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New blog member, Michael Suede, sent me this fascinating video about the connection of electricity with all that Erik and others have been teaching us. Fortunately, it’s in layman’s terms. I love the beginning–perfect for knocking closed-minded skeptics off their soap boxes. Michael’s primary interest is teaching people why the initiation of violence can never lead to economically or socially positive outcomes.  Michael’s website,, focuses on teaching others why this non-aggression principle creates the most prosperity and happiness for humanity.

Let’s welcome Michael into the fold and enjoy his gifts–I’m sure this is the first of many!

Thunderbolts of the Gods

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  • Nancy Antia

    Hi Elisa,

    Thanks so much to you and blogmember Michael Suede for posting this video. It’s brought much clarity to me regarding plasma and the universe. I love it because the explanations are not difficult to grasp.

    2012 bloggies: Please do remind me about it. I’ll get as many people to vote as possible.

  • Patrick

    The video froze at 1079 seconds so I played it directly on YouTube, in case anyone else had that happen.
    – The plasma flowing in a braided thread, that’s the reason copper cable is braided, also demonstrated in the recent video posted by Elisa about particles shot through slots.

    – Magnetic force and gravity are the same force.

    – Human understanding of and what we believe constitutes electricity is very limited; electricity is far broader in scope than we know.

    – The example of the ball bearing being held on the ground yet lifted by a magnet is interesting but what the example doesn’t explain is how the magnet will fall back to earth when released by the person holding the magnet….the perceived solidity of matter resists the force of “magnagravity” AT OUR VIBRATION. At vibrational levels above what we have on earth as humans, this effect disappears…..

    – The comet discussion reminds me of when I learned the Spanish word for “star” (estrella) and learned that its verb form means “to crash”. To say “the car hit the wall” in Spanish you say “the car starred against the wall”

    – What is an electric field? Please will s/he who knows step forward!

    – These scientists and engineers are attempting to explain phenomena that result from forces beyond our ability to measure and understand them, on Earth as humans in dense matter. For as we maintain our desire to visualize, measure and quantify within the limits of our vibration range, so we will not understand and thus ridicule it.

    – I’m looking forward to another similar ridicule experience with my next project, the good results of which will not be explained by science. The good effects will be used worldwide. I will be satisfied knowing the learning moment for skeptics takes place.

  • Nancy

    You Tube says this video no longer exists. ?? Tried it twice