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  • November10th

    In order to understand this post, here’s the poem that will remind you of the flow of life. We all have moments in life when we feel wedged in a deep rut flanked by speed bumps on all sides. We feel like ships adrift at sea with no port of destination. For some, those moments […]

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  • November7th

    Susan Leonhard, a dear blog member, painted this beautiful picture of a scene overlooking my husband’s hometown in Norway. Every year, we trek up to “Kambenutan” to view this spectacular sight. She did a magnificent job capturing its beauty, and I’m so grateful. My husband sent pictures to his family, and they were equally impressed. […]

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  • November6th

    Humans are complex beings. They are a tapestry of emotions that interweave with one another to create the fabric that is Us. The emotions that are birthed by struggle are engaged in an intricate dance that defines the human experience. This poem illustrates that moving ballet. Uncertainty is the root of fear Distrust is the […]

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  • November5th


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    Many of you have either battled cancer personally or have a family member who has been plagued by it. I hope what Erik says helps. Me: Let’s talk about cancer. Erik: Okay. Jamie: Here’s acting up so I’m trying not to let him throw me off. Erik: What kind of cancer? Everyone has its different— […]

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  • November4th

    In the beginning of this channeling session, I asked about the hardships one of our family friends had to endure during much of her youth. For obvious reasons, I’ve changed her name to protect her privacy. But I share this with you, because many of us struggle with adversity at some time in our lives, […]

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  • October31st

    One of the reasons I chose my youngest son, Lukas’s name is because of the movie “Cool Hand Luke.” I fell in love with those gorgeous blue eyes! I wish I hadn’t made this interview so short. Having over 400 celebrities on the list makes me feel the need to rush. I don’t know if I’ll […]

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  • October30th

    A Channeling Erik family member who is also a client of Eclectic Horizons asked the following questions of Erik through psychic medium Kent Lehman. Click here to read the first part of this session. Client: Ok, so is it difficult for our guides to watch human suffering? Kent: He said to remember that the way […]

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  • October29th

    Time for an eye update. My vision is improving (very) slowly, but it’s going in the right direction. It’s still very blurry, and I can’t close my eyelid completely so I have to put drops and ointment in it all the time. That alone makes the blurriness worse. I can’t wait until it’s completely healed […]

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  • October28th

    Many of us have gotten to that place where we think, “The human experience sucks, and I don’t want to keep learning from it I don’t want to try to get the most out of it.” but Erik shares words with us that will give us strength.  Me: Erik, there are so many people who are […]

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  • October27th

    Bipolar disease is often a terminal one, which was the case with Erik. He knows all too well about this disease and explains its spiritual basis. Me: Let’s talk about something you suffered with in life, Erik. Bipolar disorder. Some are aggressive and some are not, so it’d be great if you could cover both. […]

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  • October24th

    Hey all. Thanks for all of the wonderful stories for the possible reality TV show! If anyone else has a story they’d like to share, send them along. The instructions are on yesterday’s post.  My vision is still pretty bad. During the surgery, my left eyelid became paralyzed so I have to slather ointment on […]

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  • October23rd

    I have a very important request for you guys. I’m very grateful for those of you who have shared your stories about how Erik has saved you from taking your life, and I need more in order to be a part of this upcoming reality show. I need stories of how Erik has helped you but with […]

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