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  • February15th2012

    Audrey: Now that I’m here, I work diligently helping countries find equality.

    Me: Good!

    Audrey: And the fight for the world, as a whole, to be able to export and import goods and food, to create a balance rather than a monopoly. This monopoly has to fail. We can no longer move forward like this.

    Me: Can you describe what surroundings and thoughts you had after the light came to you and you were surrounded by your loved ones?

    Audrey: Oh, there is a world here that is similar but yet very unfamiliar to what I knew on earth. The colors are magnificent; the emotions are magnificent. You have this feeling of organization, and yet you don’t see it because it’s effortless.

    Me (chuckling): Good, because it takes me great effort to be organized! That’ll be a welcome change!

    Jamie laughs.

    Me: Do you think it was your destiny to die in the way that you did?

    Audrey: I believe it was. In all fairness, my body was never really mine. It was the product of a war with a very poor nutritional environment.

    Jamie: Ooo. Just the way that she says it—-

    Me: Do you think that’s why you developed colon cancer?

    Audrey: Yes.

    Me: Okay, because from early on, the proper building materials weren’t there, or was it for spiritual reasons?

    Audrey: The building materials weren’t there. I’m quite surprised knowing what I ate and what I did for the first ten years of my life how I was even able to survive.

    Me: Oh my gosh.

    Jamie (to Audrey): Wait, are you talking about poverty, like starvation?

    Audrey: Yes.

    Me: Hm. So, that actually explains a lot. You had to go through starvation and abject poverty yourself in order to stand up for and fully help the starving children and adults throughout the world in your humanitarian efforts.

    Audrey: Yes. There was so much starvation in Holland at the time of the occupation.

    Me: Okay. Mmm. Couldn’t you have just read the memo? Seriously?  (My weak attempt at comic relief)

    Audrey: It defined who I was so I could embrace it again.

    Me: I hate that you had to suffer so much as a child. So, you spent part of your childhood in the Netherlands, then?

    Audrey: Yes. My only regret is that I wasn’t a professional dancer. I adored dancing.

    Jamie giggles.

    Me: Well, you can dance all you want, now!

    Audrey (giggling): Very well put, thank you.

    Me: Can you tell us what your afterlife environment looks like now?

    Audrey: I do have a place of rest, and I’ve duplicated the home that I first purchased for myself as a single woman. I adored that house. It wasn’t large at all.

    Me: Okay.

    Audrey: I find I rarely rest knowing that there is so much strife that is unspoken and unseen in the world. I often find myself at—

    Jamie (to Audrey): What would you call that? Meetings? They look like, uh, political meetings. You know how they have those long tables where everybody has a mike?

    Me: Oh, yeah.

    Jamie: That’s the image she’s giving me.

    Me: Oh, okay! So that’s what you do there, Audrey? That’s what you’re describing?

    Audrey: Yes.

    Me: Well, we need all the help we can get. And we’ll get there.

    Audrey: We will. One day.

    Me: But some of the people who are starving do so as part of a spiritual contract, right?

    Audrey: Yes, in order to help us, as a whole, understand that we have to have compassion and equality for every living being.

    Me: Okay, and not just for the personal aspect: “I need to experience starvation so I’ll understand abundance,” for instance?

    Audrey: Yes, that’s correct.

    Me: Okay, I see. Now, what insights did you gain when you passed into the spiritual realm?

    Audrey: What I understood the most is that one voice is as loud as a chorus of voices.

    Me: Mm.

    Audrey: And this was something I often doubted when I was living and doing my work. So, I encourage individuals to do the smaller acts of kindness, of love, and stand up for what the world needs as a whole.

    Me: Aw, Audrey, what a lovely woman you are!

    Audrey: Thank you so much!

    Me: What were you here to learn? Anything?

    Audrey: I find I was mostly here to teach, but I would also conclude that my hardest lesson was the acceptance of my body.

    Me: Okay.

    Audrey: Maintaining health. Not the shape of it.

    Me: Okay.

    Audrey: I had disappointments in pregnancies and often wanted to have more children.

    Jamie: Did she have children?

    Me: I think so, yes.

    Audrey: Yes, but my body was not able to handle pregnancies well.

    Me: I wish I had had you over for Thanksgiving. I would have stuffed you all full of home cooking!

    Audrey (chuckling): It wasn’t the quality of food that I ate. My body just wouldn’t process it properly.

    Me: I know. I was just teasing. I completely understand. I’m just shooting for comic relief. Barely.

    Jamie (laughing): She says she enjoys it. 


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