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  • January26th2012

    Great news, everyone. Jamie has agreed to channel Erik every two weeks for one hour phone sessions. She wants to keep the groups to a maximum of 10 so that everyone gets a chance to ask questions and we’ll assign and refer to each person by number rather than name so that the recording can be posted. That way, everyone can learn from the answers to those questions. She requests that no guides be brought forth because that drains her energy considerably. Erik is quite easy to channel, so sure has no problem with that, but some guides can be very taking. SHe also has no problem channeling deceased, because Erik helps her with that as well.

    Last but not least, I received a bid for a Channeling Erik smart phone app. It will contain functions that will not be available in the web version, but is costly for me to construct. How important would this be to you and would any of you be willing to pay 1 to 5 bucks to help defray my costs? Is that too tacky to ask? Know that I don’t make any money from Channeling Erik and in fact spend over a  thousand a month, but I consider that Erik’s college tuition, room and board, wedding, etc. (hee hee).

    Here’s the third part of our interview with the great Bob Marley!

    Me: What insights did you gain once you crossed over and had that broader perspective as a free soul in Heaven?

    Jamie: He just smiles so big at me! You know, his face isn’t really shaven, but it’s not like a full beard or anything. Kinda scraggly. When he smiles, you see a full set of teeth.

    Bob (talking through his smile): I was just thinking about dis de other day!

    Me: Oh!

    Jamie giggles.

    Bob: My focus and my life was more for community, for unity—to pull people together— to learn to live with each other. I wanted it so bad dat I created my family. My family is large. I have many children with different mothers—

    Jamie (to Bob): What is that word?


    Jamie (giggling): Use a different word, because I don’t know it.

    Jamie (to me) Probably some Rasta word! It means like wonderful or delicious.

    Bob: It’s delicious to be in love.  So, I found love with so many women and created families with dem and children. I felt dis was a calling for me. And what I recognized here where I am—blessed to be here—I focused so much on community dat I unknowingly didn’t focus on de individual enough. I missed knowing more about my children as dey grew, because I saw dem as part of a whole instead of as an individual.

    Me: Fascinating. What do you think you were here to learn?

    Bob: I was here to learn how to rise a nation—to motivate, to speak from de heart and belly of de soul and not from de eyes and de mouth.

    Me: And that is a perfect segue into the next question: what were you here to teach? That must be exactly what you were hear to teach, right?

    Bob: Yes. I was here to teach de people to live from de heart.

    Me: Any regrets?

    Bob: Dat goes back to my children and seeing dem as individuals.

    Me: Okay. What was your proudest—

    Bob (laughing): And because I died so young, not being able to fall in love with more women!

    Me: Oh, boy! What a womanizer! You have plenty of women over there, I’m sure! Right?

    Bob: Oh, yes! Love is everywhere!

    Me: Now, while you were in the physical, what did you feel was your proudest accomplishment.

    Bob: Every song that went on a record.

    Me: Good! And now that you’re in heaven, do you still consider that your highest achievement?

    Jamie: Um, he’s kind of tugging at his black headband with his fingers.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie: He adjusts his hair a lot!

    Bob: Looking back with dis new perspective, I can see my proudest accomplishment is de changes people made when dey listened to my music. When I was on earth, my proudest accomplishment was creating de music. Now, as an observer, I can see de reaction to my music. (Pause for effect) Now DAT is my proudest accomplishment!

    Me: Ah, of course!

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