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OMG guys, I had such an eventful day yesterday. When I announced that EVP contest, I got to thinking, “I should try that!”n My current voice recorder is kind of old, so I reluctantly decided to buy a new one, the ZOOM H1. I say reluctant, because I’m mentally challenged when it comes to these devices: setting them up, figuring out all that file and folder nonsense, etc. I avoided purchasing the Tascam recorders which allow you to manipulate sample rate, gain, and other things I totally don’t understand.

In the last session, I asked Erik why he hasn’t come through when I’ve tried to record him with my old piece of junk. He told me the new recorder would work better and asked me to sit in his room, invite him in, and just talk to him and ask him questions for 5 minutes. So I did. Then I placed the recorder on his chest of drawers, slinked out of the room and closed the door. I made sure to do it at a time where everyone was out of the house and the TV was off. Thirty minutes later, I check the recording. Nothing for a long while. I guess he was working on manipulating the energy of the recorder; I don’t know. But then I heard distinct sounds: clapping, knocking, tapping, etc. And there were REALLY loud as if they were made right next to the mic. I also heard another voice, female, that seemed further away. It kind of sounded like a voice you’d hear from a loudspeaker: “Please don’t park in the white zone. Unload passengers in the blue zone.” This is just an example. Those are not the actual words. Sometimes they seemed to be a repetition of the phrases but other times they  seemed different. I couldn’t make out the words though. Now here’s the interesting part. When I uploaded the recording to iTunes and played it, there were no sounds. I uploaded it to Audacity, then Quicktime. No sounds. Nada.

As if Erik wasn’t busy enough, he played a major prank on my grand daughter, Arleen. I was on “date night” with Rune, and during dinner, her mom, Michelle, called me sounding a little unsettled. At first I asked her not to call during date night, but she persisted, so I listened. She said Arleen cam bursting into Michelle and Shane’s bedroom and climbed into their bed, eyes as big as saucers. (Well, not really, but you get the idea.) She said that the water bottle by her bed started spinning, then the rocker switch on the overhead light started to move, too. The light went off and on, off and on, off and on. She said she was really, “freaked out.” When I got home, I interviewed her to hear her version of the story. Here’s a video of that interview:

Pretty dang cool! A spirit’s energy has to be extremely strong to move things physically, but two things? Plus it’s not like the bottle just moved an inch, it spun. I guess Arleen will be sleeping with Mommy and Daddy for awhile!

Tomorrow, I’m going to post a conversation that gifted blog member, Jesse Sulam, had with Erik, then Monday, we’ll enjoy our regular guest blogger, psychic medium, Kate Sitka. If you haven’t already booked a session with her, please do. As you can see, she’s amazing. Also, please send your prayers to her and her mother who was just diagnosed with having a brain tumor, glioblastoma multiforme. Right after I got the news, a blog member sent me a fascinating article about the use of cannabis (I think the oil) in this tumor and the miraculous effects it has had on it. I recommended the legal form, CBD oil, which also has purportedly had beneficial effects on cancers of all kinds. So, I guess we need to listen to our boy! It’s a shame that those with cancer, even those who are terminal, shun the use of this “drug” because of social stigma and legal issues. I’d take my chances if it were me.

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  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    little cutie in her pannies <3.

  • Liz

    Ha, when my mom’s voice came up on my recording, I was using a Zoom H4N (the daddy version of your H1). I’m also happy to give tips on recording :)

    And yes, cannabis should be legal everywhere—the medicinal properties are amazing, and the practical uses for hemp fiber are too numerous to list.

  • cristina

    hmmm…. doesn’t seem like Erik style to freak out people…. especially his beloved Arleen :) While I was afraid of Erik in the beginning, he never visited, only showed up in my dreams…. His pranks are NEVER to terrify people, but to laugh WITH them….
    I would ask Erik to be sure was him and why would he do that….

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      I did ask and it was him. Arley loves Erik. I bet it was Michelle putting words in her mouth like, “Did that freak you out.”


  • Jacqueline Orszulak

    Amazing as always. Thanks for sharing. I’m also impressed at how you have grown as a medium. You get amazing results when walking

  • Jen

    Wow, that is a major prank! She is a cute one for sure!

    I also use the Zoom brand for EVPs, and it is a great recorder for this purpose. Keep trying. It isn’t easy for them to make EVPs happen, especially within the span of thirty minutes. I want to hear some more Erik EVPs!

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      I’m just wondering why I can’t get the same sounds when I uploaded it to those applications. If it’s only heard on the ZOOM, how can I share them? Any ideas?

      • Jen

        I’m not sure. It sounds like it might need to be amplified and cleaned up a bit. If you heard it on the Zoom, it should be there somewhere!

        If you need help getting that cleaned up and amplified, I can certainly help. I’m about to shoot you one of my own right now for the EVP contest.

  • Lorraine (LP)

    aww Elisa….she is so cute..
    I would love to hear the recording you made in Erik’s room…. : )

  • wickedlydia

    It ain’t gonna be easy fighting Big Pharma. They make billions from cancer itself and the research. My cousin has his medical marijuana card and is a testament to the idea that some types of marijuana help him keep his schizophrenia in check. Other types act as a catalyst and throw him straight into delusion. He speaks highly of the cannabinoids found in the ones that help him. I find that I’m with you, I would take my chances, too. As for the EVP’s, practice, practice, practice.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    So cool! Our babies are with us. They just don’t have the physical body but they have the most important other three: emotional, spiritual and mental! Those are what truly defines them!!

    • Tracy Lamont

      I also had a big decision to make this last couple of weeks. Didn’t know which way to go. One day, I sat in the lounge and said,’Adam, shall I do this! Shall I leave my job of 15 years and try something new?!’ Straight away, two beeps from the smoke alarm. The next day, I’m on the phone to my sister telling her how I came to that decision.
      Again, a beep from the smoke alarm!
      Then, yesterday, (four days after phone call with O beeps during that time), I’m watching a tv show with Neil about orphaned baby animals.
      I said,’I’d love to work with animals!’ And guess what happens above my head!
      I know he’s got my back and is helping me while I’m at this crossroads I my life.

      • Elisa Medhus, MD

        Adam’s the bomb!

  • Michele Matthews

    I wonder if the female voice you heard was Eriks girlfriend !!??

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      Who knows?

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    It is getting better for me because I know he’s alive elsewhere. He just doesn’t have his physical body which, of all the four “roommates” as Erik puts it, is the least important–ie compared to the energetic/emotional one, the mental one and the spiritual one. Your third question, it all de[pends on the spirit, I guess. As for the first, we grieve because of the loss and that loss is often to teach us something: how precious life is, what loss is all about, what love it, etc. Grieving is just the symptom of that lesson at work. These are my takes.

    • Maya

      Wow, you are getting better and better (in explaning this stuffs).

    • Maya

      So if you understand the lesson (e.g. life is very precious). That means you graduate from that lesson, and you don’t need to grieve anymore? (for the rest of your life?) And then you can get to the next lesson? (Which is probably more fun?)

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    Whoa, you just blew my mind! Current lives. Great idea.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    That’s what Erik said. He said to ask him questions! I wonder why a spirit would leave a message in reverse?

  • Susan

    Can someone ask erik what he thinks about Ldn? LOW does Naltrexone? It is being tried for off label use (4.5mg vs 50 mg) for autoimune diseases, halting cancer growth, ibs, depression, fatuige syndrome, ms, fibrogambra,so many things. It blocks endorphins for a few hours which in turn increases production 200-300% I want to try it. Could someone ask Erik?

    Heres a link that kinda explains the science behind what it does. It looks lole a miracle drug! Is it really though?!

  • Maria Laing

    So sorry to hear about Kate’s mother. My brother passed away this past October with glioblastoma multiforme. He refused the cannabis oil, probably in part because he was a semi truck driver and he was afraid if it was in his system and he recovered, he would lose his job. He was using a supplement with essential amino acids that seemed to help him a lot after chemo and radiation. He passed from brain abscess that could not be controlled. Had the infection been able to be controlled, he would have lived longer, I think. Personally, I would give the oil a try. You Tube: “Run from the Cure, Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears, 2nd edition” has interviews with many who have used it.