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  • February9th2012

    I want to express my pride and gratitude for the Channeling Erik family for rallying in support of our dear Lynette. I’m sure you’ll continue to keep her in your prayers, sending her the healing energy she needs. I met her in Atlanta during the first CE event, and she’s such a gentle and loving soul.

    And now, here’s a question from a blog member: Where did our Erik begin?

    Me: Here’s another question: Do you know how you began, Erik?

    Erik: Began this journey or began this life?

    Me: I’m not sure what he’s asking. I think he’s wondering if you recall how you began your entire journey as the personality known as Erik. I think that’s it. Or is there even a beginning? Since we see ourselves as linear in that we are born and then we live and ultimately we die, we assume everything has a beginning. Maybe that’s a misconception.

    Erik: Oh, so like The Big Bang?

    Me: I guess? The Big Erik Bang.

    (Pause as Jamie listens to Erik)

    Jamie (giggling): Erik! (to me) He makes a sexual joke!

    Me: Typical.

    Jamie: About the Big Bang.

    Me: I can only imagine. The Big Gang Bang?

    Jamie (grateful that I rescued her from having to repeat his words): Yes, you got it right.

    Erik: That’s how life starts. If the guy wants to talk about the beginning of creation, I don’t think I’m the one for it. I just don’t know right now, but I think it’s probably safe to assume consciousness is a sentient energy that has always been. No start, no end. And that makes sense since they’re no time here.

    Me: Do you think there’s an Erik that’s stuck on a lower plane that needs help?

    Erik: Nope.

    (Jamie laughs)

    Me: And I guess the biggest question I have is this: Does he even care about these things? I mean, when we leave this plane, do we actively pursue these questions, or do we just get thrown into the eternal present where all this stuff becomes irrelevant? I think you already answered that. You really don’t care.

    Erik: Yeah. It makes no difference. By the way, I was that Erik that needed help.

    Me: I know, Sweetie. I figured as much!

    The Erik Who Needed Help

    For those who have questions about their own life or health or wish to contact a deceased loved ones, I think Jamie and Erik may still have a few spots left for the next conference call on February 16th. This will be a very small group–only 10 people. To reserve your spot, go to

    Also, there’s still time to sign up for the Channeling Erik Weekend of Enlightenment Austin event. I can’t wait to meet everyone! Register at  The hotel link with special rates is at


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