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  • February19th2014

    Dear Reader, Although Erik sometimes paints a rosy picture of the afterlife, time and time again he stresses that suicide is not the answer to one’s problems. If you struggle, please understand that the information in my blog and my books is no substitute for professional help. Please click here for a list of resources […]

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  • May22nd2015

    Last night I received a painting by artist and blog member, Cara Lacharite, and it’s absolutely stunning. She channels her work and Erik downloaded information to her for this one. In the new book, Erik describes a portal through which insects cross over when they die. He said spirits gather to watch because they look like millions […]

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  • May21st2015

    Tomorrow I’m leaving for a very short camping vacation with my husband, Annika and Lukas (and Bella, of course.) I’m so excited because I’ve never been there before. It’s place called Orange Beach, Alabama right on what we call “The Redneck Riviera.” That’s where all the pasty, beer-bellied, mullet sporting southerners go for a spot […]

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  • May20th2015

    Many of you may have noticed that, on the right side of the blog, I installed a chat tool so you guys can interact with each other. This is all thanks to one of your suggestions so if you have others, let me know! I hope you enjoy it! If you seem to, I’ll keep […]

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  • May19th2015

    Exciting news!  I’m going to start having giveaways! This is a test (although there will be a winner) so I’m not sure how this will work out or if it will even be successful. In this first one, I’ll be giving away a promotional copy of the new book, My Life After Death: A Memoir from […]

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  • May18th2015

    A blog member sent me this YouTube of a medium who trance channels various entities to let me know that Erik popped in as the second in line. I think this guy’s the real deal. It’s truly amazing to hear him speaking in anything other than a girly, mousy voice. Erik grew a pair! Yay! I’ve […]

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  • May17th2015

    After watching some Erik interviews I got really attached. I made a comment that his “language” makes it so authentic and the next interview I clicked on was the one where he says to cut him some slack on that matter. I often watch movies on YouTube and the next day I watched one midway. […]

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  • May16th2015

    I’m new to CE in the last month or so, and hesitated to post these since I’m still not sure that Erik would have visited. But, every day I am either reading the blogs or watching the videos, etc. As a result, I’m always mulling things over in my brain about the latest Erik posts. […]

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  • May15th2015

    Yesterday, one of my relatives had surgery and has to be in bed for a couple of days. Needless to say, that makes me one busy lady. It’s cleaning day, too. Ugh. So this will be short, but hopefully sweet! Have a great weekend, all! Me: It’s my feeling—and this is in almost all of […]

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  • May14th2015

    The world is full of subliminal messages that tell us we’re not good enough. Not smart enough, pretty enough, handsome enough, buff enough, skinny enough and, well, you get the picture. In this multipart series on approval, Erik sheds some light on the subject.  Me: Erik, can you tell us about the loss of approval and […]

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  • May13th2015

    I forgot to tell you guys that right before I (crawled) out of bed on Mother’s Day morning, I someone tussled my hair roughly. I’m sure it was Erik wishing me a good one. No breakfast in bed, but I’ll take it. Actually–and I hope my kids don’t read this–the whole “breakfast in bed” thing […]

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  • May12th2015


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    First a few announcements. You will notice soon that the archives have changed. Instead of listing them by month and year, they’ll be listed by title. That will make it easier to cherry pick the posts you want to read. Also, I finally figured out how to make the Lisa Williams channeling event into an audio only YouTube […]

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  • May11th2015

    As promised, here is my first stab at vlogging. It’s a lot of fun. Hopefully, it’ll give you an idea of what it’s like to live in my zany family. I hope you moms had as wonderful a Sunday as I did!

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