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After Erik’s death, my entire family and I plunged into a state of numbness. We were shaken by a grief so profound each minute seemed like an eternity. Making the funeral arrangements from choosing a casket and burial plot to deciding what clothes he should wear in his perpetual sleep was an agony that clawed angrily at my heart. Every decision was gut-wrenching and insurmountable. All I wanted to do was lie down in a corner and sob. I’m so grateful for the inner strength my husband, Rune,  demonstrated. He too was in pain, but society mandates that the man must keep a stiff upper lip and muddle through on their own somehow. They are the silent, neglected grievers, the broken warriors who need just as much support and comfort as women.

In all the tragic turmoil, however, Erik came to provide us with comfort three times in as many days. The second night after his death, he came to my husband in an uncharacteristically vivid dream. In that dream, they were both standing near Rune’s new Ford F-350, a truck that my son drooled over with great pride. Then Erik said in joyous excitement, “I feel so wonderful! I’m so light and free. It’s an amazing feeling. Here, Pappa, feel.” And when Erik reached out to grab his father’s hands, Rune was overcome with a sense of intense euphoria unlike any sensation he’s had before. It was a feeling of joy, love, comfort, lightness and freedom that simply cannot be describe in our limited language as humans. After a few moments, Erik let go of Rune’s hands, leaned toward him and said, “This is what I felt like before.” Rune then felt the deep despair and darkness that had long tormented his son. The world felt heavy and unwelcoming. Rune knew Erik was trying to convey that he was fine, in fact happy for the first time in years. From that moment, healing for our family had begun.

Erik’s grandfather, José, had a similar experience. Let me preface this by saying that my father has never truly believed in life after death. To him, when the body dies, so does the soul. We all simply turn to dust. There is no immortality.  There is no God. There is no Heaven. Three days after my son’s death, my father called me to say that Erik had come to him in a dream. I could tell by his voice that he was quite shaken. He said Erik appeared to him as a small boy. He crawled into his lap and snuggled against his chest. My father felt, without a doubt, that Erik’s presence was real. He felt the warmth of his grandson’s small body and the love that emanated from his presence. Mind you, my father was wide-awake at the time. After a few moments, Erik looked up at his grandfather and recited a Spanish proverb that essentially translates as “things come in threes.” Dumbfounded by the encounter, my father exclaimed, “Why did this happen to me? What does it all mean? I feel so startled!” Erik’s visit challenged the very foundation of the staunch beliefs he had held for decades. As for the meaning behind the proverb, I wondered to myself if Erik was preparing my father and my mother, both in their 80s, for their own transition into the afterlife.

The third visit was to a family friend, Kelley. She has known all of my children since they were small, and our families have vacationed together several times. Erik was quite fond of Kelley, in particular. Shortly after his death, Kelley called me to recount a lucid dream she had had: “I saw Erik in a beautiful meadow sitting in a hammock with his back to me. Beside him sat a girl with long, light-brown hair.” (This may have been a former girlfriend who, 7 months earlier, suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the head by a drunken “friend” who thought he had unloaded his new revolver.) Kelley goes on to say, “People were milling around everywhere. I got the sense that everyone knew and loved each other and that they regarded Erik as some sort of celebrity. He seemed to have a movie star quality about him, like Brad Pitt. I moved closer to him and asked, ‘Why did you kill yourself, Erik? What could have possibly led you to do such a thing?’ Then he turned his head to look up at me with that charming, mischievous grin he was so famous for and began to sing a tune, ‘If you wanna be free, be free. Cuz there’s a million things to be,’ and then he calmly faced forward and hummed the rest of the song.” Kelley woke up with a start, wondering if the tune was indeed an actual song. Eager to verify her suspicions and lend meaning to the dream, she jumped out of bed, turned on her computer and typed the lyrics into the search window. The results stunned her because, although she hadn’t recalled ever hearing the tune before, it was an actual song composed and sung by Cat Stevens entitled, “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out.” Days after, the song appeared as a theme in a commercial for T-Mobile. Eventually, we would discover the true meaning behind that song as you will soon discover.

All of these dream visitations were of great comfort to my family and me although I wondered selfishly why he had not appeared to me, his own mother. In retrospect I believe I was too besieged by grief to open my mind and heart to him. But that would soon change.

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  • Edward Annick MS

    Pls confirm message sent

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      Yep I got this message!

      • teresa

        Hi Elisa.Thankyou for all you share with us about Erik. I lost my husband Tony just over seven months ago and am having an extremely difficult time dealing with this. I will ask Erik to assist me as i would like to know whether my husband is still with me. Please mention me to Erik when you next speak to him. Love Teresa

      • Elisa Medhus, MD

        Consider it done, Teresa. I’ll ask Erik to help bring him to you in some sort of dream or other form of communication. You can also talk to him in one of Jamie and Erik’s small group griever’s calls. Big hug.

  • Robyn Norris Matthis

    9 weeks ago last night, I lost my youngest daughter to a senseless act of violence. Her abuser of 3 years shot her in the face and killed her instantly. In the days following her death, she stuck very, very close to me, as I had JUST lost my husband, and my mind. She promised me she would get me thru it, and she did, then she was gone. I have found this blog, and have subscribed, hoping against hope that somewhere in Erik’s story, I can find some peace in regards to Victoria.

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      You will find hope. We’re here to help you get to that point. Just try to read through the archives. You may have been drawn here by her (and maybe Erik.)

      Got your back,


  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    You are so blessed to know that he’s happy and healthy and still a part of your life.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    There’s nothing wrong with you! Just be aware of subtle signs. Also, when people are sad, their energy vibrates a the lower end of the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum and spirit, who vibrate above that range (which, like radio waves, is why we can’t see them) have a harder time lowering their energy to meet yours. That’s why we use phrases like I feel depressed, down, low.
    Everything is energy. Einstein referred to matter as frozen light. Erik says we’re sentient energy that’s self aware. That means thought are energy too expectation is a thought that vibrates at a low energy making it hard for spirits to get to you too.
    Look for sensations like intense goosebumps. That’s pretty easy for them to do. So are lucid dream visits.

  • Osei Mensah

    Wow, this story is deep…

  • 1meri

    I recently just finished reading the book, and I have to say I got so much from it. I to am bipolar and experience much of what Erik has mentioned. The book does bring some calming from reading it. I have recommended it to two of my friends who could also benefit from it.
    In my younger years I had a message given to me just before the accident that claimed my mom, telling me that was going to happen. Since then I have not been myself and struggled with many issues. So much I still don’t understand. Since then I have had other messages and connections, but seems lately I can’t get through and wonder what is blocking me. I have an extensive home library on the afterlife and any information that can benefit me in communicating and understanding the other side.
    I would love to be able to communicate with Erik, he sounds to be an amazing soul with an abundant amount of beneficial information especially when dealing with disabilities and wanting to make a quick exit out of here. He appears to be a very special God chosen soul to make quite the impact on bringing positive energy back to those who are lacking, like myself. Bless you and your son!!!!

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      Hey 1meri. Thanks for your kind words. You know a lot of people get “blocked” because they develop expectations when are, like EVERYTHING, a form of energy. (As are thoughts). It’s a dense energy and it’s hard for spirits to lower their frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum to reach us when we’re mired in those expectations. But of course you can ask Erik through Jamie (or another medium if they’re good.) They have these little mini sessions called “call-outs” that are cheaper than full sessions and she has them all the time. Go to and then to “Personal Growth.” They’re sooo powerful as any blog member will tell you. Join the Channeling Erik FB page and you’ll find a lot of blog members who have been a part of these phone sessions. They’ll share their experiences with you, including ones that are not related to the phone sessions. They share their “Erik encounters” too. It seems like members of the group are more frequent targets of Erik’s mischief. It’s a wonderful group!

  • Aleia

    Hi Elisa. I just started reading your book, and your blogs. Thank you so much for sharing your story with the world. It means so much to those of us who have also lost loved ones, and it re-enforces my personal belief in the After Life. :) Erik sounds like a delightful soul, and its so nice he visits you so often, and shares with us all what its really like over there on the Other Side. :) It helps more than you know.

  • Pamela

    I am so thankfull that I got 1 of the autographed copys of the erik afterlife books!!!!!!! This is just what I needed!!! I also lost my son . I just wanted to express my happyness !! I just got it and can’t wait to read it!!! Thank you so much.

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      I hope you like it and get some comfort from it. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    Wow, it sounds like you are meant to do great things! I bet that was one of your guides talking to you in your dream. And if you feel a connection with Erik, you probably do–maybe in another life. I’m glad you’re my friend and Erik’s too. xoxo

  • Susan

    I read the book – My Son And The Afterlife. I have come through what Erik’s explanation of what we are here to accomplish in our life times. I too at one time when I was in my early twenties wanted to commit suicide. But the guilt of leaving two small boys without a mother is what kept me trying to understand why I’m on Earth and I finally know. It is what Erik explains is to love unconditionally, but what I’ve learned in the process is that you can’t love unconditionally until you love yourself. That is the true reason you are here on Earth is learning to love yourself because when you do, only then can you love all others unconditionally.
    I would love to have a visit with Dr. Medhus on the phone or in person and share more in detail and have Erik visit me. It’s is so freeing to know the truth!

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      I’m so, so glad this has made a difference in your life. I hope you make your way through the archives because he talks all about this a lot more!

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    Bless your heart and. I know the pain all too well. I wish you were here so I can wrap you up with a big hug. The medium I used for the most part is Jamie Butler. She is absolutely amazing. You should check out some of the conference calls that I have been one of the tabs at the top of the homepage. Kate Sitka is also an excellent medium. They both work over the phone. Jamie is pretty expensive, and I don’t know how much Kate charges. Jamie does have small group channeling sessions including one just for grievers. They are so, so powerful. They do book up very quickly, so you might want to check these out as soon as possible. The “call-out” small group chilling calls have a maximum of nine people attending. These are the ones that are taped and appear in the conference call list. The grievers calls are not published because they are just too intimate. They only accept a maximum of six people. You can go to Jamie’s site at Also, you can find Kate website by going to the bottom of any of her guest posts. You can find these posts by going to the categories list and looking for her name. I hope this helps. I’m here for you if you need me.

  • Stacy

    I am new to this sight. I just bought “My Son and the Afterlife,” and I already feel such a connection to Erik. I too have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I know what it’s like to suffer the lifelong effects of mental illness. I have also contemplated suicide. Though I don’t know that I’ve felt the same despair as Erik, but I can conceive of what he went through.
    I hope that Erik will pay me a visit soon. I’d love to meet him.


    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      Stacy, I bet he will. Look for goosebumps, electronics going crazy, smells, and other things. He never does anything creepy or scary though.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    Sweetie, I’ll ask Erik to help him communicate with you. I’m sure he’s already taking him under his wing. You may have been nudged to the book/blog by your son for a purpose. If you want to talk to Michael directly, you can sign up for one of Jamie’s grievers calls. It also really helps to just read through the archives. I’m here for you.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    I read your blog and it’s so heart wrenching. What a beautiful boy! Erik loved motorcycles and his dad does too. Fortunately, Rune only races on the track. I completely agree with your message. I’m sure it is no accident that you came to the blog. Maybe Erik and Neal are in cahoots and made that happen. I bet they’re buds.

    • Sheree Burlington

      Thank you, Elisa. He was a beautiful boy! The image below was taken when he was 16, when, according to him “he still liked me.” :) It’s one of the few I have where I can see his pretty blue eyes, and where he is not making a goofy face.

      When I read that Rune only races on the track, I knew Neal had lead me to you! How wonderful our boys are! Last night during a meditation, I clearly saw Erik’s face – almost in profile, staring off into some unknown distance to the right. As is typical with my meditations, faces almost immediately dissolve once I focus on them, but the resemblance was striking. I’ve just come out of a very painful weekend – missing Neal, his stinky hair and rubble bedroom with the most intense longing. I am grateful to live alone so that I can grieve out loud without worrying about how it affects others.

      It will take me some months to read your many, many posts about your amazing Spirit. I have no doubt that you are the source of healing for many grieving people, myself included. Thank you for sharing your most intimate moments. I’ve never spoken publicly about Neal’s bi-polar as he was very private about it. I’ve more attributed his loss to motorcycle street racing. I’ve some to realize that the racing was an expression of his illness. With his permission, it seems time to share the pain that drove him to such a quick, untimely death. Peace to you and yours. xo Sheree

      • Elisa Medhus, MD

        What a cheeky smile! I’m glad you’re part of the family now.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    Teresa, you seem to have allowed your hardships to build you up–to catalyze your spiritual growth–rather than smack you down. It’s an honor to know you. I’ll tell Erik to buddy up with Sheena.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    Gosh I remember those looks of pity. Yes, she’s alive and well, just without a body, and I’m sure Erik and Cari Anna are the best of buds now.

  • linda

    Erik, you are a true inspiration. It’s great to hear that the afterlife is total opposite to this current nightmare on this planet. I must say that I was very close to becoming atheist due to the horrors that currently exist in life. Now, I think I am going to rethink my atheist beliefs and look at life differently. It’s really hard on this planet to believe in a god that cares, well, it is for me. For the simple fact, that people suffer, children suffer, wars, etc., I think you get it. Anyways, I am so glad to hear that there is life at the end of the tunnel, and horrific experiences in life makes it worth while. You are a WARRIOR!

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      I hope you read on through the archives. A lot of atheists have been converted and comforted!