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  • December31st2010

    Tomorrow begins a new year without our babies. Hopefully, it’ll be a year when our hearts will feel lighter and our days more joyful. Protected from the blustery cold in our cabin nestled in the snowy Arctic Tundra, I’ve had plenty of time to ponder the grief that we mothers feel when we lose a child and how it seems to differ from other bereaved family members. Into year two since Erik’s death, I still grieve deeply from time to time. Sometimes I try to hide the tears, sometimes I don’t bother. But each month that passes, I wonder why everyone else in the family seems to have recovered much faster than me. Is it different for siblings? I remember when my sister died, I was heartbroken, but not shattered as I am now. Is it different for fathers? I see my husband going about life as usual, talking about his happy memories with Erik with fondness rather than sorrowful longing.

    So I put the question to you: is it really different for mothers? Does grief, for us, have a teleologic or biologic basis? Unlike any other death in the family, this one is starkly physical for me. I actually feel a hole in my chest, like something warm and blissful has been ripped from my body. I try hard to find joy in the adventure that is life, but the spark is gone, snuffed out by Erik’s final breath. Now life is a countdown to departure and reunion, biding time that seems to drag on so tediously. Every event, every experience, every conversation, every news story, every meal, every joke, every rotation of the earth seems trivial and meaningless when I’m in the deeper throes of sadness. I thank God that family and friends are their to pull me out into a lighter shade of darkness, but I also feel guilty for burdening them with this grief. They ask, “What about us? Aren’t we enough for you?” And surely they want to forget, but I’m the sharp burr in their boot that digs into a nerve with every step.

    Is this an “Elisa thing” or a “mother thing”?  I want to understand. And I hope that, through knowledge, I will find light.

    Happy New Years, my dear second family.

  • December28th2010

    Wintry Day

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    The rest of the family went to Geilo for some alpine skiing, leaving me behind to catch up on writing an article for a magazine. It seems I need pesky details such as peace and quiet and possession of my computer to accomplish the task. Plus I have a rotten respiratory infection which I seem to get after long airplane trips, so I’m sipping hot tea and mending a bit, too. I miss you all, so, since I don’t have time (and energy) to write a long transcription and the article, I thought I’d share the morning with you. That way, I feel that you’re with me too, soaking in the peace and the beauty alongside me. The video clip is very short. Please forgive the hoarse voice. It seems I’ve dropped a couple of octaves with this virus!

    Wintry Morning

  • December27th2010

    I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday. It’s snowing and very Christmassy here still. Please note, I’m having way to much fun to edit and spell check so this entry is “as is.”

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Okay, one last question. Erik, can you describe the consciousness of rocks and other immaterial things, and plants, animals compared to human consciousness?

    Erik: Well, rocks are different from plants and animals.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: Plants and animals have a living source, a life source. They create food, life energy, um—

    (Very long pause)

    Jamie hums in mock impatience.

    Erik: Describe it?

    Jamie: Yeah, like color or shape, whatever.


    Jamie (laughing hard): Describe it, Erik!

    (Very long pause—this must be a tough one)
    Jamie, singing, again in mock impatience: La, la, la, la, la.

    Jamie and I both laugh again.

    Jamie: He’s trying really hard to gather the words up. He wants to talk about rocks first.

    Erik: It’s energy that IS. There’s not so much of what you’d call a consciousness, but it does have a life force in it. Um, plants and animals have a higher vibrational life force, so it shifts and it grows and it moves.

    Me: Interesting!

    Erik: So when we look at it, it has a pulse to it. It has a movement to it where the energy of a rock doesn’t have that movement of energy to it. It’s like stagnant energy. Rocks have stagnant energy.

    Me: Oh, okay.

    Erik: But things like wood that once was a sustainable life force, you know, and then we cut it up, make furniture out of it, and so forth—

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: It contains all the memory of it from when it was alive. It contains that source, but it’s movement, just as something were to die, it ceases to have movement to it. It becomes energy force that just IS.

    Me: Wow, I find myself patting my desk here. Oh, I’m so sorry you were cut up! So I guess plants have feelings, sensory feelings; do they have emotions?

    Erik: Yes! They get happy, they get scared, terrified.

    Me (sadly): Aw, no!

    Erik: They feel pain. When chemical are put on them, they screech, they pull back, their energy pulls back. They communicate to each other by movement, smell, root systems.

    Me: Uh huh.

    Erik: They even fight!

    Me: Wow! What about animals compared to plants or other vegetation.

    Erik: Animals, we can link more to our own personal energy, where they have more of a, um—

    (Long pause)

    Jamie (chuckling): Yeah, you’re going to catch yourself there, Erik, cuz you’ve got to use our descriptive words.

    Me: Ha!

    Jamie: He says he doesn’t mean to say plants are lesser forms of life than people, but I think that’s the only way he can put it—that animals have more of a thinking consciousness, problem solving for survival—

    Erik: But see, plants have this also, but it’s a completely different web structure.

    Me: So the consciousness of animals are just more complex, not necessarily better?

    Erik: There you go. I like that.

    Me: Okay, I guess we’re out of time, so I’ll end on that. Thank you, Erik. I love you sooo, sooo much.  And thank you for the phone call. I just really thought that was amazing, and I hope to here from you soon. And thank you, Jamie.

    Jamie: Sure. Have a wonderful day.

    Me: You too.

    Erik: I love you, Mom. I’ll see ya later.

    Me: Oh, okay! I’m gonna hold you to that!

  • December26th2010

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Are humans drawn to each other, because of similar vibrational frequencies?

    Erik: Yes, there’s physics behind it, Mom. It’s the same as likes and dislikes.

    Me: Okay. So are likes and dislikes a vibrational frequency type thing?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: Um, how about soul groups? How is the grouping determined?

    Erik: Same thing, and just like families, they can change.

    Me: Okay, but is it all about vibrational frequencies? If one soul has a really high vibration, they’re probably not going to hook up with s soul who has a really low frequency, right?

    Erik: Well, you have to have some spectrum of frequencies, Mom. If everybody was the same frequency, then that group would only be a slice of the whole. A soul group, a soul family is part of a whole, so you have every possible vibration to create this whole.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: You have the ones who are the sourpusses, and they have their emotions, and you have the more enlightened ones who play the spiritual role. In that, you create the whole, and if people move up and they change, this is how the soul family can change, how they evolve together.

    Me: Okay, but why would one enlightened soul be in one particular soul group and not in another? In other words, how do they group in the first place?

    Erik: Um, they group to create a whole. It doesn’t mean that you can’t interact with another soul group. Part of the grouping is because of associations in past lives. Also, spiritual contracts sometimes create a soul group.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: Think about it as different places on earth. You’re in a race which is that soul family, but that race interacts with other races. They mingle just fine. Humans are slowly getting the hang of it.

    Me: Seems like it takes forever sometimes. Now, many blog members wonder, how do you choose who to visit. I’ve asked you this through another channel, but—

    Erik: I actually try to visit everyone, Mom, but I kinda choose the easier targets first. (He chuckles.)

    Jamie and I giggle.

    Jamie (chuckling): Are you afraid of hard work, Erik?

    Erik: Well, not really, but it’s more rewarding to work with the people who are going to catch on right away.

    Me: Oh, yeah! But what about the people who need you the most? They probably have a lower, denser vibration, huh?

    Erik: Exactly. Those with the need, they tend to shut themselves off.

    Me: Do you think that at one point, you’ll be able to reach them?

    Erik: Oh yeah, yes.

    Me: I guess you can drag a horse to the water, but you can’t make them drink.

    Erik: Yes. I can sit and hang out at their house all afternoon and jump up and down, but nobody sees me.

    Me: That must be frustrating, Erik!

    Erik: Hell, yeah! It can be really frustrating.

    Me: Okay Erik, when do you think the world will have indisputable proof of the afterlife and soul immortality, and what will that proof be? Of course I know we’re talking about linear time, here, but—

    Erik: I think it’s gonna be—

    Jamie (teasingly): You think or you know, Erik?

    Erik: Well, it is going to come from the most unsuspected source, which would be science. Science helped to drag us away from the proof, but now they’re gonna drag us to it again.

    Me: Anything else?

    Jamie: You asked about when, so I was kind of pushing him for a date.

    (Long pause)

    Jamie: It seems to not far off—around the twenty year mark?

    Me: That’ll be awesome. I know there’ve been so many inroads into the subject, thanks to quantum physics.

  • December24th2010

    Hey all, it’s Christmas here so no new transcriptions. I just want to say that you all are the best Christmas present I could ever hope for. You’re family. I wish you all a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year! One bit of good news: the Sheila Show just contacted me for a radio interview in March. I’m hoping Erik and Jamie will join us. I have no doubt that Erik will come up with a special prank for the occasion.

    And now for a wintry clip from our first day in Hol. It’s 24 below here, so I bet watching this will make you feel warm and cozy.

    Christmas is Norway

  • December21st2010

    Hol, Norway

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    Blog member, Dr. Doug, found the little town we’re going to tomorrow: Hol, Norway. This is the place where my husband grew up. Astonishingly, it’s still standing! Look it up on Google Maps and click on Highway 50 for the street view and follow it around in all directions. Just substitute the greenery for thick blankets of snow.

    Here’s a quick look:
    View Larger Map

  • December21st2010

    Hello all! Jason has graciously given me the green light to post the wonderful birthday party Erik, Jillian and Emily hosted for him during the wee hours of the morning. From the antics that unfolded, Erik was clearly heading up the planning committee!

    Before you read on, I’d like to share an update on my trip. I’m leaving tomorrow on the Houston-Chicago-Stockholm-Oslo route, wisely sticking with those cities used to handling the white fluffy stuff. In Oslo, they have armies of Vikings clearing the runways 24/7. Here’s one of those guys hard at work. (They should import a few to London.)

    Clearing Runways in Oslo

    Hi Elisa, Jason here.

    I hear things have NOT been going well in your world. Damn airplanes! I understand you all were suuuppppperr pissed off. I hope things are calmer. or that there is some light in the future. Is everyone doing ok?

    Today’s my birthday, but I disabled it on Facebook cause I am being a total scrooge!  We had another snow storm last night so I didn’t get to see any eclipse. I woke up to freezing rain. But I wanted to share with you a funny experience that I had last night and this morning.

    Lots of love,



    Last night Erik and gang was hot on my head with the energy. Same as if I had been channeling them all day. And for several hours before bed. Erik defiantly felt with me or tuned in. My ear was hot and tingly and I could feel his warm fuzzy energy on the side of my face and on my arm and hand. And as I lay there in bed just chillin; (it was snowing outside); it felt as if he was holding my hand. We talked. It was neat. Lots of warm fuzzy family talk. The whole spirit gang all made their well wishes. There was silly talk. Erik serenaded everyone to a round of happy birthday. A little spirit girl, Emily ran screaming from the room in a high pitched little girl scream upon hearing Eriks screeching voice. It was hysterical. There was also fascinating talk. Erik told me in my last life that I had had with my guide Jeffery that I had died of the Spanish flu. Erik also told me a little bit about some relationships of mine in the hereafter. And we talked about me getting old and my perception of time as it pertains to that and life left to live, ect. He would periodically have me get up and eat cookies or check in with Matthew. Odd little stuff like that.

    Then when I went to bed I could tell him and all the gang were there. I noticed on my cell phone calender that there was 2 suspicious alarms set for my birthday. Ones I don’t recall setting there. hmmmm.. Actually there was 3, but I only recall setting 1. That being the exact time of my birth. The other ones was for 11pm and 1am. Very suspicious…

    Well, I fell asleep great. And Erik woke me up at 1 am. He was feeling ornery I think, cause he was just clowning it up and teasing me! It never ceases to amaze me how he can still shock me after all this time! He just went on and on. And YES Erik, as much as my delicate sensibilities were offended, I DID get a kick out of it. I tried to solicit help from Jillian (his girlfriend), but she said, “uh-uh, he’s all yours, keep me out of it.”.  Well, I ended up saying in exasperation, fine, OK, now stop and let me sleep.

    So I was born at 2:23 am.  And shortly after this time last night. One of the Spirit gang, flipped a switch in my brain to wake me up. This is not like normal times when one wakes up, where one is groggy or takes time to wake up. This is odd. It’s like their energy flips a switch. Suddenly you are pulled out of dreams, out of sleep. And suddenly you are fully awake. And immediately after this happens you hear something, then you immediately have full and total clear consciousness. As if you had never fallen asleep and everything around you has sudden great clarity.

    So after I was awoken I heard, a female voice, external in the room, come from the side of my bed, in front of my face. And it said, “Hey You!”. (and I appoligise if this was actually Erik-To me it sounded female). It did not sound like Erik’s voice. So Suddenly I was ultra clear awake. I could feel Erik’s energy all around and close to my body. It was that dense energy as if he alone was hugging me. I could sense others in the room. Then suddenly in my head.. They all started singing happy birthday!…. It was amazing. I liked it very much.

    Then afterward’s I thanked them all and told them how much I loved them all. I took a moment or two to try and figure out who the voice was. Finally I realized it was Jillian. Because I saw her and Erik laughing hysterically at me trying to figure it out. (btw, cool hair Jill! Really different style. Very 80’s looking, with the half flip and part. Very Cyndi lauper looking). :)

    So then after that, I just lay there and felt their energy around me and how one by one they withdrew and departed. I fell back to sleep and woke up the next morning to well wishes from Erik, Jillian,my guides, and others.

    Very nice. I was quite thrilled.

  • December20th2010

    Venting time. I hate British Airways. Okay, so hate is a strong word, but… I know I should send them thoughts of love and healing, but hell no. I’m human and very flawed. We were supposed to leave for Norway Sunday, but OMG, 10 friggin’ inches of snow fell on London, so the flight was canceled. I can only imagine the Brits, “Oooo cherrio, talley-o, old chap. What’s all this blooming white stuff everywhere! This is bloody hell! Let’s all go to the pub and get pissed. So what if those bleedin’ Yankee wankers get their panties in a twist.” Um, it’s called a freaking snow plow.

    So we rebook for Tuesday and find out this morning that the flight, again, is canceled. Wednesday? No. Word is, after Christmas, things look bloody good. Mmmkay. Furthermore, although this is the time when customers need the most help, they aren’t accepting phone calls, and they’ve closed down that part of their website that allows for rebooking. “Go through your original booking again,” they say. So I call American Express Travel (God bless ’em) and after being on hold for two hours, they tell me British Airways won’t talk to them either. There’s nothing they can do.

    No worries, though, because we booked a flight through SAS leaving Wednesday. Three days cut from our vacation. Triple the price. Don’t you just love Amex credit card disputes? British Airway is sucking up the difference. Ha!

    Okay. I feel so much better. Now for the topic at hand. Thanks for listening and, as they say in Norway, God Jul!!!! (I’ll kiss Santa Claus (Jule Nissen) for you while I’m there. It’s either that or a stinky moose.)

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Why can some psychics, like you, channel spiritual beings who have reincarnated, who are incarnate, while some can’t? One of the psychics I use says that once a soul has reincarnated, she can’t pick up on them, uh that we can’t communicate with them  or maybe she just can’t—I’m confused. Is that the case?

    Erik: It wouldn’t be the—

    Jamie (laughing): Back up, Erik!


    Jamie (laughing even harder): He does, “Jamie, ya gotta keep up with me! If we’re going to do this, you gotta keep up with me!”

    Me: Aw, go easy on poor Jamie, Erik! She’s like me; she’s only human!

    Jamie (still laughing): Yes, Erik, I’m only human! (pause) Ah, he’s rubbing his hands through his hair!

    Jamie and I both laugh.

    Erik: Okay. (pause) It’s mostly two things: The perception, the belief system of the channeler—

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: If they have a belief system that if someone’s reincarnated and that the soul is one entity and that time is point A to point B, then you’re correct. They’re not going to be able to tune in.

    Me: Ah!

    Erik: Because they’re blocking themselves. It does NOT mean they don’t have the talent; it’s just because they’re blocking themselves.

    Me: Oh, sure. Boy, everything seems to be about perception and belief.

    Erik: Uh, secondly, if the reincarnated spirit wants it to be where he can’t be communicated with, then he can remove himself from availability.

    Me: Oh, I see!

    Erik: So you can look and look and look, but still can’t tune in and find them. There are some times when they reincarnate, but the spirit of who they were is right there watching over themselves—

    Me: Oh, wow.

    Erik: They’re still watching over their family; they can still be involved. Remember, Mom, were multiple selves in multiple dimensions so it wouldn’t make any sense that we couldn’t have that two-way communication with people just because one of our selves are in a body. And also, since there is no time in our dimension, just imagine, you have different parts of yourself in different bodies, and in spirit from, in different ages in history, in different parts of the future, and in different dimensions all at once.

    Me: Wow, just wow. I wish I could think of a more intelligent retort, but, well—wow!

    Erik: And a lot of times, they reincarnate—

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: But they don’t express it to anybody else, and they stay in spirit. Cuz Mom, you think the—reincarnate—just saying the word right there means that time is linear.

    Me: Oh, yeah!

    Erik: And so, it’s hard to talk about this topic without having the appropriate words, but it suggests that you are one, you’re born, you live, you die, you go to Heaven, you decide, “I pick that family,” you go there, and you do it again and—it’s just the perception of being human. Forward and backward. Time is not tick tock, tick tock.

    Me: Yeah, it’s a slinky.

    Erik: Yeah, it pulls apart, it comes together, it pulls apart, it comes together. So in our world, you can perceive it as being born, getting bigger, growing older and dying. If you want that, you CAN experience it, but mostly, Mom, we get here, we pick an age we like, and we stay that way.

    Me: Oh, okay. Cool!

    Erik: But if you want to have that, “I’m growing old” with you, then you can choose that. Some souls do this to kind of keep in sync with their families who are still on the earthly plane in bodies.

    Me: You might not remember, but a while back, I asked about Tracy who lost her son Adam?

    Erik (teasingly): Jamie might not remember, but I do.

    Jamie: Erik! You’re just being mean!

    Jamie and I laugh.

    Me: So Adam died as a passenger in a car accident and the driver was the only one who showed up. And now, Adam is in the body of Charlie, Tracy’s grandson, and yet, sometimes Adam will come and visit her. I’m just wondering, does this happen when the baby’s asleep or— It’s just that Tracy feels like even though she gained a grandson, she’s lost a son. She feels like the “real Adam” is gone forever.

    Erik: He can still come back and visit her!

    Me: Yeah, yeah. Does the baby, uh, Charlie, have to be asleep?

    Erik: No, the baby can do it in consciousness.

    Me: Oh, okay, good! Interesting.

    Erik: Babies are awesome!

  • December18th2010

    Here’s Iola’s summary of her session with Jamie, communicating with her son, Andy, for the first time since his death. It-was-magical!

    Dec 8, 2010

    Today I went through a psychic to contact Andy. Her name is Jamie. We did this over the phone for an hour. Not only did Andy come, but so did Mom, Papa and Lida. Erik came too. The following is what was asked and told to me. For those of you who believe, it will ring true. It is true and real to me. Some of it is disturbing, some of it encouraging.

    I asked to speak to Andy. She told me he was there, that he had dark jeans on, with no holes in them, since he wanted to look his best.  He said ‘Mom, I got a haircut’.  This struck me as I always told him to stop with all the haircuts and let it grow a little.

    She told me Erik was there, and 3 others she didn’t know who they were. I asked them, and Papa ( my father who died in 1993) spoke up, as did Mom. (who passed in July this year) Jamie asked the 3rd person to stand up, she said the lady was older, and very short. I asked if it was Granny, Lida.(my grandmother)  She smiled and said yes. She held a cane in her hand, and when asked about it, said “it is something I am working on’

    I began by asking Andy what happened that morning. He said that Denis (his supervisor at the car dealership) picked him up, drove Andy to the shop, and went in with him. Denis did not leave.(as he told the police) He said Denis had been talking his trash for months prior, telling Andy his life was shit and that it would never get better. Andy then said they went into the laundry room( at work) together. Denis made the noose and asked Andy if he had the balls to do it. That his life would always be shit, that he would never dig his way out and would always be a failure.  Andy said he put the noose on his neck, and got ready to jump. Denis was taunting him as he jumped…then Denis left the room, turning out the light in there as he went. ( It was a windowless room. We had questions about the light and how Andy could have jumped and turned out the light)   I asked Andy if he felt pain, and he said no. It seemed like he just fell on the floor and closed his eyes. He said he looked up and saw Papa standing over him. Papa held out his hand and said “come on, son, get up”.

    Andy said there was no bright light, just Papa, who led him through.

    He also stated that Denis has done this before to other people. That he drove others to their death) That Denis is bad vibrations. Andy said he has been in Denis’ head every day since, so that Denis never forgets what he did. Andy said he would stay in his brain, so that he never can forget it. A daily reminder, so to speak.

    I asked Andy if he wanted me to go to the police with this info, and he said that they wouldn’t be able to charge him with murder, only harassment and assisting, since Andy jumped off the washer himself. He did not actually state what to do, only said that we would only be able to get him for the mental harassment.

    Andy then said that he just felt so trapped, that Denis had gotten in his head so far, that he couldn’t see his way out. He said he didn’t think about family, or all the people he loved, just that he was a failure and that it seemed hopeless.

    He said I’m sorry, Mom. I’m so fucking sorry.  He stated that a lot in the hour.

    I then asked him if he was happy,  and at peace…he was clapping his hands and smiling. Said, ’Oh yeah, I am free. It feels so good!”

    He said he had indeed made the brownie smell for me last Saturday night. I told him how much I loved it. He has been trying to find a way to communicate, and has been in my head, but I keep assuming its my own thoughts, even though some are Andy’s. He said “We are connected in the brain, Mom. Always in the brain.”

    He spoke of doing a right hand for yes, left hand for no, where he would touch and squeeze one or the other of my hands. Said it would feel like a warm tingling, numbing on one hand or another. That way I could ask him questions, and he could yes/no back. Also told me to inhale rosemary for my cough. ( I was coughing at the time) then said to get some vitamin d…like go out in the sunshine.

    He also told me to write it down afterwards, because I tend to forget things. He said to pass on these things to you all, that it allows us all to see, to open our hearts and know.      I plan to do this a lot!

    I asked him about Jim. (his father) He told me Jim is caught up in grief, and feeling guilty, so much so that Andy has not been able to get thru to him. He said he did appear to Angelica (his half sister), as her heart is more open. He said his dad needs to let go of the guilt, and find a smile, as that is when Andy can get thru. He cant if there is too much pain and grief and guilt. He wants his dad to know that he knows that Jim feels like he saw it coming, and feels guilty for not doing anything. Andy said there was nothing he could have done differently, that Jim had a grown son, who made the decision on his own. Our interference would not have mattered. He said Denis had his head so far turned inside out, that it would not have changed anything. He wants Jim to know that he is an exceptional Dad, and that Andy can see even better now just what a good heart Jim is. He said to tell Jim

    “that he was the very best dad” He wants to connect with him, as he visits him often, but that Jim needs to feel some joy and smiles so Andy can get through. He wants him to find peace, He says he will not leave either of us, ever again, that he is still here with us. We just have to open our hearts and brains to him.

    Andy was quiet for a bit then. Papa spoke up. He said that he will look out and protect Andy forever. That he is here too, and wants to help. He said to tell Lynne that he never touched her. That he would never have done that. He said that if anything, he didn’t spend enough time on earth touching us with hugs and telling us how much he loved us. He said that if Lynne wants some answers as to where this came from, she will have to go thru hypnosis. He said she will find her answers there.  He also said that I was the survivor, that I was to teach others about loss, and finding peace thru it.

    Mom came forward and said she was zippy now. That she was still acclimating, but that she was happy to be home. She said she resisted because she didn’t want to leave me, grieving as I was. I asked what she saw that night in the hospital. She answered that Andy, Dad and Lida were all there. She said it was just so beautiful.  She spoke of flying and loved being able to do that on her own. Thought it was really neat.  I asked about Izzy, the brother she lost in WWII and she said she had not spent much time with him yet, said he was something of a jerk in life, and still is there, so she has not seen him much.

    Andy spoke up again, told me that he and I were soul mates, and knew each others minds more than most. Said we had always been that way, always had in previous lives. He said he wanted me to stop shutting out people, especially Matthew, (my husband now) as I have been doing since Andy’s passing. He said Matthew is shutting it all up inside, and needs to let it out. He said we need to go do something together that is entirely new to us, that we would find our intimacy again by doing that. I told him about maybe taking a trip to the Bahamas in Feb-March. He was hooting and saying yeah, that’s perfect! He said Matt and I need to find our way back to our intimacy, and loving, like we had before. That if we worked at it, it would happen. Said we both need each other, and that by my grieving, Matt felt kicked to the curb, me not letting him show his love…and me not accepting it. Said we would find it again though.

    He said Rob (my eldest son) was not doing so good just now,  I asked if Andy would go to him. He said ‘Mom, he wouldn’t believe it was me”. I told him to do that brownie smell for Rob. He laughed and agreed. I asked if he was doing the football plays over the past 2 weeks…he laughed and said yeah. During the games, I have been talking to Andy in my head, asking him to give bears and browns a spirit boost. Andy got a big kick out of it, and said yeah, that was me.

    I spoke to Erik a bit, he was laughing, Jamie said he and Andy were clowning around and laughing. I told him thank you for leading me to this point. He asked if I could  be his adopted mom…I said ‘oh yeah, you already are! He said he and Andy have been working on ways to get thru for him. I told him I loved him, and all he has done for me.

    I then asked Andy about Tom. ( my brother is law recently diagnosed with a fast spreading cancer) He said Tom has 5 months until things will take a turn for the worse. He said it was supposed to be this way. I asked about Lynne, and how she would hold up. At that point, Papa spoke up and said that I should support her, but not help her. That there was a difference, and if I didn’t know what that was…to look it up! Then he got quiet again. Jamie said Dad seemed to be a man of few words.

    As the hour was winding down, I asked Andy if there was anything he wanted to tell me. He started by saying he loved me, that I would get to a place of peace, although I would always miss him. He said I would get to a point that I saw his death, all death, as a reason to celebrate, just like his birth. That when I get to that place of understanding, I should write it down and share it to tell people, that way it in turns helps someone else and spreads it . He said he was off to go to see Jim today next. Asked me to  practice the hand thing, and that he would help me with it, so we can keep talking. I told him to do the baking brownie smell again too–loved that. He said he would.

    I told them all I loved them. They all returned the sentiment. Jamie, after a few moments, said they were all gone.

    As I said before, whether or not you believe is something only you know. But I think we should open our minds and hearts…that Andy, papa, mom and granny are all still with us on a different plane. If you open your heart and ask for help and for them to speak to you. I think they will.  I love you all.


  • December17th2010

    How’s that brain doing? Feeling better? Have those neurons stopped have temper tantrums? If so, it’s safe to proceed!

    Channeling Transcript
    Me: So is everything this huge hologram—you know how if you have a big picture of yourself and you zoom in to see each pixel and that pixel is another picture of yourself? Is that like us, and—

    Erik: Yes, that’s like our soul, and that’s just like God. God is a multidimensional being, spreading farther than you can ever imagine.

    Me: Yeah!

    Erik: And what’s fun is you can interact with those other dimensional beings, and some have lives that are simpler than humans are. Everyone imagines that they’re more intelligent, but that’s not always the case. There’s just a certain amount of joy found in every life.

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: And if people could understand that, there’d be less fear and more living.

    Me: Yeah, that’s true. So the soul is like one of the pixels in the big picture of God, but also the whole of God?

    Erik: Yes. We’re the part and the whole.

    Me: And the same with all our lives and selves? They’re all part of the larger multidimensional self?

    Erik: Yes.

    Me: So you’re saying that the hologram construct can be applied to the universe and other dimensions, to God and individual souls, and to separate selves with the multidimensional self?

    Erik: Yeah, and DNA, Mom. You look inside every cell, and you can see the blueprint for the whole makeup of the entire body.

    Me: Wow. So it’s a multi-level hologram.

    Erik: Yep. Exactly.

    Me: It’s almost like we’re living in that movie, The Matrix. I sometimes feel like everything I’m seeing now is a total illusion. It’s just playing out in our occipital lobes, like we’re creating all this both individually and collectively.

    Erik (to Jamie): That’s my mom! I’m so proud of her!

    Me: Awww!! Now is that true, though, or have I been watching way too many Keanu Reeve movies?

    Erik (chuckling): Well, there’s a lot of truth to it. The way you present it is really simple, but most of what we experience on earth is more illusion than real. I don’t want to direct people away from that. This is WHY we want to come to earth. This is WHY we choose to be there, to be in this illusion and to create it together.

    Me: So we’re creating the props for the play and the scenery and all that?

    Erik: Yes, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. I don’t know why people feel that enlightenment is to pull away from it.

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: Enlightenment is to understand it exists, but yet to make it better—not to pull away from it.

    Jamie: Touché, Erik! I like that!

    Me: Pretty cool! I like that too! So, Erik, when you’re sitting there in the afterlife, how do you perceive your own past lives? Do you see your own past and future lives?

    Erik: All I have to do is focus inward. By going inward, I can connect to them, see them, and play them out. I can even be in them.

    Jamie (in disbelief): No way, Erik. (pause) Oh, Erik, you’re going to blow my brain up!

    Me (chuckling): I know! I don’t feel like, uh, I know there are more intelligent beings now, because I’m feeling stupider and stupider by the minute!

    Erik: When—let’s take it this way, Mom. I know you’ve had those days when you’ve woken up, and you feel completely connected and completely centered.

    Me: Uh huh.

    Erik: What if I was to tell you that was a day that you merged with yourself while you were sleeping?

    Me: Oh!

    Erik: Right? So yourself in another dimension has come in, maybe for pampering reasons, maybe for a learning experience, maybe just to check in, just to “be.”

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: Maybe there’s not even a purpose!

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: But that totality, that completeness, that sense of connection that you feel is actually more truthful than you can imagine.

    Me: Amazing. I bet there’s nothing in the human language that can explain everything you’re describing in a completely accurate way, huh?

    Erik: You’re right. Sometimes there just aren’t any words. And that’s why people sometimes want to write it off, because there are no words to explain certain things that I know now. If there are no words, humans can’t imagine it. You think in words, mostly.

    Imagining the 10th Dimension

  • December16th2010

    First, let me apologize in advance. If you’re anything like me, your brain is still licking its wounds from yesterday’s post. Unfortunately, the following information shared by Erik has reduced mine to a quivering mass of jelly. But take heart, because, out of love and compassion for my readers, I’ve divided this post into two parts. I’m just that kind of gal. Plus, it is the holiday season, after all.

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Okay, so do we have multiple simultaneous lives? If so, we also have multiple selves, right?

    Erik: Yes, but we really are that Self.

    Me: Yeah, so is it like we’re putting out tendrils of our soul that are, uh, of our oversoul—I mean, how does that work? Are there infinite pasts, presents and futures lived by infinite selves?

    Jamie (chuckling): He paused on that one.

    (Really long pause)

    Erik (in frustration): Oooohhhh! Let’s just say yes for now.

    Me: Okay. Fair enough. Can you change the past, present and future?

    Erik: Yep. Everything is malleable.


    Me: Okay. Do some of our thoughts createyou know how thoughts create realities?well, if you make decisions that create a fork in the road. The fork you choose might be an actuality, but do those other forks create potential realities as well? I mean, does every single thought and consideration, whether we follow the path those thoughts direct us to or not, create other realities? Argh! I mean does every thought we have create probable realities so that we have infinite parallel lives based on every thought and decision?

    Erik: No. Not on every thought and decision. Most of it, yes. There is some of it that, because your character is built the way it is, even though you’re given an option, you would never ever take it.

    Me: Oh, okay.

    Erik: Mom, like if you chose to buy a gun, it’s like you wouldn’t shoot anyone.

    Me: Yeah, I know! Oof!

    Erik: So it’s probably not a possibility for you even if you own a gun. It’s not EVERY choice and decision, because of the strength of our character.

    Me: Okay.


    Me: So, to sum it up about the multiple simultaneous lives and selves, and the quasi infinite past, future and present—

    Erik: Well put, well put.

    Me: Can you sum that up for me a little bit—how things work?

    Erik: The joy in being human is the capability of just plucking one moment in time. But we tend to ruin it, because we don’t allow ourselves to be IN that moment. We constantly want the joy of planning the future or the next step.

    Me: Yeah, or we look back to the past and feel guilt or whatever.

    Erik: Yes! And regret. And so the simple beauty of being on earth is that capability of plucking out one moment. This is why we’re limited to such a small number of dimensions. We only have access to a small number. Then the grander scheme—when you leave this body, you kinda get that key to the city. You are offered a multi-dimensional, uh, higher dimensional living arrangement.

    Me: Um hm.

    Erik: This is where thought exceeds light speed, and you create what you can create in your head. You create it before you.  You’re still limited by your own perspective, but you have the ability to interact with other dimensional beings. You understand that the lives that are being led by those tentacles of selves—those multiple versions of yourself—are definitely you. You do NOT feel divided; you don’t feel a loss of control.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: If anything, you feel enhanced by the knowledge you received. Sometimes these tentacles die out, uh, return to Source. You might be, you know, living on earth, and you wake up the next day, and you totally know the life and information of some other person in another universe, another world, or another country. You have this because you merge back into yourself.

    Me: Wow, I don’t think that’s ever happened to me. How cool! So that tentacle sort of withdraws, and comes back to—

    Erik: Comes back to be “whole.”

    Me: Oh, okay.

    Erik: And so not everybody has “x” amount of future, past and current lives. It’s by the choice of that being who does it.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: And all beings are connected to a Higher Source, even in—

    Jamie: Oh, wow! I wish I could paint a picture of what he just showed me!

    Erik: Even in other dimensional beings, they are part of the same Source Light, same Source Energy.

    Jamie: The image he showed me was complete darkness, looks like space, but these brilliant colors: purple, violet, almost neon colored shades of purple, and lights that are streaming across, connecting and holding each other.

    Me: Wow!

    Jamie: Like there’s a larger web than what we’re seeing from our universe alone.

    Erik: So, if you want to scare people, Mom, you can say God is an alien!

    Me: I don’t want to do that! I don’t want to scare people, Erik!

    Digest this for awhile and remember, don’t drive while under the influence of mind-bending concepts!!

  • December15th2010

    This is the moment I’ve been waiting for: Erik’s mind bending explanation of Time. In subsequent sessions, he further elaborates, so this only skims the surface. Please take you “time” (hee hee) and soak it all in. Enjoy!

    Channeling Transcript

    Me: Okay, now. I’d like to talk about the concept of time. Erik, how do you perceive time, and how does that dovetail into our concept of time, our construct? How does it reconcile with past and future lives?

    Jamie: He pulls out—to me it looks like a slinky—and he’s stretching it and collapsing it and stretching it and collapsing it.

    Me: Cool!!

    Jamie: Like a big spring!

    (Long pause as Jamie listens)

    Jamie (giggling): He’s just rattling off all kinds of things! Now Erik, slooooow down! Talk really slowly for this, because it boggles my mind.

    Erik: All right. When—


    Jamie: Simple Erik! More simple!


    Jamie (chuckling): He’s just laughing at me! No, no, no, Erik. Simpler will be easier to write about, and then you can get more complicated as we go.

    Me: Yes, please. Dumb it down for us.

    Erik: Within each dimension, there are different measurements of time.

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: Let’s start there.


    Erik: When we’re human, time for us is taught in a linear pattern. Let’s take language. It’s through the very linear human language that sequences are possible. It allows us to arrange events and actions sequentially. Um, with that sequential language, present moments become surrounded by past moments and future moments. So it’s a human fabrication. Think about all the tenses we use: past, present and future.

    Me: Wow!

    Jamie: What is that, Erik? He’s saying “A to B, tick, tock, tick, tock,” and he does his hand like a clock.

    Erik: You—humans—don’t go backwards. You only go forward and only at a certain speed. Okay. (pause) Now in this dimension, this dimension we reside in as humans, there is a measurement that’s not applied, and it happens to all of us—where time speeds up and slows down. It’s like a breath. You can breathe in deep and hold it and slow down your heart rate, or you can breathe quickly and bring up your heart rate. This happens, say, when we get in a car, and we know we’re running late, but we don’t speed, but we still get there on time, maybe even a little early. And then we wonder how that happened!

    Me: Ah!

    Erik: Because you hit the red lights like you always do; you stop at the traffic signs; you let people in front of you, and you still made it on time.

    Me: Um hm. That’s happened to me many times.

    Erik: And there are those that think they have plenty of time. They gather their items together, which should take just a minute, but ten minutes is gone. Time speeds up.

    Me: Or like when you’re working on a project and you’re really “in the zone,” completely immersed in it, then you look at the clock, and what seemed like an hour ends up being three.

    Erik: Yes, In the zone. That’s what we’re going to talk about, because that’s an emotional state of being.

    Jamie: And he’s pointing his finger like, “I’m talking about a point.”

    Me: Oh, so we better pay attention!

    Jamie (giggling): His finger is just going to town.

    Erik: It’s an emotional state of being. With joy—not happiness—joy, what do you think time does—speed up or slow down?

    Me: Slows down? (pause) Oh, heck, I don’t know. It probably depends on what side of the clock, uh, of time, you’re on. It depends on your point of reference. I’m so confused!

    Erik: That’s true. Most of the time, with joy, there’s expansion. And in that expansion, time feels elusive, but it speeds up.

    Me: Oh, it speeds up! Once you get out of it, you see that it has sped up. While you’re in it, it seems to be—

    Erik: Expansive, huge.

    Me: And then after it’s over, then it seems like, “Wow, where did the time go?”

    Erik: Yeah, think of your wedding, Mom. You’re getting married, your walking down the aisle, everything just seems larger than life. And then when the night’s over, you feel like you only had thirty minutes.

    Me: Yeah. Okay.

    Erik: Now think about grief. The grief state-of-mind.

    Me: Oh, boy. Time goes on forever.

    Erik: Forever. It’s really narrow-minded. It’s like looking straight down, only at your feet.

    Me: Ah!

    Erik: And time moves very slowly.

    Me: So is this the slinky?

    Erik: Yes! That’s our emotional state of being affecting time—the human construct of time. So language sort of frames it, and emotions can expand or contract it.

    Me: Fascinating.

    Erik: Mom, don’t you notice how when people grieve or they have hardships or challenges how they age so fast?

    Me: Yes, because I’ve aged ten years in the past year. And look at all the presidents and how they get so gray so quickly.

    Erik: But when people are joyful, their bodies stay youthful.

    Me: Yeah.

    Erik: That’s a time. That’s a measurement of time.

    Me: Wow, interesting!

    Erik: So on the earthly dimension, time is a function of language, motion, and emotion. Motion and language create your perception of time, and emotion expands or contracts it. Time exists only in consciousness. Outside of consciousness, it doesn’t.

    Me: Whoa. That’s a mind-bender, Erik!

    Erik: Now, when you go beyond the dimension you live in—uh, okay on earth, you find that time can have different measurements. It can have—bear with me—a front side and a back side. The front side can be what you’re focused on. You focus on it, you create it. You focus on expansion, you can do that. The back side is when there’s no focus, where there’s no measurement. Time can be as it is. This is when everything happens at once?

    Jamie: Oh, he didn’t say it like a question. I said it like a question, looking at him like, “What?”

    (Long pause)

    Jamie: Ohhhh! I’m arguing with him just a little bit, because he says that in the truth of realities that we can understand, time is all happening at once. There’s no future, there’s no past. There just “is,” and that’s basically how time is for them over there in Erik’s dimension.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie: So my question to him was, “Are you really trying to tell me that looking at something grander like the cycle of Earth, is being created, lived on, and destroyed all at the same time?


    Jamie: He looks at me and laughs and goes, “Yep.”

    Me: So we are living our past and future lives at the same time we do our present lives, I suppose?”

    Erik: Yes, yes!

    Me: Okay. So when people over there reincarnate, are they still there in heaven and that new life?

    Erik: Yes, yes, Mom. Exactly.

    Me: This is so interesting. So what is time shaped like over there? Is it just a point? Is it a web, a loop? I’m talking about the whole grand scale of past, present and future.

    Erik: I get what you’re saying. If you need a visual, take the web, but some waves in it, and make every line intersect. So, you can travel to any location you want: any dimension or any future or past or present point. It’s all a moment point. It’s all happening at once.

    Me: Okay. And what are those intersections?

    Erik: Of lives. Intersections of lives. We have to speak in terms of past lives, because as humans, time is linear, and you don’t believe in the future until you’ve walked in it. So we don’t even talk about future lives; that sounds like science fiction. But soon, the term “future life” will be just as common as the term, “past life.” What do you think Leonardo Di Vinci was tapping into?

    Me: Oh, yeah!

    Erik: You look at his sketches and designs, and you can see how he was clearly traveling across time and dimensions, then logging what he was experiencing.

    Jamie (in mock frustration, like a strict school teacher fussing at an unruly student): Erik!! ERIK! Slow down!

    Erik: Also, you have to realize that we’re not the only intelligent beings.

    Me: Hm, that’s true.

    Erik: We have interactions with other dimensional beings—you can call them aliens, but people don’t really like that word, cuz it scares them or it makes them laugh. So, why not say, “other dimensional beings?”

    Me: Okay.

    Erik: Cuz then I think they’ll read it with curiosity, and they won’t, like, put a block up.

    Me: Okay.

    Jamie (laughing): People—Aw! The way he says this, he’s got his elbows on his knees, you know, and he just kind of drops his head after he says it. He goes, “People are so programmable!” He drops his head like he doesn’t know what he’s going to do with us!

    Me (laughing): Aw!

    Erik: I was such a victim of that!

    Me: Oh, God we all are. And I can just see him. He used to drop his head that way when he was frustrated, like “Argghhh!”

    Jamie (giggling): That needs to be a t-shirt, “People are so programmable.” I’ve so often wanted to use those catch phrases and then sell the t-shirts, because it’s so funny some of the things they say. They make such a good point in three words.

    Me: Exactly.

    Jamie: Well okay, four words. Thank you, Erik.

    Me (chuckling): But who’s counting?

    Poor Jamie probably had to take the rest of the day off after this session! I hope she treated herself to a nice long bubble bath or a walk out in nature. Tomorrow, Erik will explain a bit about our multidimensional multiple selves. Take an Advil for the headache you’re sure to get!

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