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  • January31st2012

    Nikki tipped me off to this wonderful lady who will take Erik’s (and of course other’s) o’d t-shirts and makes them into cozy quilts. Imagine wrapping yourself up in that kind of love! And it looks reasonable too–between $150 to $175! Her telephone number is (636)225-1967. I’m hoping Rune gets the hint and gets one made up for my Channeling Erik sanctuary and if we have enough t-shirts, one for my downstairs sofa so I can wrap myself up in his smell and cry from time to time. (Hint, hint: please don’t wash them first!)


    Good news: the Doubletree Hotel Channeling Erik Weekend link is up on Jamie’s site: So, you can book your room at a much reduced rate. If you need a roommate, email me at and I’ll play matchmaker. If you haven’t signed up for the Austin event, but sure to. It’s going to be amazing–life-changing–and I really want to meet you guys. We can accommodate only up to 50 people, because we want the group to be an intimate family. We also hope to have blog member, Doug, talk about and demonstrate past life regression, and we may have someone discuss induced after death communication. It should be chock full of all sorts o amazing skills, experiences and information so that your life will never be the same again. Again, sign up is on Jamie’s site:


    And now of Mr. Samurai, himself, John Belushi:

    The more we got into the interview the more I  found his answers indirect and confusing. He often didn’t answer the questions in a concise and direct way, but this is the best he could do. As I transcribed this, I wondered if drugs can alter the energy of the soul in an adverse way, although it didn’t seem to have an adverse effect on Chris Farley, Bob Marley and others. Robert? Jason? Anyone else have any ideas? This entry, he was pretty clear, but as the interview progresses, you’ll see what I mean.

    Me: Well, Erik, who should we interview next, Jim Morrison, JFK, Jr. or John Belushi?

    Erik: The one that’s most eager and easiest to get a hold of is John Belushi.

    Me (chuckling): Oh, okay! Go fetch, Boy!

    Jamie: Yeah, go get him, Erik!


    Jamie: That’s funny; he sort of looks like Marlon Brando.

    Me: I don’t remember.

    Jamie: Not the shape of his body. Just his face.

    Me: I don’t know. I can’t even picture him. Didn’t he do the Samurai skits on Saturday Night Live?

    Erik: Yes, Mom! I can’t believe you forgot!

    Jamie: He’s here. He’s not as tall as I expected him to be, but he’s solid built, kinda chubby.

    Me: Yeah, he had some meat on his bones.

    Jamie: And scruffy! Don’t you shave up there, John?

    John: Who needs to? Who am I trying to impress?

    Me: Yeah, really! Hello John!

    John: Hello, beautiful!

    Me: Aw, you’re so sweet! Okay, I’d like to ask you some questions; you probably know the drill. Can you tell us what you believed in regarding death and the afterlife before you died?

    John: Oh, I was spoon fed what my parents thought was best. What child isn’t? Isn’t that the purpose of having kids, so you can have a few puppets around?

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Jamie: You didn’t have any children, did you?

    John: No, I didn’t get around to it.

    Jamie: He’s talking about being orthodox. What do you mean, orthodox? Were you Jewish?

    Me: Well, it could be Greek, you know. There are all sorts of orthodox religions. It just means conventional or traditional.  They just really stick to the tenets without liberal interpretation.

    Jamie: Yeah, he said it was very strict. He’s talking about being eastern orthodox.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie: And he said some crazy word that starts with an A. Sounded like a sneeze!

    Me: Oh, he was probably an Ashkenazi Jew!

    Jamie: Ooo, say that again?

    Me: I don’t know if I’m even pronouncing it right. Ashkenazi?

    Jamie: No, it sounds like it has more syllables than that.

    Me: Ashkenazi-wazi? I give up!

    Jamie laughs hard.

    Jamie: Oh my god, he loves that! No, it’s like “automobile” and then something else.

    John: It wasn’t the most loving place you wanted to find yourself. It’s no surprise that I came out with much more of a dark side than a bright side.

    Me (with sympathy): Aw, yeah. You mean because of your religious upbringing?

    John: Yes.

    Me: Okay, so when you crossed over, how did those beliefs change?

    John: I found that maybe humor was the way to really—

    Jamie: He rubs his face and his hair when he talks.

    John: I found that humor really was the way to celebrate life, and in celebrating life, you are celebrating God.

    Me: Mm hm.

    John: But I really found out that what I learned was a lot of bullshit.

    Me: Ah oh!


    Me: Okay, So what was your transition like for you? Was it peaceful, painful—

    John: Hmm. Confusing. I really can’t compare peaceful or painful, because I really wasn’t raised in any other family. What my family was is what they were. They were survivors, and my dad always lived in survivor mode. It wasn’t really about loving or caring for your children; it was about teaching them how to survive.

    Me: Oh, wow!

    John: And when you end up in America, that natural instinct to survive is not as needed. It’s pampered out of you. But yet we didn’t get that nurturing that you see on TV with—

    Jamie laughs at what he says before going on.

    John: —the fucking Leave it to Beaver and things like that.

    Jamie (to John): I always have to giggle when you guys cuss! I will grow out of it, I promise!

    Me: Oh, no! Don’t grow up, Jamie!

    Erik laughs.

    Me: No, what I mean by transition is death. What was your death like?

    John: Fireworks!

    Me: Fireworks?

    John: There was a lot of drugs! Racing heart! Lights in my eyes! It was fireworks!

    Me: Okay. What went on in your mind as you were dying and right after you crossed over?

    John: Yeah, yeah, I thought that was the greatest high I had ever had! How amazing! I didn’t realize I had gone past the point of no return.

    Me: Oh, I can see that happening.

    John: I was still going! God, it just kept getting better and better, and then I realized I wasn’t coming off of it. Then I realized I didn’t have my body anymore, and I realized how much I had just been fucked.

  • January30th2012

    Great news! The endlessly creative Endre Balogh is willing to offer his services to the Channeling Erik family. He will “angelize” you loved one for whatever amount you can afford. If you can’t afford anything, then you pay nothing. He sent me a metallic photograph of Erik and it’s stunning. Truly magnificent. Please check out his site.

    And now for a little Erik wisdom:

    Channeling Transcript 9/23/11

    Me: Hey, Jamie! How are you doing?

    Jamie: I’m doing good; how are you?

    Me: Very good! What are you up to? Getting ready for your big trip to Japan?

    Jamie: I have one month before I take off.

    Me: It’ll be here before you know it!

    Jamie: I know! Oof!  I just got back from California and Colorado.

    Me: Wow, you’ve been quite the globetrotter!

    Jamie: I was out two weeks for that, and it was very quiet! You know, I haven’t seen Erik in so long! Normally I get these random little visits and lately, nothing!

    Me: He must be pranking other people; who knows?

    Jamie: He’s been busy with you, is what he tells me.

    Me: Oh yeah. I’ve been swamped with all sorts of crises, but that’s all over with for now. So, hi Erik!

    Erik: Hi, Mom!

    Me: I love you! Happy birthday, belated!

    Jamie: Holy cow! Really?

    Me: Yeah!

    Jamie: That’s spooky.

    Me: Tuesday was his birthday, two days ago. Why?

    Jamie: Really? Oh, man! Dude, I was just fixing the light bulb, and I was on a ladder, and he came in and I said, ‘Erik, don’t screw with me; I’m on a ladder.’ And he goes, “You know, you could tell me happy birthday!” So I say, ‘Why?’ I don’t know when his birthday is! But he didn’t tell me the date or if it was coming or past or whatever. I’m freaking out that you just said that!

    Me: Very cool! He got a lot of well wishes from the blog members, so that’s good.

    Jamie: Aww, how sweet!

    Me: Now, my first question today is why do our deceased loved ones come to visit more at first, then their communication sort of wanes in frequency. For instance, Erik, when you died you used to come all the time with pranks, visits and smells, but now those visits haven’t been as frequent. I do get an occasional rank smell, but…

    Erik: I think it’s for two reasons. It’s to help the person who’s passed over say goodbye and have closure and grieve—

    Me: Well, why do you have to if you’re not really gone?

    Erik: —and it’s to help the human say goodbye, and be comforted by the fact that we’re not totally dead.

    Me: Okay, but what’s wrong with just visiting anyway, because we know you’re not gone. Why would you have to move on and have that separation?

    Erik: A lot of people, that’s what they believe in. It can only work within the person’s belief system.

    Me: Ah! On both sides of the veil, right?

    Erik: Yep. That’s the sticky part.

    Me: I see. Well, you can visit me any time you want!


    My sister, Laura, and several blog members suggested I convert Erik’s room into a mediation room/sanctuary. I could put most of his nonessential belongings in storage and give some things away while keeping the important memorabilia to showcase in some way, museum style. The guitars, hats, riding equipment, and other things could be hung on the walls.

    A 50 inch flat screen and comfy chair would be perfect for Rune and Erik to watch motorcycle races together on the SPEED channel. Maybe I could finally learn to channel Erik there or meditate and chill with him. I could have my phone sessions with Jamie and help her host the conference calls there. Perhaps Robert could hold his future radio interviews or channeling sessions in “The Erik Room, too. So many possibilities to lesson the pain, all thanks to you guys. What do you think? Any other suggestions?

  • January29th2012

    I know I’ve been a bit remiss in sharing my state of affairs in the grief department, and in most cases, things like this would bore people to tears. But in this case, it’s important for fellow bereaved to share experiences to know that there are parallels. No one is going crazy here. There is a sense of unity, of community and commonality. We’re all in it together.

    I’m learning that it’s sometimes hard to distinguish grief and depression. My EMDR is going well and nearing its completion. I can truly say it’s perhaps the most powerful experience I have ever had. EVER. I leave each session with my jaw dropped looking like some sort of fool and not giving a rat’s ass about that.

    In the last session, among other things, I asked my therapist why I couldn’t grieve in my home. However, one foot across the threshold of the shrink’s office and the tears flow. The moment I flounce onto the EMDR therapist’s couch and I feel that familiar lump in my throat. I want to cry at home; I really do. The moment I finish my frenetic busy work, I feel the pressure building in my head: that dark black cloud of grief mixed with the panic that says, “Get it out!” I try to kick start it with a fake cry, but it comes off as, well, fake. I try to scream and it comes off as hollow. With a chuckle, I ask her if I can just move in with my tent and sleeping bag, and she agrees that it’s not all that practical. Then she asks, “Elisa, what’s different about these two places and your home.” Sobbing, I say, ‘I don’t know.’ “Yes you do,” she replies. I answer, ‘It’s where Erik killed himself.’ “And why do you think it’s hard to let out the grief there, Elisa?” she asks. I shake my head, unable to respond. ” I’m only suggesting this as a possibility, but do you suppose it’s because there’s already so much pain for you there?” I nod my head yes, knowing that this is the case. Thrse is no room to let out anymore grief in that place where so much horror and pain still lingers like a houseguest from Hell. Next time we’ll work on how to release some of that pain.

    My last visit to my psychiatrist also solved a major problem, this time with my computer which had been acting erratically. Ever since I’ve been on Abilify, my laptop has developed a third cursor. Unfortunately, that cursor is my belly fat: fourteen pounds of it lopped over on my MacBook Pro track pad. Too bad, because it worked so well for my depression, but having two sisters with diabetes, I’m not taking any chances. Plus, looking in the mirror is depressing enough without adding 14 extra pounds, so there is the law of diminishing returns to consider.

    So that’s my update. It’s meant not to elicit pity but to let you know that you are not alone.(If there are any typos, it’s not my fault. Blame on my extra lap pad. I’ve nicknamed him asshole.)

  • January28th2012

    Quantum Entanglement and Connectivity

    At the sub-atomic level everything is interconnected and information moves instantly across vast distances- this is called quantum entanglement. This explains how psychic phenomena work and how people have experiences of “direct knowing”.

    Quantum physicists Erwin Schroedinger said “connectivity is not just aproperty or reality it is the property or reality.”

    Dean Radin: “Connectivity among all things is a basic constituent of the fabric of reality” and claims that there is experimental evidence of this when random number generators are influenced by intention and even attention.

    Quantum Tunneling

    It was also discovered that at the sub-atomic level matter can go from one spot to another without moving through the intervening space (called quantum tunneling) and therefore time and distance and matter don’t really exist. This could be the explanation for teleportation which is already being experimentally demonstrated.

    Thanks, Victor Zammit, for an incredible series!

  • January27th2012

    Here’s the final piece of Mr. Marley’s interview.

    Me: Can you talk about a past life that may have influenced your last one? These are always fun!

    Jamie: They are, aren’t they?

    Bob: Der are so many!

    (Pause as he considers the question)

    Bob: I liked being an old mon.

    Jamie (to Bob): Asia? So, where in Asia? (pause) Chinese. You’re trying to tell me you’re a Chinese old man?

    Jamie laughs.

    Jamie: That was his visual.

    Bob: I was an old Chinese mon. I made wooden instruments. I carved dem.

    Me: Uh huh.

    Bob: And when you would strike de different part of de wooden box or—

    Jamie; He’s showing me them to be long and thin, and when you hit or tap different parts of the box or the tongues that are carved into the box, it would make sounds.

    Me: Hm!

    Jamie: It’s very , um, I mean, I can see it so clearly.

    Me; I can see it too. Cool.

    Bob: I remember being too old dat I couldn’t carve any more.  So, I would sit with my two sons, and we would talk about de movement of de grain in de wood. If you wanted de wood to work with you and your design dat you see—it’s not about controlling de wood and cutting and carving. It’s about following de grain of de wood and allowing de sound de wood wants to make to come up. You’ll always get de sound dat you wish. You use a piece of wood, and sometimes der were plenty of mistakes and a lot of time was spent.  My life was dat way; it was very understated. I spent most of my time sitting and standing and working with tools. I never had de chance to perform. Dat wasn’t what I was known for. I was seen as de—

    Me: The craftsman?

    Bob: Yes. And dis led me to have a deep desire to learn to play and to teach to other people what de wood had taught me—what de wood had taught my fingers and my ears. And dat lesson was dat you can’t control nature or use design as an ultimate plan. You must be open from de heart and see with your fingers to be able to know what can be given to you. And den, from der, you create what you want. You create from de heart, de soul.

    Me: Wow. Very profound!

    Bob: Force is never needed in life.

    Me: Yeah, go with the flow! Exactly.

    Bob: I cherished dat lifetime. Very understated. Very simple.

    Me: Yeah. So, you are such a wise man. Do you have any messages or advice for humanity? Then, I’ll give the mike to Erik!

    Bob: I’ve said it before: You must live life with your heart and not with your eyes.

    Me: Okay. Well, you can’t top that! Erik, any questions?

    Erik: Yeah. Why?

    Bob (turning to Erik):  Your eyes are your biggest liars; dey will only see what dey know to see, what dey want to see, and dey will manipulate what’s around you.

    Me: Ah!

    Bob: Sometimes, out of de goodness of itself, it will not give you de true perspective of what is around you. Know dat you must move forward with your heart.

    Me; Yes, but how do we do that?

    Bob (laughing really hard): It’s not about everybody going blind!

    We all laugh.

    Bob: But it is about everybody closing der eyes and opening der hearts.

    Me: And listening to their intuition, being guided by their intuition? Is that what you’re saying?

    Bob: Yes, it’s about knowing how you feel. And if you cannot give love to a person or a situation, it is your responsibility to be authentic to yourself to know why you can’t. Dat’s de lesson inside of you dat you do not like! Dat’s de lesson dat you often refuse to do. You need to know why.

    Me: Hmm. And the lessons from Bob Marley go on. Well, thank you, Bob, for coming back and letting me interview you again! Consider it your curtain call, your encore.

    Bob (laughing): You’re very good people, good people.

    Me: Aw, you’re good people, too, as we say here in Texas. Bye!

    Bob: Peace.

    Soon, Jamie will post the link for the hotel reservations for the Channeling Erik event in Austin. She and I are cooking up some big surprises for you guys! We also hope to have two people discuss and perhaps demonstrate past life regression and IADC (induced afterlife communication)aside from the already full agenda. So, it should be a very fulfilling three day event. We can only accommodate 50 attendees and the deadline will be three days before March 2nd so be sure to sign up as soon as you can. Please let us know via a comment if you you’d like to share a room with someone! It’s a good way to save on costs and make a new friend for life.

    Also, Jamie will soon be announcing the next of her phone conferences. She’s decided to host them every two weeks. She wants to keep them small and short: no more than 10 to 13 people, one hour long, but every two weeks. Should be fun!

    Love you all! Happy jammin’ this weekend!

  • January26th2012

    Great news, everyone. Jamie has agreed to channel Erik every two weeks for one hour phone sessions. She wants to keep the groups to a maximum of 10 so that everyone gets a chance to ask questions and we’ll assign and refer to each person by number rather than name so that the recording can be posted. That way, everyone can learn from the answers to those questions. She requests that no guides be brought forth because that drains her energy considerably. Erik is quite easy to channel, so sure has no problem with that, but some guides can be very taking. SHe also has no problem channeling deceased, because Erik helps her with that as well.

    Last but not least, I received a bid for a Channeling Erik smart phone app. It will contain functions that will not be available in the web version, but is costly for me to construct. How important would this be to you and would any of you be willing to pay 1 to 5 bucks to help defray my costs? Is that too tacky to ask? Know that I don’t make any money from Channeling Erik and in fact spend over a  thousand a month, but I consider that Erik’s college tuition, room and board, wedding, etc. (hee hee).

    Here’s the third part of our interview with the great Bob Marley!

    Me: What insights did you gain once you crossed over and had that broader perspective as a free soul in Heaven?

    Jamie: He just smiles so big at me! You know, his face isn’t really shaven, but it’s not like a full beard or anything. Kinda scraggly. When he smiles, you see a full set of teeth.

    Bob (talking through his smile): I was just thinking about dis de other day!

    Me: Oh!

    Jamie giggles.

    Bob: My focus and my life was more for community, for unity—to pull people together— to learn to live with each other. I wanted it so bad dat I created my family. My family is large. I have many children with different mothers—

    Jamie (to Bob): What is that word?


    Jamie (giggling): Use a different word, because I don’t know it.

    Jamie (to me) Probably some Rasta word! It means like wonderful or delicious.

    Bob: It’s delicious to be in love.  So, I found love with so many women and created families with dem and children. I felt dis was a calling for me. And what I recognized here where I am—blessed to be here—I focused so much on community dat I unknowingly didn’t focus on de individual enough. I missed knowing more about my children as dey grew, because I saw dem as part of a whole instead of as an individual.

    Me: Fascinating. What do you think you were here to learn?

    Bob: I was here to learn how to rise a nation—to motivate, to speak from de heart and belly of de soul and not from de eyes and de mouth.

    Me: And that is a perfect segue into the next question: what were you here to teach? That must be exactly what you were hear to teach, right?

    Bob: Yes. I was here to teach de people to live from de heart.

    Me: Any regrets?

    Bob: Dat goes back to my children and seeing dem as individuals.

    Me: Okay. What was your proudest—

    Bob (laughing): And because I died so young, not being able to fall in love with more women!

    Me: Oh, boy! What a womanizer! You have plenty of women over there, I’m sure! Right?

    Bob: Oh, yes! Love is everywhere!

    Me: Now, while you were in the physical, what did you feel was your proudest accomplishment.

    Bob: Every song that went on a record.

    Me: Good! And now that you’re in heaven, do you still consider that your highest achievement?

    Jamie: Um, he’s kind of tugging at his black headband with his fingers.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie: He adjusts his hair a lot!

    Bob: Looking back with dis new perspective, I can see my proudest accomplishment is de changes people made when dey listened to my music. When I was on earth, my proudest accomplishment was creating de music. Now, as an observer, I can see de reaction to my music. (Pause for effect) Now DAT is my proudest accomplishment!

    Me: Ah, of course!

  • January25th2012

    Here’s part two of the great Mr. Marley!:

    Me: What was your transition like for you?

    Jamie: He takes a deep breath, then kind of squints his eyes. He moves his hair back. Funky hair! (She giggles.)

    Bob: My transition was a blessing. It pulled me away from my music, which nurtured me while I was alive. It was my time; it was my contract; I knew. I knew I would not live trough what I was going trough.

    Me: Yeah. Did you suffer a great deal?

    Jamie: Weird kind of question.

    Bob: It took me a long time to let go and pass away.

    Me: You had skin cancer, didn’t you? Melanoma?

    Bob: That’s right. And yes I did suffer, but mostly it’s dat I had a hard time letting go. It went to my lungs, my brain, so der was pain.

    Me: So, when you transitioned, tell me what you saw and what thoughts you had once you realized you had passed on.

    Bob: I rejoiced! I called God to come to my side! I called everyone I knew to come to my side.

    Jamie: He sounds like he was very much in control!

    Me: Yeah!

    Bob: We sang; we embraced; I knew my pain was over.

    Jamie: He’s saying he had a short life.


    Jamie (to Bob): How old were you?


    Jamie: Thirty-Six! Really? I thought you were older than that!

    Me: Aw. Can you describe what you saw when you first crossed over?

    Bob: I saw light.  I think what resonated mostly with me is dat I heard light and I saw music.

    Me: You probably thought that was one hell of a trip!

    Bob (chuckling): I really tot dis was de nicest way to go.

    Me: Yeah. Now, was it your destiny to die when and how you did? You were awfully young.

    Bob: Yes.

    Me: Why is that? Why did you have to die the way you did and so young.

    Bob: God blessed me with de chance to heal myself if I would pay attention to myself and give up de stage. If I would give up de people, and serve myself, then I would live, but dis is not something I was willing to do. I know it was de test and I was de sacrifice. I did not give it up, so I was very comfortable knowing dis was de end.

    Me: Okay. Why cancer?

    Bob: I don’t know why cancer. Maybe you should ask de Mon.

    Me (laughing): I’ll get right on it, sir.

    Jamie and I giggle.

    Me: Well, can you describe your afterlife right now—the one you’re in? And what all do you do there?

    Jamie (laughing hard): God I just wanna imitate him!!

    Bob: It is beautiful, mon, beautiful.

    Jamie giggles.

    Me: That’s good, Jamie! Keep it rolling.

    Jamie (giggling): I keep feeling like it might offend him if I keep imitating him.  But you just want to do it so bad! He talks about the beautiful buildings and the colors that rest on them.

    Bob: De colors of gold, de embrace dat your heart feels when you’re in dis place. Dis is truly de, heaven among heavens and earth is truly de hell among hells.

    Me: Tell me about it! What do you do there, Bob?

    Bob: I help what little light shines on earth shine bigger—mostly through music and inspiration.

    Me: So, you are a muse working with other musicians?

    Bob: Yes.

    Be sure to sign up for the Austin event before it gets filled up! Can’t wait to see you all there!
    If you haven’t already done so, friend Erik and me on Facebook!
    Love you all!

  • January24th2012

    Last night’s conference call was amazing. There was laughter, there are tears, there was healing, there were dropped jaws and a sense of awe. Unless anyone objects, we’ll release the recording in the next few days, but the agreement must be unanimous! If anyone doesn’t want the recording to be released to the CE family, please email me at We will all completely understand and your name will not be made public.

    Now, enjoy part one of our interview of Mr. Bob Marley, mon.

    Me: I know it might be a little bit too early, but I’d love to interview Steve Jobs! Whaddya think?  (Mr. Jobs passed away the day before this interview.)


    Jamie: Oh, sorry. Erik’s doing something, not to me, not talking to me. (to Erik): Who are you talking to? (pause) So, not today?

    Erik: No. But I’ll do my best to set it up for our next conversation, but Steve is not available now.

    Me: I can imagine not. I figured.  Well, let’s hunt down Bob Marley then. Remember we already interviewed him, but I accidently erased the recording. I’m so bad!  Ugh!

    Erik disappears and reappears with Mr. Marley who is laughing and laughing as he comes in.

    Bob (chuckling loudly): Hello, again!

    Me: So, sorry, Bob! Dang it. And I remember it was a stellar interview. It was amazing.

    Bob: Well thank you! That just gives us a chance to talk again!

    Me: Oh good. Thanks for understanding. I know you know the drill, so I guess we’ll just start! I think I remember a lot of what you said, but I need it word for word. I guess your answers could even change over time.

    Bob: Oh, you remember me?

    Me: Of course! I adore you, Bob! I do. You were all about love, and that’s what I’m all about—at least that’s what I aim for! Love is all there is!

    Jamie (giggling): I wish I could talk the way he does in that island accent.

    (She tries, but fails miserably. I try and am even worse.)

    Bob: Sing it! Sing it, Mama!

    Jamie giggles.

    Me: You don’t want to hear me sing, trust me!

    Jamie laughs hard.

    Me: So what beliefs did you have about death and the afterlife before you crossed over?


    Jamie: He’s talking about him teaching about God, and the r-re-in—oh, his accent! Yay! –Reincarnation of Jesus.

    Me: Is he saying he is the reincarnation of Jesus?

    Jamie: No, he’s talking about teaching it to the people.

    Me: Through song?

    Bob: Through song—it shows up in every part of my body, in all my words.  I had my own place where I would minister or preach.

    Me: What were you raised to believe?

    Jamie: He’s only talking about the Rasta—

    Me: Oh, Rastafarian?

    Bob: Rastafarian, yes.

    Me: Did those beliefs change after you crossed over?

    Bob: No.

    Me: Well, what is the Rastafarian belief?

    Bob: It is de belief and de love of all; Dee acceptance dat God is in everything—de use of de plant, de life of de plant to help expand de love of One.

    Jamie: He’s saying it has a basis in Christianity almost.

    Me: Hmm, okay. But not in the sense of organized religion where man often oppresses and controls man.

    Bob: No, none of dat. 

    Jamie (giggling): I just still keep wanting to imitate him better.

    Me: I know! I know! It’s coming through fine, though!

    Bob: It is not about—too many men are living life with der eyes, seeing man and woman seeing race against race. It is—

    Jamie; Back up; back up. I’m so sorry.

    Jamie giggles like a little girl.

    Jamie; It’s like his tone of voice and the way he talks is almost like a Jamaican rap session. You know, bud dum, bud dum, bud dum.

    Nice try Jamie!

    Me: It’s got a rhythm to it, doesn’t it?

    Jamie: Yeah.

    Bob: I believe mon should not live with der eyes; they should live with de heart. My father was a white mon; my mother was a black woman.

    Jamie (to Bob): Really? You’re a mix? Is that a metaphor?

    Me: I was going to say, yeah! Oh my gosh.

    Bob: No it’s not metaphorical.

    Me: Well, maybe it wasn’t planned that way, but being the product of a racially mixed couple makes you a symbol of acceptance and love. Pretty cool!

    Jamie: Yeah!

    Me: You’re a spiritual metaphor, Bob!

    Bob (laughing): I am jest a child of God.

    Me: As are we all!

    Bob: That’s what I wanted everybody to know. It is my belief dat God loves you for who you are; it doesn’t matter if you’re de good child or de bad child. All dat matters is dat you are dat child. People spend too much time living life with der eyes and judging one another when day should be living life through der hearts.

    Me: Yes! Now, do you still feel the same way about using plants like weed?—and I don’t know if you did psychedelics like peyote, mushrooms, you know?

    Bob (laughing): I have tried dos.

    Me: Of course you have! But do you still feel they’re safe from the broader perspective you now have over things?

    Bob: Yes!

  • January23rd2012

    (Jamie and I chat while Erik takes Amy Winehouse home after we finished our interview with her.)

    Jamie: This is the first time I’ve seen Erik escort someone out!

    Me: Well, she’s kind of new over there. Maybe she doesn’t know the ropes as much.

    Jamie (giggling): Yeah, he’s here. Pop up right next to me, you crazy boy!

    We both laugh. That’s typical Erik.

    Me: Erik, why did you have to escort Amy out?

    Erik: I just wanted to make sure she gets where she came from, You know, she’s still a little weak on her legs.

    Me: Aw, what a gentlemen, as always! So, she’s still a little disoriented, huh?

    Erik: I don’t think she understands everything she’s able to do!

    Me: Oh! It takes time, I’m sure! Did you understand everything you were able to do from the beginning?

    Erik: God, no!

    Me: Oh, okay. I was just wondering if that was the usual. Yeah, I can imagine! They ought to have orientation classes over there. Why don’t they do that?

    Jamie giggles.

    Erik (laughing): You mean like when you go to college?

    Me: Yes! Do they have that?

    Erik: They do have guides who will shadow you and help you, but those are mostly for the ones who are extremely traumatized.

    Me: Oh, yeah.

    Erik: But I promised I would get her then take her home, so everything is cool.

    Me: Yeah, it seems like they ought to have a meeting every time they get a big group in and show them where the food court is, show them where their classes are, tell them where to park their cars, give them their dorm assignments, things like that. What the heck.

    Erik: Think about it. When you finally arrive, you finally get the option of not following the rules. There really aren’t rules. You’re going to have to learn to create them and discover them for yourself. It’s about self-empowerment.

    Me: That’s true. So what else do you want to talk about, Erik? Is there anything you want to say?

    Jamie (to Erik, laughing): You are So random. When you said, “Is there anything you want to say,” he just looked at me and said “peaches.”

    Me: Peaches? You’re so silly! Are you happy, Baby?

    Erik: Mom, I’m always happy, especially when I’m talking to you.

    Me (tenderly): Aww. You’re so sweet. I miss you.

    Erik: I know. I miss you, too.

    Me: Got some great smells from you here and there! Actually, I wouldn’t call them “great.” I’d call them pretty ripe. Nonetheless, they were nice.

    Erik: I told you I wouldn’t leave you alone!

    Me: I know. I know. Okay, well I’ll let you go prank somebody.

    Jamie: He’s singing some song about lingering.

    Me: What’s that?

    Jamie: Okay, forgive me on this, but I’m going to try to mimic him.

    Me: Okay!

    Jamie (giggling): Erik! Stop teasing me! So it’s “Ooo, ooo, I wanna liiinger,, ooo, ooo, a little loooonger—“

    Me: Oh, yeah, I know that one! Now, is that the theme song for your nasty smells?

    Erik: Yes!

    Jamie laughs hard.

    Me: Well, I guess the last celebrities we have to interview are your smells, then.

    We all laugh.

    IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Sign up for tonight’s two hour phone conference to ask Erik questions about anything: channel a loved one, solve a personal problem, ask about a general life issue–ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS GAME. It begins at 7:00 EST. Here’s the link:

  • January22nd2012

    I’m excited to announce that Jamie has posted the sign up for the Channeling Erik event in Austin on her site at this link:

    Be sure to sign up as soon as you can, because she can only accommodate fifty people. Again, the event will be memorable and life-changing. I can’t wait to meet you all and I intend to bring the entire Medhus gang.

    Also, please be sure you sign up for the tomorrow’s two hour phone conference scheduled for 7:00 P.M. EST. Jamie will email you the number to call along with the access code. Be sure to prepare a list of questions for Erik! The link to sign up is:

    I look forward to both!




  • January22nd2012

    This is perhaps the most uncanny display of synchronicity of Victor Zammit’s multi-part series on afterlife evidence, because in my last channeling session with Erik, he shared that we will soon find an infinite source of energy in what’s known as the zero point field. He also said that the information on how to harness that energy will come from other beings. This energy source, I believe, is why scarcity is truly an illusion and why thought can create reality everywhere and so instantaneously in the afterlife. Please enjoy.

    For those signed up for tomorrow’s conference call, expect the phone number, access code and instructions from Jamie shortly!

  • January21st2012

    In our continuing series, Evidence for the Afterlife, we examine how the quantum nature of consciousness supports that evidence and how this relates to transcendental meditation and the law of thermodynamics. Thank you, Victor Zammit, for this groundbreaking series.

    Here, the Maharishi describes the nature of The Absolute. It sounds so much like the stacked plates analogy Erik shared earlier!

    I so look forward to meeting you all on the conference call Monday! It’s not too late to sign up. Be sure to prepare a list of questions.

    Please vote for our blog for the prestigious 2012 Bloggies if you haven’t already done so. Nominations close soon! All you do is click on the big yellow star on the right and follow the directions. You’ll receive a verification email. If you don’t, please check your spam or junk mail folder. Without the verification email, your vote won’t count. :-(

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