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I’m sitting by the fire while it’s sleeting and snowing outside with my laptop in my lap. It’s so cozy. The kids’s schools have all been canceled. (It doesn’t take much here in Houston. One snowflake and everything here comes to a grinding halt!) For those of you in the Midwest and Northeast, be careful. Time for a mug os warm cocoa. 

It seems like a lot of people have been experiencing pranks from Erik lately. How fun! I encourage you to share them with the rest of the class by going to the “About Erik” tab, then “Erik Encounters.”

Finally, I have some sad news. I’m going to close the Channeling Erik Facebook group. We’ve just lost way too many blog members because of the drama there. I asked Erik whether I should through the eBoard and he said, “yes”. I’ll give everyone a week to exchange email addresses, etc. so they don’t lose contact with the friends they’re made in the group. :(

Me: Why do we have to have spiritual amnesia? Why do we have to come here and forget everything we knew and know as spirits?


Jamie: He was trying to think of the number one surgery where body parts are removed and hysterectomy was the first one he could think of.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: That’s why he came up with that one. That and [appendix].

Erik: Why do we have to have amnesia?

Me: Yeah. Milk of Spiritual Amnesia.


Jamie (giggling): He just called you “dude.”

Me: Hey!

Erik: If we didn’t have that, Mom, then why are we kicking off and coming back to life on Earth?

Me: I ask myself that question all the time!

Erik: If we didn’t have the amnesia part, we would have all our memories, first and foremost—we would have connections to all the other lives we were living simultaneously, because remember, time is not linear.

Jamie (laughing): He says he’s going to take it upon himself to beat that into everyone.

Me: I think we’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt, Erik. Seriously.

Erik: I’m not giving up.

Me: Okay. (Sigh)

Erik: If we didn’t have that amnesia and we had contact to all of it then what are we here to remember? The “absence of” gives us the opportunity to pretend that we have a clean slate and to pretend that we have to learn these concepts. It is all about remembering. It’s all about using our own skills, our own survival skills on Earth—.

Jamie: “Emotional survival skills” is how he wants to put it.

Erik: — to find our way to love which is a good definition of how we want to describe ourselves. Everybody’s definition is going to be a little different.

Jamie: He’s kind of pacing back and forth.

Me: He always paced! Now, some people don’t, right, like Jesus? Didn’t he come down—“down.” I don’t know why I say “down”! —Did he come here with some or all of the knowledge that he had as a spirit, as a free spirit?

Erik: Not all. You know, you have to learn stuff, but there are many people—

Jamie: He’s saying thousands.

Erik: I don’t know, thousands, thousands that come down and didn’t get the amnesia kick. Luckily those—

Jamie (to Erik): Start over, Erik. I’m sorry. I lost you.

Erik: Luckily those that are in the limelight or that have had stories written about them, they’re the ones who had parents that understood that what the child was doing at a young age was not normal to the human experience. They knew it was something beyond—a link or connection to the beyond, and so the parents helped house that. But—

(Long pause)

Jamie: Sorry. I didn’t mean to go blank. Sometimes I forget that my mouth’s not moving, and I’m just listening.

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: Also the stories that go with these iconic or spiritual people, the story about how they came into being was falsely created to make that person be more ethereal or kind of separate from the human experience. It’s because they wanted the words and the life of that person who has the memory of the afterlife and all that is to be seen as more special. So, yes, it always does come with a little bit of bullshit, because, think about it, whoever is watching the situation or relaying the information, grapevining it always translates it through their own brain and they add their own shit to it. So, you can’t take it as 100% that that’s who that person is or what’s happened to them. You have to look at where they’re coming from, and you have to look at who’s telling the story, like—

(Long pause)

Jamie: I’m sorry. He’s talking about some beautiful stories being told about children who remember their past lives, books being written about it, research done on it, but a lot of times it will depict the religion of the parents and not necessarily the vulnerability and newness of the child. The parent will see it through their own belief system whether it’s Jewish or Christian and start defining their child’s actions in that belief system. So the story that you’re looking at, the moral to it, might be the parent’s belief system and not really the vulnerability and newness of the child’s experience.

Damn, is he going around in circles?

Erik: You always have to look at where the story’s coming from. Every human has a little bit of bullshit, and I’ll tell you right now, every human should be proud of their bullshit.

Jamie giggles.

Erik: You don’t need to set it aside. You just need to know what it is so that when you’re conveying your story, you also can convey it without your bullshit. To know your bullshit is also to know how to set it aside at the appropriate time. But always—

Jamie (smiling): He’s pointing his finger.

Erik: Always be proud of that shit.

I chuckle.

Me: He’s a character today!

Jamie: He is, and (to Erik) thank you for not messing with the computer anymore.

Me: Ah, but the night is young!

Jamie sighs.

Don’t forget to submit your EVP for the contest to get the YouTube interview with Jesus or any other celebrity on the CE channel!

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  • Lisa Marie Potter

    Close the group? What a tragedy! Sad sad. I so appreciate all your efforts, Elisa. You have given sooooo much. I have loved every entry.

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      Well, so many people screamed for me to keep it up that I’m going to verify, through Jamie, what he said on the eBoard.

  • wickedlydia

    Sad to see the blog closing. I learned alot there. So many unique perspectives and so many chances to grow, evolve, and/or change. Perhaps another place and another time, Elisa? Peace to you.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    OMG my brain just exploded. Can you dumb that down for me?

    • Unrequited Lover

      I want earth life in heaven, is it possible without the pains and losses; But with the depth and attachment and neediness one feels in a relationship due to earth circumstances ?

      The human relationship’s depth, attachment and neediness arises because of density of 3rd dimension, that earth provides. Is the 3rd dimension life still liveable as fresh and new in heaven without incarnating on earth again?

      I guess that would be the simplest version of my query.

      I think I will answer myself.

      It is possible because two people meet in heaven and if they consciously decide to be friends and cocreate a reality like they want to live as though they live still on earth with same attachments, possessions, 9-5 day job and coming back home etc, this is possible in a parallel reality or a separate semi dimension in heaven, where lot of such souls have co created such a earth-like 3rd dimensional physical reality (though on the background, everyone consciously knows it is still heaven, there is no real pain or death or suffering and its just a play ….. comparing it with current earth, 90% people suffer from pain and disease here. But the ‘earth’ in the heaven realm is a different place slightly better as there is no aging, pain, suffering, disease, unless one wants to act that way … to create the fun of drama like a movie plays out ) .. So long story short.. I imagine my heaven this way and this is how it will play out for my unrequited love :)

      • cristina

        it sounds like you two may incarnate again just to heal your hearts <3 :)

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    A lot of members have told me about it. IDK. I’ll check with Erik again through Jamie.

  • Patrick De Haan

    This is a question for The Committee, who answer as follows:

    “We ask forgiveness for the apparent intrusion into a forum invited to which we have not been, thanks we offer for this question, appreciation we have for the opportunity it creates. We hope no mind or bother are taken, please pardon us if otherwise.

    It is possible yet it will not be done. The learning of the lesson, on Earth, means the point upon a line which marks the event as catalyst for understanding will remain with the line, the sequence. This sequence does not apply in Heaven. The event can be observed and visited, as much as desired, yet a continuance of an Earth life from that point forward will bear no interest, have no attraction. There is no apparent before or after, in Heaven. Only when observed through an Earth template shall this be seen.

    Once occurring an event, it is not possible to make it “un-happen” – there is no reason or desire to do it. All events and occurrences of a life on Earth hold great value; all of them. The ideas, emotions, attitudes and desires of Earth life and human emotion create a reaction, a view and a feeling unique to Earth. These do not apply in Heaven and cannot be felt there, in the same way. For this reason all of you come here to Earth.

    Heaven is not controlled by personal belief; there is not a personal Heaven separate from all others. The separation mentioned is easy to imagine as you live in a dense body, separate from other bodies on Earth. Absent the body and separations of its existence filters, you live in the glory of your home and never would you seek to be separate.

    Once home, no desire shall any of you feel to erase the occurrence of an event. You will more easily dispose of Crown Jewels and erase civilizations from Earth than would any of you seek to erase from existence, an experience of Earth.

    Our thanks again we give for this question, forgiveness for the intrusion; be well, one and all.”

    • cristina

      that is so sweet <3 Thank you committee for this "You will more easily dispose of Crown Jewels and erase civilizations
      from Earth than would any of you seek to erase from existence, an experience of Earth" —– so many times a day I wonder why on Earth I'm here and missing home :) That is good phrase for me to remember :)

    • Unrequited Lover

      Thank you Patrick and Committee !
      I think from your (Com) perspective, heaven is a boring place ::)

      • Patrick De Haan

        Oh no, Heaven is WONDERFUL…but Earth is, too.

      • Arcturian

        My personal understanding is earth life is wonderful if fully conscious of the cause effect relationship as well as good physical and mental health and no personal baggage (karma) from previous lives. Then earth life can be made a fantastic one. The “conscious” part is very important as many people will find out soon, if one is not conscious, he /she can really make earth life miserable and majority of humanity lives on earth unconscious of the fact that they are GOD and each of their thoughts create their life in negative and positive ways. Each thought will create as the new age dawns. And many people currently living ‘fantastic’ lives on earth will suffer either death or diseases, due to their own thought’s creations. Purity of thought will be accorded the highest value in this new age.

      • perkyshayne

        if heaven is a boring place, then you seem like a very hard person to please. Maybe that’s why you are the unrequited lover? Just saying.

  • TF

    I think the FB stuff takes on some low energies and that it should change. Maybe give it a rest.

  • 2foru3

    Oh noo I love this blog and read it everyday ! I don’t always comment but I read it ! Thank you for helping me through this horrible time !

  • Nancy Antia

    Hello Elisa,
    I’m sorry about the FB group. For me it was the perfect place to share interesting stuff and make friends but what made it so important to me was I could contact you if I felt I needed it. What’s the most appropriate way to contact you other than here? I don’t want to bother you sending you an email because I know you have enough already. I live in Argentina… Thank you. xo

  • Nancy Antia

    Elisa, I don’t understand why we come here to REMEMBER. It’s not that I can’t get that we’re here to experience love. It’s the fact that it seems we do it to remind us of it. It doesn’t make sense to me. Could you please shed some light on this? I must confess I’ve spent countless hours trying to figure it out to no avail. Must be my brain gets in the way.

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      We can’t really know that we are love and what love is until we forget that. We come to remember through the contrast: being betrayed, experiencing loss, jealousy, etc. It’s not about learning because you can’t learn what you already know.

      • Elisa Medhus, MD

        The response was overwhelming that people want to continue the group so I’m asking Erik through Jamie. We’ll see what he says.

      • Nancy Antia

        The only way I can understand it is if I think it’s our soul the one that wants to evolve through all kinds of hardships on earth. I’ve learned from Nanci Danison, the NDEr, that the human animal does not evolve. She speaks about the human animal and the Light being inside him. Thank you, Elisa!

  • Nancy Antia

    And do we ever stop having this sort of need to come here to remember? Would it be after we’ve spent many, many lives just remembering? All lives are now but how can I say it? I think in linear terms except when I’m dreaming :)

  • Nate

    I would love to not have the amnesia because I think it would make the duality richer and more positive, knowing what the “ending” is and what we return to. By the way I was watching a video on YT about a guy who lost his partner. I just happened upon the video randomly on this particular users channel. Anyway, as the guest was talking about the death of his partner, my left ear starting ringing insanely loudly. Also, I could have SWORN I heard evp’s of confirmation from the loved one to the guest, answering him. I left a comment on the video because you never hear static on that user’s videos. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, or coincidence, but how awesome it would be if it were real!

  • Lisa Mayberry

    I’ve been following your blog for a long while now, from afar. I remember when you did the celebrity interviews. I keep seeing that you’re going to see if you can do them again. I think the celebrity interviews are popular and you should do a poll on who we could interview once a week. So everyone has input. I am saddened that we don’t have them anymore. Will you please bring them back?

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      Still waiting for the publisher to get back to me!

  • mike m

    I am the only person on earth who doesn’t have a FB account – so does that mean I’m avoiding some drama? I’m so reluctant to ask this question because Erik has pointed out how clueless I am several times (mia culpa) and , also, according to him, I seem to ask variations of the same question which he’s answered numerous times. Nevertheless, here goes: if ‘amnesia’ is the practical norm for we humans, then what accounts for incidences of ‘slippage’, that is, when someone experiences some profound emotion which has no correlation to the person’s current life? And, having the experience of this emotion, say a dibilitating, profound sadness which can’t be explained otherwise, is it a good idea to have someone help you regress to a past life to understand this emotion or maybe put it into some kind of context? The argument could be made that you’re supposed to be learning to deal with complex emotional issues, etc. That’s a dilemma with which I often grapple.

    • Cyndi

      If you opt for the regressive hypnosis, be sure to find yourself a very experienced therapist in the field. Regression therapy is a very powerful tool for this, but can open the proverbial “can of worms” for people if not entered into with caution….that said…no Mike, you are not the only person on Earth that is not on FB :-)

    • Patrick De Haan

      You have company in the non-FB universe. Use the Force instead.

      That’s not “slippage” that’s remembering! Yes, past life regression can clear up things – but there’s no assurance the source is a past life or that it’s possible to “clear it up” that way. Like a common cold, we might have to wait for it to pass.

    • Dharma Bum

      This somewhat relates to the topic, I hope. I have often wondered if a mental illness is only a human, temporary thing that has nothing to do with the soul of the person having the illness; or if it has something to do with the “personality” of the soul itself. For example, I have pretty profound depression, and wonder if this is due to past life stuff, or just biochemical genetic stuff, or perhaps also has something to with the personality of my soul as well, such as a tendency to be extremely emotional and too sensitive. Was Erik’s bi-polar illness just something he chose to learn from while human, and now it is totally gone, or did it have something to do with his soul itself as well? Any thoughts about this would be helpful – thanks.

      • Elisa Medhus, MD

        I think he’s talked about that actually. Search the categories list and read posts about depression and bipolar disease.

  • Unrequited Lover

    Thank you Cristina.
    This is what I wanted to hear and this helped me a lot.

  • Cyndi

    The question I have is why would you/he/she or whoever want to back track at linear point C? If the lesson has been learned and there is positive momentum and strength gained as a result, why not just keep moving forward? Doesn’t jumping back to point B ( even if in the heavenly realm) eradicate the lesson learned from the experience?

    • Unrequited Lover

      It seems, I am finding myself answering myself

      • Cyndi

        That is as it should be…I wish you peace :-)

      • cristina

        The true answers lie in your heart <3 So … when you answer to yourself or give advices to others, treasure those words as they may hold the answers for your chosen path :) And if you are still unsure, I could recommend a good lady to hold your hand WHILE YOU SEARCH FOR YOUR OWN ANSWERS :)

  • Kryssey

    Only drama I recall seeing on the Facebook page recently; has something to do with a bunch of people insulting other blog members for stating their opinions about a post Elisa had put on there about Jamie charging more money for her medium work.

    Elisa did a post wanting to know what our opinions were about using other psychics to channel Erik, because Jamie wants to go up in price every quarter until she makes nearly $500 per session (or rather; $500 an hour!). Many members of the blog cannot even afford her current hourly rate let alone what she is hoping to earn now.

    While this post was meant to represent “honest venting” on Elisa’s part… it caused some arguments among the “have’s” and “have not’s” of the blog. Some people (Elisa included – who values her friendship with Jamie above all; including above the company politics that caused these changes to begin with) were being very supportive of Jamie’s decision to go up in price; while the rest of us argued that Jamie is being greedy and is being unfair to Elisa… who helped her business grow.

    There was very little information to go on anyway (from Elisa)… but one blog member in particular vocalized his opinion about Jamie quite a bit more than the rest of us. He stated that he lost respect for her over this ordeal. He said she was being greedy… and added that her rates are just as expensive as some of these celebrity psychics out there. He stated that he doesn’t think she or any psychic is worth that kind of money. The only clients they can afford or get are rich/upper-class clients.

    Others added that the “Long Island Medium” doesn’t charge that kind of money per session. And she (Teresa) has a two year waiting list to see clients. This medium was accused of charging $1,000 an hour by media outlets. Which she denied and said she doesn’t even charge “half that” amount of money.

    Many of us agreed that $500 an hour or per session is too steep in price PERIOD… and argued that Jamie is taking advantage of people and her friend Elisa; now that she made a name for herself from the blog. Meanwhile… other people shrugged it off; like it made no difference to them. Yet it must of made some difference to them, because some of them insulted the rest of us who disagreed with Jamie’s logic. Myself included.

    I tried to remind people that Elisa’s time is worth something too. While everyone was venting about how much Jamie’s time is worth; I pointed out that Elisa should be accommodated too… and Jamie should not bite the hand that feeds her (if that is what is really happening). Elisa was vague on the details, but did admit that these rates would soon apply to her also.

    People then argued with me about that topic; saying that Elisa makes a CHOICE to come out of pocket for everything in the blog… against their insistence and advise. They said that if she wanted to, she could charge people a membership fee to be apart of this blog (and earn back some of her losses from coming out of pocket all these years paying for everything).

    That is the last argument I noticed taking place on Facebook. These arguments don’t happen very often, but when they do… it turns into a game of everyone talking down to one another, mostly. And that is probably why people later complain to Elisa about the level of disrespect taking place when this happens.

    Which means a lot of these people are overly-sensitive. People need to learn how to just get out of a conversation; if they are going to feel insulted by what is said by others. You don’t get involved in a dog fight without getting a least a little bit beat up in the process. This is unavoidable in any scenario (especially when you have over a 100 different personalities in one room). I’ve been a part of many Facebook groups… arguing and belittling is common in ALL OF THEM.

    And as much as Elisa likes to make idol threats to put a stop to this behavior by closing the group (in order to appease and prevent a few from leaving the website: by instead threatening to make us all leave); she is only encouraging this behavior more by taking sides in the arguments. People know who the complainers were and which ones will start drama again next time. Especially when you keep punishing the WHOLE for the mistakes of a FEW. And that attitude will cost a lot more members.

    There seems to be a lot of members on this blog who are psychic mediums (or are trying to learn how to become one)… and are very defensive when it comes to certain topics. Especially about the greediness among them. And many are desperately trying to make a name for themselves too. Some of these members are very gifted; while others have only a few gifts.

    Then there are some people who assume they have gifts; they do not. They pay for a class or two… and assume that they are qualified to speak in a field they do not understand. As a psychic myself… I can tell whose who and whose what. And drama in the group in focused around THESE individuals.

    I would agree with Elisa about taking down the channeling Erik Facebook page for this reason alone. There are a lot of people on that blog pretending to be Mr. and Mrs. “Know-it-all’s”; and have no concept of directing any kindness to others or respecting EVERYONE’S individual opinion on any subject matter.

    It is sad that several people have a tendency to ruin everything for the rest of us. But that is the way the world works. Everyone can be highly opinionated. So much so; that to disagree with one of them will create a battle among them all. In that way; this blog has formed somewhat of a “CULT” following.

    I gave free information from my medium-ship work on that Facebook page before; and stopped because of this handful of individuals. I could literally name them all right now, and everyone from the Facebook page reading this will probably say; “Yeah… I see what you mean! That person does get that way a lot!”

    I actually had people insult me simply for warning other people that there are both good and bad spirits occupying space here with us. This is on a need to know basis for EVERYONE who wants to communicate with the After Life. Yet… something as silly as that, caused people to become argumentative with me. One of the members is a good friend of mine outside of the blog.

    I tried to warn people about situations I’ve discovered during my own personal experiences. One of which was that protective prayers and burning sage does not always work to protect ourselves from dark entities (for psychics or individuals who use methods of communication; such as using a Ouija boards or doing EVP recording sessions). Dark entities have just as much (if not more) Free Will than we do!

    I learned that dark attachments still find a way to attach themselves to people or that person’s environment to engage with them. I found methods on my own however that did work… such as utilizing my own Free Will to set my boundaries (such as Willing them away from me) and praying for a psychic healing from one of the Archangels.

    I was told by a few blog members that I don’t know what I am doing; and should not talk to people about these BAD energies that exist among us. That it is too scary for some people.

    I followed everything by the book to protect myself from dark forces. Nothing worked. I tried salt, garlic, salt baths, burning sage, burning candles, manifesting white light, prayer for protection from the spirits of the light, etc. All this information came from the internet. I couldn’t afford much else and still cannot.

    This information helped a few people going through something similar. Many liked the messages I shared with them, and thanked me in front of the group or in a private message. Some even sent me a friend request. A few of those people asked for my help with other personal matters in their life. I helped them (I didn’t charge them a single dime for the help I offered).

    Many of them are now sad that I stopped posting information on the Facebook page… but they understood I stopped mostly because of the negative “psychic wannabe’s” on the site. People like fun-loving stuff on there. They didn’t care much for the darker subjects. Which is fine… then they don’t have to read it then, right? Wrong! Even if they don’t like it… they still make sure that they have an opinion about it.

    These are the same people who pay a ridiculous amount of money a month taking special classes (some take classes with Jamie); and leave those classes thinking they have all the answers to the entire universe. Why? Because they can AFFORD to throw money away on just about anything?

    Most of us don’t have that luxury, and find that mentality insulting when we are told that the ONLY way to get the truth, is to pay for it.

    As a psychic myself… during the last Facebook argument: I pointed out that I would do the blog free of charge for Elisa. I was serious… but also wanted to see the reaction I was going to get from these blog members who assume EVERYONE like me has a flat price rate.

    I added that I can’t do it in good conscience anyway; because my vibrations are too low and I typically channel Earthbound spirits instead of spirits of the light. It’s annoying, but it is the way it is for some of us. It is hard to find a blessing out a messed up situation. For some of us… having this gift is a curse.

    No one knows Earthbound spirits better than I do at this point in time. I know why they are here, what some of them want, and why most of them refuse to cross over into the light. I also know why many of them hate or dislike the living. I got to talk to the darkest of them all. They have no concept of love, respect, or patience.

    Any how; some people were in shock over the concept that a psychic would do a favor for “ELISA” by offering her free services. Another argued that Jamie already offered to do the blog for free (even though this was never confirmed or denied by Elisa).

    Unlike many of these people; I understand that there is such thing as; “taking advantage of people”. They are not all paying for the information Elisa is sharing with us… Elisa is. Many of them assume that she must have a lot of money to throw around… so what difference does it make to her how much money she is throwing away to cover the expense of using a psychic to keep the blog going?

    The fact that I see this as being hypocritical and they do not; tells me everything I need to know about some of the members on this website. Psychic abilities are a gift and is a gift that not everyone has. And some psychics give the rest of us a bad name; because they are greedy and only think about themselves.

    I could literally work a full time job and afford to do an hour or two a week channeling Erik; and be perfectly fine. I have time to spare even when I am at my busiest; so why not? I’ve channeled Erik before… so I know it takes nothing at all to do so. All you do is call for him and he’ll come by to chat with you. He even assisted me with setting up a “Bitstrip” character for him up on Facebook. We have a blast clowning around together some times.

    However halfway through talking to him… a darker energy takes over as him most of the time. It’s enough to annoy Erik when this happens too. I vent to Erik often when it comes to my personal situation. I also vent a lot when it comes to the information he shares on here; but refuses to share the more IMPORTANT stuff that we really NEED to know. Like how to protect ourselves from these bad spirits.

    I am especially annoyed when it comes to these psychics not helping people who REALLY NEED THEIR HELP. Erik knows about my feeling on that subject also. To some degree… he agrees with me when it comes to this subject; and gave me the heads up that things would be changing in the blog over a similar issue. He told me this a couple months before Elisa’s message to us confirming this.

    Erik often said that I would be a perfect medium for the blog; if not for the fact that I don’t know half the time who or what is coming through. I have the ability to channel Erik PERFECTLY (as long as my word data base is a little more accommodating). I can even adapt psychically to his mannerisms. I am fully aware that he cusses FAR MORE than Jamie does, when she is channeling him. Erik admits that she holds back A LOT.

    There was a time I needed help from a fellow psychic; and I had ONLY one person offer it to me from this blog. I have zero respect for any person who see’s desperate people out there as only dollar signs. In my experience; most psychics are no different than the (shark-like) lawyers on this planet. They want way too much money for having the perfect ability to bullshit their way through life pretending to be professional.

    If I could learn and educate myself how to use my abilities properly without the help of these greedy-ass psychic bastards… so can anyone else. And it is this element of greed on behalf of others that is going to cause Elisa to finally give up on this blog one day. Not only are people desperate for the FREE information they are getting on here at her expense… there are a lot of psychics who want to take advantage of her too.

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      Yes, people do think I’m super wealthy but my pockets are only so deep. But I get so much out of the blog, perhaps more than any of you. I want to raise my children to be happy, fulfilled and productive. I’m doing that for Erik.
      As for Jamie, she said she has to make this decision for financial reasons. She has never given me any reason to doubt her or mistrust her. Yes I was disappointed and I worry about how her decision will affect her business in the long run but it’s her business, not mine. I don’t judge her–remember Erik teaches us not to judge. All I can do is make my own decisions based on hers. Btw she did offer me her services for free but I refused. There has to be a fair exchange. All this time she’s given me a 50% discount which helped a lot.
      Maybe this is a lesson for all of us. Do not judge.

    • Patrick De Haan

      @ Kryssey: How we humans love money and fights over it, don’t we?

      • Kryssey

        We sure do Patrick.

      • cristina

        I think the “love for money” is some sort of “acquired taste ” because society is teaching us such crap…. Once we understand that society makes mistakes, will be easier to get rid of “love for money” … I’m not saying I hate money, unfortunately :P but I want to keep a positive energy on their flow….and not be overcome by greed when are so many animals and people who can be helped with little money….

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      Trust me, I’ve seen plenty of drama and members have messaged me about them many, many times. For one, some have threatened suicide and we later find out the threat was an idle one. And my threats are NEVER idle. Never. The reason they get rescinded is because of overwhelming desires from others for it to continue plus the logic behind it. I’m reasonable, after call, and when given information that opens my eyes to something, of course I change my mind. It hurts my feelings to think that you believe I would ever use such threats as a bullying technique. Also, some have gifts that are stronger than others, but we ALL have the gifts of healing and mediumship. Some are just exploring their own burgeoning skills. In most of what you’ve said here I see judgment, something that Erik tells us we should not do. Yes, it’s okay to be emotionally honest, but you’re also judging. Let people be who they are.

  • perkyshayne

    you think you are the only unrequited lover? Come on!! We all experience this! Some of us are able to move on and learn, and other’s cannot no matter what. I really think it’s all up to YOU. Stop being such a victim! Hence, your user name. You’re “not needy”? Yes you are! You want everyone to know that you’ve been hurt. Newsflash! WE all have! You might of learned something. But to say that you’ve really and truly learned what you speak of, that’s just farce. I really think if “you’ve GROWN and gotten wisdom from your lesson of unrequited love”…then you would not still label yourself as an unrequited lover. Or is that too confusing to you? Sorry to be so pissed off about this. It’s just that it took me over ten years to get over someone, but in that whole time did I never say I learned anything from that situation. I wasn’t even AWARE that what happened was meant to be a learning experience. So to sit here and have to hear you say you’ve grown, and learned…is complete B.S! Because when that really happens, you won’t still be naming your screen name “unrequited lover”.

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      Please, no judgmental language. Nothing that smacks of an attack. We are part of a collective so we hurt one, we hurt ourselves. There’s no reason we can’t be emotionally honest in a loving way that respects everyone’s boundaries.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    As far as I remember I express my upset without personal insults or attacks. I think it’s perfectly fine to be angry or feel and express any emotion. That’s what emotional honesty is all about. But one can express oneself respectfully without breaking their boundaries. I’m not saying I’ve never done that because I’m human but I still have the right to ask someone to respect my boundaries and those of others.