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Everything is Energy

Even the parts of the atom that we think of as “particles”- little balls of solid matter- under some circumstances behave as waves of energy. This means that what we think of a matter- the basis of materialism- is in fact energy vibrating at a slower speed.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  • Will

    Make sure you also check Tom Campbell’s explanation of the double slit experiment:

  • Patrick

    The explanation I’ll post it tomorrow, Saturday the 26th on Forums;

    1. Enter Forums
    2. Metaphysics and the Paranormal
    3. Cerebral Musings of Professor Patrick (and for the record I’m no professor…)
    4. “Pesky, bashful electrons”

  • Priscilla Hotzman

    Aw I saw that video yearsssssssssss ago in high school!

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