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Happy Monday everyone! I’m still transcribing my first session with Robert as well as the Ask Erik answers to the winner of that submission. It takes a long time with these fingers which, for some reason, seemed to have turned into nubs with a mind of their own or fat little Vienna Sausages that can’t seem to avoid typing 2 to 3 keys at once. Indecisive wieners. Hmm. 

Of course, children have always been so dear to my heart even after raising five of them through the teenage years. That’s why anything Erik says about child spirits perk my interest. Erik adored children so much. The last joy he had just 30 minutes or so before he took his life was playing peek-a-boo with his niece, Arleen, through the posts along the stairwell. It was a half-hearted attempt at best.


Me: How are children’s souls treated when they die? Do they grow up there? Can they be any age they want including an adult, and who takes care of them? Maybe I should have done these one at a time, but go ahead. Let’s see what you remember.

Jamie (giggling): First he made a smart-ass comment that I refuse to say!

Erik: Children are treated like spirits. They’re treated like anyone else that passes away.

Jamie: The only difference he can think of is if the child–


Jamie (to Erik): So we could say… Give me some examples.

Erik: Okay. If the child’s spirit is a baby and dies very young or dies in the belly from miscarriage or abortion, cord strangulation, stillbirth, anything like that, that’s such a short life.

Jamie (to Erik): What’s a short life?

Erik: Pretty much from zero when the spirit decides to enter the body and I’ll say five. Five years old.

Jamie: He calls that a short life.

As a parent who’s lost a son, I say when I survive my child, theirs is a short life.

Erik: A short life means that the child hasn’t been influenced by the culture or society to let go of the beliefs that they came in with.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: So, their connection to the afterlife is still pretty strong. If they’re passing from five and below, they pretty much know their shit, so when they get back, everyone’s like, “Hey, you’re here again! How have you been?” And they have that calmness, that knowingness, that familiarity. There’s really zero trauma. Zero trauma.

Yeah, for them, but…

Erik: Because they’re like, “I was just here! Hey!”

Me: It’s like one of those revolving doors in a high rise.

Erik: Yes, and, if they choose, they can stay that age or they can grow from that age and grow with the family annually to be a part of them. For me, I like being my age. I think I’m staying this way. In fact I think that if I got older, I’d look pretty stupid cuz my maturity level is not going to go beyond what it is right now.

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: That’s probably true!

Jamie: So, he would look like he didn’t have all his marbles together.

Me: Who said he did?

(Pause as Jamie smiles and moves her head and body as if she’s either trying to follow Erik’s movements.)

Jamie (to Erik): What are you doing?


Jamie: He’s checking his pockets. He’s pretending to dig through his pockets to find his marbles as proof to you that he had them all.

Me (chuckling): That’s a good one. All right, so, what about babies when they cross over? Does somebody have to take care of them if they want to, if they want to remain a baby?

Erik: Yeah, if they want to stay a baby and grow, it’s not like in humans though, Mom. It’s not like they need to be fed or they need to be dressed or they need to be protected.

Me: But nurtured, right?

Erik: Sure. Nurtured. Absolutely. But the things that you think of like sleepless nights and rocking and stuff like that, that’s not what we mean when we’re babied.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s kind of like, just thinking of it in terms of size, just being small or simple. Simplicity. Then we grow into accepting more knowledge.

Me: Who takes, uh, is there a place like a nursery where they take care of them or do the deceased relatives take care of them or what? I mean, they just don’t go crawling around with a diaper on out in the ethers!

Erik: No, no, no. No diapers needed. Wherever they think they want to be, they go. They have the same intelligence as an independent spirit would in the afterlife. They’re not helpless. They are not helpless at all.

Me: Okay.

Erik: They can communicate. They might not have had the English language on Earth, but they can speak loud and proud as soon as they let go of their body!

Me: Okay.

Erik: There’s nothing that’s being mistranslated. What they might want, like you said, is nurturing, companionship.

Me: Yeah.

(My retorts show that I have a great deal of contribution to the conversation.)

Erik: Commonly, it’ll be from those who have passed away in that family structure, that lineage. If that’s not there, it’s the guides of the parents.

Me: Okay.


Erik: So, the family unit still stays together until time passes, and then that child can decide, are they going to stay and kind of—

Jamie (to Erik): Linearly? Is that a word? Lin-e-ar-ly. (She over-pronounces the word as if to keep herself from stumbling over it. Sometimes when Jamie channels, it’s like she forgets words. That’s because they go straight from the spirit through her mouth, bypassing the brain. She rarely remembers any part of these sessions.)

Erik: —play out that life with the family that they tried to come [into], or are they going to kind of remove their energy from it and place themselves into another lifetime?

Me: Okay. Interesting. Now, why are children and babies and pets—why are they able to see spirits sometimes, and why does that eventually fade away? I suppose they fade away because they—at least the children and babies—get indoctrinated by the parents, right?

Erik: Yep. They tell them, “Good!” “Bad!” “That’s not right!” “That’s wroooonnnng!”

Jamie laughs.

Me: Well, why are they able to see spirits?


Erik: Pure energy.

(Long pause)

Me: Can you make that a whole sentence, please!

Erik: Cuz they’re not getting fucked up or mucked up by other belief systems.

Me: So, everybody, who doesn’t, uh, I mean if I didn’t have a belief system and wasn’t all messed up or “tainted” would I be able to see spirits?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Like babies do?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. Interesting.

Erik: That’s why pets, cats and dogs, continue to do it. Because they don’t sign up for our belief system.

Me: That’s true. I see my cats; they look up into this empty space and purr or keep following something with their eyes. Same thing with Bella, my dog. She’ll bark at the stairway even though it’s empty. Nobody’s there, except maybe Erik.

Erik: That’s me.

Me: Of course it is!


Teasing Arley

Teasing Arley

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  • Nate

    I wonder why, then, if we make a conscious decision to renounce belief systems, or at least open our mind up to seeing energies of beings not in a body, we still can’t see them? ‘Cause I would love to…at least in baby steps

  • Jess

    Comical and of course all confusing at the same time!! I love your comments :)

  • Rach

    Thanks Elisa, child spirits is a topic I can’t hear enough about. I want to know everything about what my little boy would’ve felt, experienced, and what he’s doing. Thanks you x

  • Jenn Furney

    Mike can you tell me more about this and is it done through phone?

    • cristina

      oh good one, can we attend live by skype or some other online tool?

  • Louise Hillen Isom

    Wanted to thank ERIK, JAMIE, and everyone for the wonderful weekend! I have never met such kind, caring, people. Thank you, thank you. I enjoyed every minute of it. Louise Hille Isom

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      It was awesome to put a sweet face to the name, Louise!

      • Elisa Medhus, MD

        Soul Sistah! I was sad to leave you!

  • Roberta

    What ab Caylee’s death… Was her mother?

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      I didn’t channel that because all involved are still alive and that could present safety and legal issues.

      • Jaime Baxter

        yes, i don’t like to discuss gossip. what happened was caylee’s destiny. it fits into the causes that will be addressed and connected to this shift change (domestic violence/sexual abuse) that is what’s important to focus on here, not blame. and helping these little souls (and ourselves) see why the world came to a point that would allow those types of things to be so rampant and undistinguishable due to the laws and lies we live under. i can tell you she is/was very shy and untrusting of women, hint hint. this can cause such self destruction. she just needed to show us her story, more will come out. there’s a lot of children with a story like hers, sadly some are much much worse and most undetected. my life was similar to these children. not every child gets help, i thank God everyday that i finally got out. i believe that without my guides i would have had a similar fate. but caylee is happy, independent and loving. she loves working with the older boys, it gives her a sense of empowerment and having so many little friends like herself who suffered even more than she did gives her some resolve to help them see that they weren’t useless and horrible and didn’t cause the feelings their parents harbored against them helps her to see that about herself too.

  • Paul

    Good Story!! I’m just learning about spirits. I never believed any of this until now. Has anyone ever head of channeling spirits? I watched some youtube clips of Jamillah A. Shabazz channeling Light Energy John Christopher. Cool stuff.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD


  • perkyshayne

    I have a feeling you have gotten a lot of negative comments towards you Jamie Baxter that were not posted. But honestly, I am getting an intuitive feeling that you are full of it and only looking for attention.

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      Who? Me? If that’s what you’re saying, you obviously don’t know me. Try spending one day with me to see what kind of person I truly am and how pure my motives are. You’d be ashamed of your comment.