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  • February19th2014

    Dear Reader, Although Erik sometimes paints a rosy picture of the afterlife, time and time again he stresses that suicide is not the answer to one’s problems. If you struggle, please understand that the information in my blog and my books is no substitute for professional help. Please click here for a list of resources […]

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  • November29th2015

    Enjoy these sweet stories of praise for Erik and his blog.  Story #1 I have started reading My Son and the Afterlife…. I cannot put it down. Erik’s conversations with his mom are so special. As Erik describes his experiences I am reminded of how we are reminded to love God and live in peace […]

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  • November27th2015

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! We sure did, and Erik was there enjoying the meal and company with us. It would have been nice to have had him in the flesh eating Mama’s home cooking, (and to help with the cleanup!) but I’m grateful for the Thanksgivings I did have with him.  […]

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  • November25th2015

    I’m already getting in full Thanksgiving gear, brining my turkeys and making the desserts. I’ll be in maniacal chef mode tomorrow, so I won’t be posting anything then. If you want, you can read my latest article in MindBodyGreen, just in time for Thanksgiving. Click HERE to check it out. This post is about heart […]

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  • November24th2015

    With the new radio show coming, I’m looking for suggestions for what to call it. Ask Erik? Ask the Dead Dude? Erik’s Power Hour? I’m terrible with this kind of stuff. If you have an idea, leave it in the comment thread.  On another note, my son, Lukas, got a new dog. Actually, he’s on […]

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  • November23rd2015

    As Thanksgiving approaches, I thought it’d be nice to concentrate on the concept of gratitude. I have one session on it with Jamie as Erik’s translator and another with Kim. Enjoy! Me: Hello, Jamie! Jamie: Hello! Me: Hi, Erik! I love you, sweetie pie! Erik: Hi, Mama. I love you, too. Me: I’m going to […]

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  • November22nd2015

    Kudos, Erik!

    Written by:

    The poll results are in! A vast majority of you would call in or use live chat to ask Erik your questions, would like to see the radio show happen weekly and prefer 5:00 PM PT/7:00 PM CT/8:00 PM ET. I’m new at this whole radio show thing, so it might be a little rocky […]

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  • November21st2015

    Story #1 I just finished writing in a previous encounter with Erik this afternoon. I was going through others encounters and began to talk to him. I asked him to come have fun. Come laugh! Any encounter would be excellent and I laughed because it could be very unexpected. Some background about myself is that I collect […]

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  • November20th2015

    In planning our radio show, I have three quick questions I want to ask you guys. Questions will be taken from live callers and live chat, so we’re going to be able to spread a lot of Erik around! Would you call into our radio show to ask Erik questions?How many times a month would […]

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  • November19th2015

    The Gender Party was awesome. Everyone had such a good time, and I felt so powerful being the only one who knew the baby’s sex ahead of time. I kept offering the information at $1000 a pop but had no takers. The results: IT’S A BOY!!! I’ll try to post the video of the party […]

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  • November18th2015

    Today, I find out the sex of the new grandbaby! Michelle is getting her ultrasound this afternoon, and she’s going to give the ultrasound technician a blank envelop to put the results in. Then the envelop will be sealed so she can’t know the results. Michelle will give me the envelop, I’ll open it, and […]

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  • November17th2015

    Stormy weather coming my way. Our little village is under a tornado watch, and it’s almost pitch black outside, so I’m trying to post this as fast as possible before the power goes out! Wish me luck.  Be sure you sign up for Jamie’s class tomorrow: Zen for the Holidays – A Web Class with […]

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  • November16th2015

    Well, sorry, guys, but I was shot down on making a vlog of my camping trip. Too many camera shy people. We did have a great time, though. The weather wasn’t the best, but the company was. I think the highlight of the weekend was our sighting of big cat paw prints near a pond. […]

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