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  • September5th

    Everyone know someone who’s lazy. Maybe it’s one of your children. Maybe it’s a co-worker. Maybe it’s a sibling, a spouse or even YOU! But you might want to feel a little compassion for the lazy dude, because the underlying reason has spiritual roots. Take a look: Me: What’s behind laziness? Why are some people […]

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  • September4th


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    I apologize for not having some sort or introduction to the post nor have I edited it! I’m neck deep in work (and drama) today. Me: Sometimes, couples get divorces, and that’s obviously another type of loss, which is along the lines of family estrangement we just talked about. But there’s also that stigma of […]

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  • September3rd

    Eclectic Horizons recently invited another one of our clients (who is also a Channeling Erik family member) to ask questions of Erik through psychic medium Kent Lehman. Kent: OK, he’s playing his theme music so I know he’s here! Client: What’s he listening to today, Kent? Kent: Well, today it is what it usually is, […]

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  • September2nd

    One thing I forgot to mention about the John Wayne interview: It was conducted over a year ago, well before the IRS scandal. Interesting! Now enjoy this story about Erik’s relentless mischief with a blog member. Who knows? You might be next! Erik steps his pranking to a new level with her.  You do not […]

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  • August29th

    I fell in love with John Wayne’s movies ever since watching True Grit and The Green Berets. Both made me cry, and I like movies that have that effect on me. I sob every time I watch Bambi’s mother die. Recently I was wondering why. All of my life I’ve felt emotionally numb. In other […]

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  • August28th

    In channeling one of my family members a few days after his death, I noticed that he still had his ego. I always thought that when we became spirits, that ego would be shed. What’s up with that? In subsequent sessions, he’s become less egocentric but still, I’ve never encountered that before.  Me: Let’s talk about […]

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  • August27th

    Most of us have lost a relationship of some kind in our lives whether it’s a friend or a family member. Sometimes it’s devastating and keeps us from moving forward. We get stuck. Sometimes it’s a relief. Have you ever cut ties with someone who’s been a negative influence in your life? I’m talking about people […]

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  • August26th

    This repost is about respite. A break from the grief of losing someone we love. A break from being mired in daily struggle. A break from being human. This is the first time Erik spoke to me without the need of a question prompt. He spoke with solemn passion. How timely. Erik: You know, Mom, […]

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  • August25th

    I’m happy to announce that shortly after the contest was posted, Gregorio Keiser got it right:  Feel first, think second. Many of you guessed being emotionally honest and the importance of vulnerability, but these are both roots of his main motto. Congratulations, Gregorio!  Here’s a lovely image that Helene Ramøy created for the motto. This […]

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  • August22nd

    Of course I still struggle with Erik’s death. I know I haven’t written about it very much for a long time, but I do. There are things that make me cringe like gunshots on TV shows or movies. For instance, I was watching a Netflix original series called “Damages” a while back and, without warning, […]

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  • August21st

    I’ve had EFT and have gone to a professional for it, too. Erik was the one who recommended it to me, and I know he’s recommended it to others, including some of my family members. I’ve never seen it not work. Our energetic body has a certain pattern of meridians that the tapping changed. I love […]

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  • August19th

    I want to remind everyone about  Jamie’s next webinar class. Personally, I think it’s one of the most important subjects in all things spiritually because so many ailments, physical or otherwise, can be healed through crystals. Like I said earlier, each one has their own vibrational frequency, and, since we’re energy too, they can affect our […]

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