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I hope you all enjoying Easter weather! Here is installment number three of the wisdom of Jesus. (I felt a little silly asking this first question.)

Me: Now, what were you here to learn? Were you here to learn anything, Jesus?

Jamie: He’s leaning in with his elbows down and his hands folded. They’re not clasped; they’re folded. He says—my hearts racing—

Me: I bet so!

Jamie: Okay.

Jamie clears her throat and begins to tear up.

Jamie (choking back tears): He says that, um, I told him maybe he should scoot back just a little bit. The closer he gets to me, the more I feel like I have to cry.

Me: Awww. Well, I’m not even in the same room and my heart is racing!

Jamie (to Jesus): Thank you.

Jamie sighs.

Jamie: He scoots back.

Jamie clears her throat.

Jamie: Yeah, it’s real subtle but as soon as you get closer to it, you just feel, um, I don’t know how to explain it, but you just can’t contain or control—

Me: Yeah.


Jamie (giggling): Okay, further back, maybe?

Me: Aw, poor Jamie!

Jamie (wiping away her tears): It’s awesome; are you kidding! This is so amazing!

(Pause as she gathers herself and dries her eyes.)

Jamie: Okay, can we start over?

Erik: Jamie, it’s okay. It’s not bad; dude, it’s the human body and the human body reaction.

Me: I know! It sucks to be human sometime! So were you here to learn anything?

Jesus: I was here to learn to give of myself fully 100% but still maintain my individuality and purpose. It wasn’t to surrender all to my children—

Erik: What’s that?

Jesus: Followers, believers.

Me: Yeah. Okay. And I think we understand what he’s here to teach, but could you restate it for us?

Jesus: I was here to teach that there were many paths to God. I repeated to others that I am not the only way, though this was rewoven by other people to state that I am the only way. I would never take the time to feed my ego this way. This is worthless effort. There are many ways to reach God. I was also here to teach that the many ways that find God is to start with self—to go in, then outward. It was not to place the responsibility of belief and spiritual security on another person. It’s only to be done within the temple, and the body is the temple. The church is not the temple.

Me: I see. Do you have any regrets? I feel weird asking you that, but you were human at the time, after all.

Jesus: I regret that I did not have the opportunity to speak out past my death—what was considered to be my death—I did not die on the cross.

Jamie: You know, I’ve heard that before.

 Jesus: Yes, I did not die on the cross. I was not kept in my stone tomb; I had a life beyond that—

Me: How did that happen?

Jesus: My regret was that I did not have the opportunity and the means to tell that story, because I knew, as the story stood, it was more powerful to give people a hope in what God could provide and what the afterlife could provide.

Me: Okay.

Jesus: I was able to achieve this in the same way as the Tibetan monks who can stay in meditation for day, weeks without food. They appear unconscious; their hearts almost lie dormant; it is a way of control over the temple, over the body. It is what I had practiced, and I would travel to several countries before I was announced to be as the son of God. I studied many different cultures and beliefs. I did this because I knew there were many different ways to achieve the one path, but it would have been wise for me to know intimately what they were.

Me: Mm hm.

Jesus: I had all the power, but I lacked the knowledge as a human, and so I gathered the knowledge. My followers and disciples—even the Roman guards with the spears—were able to come to my rescue and move me away so that I could come out of that state of being and I could lead my life.

Me: Where did you live out the rest of your life?

Jamie: He’s showing me three different countries. I can see France.

Me: I’ve heard that before. Did you get married; did you have children?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: How many children did you have?

Jesus: I lived my life under another title, another name, and I kept a very secret way of teaching.


Me: Did you marry Mary?

Erik: Mary Magdalene.

Jesus: She was my only true love, and I knew how important it was for women to be considered equal to men, so though you may have learned in the Bible that all of the disciples were men, they were not.

Me: Ah! Was Mary one of the disciples?

Jesus: Yes.

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  • MichaelM

    This is !@#!@#! amazing. That is all. :)

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    Gosh no, I didn’t. I could ask so many questions. Hours, really. Maybe Robert could help. We could have a phone conference channeling session if he feels up to it?

  • Shelly

    Thank you!! This is a great interview!!

  • Patrick De Haan

    What I want to know – above all else – is, manual transmission or automatic? So which is it, Jesus, clutch or auto shifter? Ford or Chevy? Honda or Toyota?

  • Patrick De Haan

    From elsewhere, courtesy a cameo role as his (His) printing press:

    “Don’t let a definition of Christian set by someone else’s interpretation attract or dissuade you just because. What another person wrote about me and what was their experience in the events that involved my life might make a lot of sense or none at all. It’s not necessary to place a symbolic crucifix upon a building and to carry a book; these things are great if you like them and the buildings are very attractive to a great many people, however they are neither essence nor requirement and certainly not a limitation. May I tell a poem that I know he [that would be yours truly, the momentary typewriter] likes to write? Let’s see…

    Once upon a time In the place called Galilee
    There was man who lived By both the land and of the sea
    There was a life and way That many lived quite well
    Yet others who felt subjected To many evil spells

    The course and way to follow In the age of all the fish
    Was to show you all that peace Might not be what you wish
    Your power over life Is beyond what you can see
    Like that man who lived a life On a hill in Galilee

    What you take away Is yours forever more
    What’s lost waits everlasting Just beyond the door
    The appearance is quite real Don’t doubt it for a moment
    Yet understand you’re more Than bodily components

    We now will move away From fish into the water
    Reshuffle the arrangements Put things in different order
    The essence of your being Is not really so different
    That when the earth starts its changing We’ll not be as proficient

    Look inside and think Examine what you know
    Grab the smart oars well As you start to row
    Assistance will abound Help will flourish strong
    Know that with goodwill You can never do things wrong.

    May you all be blessed my children!”

  • Joanne

    I’m in tears as I read this, but so very, very happy to read it. Thank you, (might blank out the body is a temple bit until after the chocolate is gone ) but am very grateful . All good wishes, xJoanne

  • Candis

    OK, this is a Jesus that I can get on board with. Don’t know many things for sure, but I am certain that there is more than one path to God. To hear Jesus articulate this is extraordinary. My kind of Jesus!!

  • NancyM1122

    Great interview Elisa. I can’t say enough.

  • Autumn Fae

    This all makes sense to me but personally could not be one of his followers. With so many facets of western life being put on high, he is the epitome of western culture and i just could not allow such a facet of modern western symbolism to take center in my spiritual life.
    After being born and raised in Alabama, his name still sounds like a four lettered word for me, even while on the opposite side of the world. As a kid I used to fight and scream when my overly religious aunts used to try to drag me into church or say Jesus help me. I didnt understand how they could follow a man so much like that when the divine was all around them. I even saw angels as a kid but never connected them to religion. Angels are older than religion.
    But I have only respect for his message and I do see him in dreams at times, but like to make my own path as we are all creators and are all made in the image of the divine. I think his purpose was to show the Way not become The Way or object of respect as so many people think he is nowadays.

    • AmyPal

      Jesus doesn’t want to be worshipped anyways. He wants you to go deeper inside yourself–honestly confronting your demons–so you can connect with the universal truth that lies inside us all. In that way, your behavior becomes an authentic extension of yourself, not an emulation of some holy being that is devoid of personal experience.

      • Autumn Fae

        nothing wrong with demons. I think they have a bad reputation but that is another story. And no, he doesn’t seem like he wants to be worshiped from the interview… it was just a lot of misunderstanding from the constant translations and compilation and editing for the christian holy books.

  • Autumn Fae

    oh and btw thank you so much for the interviews in this blog. I enjoyed reading them all.

  • PatriciaPolygon

    It would be amazing to know if he is coming back, or is that myth too? I love this blog, it really is a comfort. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Tracy Lamont

    Absolutely gripping…it sounds as though the DaVinci Code had some truth to it afterall. So JC could have Earthly desendants. That is just so cool.
    And I think Jamie was reacting to the intense love that must radiate from him. What a wonderful experience for her…amazing :)

  • Autumn Fae

    Also a high five for Jesus, I just knew he had sex and also had children and had a wife. I think one of the worst things that religion has done was 1. make women seem like something that cannot be trusted. 2. that sex is bad or not sacred or holy 3. that communication with spirits and entities from different dimensions is evil. Hopefully soon we can get out of this horrible box that religion has encased us in.

    • Patrick De Haan

      A box of our own imagination that exists only as we create its existence. “We” are religion; just as “we” are “the government” or we are a community. Groups of us take names to identify functions and then the group acquires “its own existence” but this is nothing more than wrapping about a group we have created. “Religious” ideas about women’s roles exist to serve purposes both positive and negative. The labels of “holy” and “sacred” were – and are still – used to classify for a larger purpose, just as the terms “Conservative” and “Liberal” are used in politics.

      The box is as horrible as we make it; or as beneficial as we choose to observe. The ability to discard the box is always available. The great human challenge – one soon to present itself, the response to which which pleasantly surprise us all – is recognize the absence of an evil force, a nefarious intent or villainous demon beyond our control. WE are our own best ally and worst enemy, as we make ourselves out to be.

  • Autumn Fae

    Amazing, this has also been one of the most active posts regarding comments. Some of the most popular comments were: 1. What color is his skin? 2. Does he have descendants? I wonder why people were so concerned with his skin color? If he was coal black or white as snow would it change the way people viewed him? Maybe… (shrugs) There was a play in New York not long ago where Jesus was played by a man with Black skin and there was a horrible uproar. Churches and people protested. Sad really…which is why I do not follow humans because people could use the information of his skin color to try to make themselves feel like the chosen people rather than just looking at his teachings. Also, even if he has descendants, it doesnt matter. We are all a race of humans related one way or the other. I think people should just focus on what little remains of his teachings today if they are his followers.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD


  • Thebert86

    Awesome Post! :D

  • Tracy Lamont

    Oh wow, Nikki!! :)

  • Tracy Lamont

    Oh, WOW, Nikki!! :)

  • cyniraholt

    Hello.. and awwhhh Jaime.. What a Great overall Interview..but then so is many that we’ve read.. We really enjoy these celebrity interviews.. So Kewl! We were wondering, what did “Jesus” say his “Real” name was.. I mean, There’s no “J” in the Hebrew Alphabet and I’m sure it didn’t matter what you called him.. right? So which “Jesus” so to speak.. did Jaime channel? It must of been so Beautiful.. Love and Huggs!!! Brightest Blessings~

  • Miachelh

    I love this! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Neisha

    I want to feel what Jamie felt with Jesus! That was so beautiful! Kind of envious right now! LOL

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    Sure sweetie!

  • Ash

    The bible is 2,000 years old (give or take) and has had many hands involved in it over that time – the Roman Emperor Constantine chose which books should go in the bible as we know it today and which would shouldn’t (and some of those that didn’t make it are somewhat contradictory to what is there now). It’s been edited even since then. The bible used to discuss reincarnation – it’s since been edited out. Even many catholic priests who work FOR THE VATICAN admit that there are inconsistencies with it’s stories and the history behind them.

    Here’s a good interview with one of them:

    Personally, I believe throughout history, people have manipulated it’s meanings to serve their own interests, and even some of the things written there were that way from the get go – society then wasn’t as we know it today – there was no government or law, spiritual law was the law, and that’s how they kept society woven together. Jesus said himself in this interview that people have edited his words.

    You also have to take into account the context and culture in which it was written – we’ve evolved a lot over 2,000 years, you can’t apply it literally anymore.

    I don’t think the bible is total rubbish – there are many good lessons to be learned from it, but as with anything, take away that which resonates with you, and leave the rest.

    Personally – I don’t believe God is the jealous, wrathful being who just happens to look just like a man (don’t you think it’s funny that God is a noncorporeal being, yet we’ve been led to believe that he is a ‘he’?) and sits up in a cloud acting all judgy :) I think he loves us all, no matter what we do or say – unconditionally. And I don’t think that because he loves us, he punishes us by sending us to hell for all eternity (that’s like, the worst explanation I’ve ever been fed in my life…lol) – I think that was added in hundreds of years ago as another way to get butts in the pews and money in the coffers on sundays :)

    My favorite quote from the story I posted earlier is this:

    “You think you can choose God like you choose a pair of shoes? …You choose the right one and you go straight to heaven, you choose the wrong one and you go straight to hell? …There is no choosing. Nobody has God. No religion, no country, no race, no man has God. God has all of us, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Muslims, the Hindus and even the ones that don’t believe in God at all. We don’t make God, God made us. We don’t choose God, God chose us.”

    If we could all realize that God is so much bigger than anything we can imagine, and he/she/it has no need for petty human emotions (except love – because love is what God IS), that he/she/it is not something that is separate from us – not something we need to attain, we already have it in us – if we could realize that it doesn’t matter how much we F*&$k up – God is still going to love us and accept us, and that EVERY path leads to God – maybe we’d stop trying to force our own religions upon everyone else, respect that we each have our own path, and the world would be a much better place (from our perspective… from God’s perspective, I’m sure it’s perfect, just as it is – he/she/it created it, afterall).

  • Amber

    I read a website where the guy believes Jesus is reincarnated in five bodies back on Earth but sounds like not so from Jesus himself…”If I were able to walk the earth today…..”
    For the millions of ideas that have been written about Jesus’ truths, what a fantastic read the next ‘Bible’ would be if someone could channel Jesus’ book now that he seems free to talk ‘past death ‘ and discuss regrets etc etc.
    You can easily see how many millions of people would think this stuff was blasphemous so it’s pretty cool of Jesus to answer your pointed quezzies Elisa! I hope it helped for him to get some stuff off his chest :)
    Even for us ‘followers-of -Erik’ I still find it weird how the spirit is so laid-back ‘equal’ as per all your interviews and how they simply present themselves to us in whatever mode deemed appropriate or desired, just as long as they get to put the message across so that we get it. In other company Jesus would appear in his brilliant robe and sandals or whatever. He’ll ‘speak’ Aramaic or Urdu however you want it but the ESSENCE is there, perfectly, even in American…strange for UK to read the word ‘gotten’ for example -it’s an Americanism and sounds strange coming from Jesus in a room with Quentin Crisp and Erik. Out there, they just won’t believe this will they?! haha.
    We think it’s great, and it truly is. Great. Thanks Jesus, Erik, Jamie, Elisa.

  • Jane5

    Most Christians will not believe this though, b/c at least the protestant religions are very heavy on the “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father but by me” verse attributed to Jesus. It’s the entire basis for Christians’ belief and religion and church and evangelism. That verse has caused a lot of pain and confusion!

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    Isn’t she though! To bad she doesn’t read the blog! She doesn’t want it to affect her–like create a bias or filters etc.

  • Elisa Medhus, MD

    Love that movie. I still have the LP! HAHA!

    • Danielle

      so do I! now I don’t feel like such an oddball! lol

  • Yahaira

    Wow Im in shock dont know what to believe anymore

  • Delving Eye

    The “DaVinci Code” says as much about Jesus and Mary Magdalene getting married, having children and living in France. And now many more people are aware of that truth. As always, life imitates art.

    btw, Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute about to be stoned, but a wealthy woman in her own right, with a powerful intellect.

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    Awesome!! I had already heard from a psychic friend of mine that Jesus was saved and taken off the cross and married Mary to have children. Then teach and heal the rest of his life under another name. Very nice!! It does not matter to me if he did either one I love him and know that he was a savior and teacher and I know too that he would beleive and say all that he did in this post. It validates what I have felt too. Cool!! Thank you!!xoxoxo

  • Halo Reiki

    This is what i have learned also over the past few years on my spiritual journey .Firstly im catholic from ireland born to a hindu and a catholic so i was always going to question the churches teachings on Jesus. Over my years of being a reiki teacher/ practioner i was brought by my guides many books on the true Jesus of History . They all said the same that Jesus went on to marry Mary Magdeline and have three children .Thanks so much for this post Erik as its what ive always believed in my heart. Many blessings all namaste xxxx

    • Elisa Medhus, MD

      That is so cool!!

  • Hiroko Woods

    I didn’t understand for a long time why Jesus said that he is the only way to God and I thought that was definitely a big mistake he made. I was actually upset with his for that. But I am so happy that he didn’t say that. Of course he didn’t say that!!! Thank you! I feel so much better!!!! Lots of Love and admiration to Erik, Elisa & Jamie you for the great work you are doing for us!!!