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  • April12th2012

    Before we delve into this topic, I’d like to ask your advice. A dear blog member made what I think is a very important suggestion. She said I should NOT interview Mohammed, Osama bin Laden or the 911 hijackers because doing so would put the families of both Jamie and me at great risk. Do you guys agree?

    Now, let’s see what Erik says about how we can help calm both autistic and non-autistic children:

    Me: What colors can we send to autistic children, particularly when they’re having meltdowns, to give them some healing energy?

    Jamie: That’s a great question!

    Me: Yeah, in fact, I’d like to know what kind of energy to send to any kid having a meltdown.

    Erik: Well, let’s answer it in two parts. Let’s really address the autism, and then get into the differences of a “normal” child and an autistic one.

    Jamie (laughing): Erik’s yelling at me.

    Me: Why?

    Erik (to Jamie): You’re still standing up!

    Jamie’s doctors want her to lie down as much as possible in order to alleviate pressure on a recent neck injury.

    Jamie (to Erik): Okay, I’m going; I’m going; I’m going!

    Erik: Colors to give the autistic child: you want to look at light lavender and pale blue. They’re very soft pastel colors. The crown chakra and the throat chakra—

    Jamie: Slow down Erik!

    Erik (laughing): The crown chakra for the autistic child—inside the autistic child’s head they really have everything defined; they’re not dumb.

    Me: Of course not!

    Erik: They’re overly bright and trapped, and so you want to help them make that connection to something greater and beyond that keeps them calm and knowing that their purpose in life is short and that this day too will pass. That’s why I think it’s important to focus on the crown chakra—the spiritual, the faith, the belief element, but very, very soft. Anything that’s too harsh or in abundance is only going to trigger them to be overwhelmed again.

    Me: Well what do you mean by their purpose in life is short and this day too shall pass? Are you talking in terms of eternity?

    Erik: Yes. The life that they’re living now—this moment, this day will pass. The next day is going to be different.

    Me: I see.

    Erik: Autistic children are forced to live—

    Jamie: Wow! Okay, let’s see.

    Erik: Autistic children are forced to live in the moment and in an echo. So, if you can imagine that one moment having an echo pattern to it like sound, and as sound travels, it travels broader and broader and it compounds heavier onto what created the sound like an echo. So, an autistic child can do something or hear or feel or touch something that triggers them and they stay in that moment and it echoes for them and they can’t step away from the echo. Helping them calm down and come down from that is a light violet color and a light blue because their first (unintelligible) that they can’t speak; they can’t sit and just explain to you. So, their throat chakra is really distressed; they see how everybody else is functioning, and partly they feel like they’re achieving it, but when they don’t get the responses they expect, they realize they can’t do what they see. After those two colors, I would do a white. Make it like the white like how the sun shines off water—it sparkles.

    Me: Yeah!

    Erik: Make it sparkly. Make it like a bright, crisp, clean, reflective light instead of just a good solid white light.

    Me: Okay. And put it all around them?

    Erik: All around them. Jus cover them. And you’ll watch. Anything that can create warmth, weight onto their body—

    Jamie: He’s showing me a few images like a heavy hug, a heavy warm blanket or heating pad or even a blanket that’s weighted like it has, I don’t’ know, sand or something. It reminds me of those aprons that they put on you when you get your teeth x-rayed.

    Me: I think they have weighted vests for autistic kids now. But use the colors first, right?

    Erik: Yeah, right. Then the weight and warmth. For the average child who doesn’t have autism or a learning disability or a communication disability—so this would be more like a tantrum?

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: Where they’re definitely not getting their way and they don’t wanna budge. (to Jamie) My mom knows this one!

    Me: Oh, god, yeah!

    Jamie laughs hard.

    Jamie: Oh, poor Mom!

    Mom: It was never you, Erik! I can’t remember you ever having a single tantrum.

    Erik: Everybody else though, it seemed like every time you turned around you were shifting from one to the other!

    Me: Tell me about it!

    Jamie (giggling): He kind of dips his head and says, “Thank you.”

    Me: It’s true.

    Erik: So for the average kid, I would give them a very intense sky blue color immediately—really cool tones of like—

    Jamie: He’s showing me an image of a clear summer day, no clouds, that cobalt blue.

    Erik: I wouldn’t just give it to the throat area; I would just smear it all over them.

    Me (chuckling): Just smear it all over them, huh?

    Jamie laughs.

    Erik: And them I would focus heavily on getting them grounded, cuz they’re not grounded.

    Me: Oh, yeah!

    Erik: And these would be like sunset colors: red and orange. But I would only direct it to the base of the spine or the feet. And if any chance while this is going down, you know, if you can touch them, because sometimes you can’t—

    Jamie and I laugh knowingly. Been there, done that.

    Erik: –you want to get a hold of their hands or their feet, and if you can, massage them or at least hold them firmly and rock them. If the child is sitting down and the toes are pointing to the ceiling (I try to imagine this) and you grab that foot you grab that foot and rock it side to side. If they respond to that, then you really want to work—

    (Jamie listens for a bit)

    Jamie (to Erik): Oh! Yeah! We’ve been doing that! (to me) I’ve been working with Erik at night for the workbook for Austin, and we’ve been talking about these polarity techniques, and he says they’re one we’re talking about doing (she describes this in more detail than I care to go into. You just have to be there.)

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