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  • January22nd

    I’m excited to announce that Jamie has posted the sign up for the Channeling Erik event in Austin on her site at this link:

    Be sure to sign up as soon as you can, because she can only accommodate fifty people. Again, the event will be memorable and life-changing. I can’t wait to meet you all and I intend to bring the entire Medhus gang.

    Also, please be sure you sign up for the tomorrow’s two hour phone conference scheduled for 7:00 P.M. EST. Jamie will email you the number to call along with the access code. Be sure to prepare a list of questions for Erik! The link to sign up is:

    I look forward to both!




  • January22nd

    This is perhaps the most uncanny display of synchronicity of Victor Zammit’s multi-part series on afterlife evidence, because in my last channeling session with Erik, he shared that we will soon find an infinite source of energy in what’s known as the zero point field. He also said that the information on how to harness that energy will come from other beings. This energy source, I believe, is why scarcity is truly an illusion and why thought can create reality everywhere and so instantaneously in the afterlife. Please enjoy.

    For those signed up for tomorrow’s conference call, expect the phone number, access code and instructions from Jamie shortly!

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