal of approval that I’m healed.” Kim interjects in mock sarcasm, “Well, Erik what took you so long?” and he answers her, “Yeah, I know! Everybody’s been kinda surprised over here that I did what I did and then I didn’t have that much to heal. I really didn’t have that much to heal.” My next question is a very abstract one. ‘Erik, was your suicide part of a plan to help you understand loss? I understand your depression was mostly a result of the serious losses you experienced in your past lives. Was suicide part of the plan so you could see the effect your loss has on other people, so that you could watch us grieve while on the other side you have the understanding that there is no true loss because we’re all immortal? Did that help make light of loss for you?’ Kim interjects before Erik can respond, “Oh you’ve gotta write a book, Elisa. That’s just from me, the peanut gallery, not from Erik.” Erik replies, “You mean was it always my destiny? No. No. But, have I grown and learned and evolved because of this? Have I put that issue of loss to bed? Yeah, definitely yes.” With a sigh of relief I tell him, ‘Good because I just don’t want you to have keep coming back over and over to go through the same thing.’ “No, absolutely not. I never will go through all of this again. I’ve let go of loss. The depression was like a secondary issue for me. It was mostly confusion and the sense of loss and the sense of hopelessness and now that’s all gone. All that healing has been done from past lifetimes. I figure I have one more lifetime to go, that’s it, one more.” I brace myself for the next question: ‘Okay. Erik I want you to be really, really honest because I really need to know this. What could I have done differently? This is part of my evolving so I really need to know, Erik. You can’t pull any punches with me here. Everybody’s flawed and needs to evolve, and of course I’m one of those people too.’ Kim says “Elisa that’s one of the bravest questions I’ve ever heard, because having spoken with Erik several times now, he has got to be one of the most irreverent, candid, forthright spirits I’ve ever spoken with in 22 years.” Now I was REALLY nervous, but I answer her, ‘Well good, I want to know the hard cruel truth because otherwise I’ll never grow as a soul.’ Erik responds, “Nothing, nothing, because Mom I really wasn’t listening to you. Once I got to be about 16, I wanted to make my own choices, I wanted to make my own decisions. I would really get aggravated with you or Pappa if you gently tried to push me or suggest. I wanted to build my own independence. You were so understanding. I remained on the earthly plane for as long as I did because of you. You were always either turning the other cheek or you were being understanding and that made this earthly journey so much easier for me and is making it easier for everybody else. “I should have listened. And when I was upset about something I should have talked to you. My therapist puts it this way: I should have opened up a dialogue with you about what was bothering me. I know you would have listened to me very calmly, very rationally. You wouldn’t have been like a regular mom like jumping up and down freaking out. You know, like ‘You won’t! You won’t! You dut dut dut dut…’ “I know that you were really calm, centered, somebody who would listen. Mom, you’re a great listener. I want to suggest to the other kids that they talk to you more because you’re such a good listener, and because you’re not only a mom, you’re a friend. I should have come and talked to you. If I had done that on a regular basis, I think I would have still been there. I was so touched by his answer, it was hard to go on, but, choking back my tears, I ask, ‘Erik, right before I left the house 10-15 minutes before you killed yourself, I fussed at you about returning my iPhone to me and picking up the Pit Bike that you took to a friend’s house without our permission. Was that the last straw that made you pull the trigger?’ He laughs and says, “No! God no! You told me to do stuff all the time, Mom. I didn’t always listen. This you know! You’d tell me to do something, and I wouldn’t do it! When you were talking to me I have this shut off valve and I just shut you off.” (He shrugs) “I was there, but I just turned you off. I got really good at doing that. It meant nothing to me, nothing whatsoever. Was I upset or traumatized? Hell, no! I wasn’t even listening! The last thing I remember clearly about me and you was you said good night to me and gave me a kiss. That’s the last thing I hold dear between us on the earthly plane together.” He chuckles and continues: “When you went into MM or ‘mom mode,’ I had a switch and I would turn you off. I would be there, and I would look at you but nothing would get through.” (God, how I know that expression!) “Oh, tell Pappa I just got a boat!” I tell him I will then, wanting to cram in as many questions as I could in such a limited time, I ask my next question. ‘Erik, who are my guides?’ “You have 56 of them. They’re organizing together to help you write a book. They say you’re going to do all the channeling yourself.” Wow, 56 seems like a pretty high number, I think to myself. I guess I need all the help I can get! But channeling on my own? That hardly seems possible! Erik breaks my reverie to ask, “Hey Mom, you asked about Allie and Jordan? I’ve seen Allie and I’m kind of upset because we just had an argument. You know how I can’t stand people telling me what to do? Allie is doing that for some reason. I don’t understand. I don’t remember her being like this on the earthly plane. She’s gotten kind of bossy and I have a hard time being around her. She got mad at me, because I didn’t agree with everything she said so she kind of banished me from her universe, and I told her if she wants to talk again, she knows where to find me.” “As for Jordan, we hang out together” He chuckles at the pun, because Jordan committed suicide by hanging herself. This upsets Kim, and she admonishes him “Erik you have the most irreverent sense of humor!” She then directs her attention to me, saying, “I think he does that partly to tease me.” ‘Yes, he’s always been a big teaser!’ I assure her. “Oh my God!” Kim exclaims, still rattled by his Erik’s comment. Amused by the effect his remarks made on Kim, Erik continues, “Yeah, Jordan and I hang out together and we’re really close buds. She’s come to visit you guys too. Jordan has gotten really really close to Aunt Denise. I thought Michelle and I were partners in crime! Oh! Jordan and Denise! Holy shit! Then, Erik abruptly changes the subject, obviously bored with where it was going. I could feel the pent up excitement as he again announced with pride, “I just got a boat! I finally got my own place. It’s like a condo. It’s my bachelor pad.” ‘So you can create all this and have a life similar to the one of earth?’ I ask. “Yeah, we can have everything we have on Earth. We can go out for pizza, have relationships, get married, it’s just the same, but we can manifest everything so much faster plus we don’t have the issues we did on the earthly plane. We have our life’s work, we travel, we can have children. I have my bachelor pad. It’s at the beach. But by the beach there’s a loch or fjord where I take my boat. It looks like Scotland here. I love it!” Kim says he’s showing her his place and she starts giggling. She says, “It’s sort of what you’d expect for a bachelor. He has a leather couch and a big flat screen TV, an end table with a lamp, a bed, a lamp next to the couch. That’s it! It’s pretty sparse!” Kim asks him, “No table? Where do you eat?” “On the couch in front of the TV!” he replies as though this should be blatantly obvious. I ask if he’s met Tommy, the son of a dear family friend who died in an automobile accident a few years ago. Nonchalantly, Erik responds, “Yeah, he’s here, he’s here! And Mom, he likes to go by Tom now. He’s married. He has kids. He’s living the good life!” ‘Do you hang out with him?’ I ask. “Yeah, some, but not like I do with Jordan and Denise. Tom’s busy with his wife and kids and his business. But yeah, I’ve been over there for dinner. Tom’s really happy living a really full life. He knows what he has now he couldn’t have had on the earthly plane. The way he passed was his destiny.” ‘Okay. Erik, there is something else I’m wondering. How do I know it’s you I’m channeling and not me making this all up?’ I ask. “Mom, you’re really anal about that! I’ll come to you in dreams, and they’ll be really lucid so you’ll have total recall. And I’ll tell you in the dream when I’m talking to you like ‘Hey Mom, it’s me.’” I still long for some sort of confirmation so I ask him, ‘Can you give me proof that it’s you speaking through Kim?’ After a long pause, he replies, “Michelle’s gift card. That’s the best thing you can do. You’ve been wondering about that. Mom does that work? That’s all I can come up with now. Gift card for Michelle. And I’ll tell you it’s me. You know my energy. You know if you hear ‘Hello Mother, what a beautiful day it is today,’ you’ll know it’s not me!” That comforts me somewhat, because I do sometimes hear his voice in my head when I talk to him between our sessions with Kim. Until the next one, I intend to bend his ear, practice picking up on his energy and voice, and basically make an utter nuisance of myself. Although Erik and I spent a great deal of time communicating with one another while he was alive, I agree that we may be communicating even more now that he’s in spirit form. Poor guy will probably need earplugs and a cave to hide in, but I guess turnabout’s fair play, Erik! Love you, Darling.

  • January8th2014


    One of my wishes when it comes to losing Erik from the earthly plane is for him to “have it all” there. Unfortunately, the afterlife is not 100% perfect, not the panacea we all hope for. What he misses is not earth shattering, but, as a mother, I want only the best for my son. Read on.

    Me: Okay. What do you miss most about earthly life, Erik?


    Jamie (giggling and blushing): I can’t type it out?

    Me: No, no, no. Just say it! It’s R-rated, people! Cover your children’s ears!

    Erik: I know the right thing to say is family. In all honesty, joking aside, besides my penis, I miss my family the most.

    Me: Oh, no!

    Jamie: It’s hard to tell when Erik’s pushing the line or if he’s really sobering up to the answer. Sobering up to the answer, he misses people, the connections and relationships, the most–with the people he’s supposed to be with.

    Me: Well why is it different? Why should it be different?

    Erik: That’s the point. It shouldn’t be that different, but people don’t believe—people on Earth—believe that death is the end. They don’t believe that you can belly up to some table and actually discover a way to talk to people in the afterlife. Life continues. You are not on this short little cycle.


    Jamie: Oh, I guess he’s just speaking to the room, because he just turned away and said, “I can’t wait until people learn this fucking shit. Just to learn that life doesn’t begin and end; it’s continuous. (Throwing his arm out) And it goes and it goes and it goes and it goes.”

    Me: So death is like dropping your body like a suit of clothes; that’s it.

    Erik: Ta da! Mm hm. Yes.

    Me: Okay. So what part of relationships do you miss? Do you miss the physical aspect of hugs? I mean, you and I have a relationship, but there are certain things missing, obviously.

    Erik: C’mon, man. Are you putting words in my mouth?

    Me: Yes, I am.

    Erik: But I do miss—it’s the tangible, the contact that you have hand to hand. I dunno.

    Jamie: Aw, I love this. His voice just drops like a real soft tone.

    Erik: I dunno. I just want people to take time…


    Jamie: He’s pausing.


    Erik: To physically feel, you know, what is the texture of the curtain like? What is, you know, the softness of your sweetheart’s skin, how does their hair feel? I don’t know why people are choosing to be more independent and pull away from that, like snuggling isn’t good or something?

    Being an extremely affectionate mother, I used to snuggle with my children all the time. Still do. They find it annoying when I still beg for them to sit in my lap, so I’m surprised to hear that Erik misses it.

    Erik: We really—

    Jamie (laughing): He’s funny.

    Erik: —should start a campaign that snuggling saves lives.

    Me: Snuggling saves!

    Erik: Snuggling saves whether it’s with your pet, with your child—

    Ah ha!

    Erik: —your sweetheart. Snuggling saves lives. That contact that you have, you can’t replace it. When you let go and you’re in the afterlife, you’re an energetic body, and granted, you gain so much, but you do lose that physical body. Now what can that physical body do, right? Touch, resist, hold on to things. It can eat. It can shit.

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Me: I’m sure you don’t miss that.

    Erik: Nah, not really. I definitely don’t miss constipation.

    Jamie and I laugh even harder.

    Me: I don’t think anybody would.

    How did we get here? Should we pause for a Dulcolax commercial?

    Me: Maybe the Activia people—(I sing the Activia jingle.)

    Jamie: He was singing that, too!

    Erik: It’s so contagious. I would tell people, you know, kind of my personal advice while you’re living is touch, reach out, hold someone, pay attention to what it physically feels like, cuz the emotions, you can continue to have those, and you can continue to have conversations. It’ll translate different, because you’re not looking at that person’s face, and you’re not physically touching them. You’re energetically touching them; you’re emotionally touching them; you’re mentally touching them, but all of this doesn’t require the physical body and the senses that we experience that don’t pertain to the physical body—


    Jamie: I argued with him and said, ‘I think all senses pertain to the physical body.’

    Erik: You know what the fuck I mean. Reaching out and really making sure that it’s real, right? You’ll tend to dismiss them. You don’t give them the same validity and strength and power that you would with another one. And (poignant pause) I wouldn’t want to see anyone that I know, that I’ve currently met on Earth, have that regret when they come here about not hugging someone enough or not remembering what the dirt felt like beneath their feet. That’s ridiculous. This is everything you can do right now, cost-free.

    Me: That’s true, and I think that physical touch also evokes emotions, and that gets to the root that we are emotional beings. It seems like here, we mostly just think. We don’t feel physically, and we don’t feel emotionally as much as we should.

    Erik: I know. We need to—here’s another line of T-shirts. (Jamie fumbles horribly on the word “T-shirts” by saying “Ter-sheets.)

    Me (giggling) Ter-sheets! I like that.

    Jamie (laughing): Ter-sheets! I translate verbatim. It’s terrible. (Pause) Unless he gets to the dirty words and then he makes me pause.

    Erik: Another line of T-shirts is. “I am an emotional being.” Drop the “human.”

    I think most people would either run away from you or run to you with a hankie if you wore that.


    Jamie: Aw, he’s just kind of ranting right now. He’s talking about science and doctors and there are articles published and discoveries, all these things.

    Erik: They can now say that your first reaction against whatever it is emotional, then it’s physical, and then it’s your thought. So, what the fuck is wrong with us that we always think that thought comes first? Holy shit. We’re missing two huge reactions that have already occurred, choose to black them out and ignore them and go straight to the thought process which is the last fucking thing that happens! And we give it more energy, more value, more control and then later on, we realize emotionally we were crushed, and now we have to be in therapy for a really long time and fix ourselves, and we wish we would have reacted a different way. But yet you’re not changing the process of you, your understanding of the process—you’re still latching onto what you’re thinking, and you’re not practicing identifying what you’re feeling.  Got to identify—

    Jamie: He’s got his little hands in fists, and he’s hitting his legs [to the beat of each word].

    Erik: You’ve got to identify what you’re feeling! That’s it! That’s the answer to most of the shit you’re asking for.

    Me: Emotionally honesty for yourself and others.

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: That seems to be your number one rant. It’s very important.

    Erik: Mom, it’s—

    Jamie (giggling): “Mom,” I love when he says that.

    Erik: Mom, it is the foundation for anything that you ask. Anything!

    Just a head’s up. I will not be able to post tomorrow as I will be having a very long day. It’ll be a great time to read through or revisit those archives though!

  • December21st2013


    I know I don’t often post on the weekends, but my sister, Teri, emailed me this story that I found so intriguing, I couldn’t resist. I think every skeptic, including atheists, should read it. It’s all about perspective, people!

    ~Preparing to Be Born~
    In a mother’s womb were two babies. One asked the other: “Do you believe in life after delivery?” The other replies, “Why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later.”  “Nonsense,” says the other. “There is no life after delivery. What would that life be?” “I don’t know, but there will be more light than here. Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat from our mouths.” The other says “This is absurd! Walking is impossible. And eat with our mouths? Ridiculous. The umbilical cord supplies nutrition. Life after delivery is to be excluded. The umbilical cord is too short.” “I think there is something and maybe it’s different than it is here.” The other replies, “No one has ever come back from there. Delivery is the end of life, and in the after-delivery it is nothing but darkness and anxiety and it takes us nowhere.” “Well, I don’t know,” says the other, “but certainly we will see mother and she will take care of us.” “Mother??” You believe in mother? Where is she now?” “She is all around us. It is in her that we live. Without her there would not be this world.” “I don’t see her, so it’s only logical that she doesn’t exist.” To which the other replied, “Sometimes when you’re in silence you can hear her, you can perceive her. I believe there is a reality after delivery and we are here to prepare ourselves for that reality.”

    Babies  in Womb

    Since I’m not going to post until the day after Christmas, I’d like to wish you all a wonderful holiday. Think of your loved ones, because they’re thinking of you.

    I also want to remind you of my interview on the Bob Charles Show tomorrow at 2:00 PM CST. If you’re interested in listening, put it on your schedule and click HERE!

    You can ask me anything!
    Our Studio Prime Skype is “kinetichifi”


  • December2nd2013


    To all of you who have lost loved ones, I’ve been thinking about you during the holidays. Even after four years, I look at the empty chair at our Thanksgiving table with a heavy heart. I find it hard to choke back the tears, but because this is a day of gratitude and no one wants it to be tainted with sobs, I do. It’s difficult to weigh the losses with the joys of having a loving family, my CE peeps, good health, and other blessings, but a balance must and can be reached. We still have holidays approaching, and I hope we can all wrap our arms around the joys and realize that, in the end, our loved ones are not really gone. They’ll be tossing back their own celestial glass of spiked eggnog along with us. 


    Me: Some think it’s becoming easier to speak with those in the afterlife.

    Erik: Yeah, that’s not because we’re getting bigger and better. We have the same equivalent knowledge, you know, inter-dimensional travel, all of that. Humans are finally getting back to the norm. We’ve had lights out for a long time.

    Me: Yeah, well, material science and organized religion put us off the path a little bit.

    Erik: Yeah, it took away your natural instinct for intuitive abilities.

    Me: Is there anything we can do to facilitate that dialog?

    Erik: That dialog with the afterlife?

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: Yes. If you wanna facilitate it, you need to look at yourself as being an instrument.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: And how do you fine-tune your instrument? The biggest fucking drum I can hit is don’t have any fucking beliefs. Don’t have an expectation that God’s voice is going to sound like booming lightening, you know.

    Me: Really!

    Erik: Because it might sound like a six year-old girl. Expectations will ruin your experience, and you find it true in life as well. For some people, for example, they have an expectation that something has to reach a certain timeframe. Humanly things that we do is we create an expectation so that if we achieve it, we’ll feel safe or we feel productive, like we’re in control. And if you feel the need to be in control—


    Jamie (to Erik): I don’t understand that.

    Erik: If you’re feeling the need to be in control, then you’re not understanding wholly that you are a part of a whole.

    Me: Hmm. Interesting.

    Erik: If you have this desire that you have to be in control—I’m not talking about fucking cleaning your house. That’s great. You OCD away. .

    I wish he had OCDed a little bit when he was here. His room always looked like it was the place where a documentary on F-5 tornados might be filmed.

    Erik: I’m not talking about being in control of the external world. That’s when you’ve fully signed on to the concept that you’re an individual and you’re apart from everything else and you must just be a badass because you have that special ability—to control the external world. That’s a crock of shit. You need to fine tune that instrument and realize you’re a part of a whole.

    Me: Exactly. It’s hard not to have expectations. That’s like telling someone, “Don’t think of a pink elephant.”

    Erik (in a monotone voice): PINK ELEPHANT.

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Jamie: He’s just repeating it.

    Probably just trying to make me think only of a pink elephant for the next couple of hours. Great. Thanks, Erik.

    Erik: You can spend a helluva lot of time talking about how to fine tune your instrument. There are so many people who really desire and want to communicate with the afterlife, but they don’t realize that their need can often snuff out the experience, you know, like we said, because of the expectations and because of the emotional quality of those expectations. Let’s, you know, if you were on a swing like one of those tree swings, and you’re swinging really high like a pendulum, and then somebody from the ground asked you, “Which way is the wind blowing?”

    Me: Ah!

    Erik: What are you going to fucking say? When you’re going one way, you’re going to say, “Against my back!” Then when you’re going the other way, you’re going to say, “No, it’s hitting my face! No, it’s hitting my back!”

    Me: Great analogy! I like that.

    Erik: You don’t have any awareness of really what it is. You have to—

    Jamie: That was so brilliant, Erik!

    Me: I know!

    Erik: You have to get your tree swing to get centered and to get calm. You can’t be in total grief. You can’t even be in total joy. I’m not saying one is right and one is wrong. I’m saying you gotta get neutral. You gotta say on the fence. And then when it’s still and the person asks you, “Which way is the wind blowing?” you can say, “Oh, there is no wind now,” or “The wind is blowing east to west. So the way you position yourself can influence what you’re experiencing. People want to get at the truth, and to get to the truth you’ve gotta be a clear, free-flowing instrument.”

    Me: That is so brilliant, Erik.

    Jamie: I know! I want to give that a freaking standing ovation! Wow.

    Me: Anything else about that?

    Erik: No, they’ll get that. They’ll understand that, because it comes with a visual. You can talk about feeding yourself the good energy or the energy that your body needs. Just like the food your body needs, you gotta take care of it. Why do people think they can destroy themselves or ignore themselves and let themselves get sick but yet they think they have the right to experience everything, all of this. It’s like, “Really? You can’t walk the talk.

    Me: Yup, but it’s pretty hard.

    Erik: One of the most important things you have to do is shut off the logical part of your brain. Depend on the emotional, intuitive part to get centered. You can’t just go on with, “Am I doing this right? Am I talking to the afterlife?” and shit like that, letting your analytical mind take over is not going to let you get centered. You’re going to swing from one side to the other and not have any point of reference for which way the wind is blowing.


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