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  • February21st2012

    Sorry about the hiatus folks, but I promise I have a good explanation! Rune’s race season opened this weekend and my job was to take care of grand daughter, Arleen, while he raced and my daughter and son-in-law acted as corner workers waving flags and manning radios. Rune thought there was internet there in the boonies, but guess what–nada. Zip. So I was stuck in a trailer with a darling three year old watching the same Wow Wow Wubbzy DVD over and over. Now I can’t get the theme song out of my head.

    On the way to the track, I was really missing Erik. I know that meant he was with us. He loved the whole motorcycle race scene so much. And sometimes his energy triggers a bit of a grief reaction. Perhaps on a subconscious level, we recognize that energy? For whatever reason, it was painful. Then next morning in the trailer, I was lying in bed waiting for Arleen to wake up, and as I listened to the almost musical sound of her sucking her fingers, I felt like someone was sitting at the foot of the bed. That part of the mattress sank. It was probably Erik telling me to get my lazy arse up and cook breakfast!

    Now, enjoy this session from mid-October. I have a beast of a cold (thanks Arleen) so please overlook any typos and grammatical errors.

    Me: Hi Jamie!

    Jamie: Hi!

    Me: How are you?

    Jamie: I’m doing fine! How are you?

    Me: Good! Erik, how you doing, Sweetie?

    Jamie: He’s doing wonderful!

    Me: Good!

    Jamie: I was just telling him how sweet he was. We had a reading this week—a woman who stumbled across the Channeling Erik blog—and I think it was her boyfriend or someone very close to her that passed her way. Her grief was over the top.

    Me: Aw.

    Jamie: And Erik just was so profound and sweet and calm. I was REALLY impressed.

    Me: Wow, that’s wonderful. I’m so proud of you, Erik!

    Jamie: I mean, he does have it in him. I’ve seen it several times.

    Me: Oh, no, I know! He’s not only being a pester-meister. In fact, he used to be that way with his friends. Whenever anyone started to fall apart, he used to be just so calm and loving.

    Jamie: Yeah, and he was just so grounded. I keep looking at him like, ‘Who are you? Like oh my god, you’re amazing!’

    Me: I remember he used to find strays at Starbucks. He’d meet lost souls who would for some reason pour their hearts out to him and tell him their whole life story and cry and everything. He’s just listen and give such loving guidance, then take them home for a home cooked meal and a safe place to stay.

    Jamie: You’ve got an amazing son!

    Me: I know. I’m so lucky. (pause) So, a couple of things, Erik. What is your status now? What exactly do you do? It seems like you’re actually guiding—not as a rookie guide, but as a real one?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Like one blog member, Tammie, and another one’s son, Kyle?

    Erik: Yeah.

    Me: Okay, so you’re flying solo?

    Erik (to Jamie): I’m a kick-ass guide!

    Jamie and I giggle.

    Me: How many people are you guiding? Just those two?

    Erik: Quite a few, Mom. I like to answer anybody who comes across the website. That’s my way.

    Me: Okay. Is there anything else that you’re doing?

    Jamie (laughing hard): He cuts his eyes to me and goes, “What? That’s not enough?”

    Me: No, no! I know you were facilitating visits of deceased to their loved ones on the earthly plane here, you know, teaching them how to communicate and manifest themselves in different ways. Weren’t you doing that before?

    Erik: Yes, and I’m continuing to do that, but individually, I playing more the part of a guide. I’m participating in groups—

    Jamie listens to Erik explain.

    Jamie (to Erik): So there’s a group of people who have passed away that helps people—spirits—communicate with humans?

    Erik: Hell, yeah.

    Me: Oh really? How cool! Interesting.

    Jamie (giggling): He has his AC/DC shirt on today!

    Me: Oh, he loved AC/DC.

    Jamie (laughing): Are you kidding?

    Me: No, he really loved them and had a couple of AC/DC shirts.

    Jamie: This one has a lightening bolt on it.

    Me; Oh my god, he had that one!

    As hard as it is for me to do, I go into his room to find this shirt and take a photograph. Sigh.

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