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  • November17th2015

    Stormy weather coming my way. Our little village is under a tornado watch, and it’s almost pitch black outside, so I’m trying to post this as fast as possible before the power goes out! Wish me luck.  Be sure you sign up for Jamie’s class tomorrow: Zen for the Holidays – A Web Class with […]

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  • November16th2015

    Well, sorry, guys, but I was shot down on making a vlog of my camping trip. Too many camera shy people. We did have a great time, though. The weather wasn’t the best, but the company was. I think the highlight of the weekend was our sighting of big cat paw prints near a pond. […]

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  • November15th2015

    Story #1 I’m not sure how to explain this but I’ve been home sick this week with summer flu so I’ve had a lot of time to spend in my craft room doing painting etc. I had read ‘ not long after it came out and honestly hadn’t watched any videos, followed blogs etc. I have […]

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  • November14th2015

    I FINALLY GOT ERIK PRANKS. I thanked Erik for the pranks, and gave him acknowledgement that he did these. (Elisa please add my photo at the bottom of this for me ) I have been complaining that for 2 years that I never got any pranks from Erik. I can’t say this anymore. The first […]

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  • November13th2015

    Guest host Patrick who did the recent channeling Illuminati 1.1, has a website with more. If you’re a fan of celebrity channelings, please visit The Amendment. You won’t be disappointed! Right now, I’m sitting my semi-retired butt in an RV headed for Castroville, TX for some camping.I have a mobile hotspot, which allows me to have […]

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  • November12th2015

    Today, I’m trying to finish my work at warp speed because my sister, Laura, and her hubby, Jim are on their way over from Little Rock, Arkansas with their adorable dog, Gracie. Tomorrow bright and early we plan on driving to Castroville, TX to go camping together. The facilities are apparently very nice: hot tub, […]

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  • November11th2015

    As promised, here is my vlog of the awesome weekend around fifty CE peeps and I were a part of. So many of you couldn’t come because of timing or financial constraints, so I wanted to bring a bit of the experience directly to you. I hope you get something positive out of it. Enjoy! […]

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  • November10th2015

    I just finished putting together the vlog of the Channeling Erik Weekend, and it looks good. I’ll post it on Wednesday! Here’s more magic from Kate Sitka! Me: Okay, let’s talk about anxiety including panic attacks and social anxiety. I don’t know if we can just group these all as one thing or focus on […]

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  • November9th2015

    The Channeling Erik Weekend was absolutely wonderful! I’d share details, but I’m going to put together a video that will give you a sampling of the event soon. After watching it, you’ll probably kick yourself for not attending, but there’s always next year. I think Jamie’s going to host it in the magically spiritual city […]

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  • November8th2015

    More Erik Praise

    Written by:

    Praise #1 I apologize in advance for posting a request here if this isn’t the place or link to doing so. I wanted to praise all those involved in making this forum possible and sharing Erik with all of us that are willing to gain from his teachings. Every interview posted on the site that […]

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  • November7th2015

    Story #1 It’s been like 8 months since I broke up with my last partner. Ive had emotional issues all of my life specially on the romantic stuff. Since our split Ive been having lots of party, drinkin, smokin and a couple of night stands. Yes I am almost 40 and party like a rockstar. […]

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  • November6th2015

    Yay, I’m off the the Channeling Erik Event in Los Angeles. I can’t wait to introduce my son, Lukas, to everyone. Some might freak out, because he looks a lot like his brother. I did want to take time to post something today for you guys. I’m not sure I’ll be able to tomorrow. It […]

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